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ASPIK Algebraic Specifications and Implementations ??? (ISDV)

BRI Bridge Router Interface ??? (Banyan, VINES)

CGDC Computer (???) Game Developers' Conference

CIU Customer-Initiated Upgrade [switch] ??? (IBM)

CMSS ???

CPNOS Control Program / ??? (CP/NET, CP/M, OS), "CP/NOS"

CSII Center for Systems Interoperability and Integration (Org., ???)

DACAPO ??? [hardware description language] (HDL)

DAI ??? (Sun)

DLKL ??? (DB)

DNCMPE Direct Numerical Control / ??? (CNC), "DNC/MPE"

DOS360 Disk ??? Operating System / 360 (OS, IBM S/360), "DOS/360"

DOSVSE Disk ??? Operating System / Virtual Storage Extended (OS, IBM 43XX, DOS/VS, VSE), "DOS/VSE"

DVR ??? (DTP, Truevision)

ECCRAM Error Checking and Correction ??? Random Access Memory (RAM)

ESRAM ??? Static Random Access Memory (RAM, IC, RL), "eSRAM"

EUSIDIC ??? [European Association of Information Services] (Org., Europa)

FADOS Fast Amsterdam Distributed (???) Operating System


FLS ???

FZA ??? [compression]

GM÷OR Gesellschaft ??? (Org.)

HPNA ???

HPRILOE ??? - Remote Insight Lights-Out Edition, "HP-RILOE"

HSIS ??? High Speed Interface / SNA, "HSI/S"

IPG InterPacket Gap (IPX, IP )???

ITX ??? Technology eXtended [form factor]

JCSS ??? (Org.)

JNSS ??? (Org.)

KCGI Kyocera ??? (Kyocera)

KORE ???

MPM Multi-user ??? Program for Microcomputers (CP/M, OS, DR), "MP/M"

MPNET Multi-user ??? Program / NETwork (MP/M, CP/NET, OS), "MP/NET"

MPNOS Multi-user ??? Program / ??? (MP/NET, CP/NOS, OS), "MP/NOS"

MS Meta Signaling (ATM, ???)

MUMPS Multi-User Multi-Programming System ??? (OS, DEC)


NNTPS Network News Transfer Protocol - Secured ??? (NNTP, Internet, Usenet)

OGRAN OpenGate - Router Access Node ??? (RND), "OG-RAN"

OPENEXR OPEN EXtended Range ??? (HDR), "OpenEXR"



PROS ??? [protocol]

RIOCP ??? (OS), "RIO/CP "

RMCOS Ryan-McFarland COBOL (????) Operating System

RTMS Real Time Multiprogramming System (???)

SMD System Management Bus ??? (Intel)


TOS360 Tape ??? Operating System /360 (IBM, S/360, OS), "TOS/360"

UR2 ??? (DTAG, T-DSL), "U-R2"

VAXELN Virtual Address eXtension ??? (OS)

VORTEX Varian Omnitasking Real Time EXecutive (???)

WISPR Wireless ??? ISP Roaming (WLAN, ISP, Org., WECA), "WISPr"

XRIP eXtended ??? Routing Information Protocol (Novell, Netware)

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