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ASPIK Algebraic Specifications and Implementations ??? (ISDV)

BRI Bridge Router Interface ??? (Banyan, VINES)

CGDC Computer (???) Game Developers' Conference

CIU Customer-Initiated Upgrade [switch] ??? (IBM)

CMSS ???

CPNOS Control Program / ??? (CP/NET, CP/M, OS), "CP/NOS"

CSII Center for Systems Interoperability and Integration (Org., ???)

DACAPO ??? [hardware description language] (HDL)

DAI ??? (Sun)

DLKL ??? (DB)

DNCMPE Direct Numerical Control / ??? (CNC), "DNC/MPE"

DOS360 Disk ??? Operating System / 360 (OS, IBM S/360), "DOS/360"

DOSVSE Disk ??? Operating System / Virtual Storage Extended (OS, IBM 43XX, DOS/VS, VSE), "DOS/VSE"

DVR ??? (DTP, Truevision)

ECCRAM Error Checking and Correction ??? Random Access Memory (RAM)

ESRAM ??? Static Random Access Memory (RAM, IC, RL), "eSRAM"

EUSIDIC ??? [European Association of Information Services] (Org., Europa)

FADOS Fast Amsterdam Distributed (???) Operating System


FLS ???

FZA ??? [compression]

GM÷OR Gesellschaft ??? (Org.)

HPNA ???

HPRILOE ??? - Remote Insight Lights-Out Edition, "HP-RILOE"

HSIS ??? High Speed Interface / SNA, "HSI/S"

IPG InterPacket Gap (IPX, IP )???

ITX ??? Technology eXtended [form factor]

JCSS ??? (Org.)

JNSS ??? (Org.)

KCGI Kyocera ??? (Kyocera)

KORE ???

MPM Multi-user ??? Program for Microcomputers (CP/M, OS, DR), "MP/M"

MPNET Multi-user ??? Program / NETwork (MP/M, CP/NET, OS), "MP/NET"

MPNOS Multi-user ??? Program / ??? (MP/NET, CP/NOS, OS), "MP/NOS"

MS Meta Signaling (ATM, ???)

MUMPS Multi-User Multi-Programming System ??? (OS, DEC)


NNTPS Network News Transfer Protocol - Secured ??? (NNTP, Internet, Usenet)

OGRAN OpenGate - Router Access Node ??? (RND), "OG-RAN"

OPENEXR OPEN EXtended Range ??? (HDR), "OpenEXR"



PROS ??? [protocol]

RIOCP ??? (OS), "RIO/CP "

RMCOS Ryan-McFarland COBOL (????) Operating System

RTMS Real Time Multiprogramming System (???)

SMD System Management Bus ??? (Intel)


TOS360 Tape ??? Operating System /360 (IBM, S/360, OS), "TOS/360"

UR2 ??? (DTAG, T-DSL), "U-R2"

VORTEX Varian Omnitasking Real Time EXecutive (???)

WISPR Wireless ??? ISP Roaming (WLAN, ISP, Org., WECA), "WISPr"

XRIP eXtended ??? Routing Information Protocol (Novell, Netware)

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