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ABUI Association of Banyan Users International (Org., Banyan, VINES, User group, Vorläufer, ENA)

ARL Access Rights List (Banyan, VINES)

ATE Asynchronous Terminal Emulation (Banyan, VINES)

BRI Bridge Router Interface ??? (Banyan, VINES)

BVCP [PPP] Banyan VINES Control Protocol (RFC 1763, Banyan, VINES, PPP)

CBE Certified Banyan Engineer (Banyan, VINES)

CBS Certified Banyan Specialist (Banyan, VINES)

DEMARC Distributed Enterprise Management ARChitecture (Banyan, VINES), "DeMarc"

EBR Enterprise Backup and Restore (ENS, Banyan, VINES)

EDD Enterprise Data Distribution (ENS, Banyan, VINES)

ENA Enterprise Networking Association (Banyan, VINES, User group, Org.)

ENS Enterprise Network Services (Banyan, VINES)

ENSIQ ENS - Information Query (Banyan, VINES, ENS), "ENS IQ"

ENSMT ENS - Management Tool (ENS, Banyan, VINES), "ENS-MT"

ERS Enterprise Resource Sharing (ENS, Banyan, VINES)

ICA Intelligent Communication Adapter (Banyan, VINES)

SSSNA Server to Server Systems Network Architecture (Banyan, VINES), "SS/SNA"

STDA StreetTalk Directory Assistance (Banyan, VINES)

VINES VIrtual NEtwork Software (Banyan, VINES, NOS)

VNSM VINES Network and Systems Management (Banyan, VINES)

VS VINES Security (Banyan, VINES)

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