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ACAS Application Control Architecture Services (DEC)

AD Authorized Distributor (DEC)

AMS Advanced Monitor System (OS, DEC, PDP 9, PDP 15)

APLSF A Programming Language with Shared Files (CMU, DEC)

BMS Basic Monitor System (OS, DEC, PDP 9, PDP 15)

BUI Bus Interface Unit (DEC)

CDA Compound Document Architecture (DEC)

CMP Cooperative Marketing Partner (DEC)

CMS Code Management System (DEC, CM)

COS Commercial Operating System (OS, DEC, PDP 11)

CPL Combined Programming Language (DEC, PL/1)

CPL Conversational Programming Language (DEC)

CSH Complementary Software House (DEC)

CTERM Command TERMinal (DEC)

CUSP Commonly Used System Program (DEC)

DAP Data Access Protocol (DEC, DNA)

DCE Data Circuit terminating Equipment (X.25, CCITT, IBM, HP, DEC, Tandem, Sun)

DCL DEC Control Language (DEC)

DCL Digital Command [scripting] Language (DEC, VMS)

DCS Digital Cross-connect System (DEC)

DDT Dynamic Debugging Tool (DEC, CP/M)

DEC Digital Equipment Corporation (Hersteller)

DECNET Digital Equipment Corporation NETwork (DEC)

DECUS Digital Equipment Computer Users Society (Org., DEC, User group)

DIX DEC, Intel, Xerox (Ethernet, DEC, Intel, Xerox)

DLT Digital Line Tape (DEC, Streamer)

DNA Digital Network Architecture (DEC)

DOS15 Disk Operating System - 15 (OS, DEC, PDP 15), "DOS-15"

DRP DECnet Routing Protocol (DEC)

DSM Digital Standard MUMPS (MUMPS, DEC)

DSSI Digital Storage Systems Interconnect (VAX, DEC)

EMA Enterprise Management Architecture (DEC)

FAL File Access Listener (DEC, DNA)

FRF Floatingpoint Register File (DEC, Alpha, CPU)

GPC Graphics Performance Characterization [committee] (Org., HP, IBM, DEC, SGI, Sun, ...)

GSMP General Switch Management Protocol (DEC, Sprint)

HIFIVE HIgh Fidelity Interactive Visual Environment (DEC), "Hi-FIVE"

IAS Interactive Application System (DEC)

IRF Integer Register File (DEC, Alpha, CPU)

ISV Independent Solution Vendor (DEC)

ITS Incompatible Time-sharing System (DEC)

LAT Local Area Transport (DEC)

LAVC Local Area VAX Cluster (VAX, DEC)

MCS Multivender Customer Services (DEC)

MOP Maintenance Operations Protocol (DEC)

MUMPS Multi-User Multi-Programming System ??? (OS, DEC)

MVI Motion Video Instructions (DEC, CPU, Alpha)

NAS Network Application Services (DEC)

NFT Network File Transfer (DNA, DEC)

OMG Object Management Group (IBM, HP, DEC, Tandem, Sun, Org.)

OS8 Operating System /8 (OS, DEC, PDP 8), "OS/8"

OSF Open Software Foundation (HP, DEC, IBM, Org.)

OSF1 Open Software Foundation [system] /1 (OSF, OS, DEC), "OSF/1"

PAL Privileged Architecture Library (DEC, Alpha)

PCL Programmable Command Language (CMU, DEC, TOPS)

PCSA Personal Computing Systems Architecture [= Pathworks] (DEC, NOS)

PDP Programmable Data Processor (DEC)

PIN Processor Independent Netware (Novell, HP, DEC, Apple, Sun)

PLI Programming Language One (DEC), "PL/I"

POS Professional Operating System (OS, DEC), "P/OS"

RSTS Resource Sharing Time Sharing (DEC)

RSTSE Resource System Time Sharing/Enhanced (DEC), "RSTS/E"

RSX11 Resource Sharing eXecutive - 11 (DEC, OS, PDP 11), "RSX-11"

SGA Shared Global Array (DEC, VMS)

SMP Software Motion Picture (DEC)

TMSC Tape Mass Storage Control (DEC)

TOPS Timesharing / Total OPerating System (DEC, OS)

UBA UniBus Adapter (DEC)

VAX Virtual Address eXtension (DEC, VAX)

VEST VAX Environment Software Translator (VAX, DEC)

VIA VAX Information Architecture (VAX, DEC)

VIROS VIRtual memory Operating System (DEC, OS)

VMS Virtual Memory [operating] System (DEC, OS)

VPA VAX Performance Advisor (DEC, VMS, VAX)

VT Virtual Terminal (DEC)

VT100 Virtual Terminal 100 (DEC), "VT-100"

VUP VAX Units of Performance (VAX, DEC), "VUPs"

WCS Writable Control Store (VAX, DEC)

XMI eXtended Memory Interconnect (DEC)

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