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A2DP Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (Bluetooth)

AARP Appletalk Address Resolution Protocol (Apple, AppleTalk)

AC Amiga Club (Org., User group, Amiga)

ACL Association for Computational Linguistics (Org., USA)

ACL Asynchronous ConnectionLess (HCI, Bluetooth)

AES Advanced Encryption Standard (Verschlüsselung)

AESCCMP AES Counter mode CBC MAC Protocol (AES, CBC, MAC, Verschlüsselung, IEEE 802.11i, WLAN), "AES-CCMP"

AFH Adaptive Frequency Hopping (Bluetooth)

AFR Annualized Failure Rate (Maxtor, HDD)

AI Adobe Illustrator (Adobe)

ALPA Association de Lutte contre la Piraterie Audiovisuelle (Org., Frankreich)

ALU Arithmetic and Logic Unit (CPU)

AMEL Active Matrix Electro Luminescent (AMD, LCD)

AOS [LambdaRouter] All Optical Switch (Lucent, LambdaXtreme)

APPC Advanced Peer-to-Peer Communications (IBM, SNA, LU 6.2)

APPS Application Packaging Problems & Solutions (Cygwin)

ARP Address Resolution Protocol (Internet, RFC 826)

ART Advanced Resolution Technology (Minolta)

ASPEN Automatic System for Performance Evaluation of the Network

ATH Absolute Threshold of Hearing (MP3)

ATIP Absolute Time In Pregroove (CD)

ATIS Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (Org., USA)

ATMARP ATM Address Resolution Protocol (ATM, ARP)

AVPD Anchor Volume Descriptor Pointer (CD-R, UDF, ISO 9660)

AVRCP Audio Video Remote Control Profile (Bluuetooth)

AWADO Automatischer Wechselschalter in der AnschlußDose

BALUN BALanced-UNbalanced [adapter] (Kabel), "Balun"

BARB Bluetooth Architecture Review Board (Org., Bluetooth)

BCI Batibus Club International (Org.)

BCV Business Continuance Volumes (EMC)

BD Blu-ray Disk (BD, Sony, Panasonic, TDK)

BDJ Blu-ray Disc Java (BD, Java, J2ME), "BD-J"

BDPA Blu-ray Disk Pure Audio (Universal, BD, Audio)

BDR Blu-ray Disk - Recordable (BD), "BD-R"

BDRE Blu-ray Disk - REwritable (BD), "BD-RE"

BDROM Blu-ray Disk - Read Only Memory (BD), "BD-ROM"

BIC Bit Independence Criterion (Verschlüsselung, BIT)

BL Blue Lightning [processor family] (Intel)

BNEP Bluetooth Network Encapsulation Protocol (Bluetooth)

BT BlueTooth

BTLE BlueTooth Low Energy (Bluetooth), "BT LE"

BTXVST BildschirmTeXt-VermittlungsSTelle (BTX), "Btx-VSt"

BUGLAS BUndesverband GLASfaseranschluss e.v. (Org.)

CA Certification Authority (Verschlüsselung, PKI)

CAC Channel Access Code (Bluetooth)

CAPI Cryptography Application Programming Interface (Verschlüsselung, API)

CAPPEAL Controlled Access Protection Profile / Evaluation Assurance Level, "CAPP/EAL"

CAS Column Address Strobe (IC, DRAM)

CAST Carlisle Adams and Stafford Tavares (Verschlüsselung)

CBC Cipher Block Chaining [mode] (DES, DESE, RC5, Verschlüsselung)

CBCMAC Cipher Block Chaining of Message Authentication Code (CBC, MAC, Verschlüsselung, WLAN), "CBC-MAC"

CC Common Criteria [for IT Security Evaluation] (CC)

CCC Chaos Computer Club (Org.)

CCFL Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (LCD)

CCFT Cold Cathode Fluorescent Tube (LCD, Display)

CCM Counter with CBC-MAC (Verschlüsselung, CBC, MAC, RFC 3610)

CCMP Counter mode CBC MAC Protocol (CBC, MAC, Verschlüsselung, WLAN)

CCS Cluster Configuration System (GFS)

CDA Combined dynamic Data Authentication (EMV, Verschlüsselung)

CDM Content Decryption Module (Verschlüsselung)

CDPC Cellular Digital Packet Data

CDPD Cellular Digital Packet Data (Mobile-Systems)

CDSA Common Data Security Architecture (HP, Verschlüsselung)

CEM Common [IT Security] Evaluation Methodology (CC)

CFB Cipher FeedBack [mode] (Verschlüsselung, DES)

CFD Computational Fluid Dynamics [applications]

CFS Cryptographic FileSystem (Linux, Verschlüsselung)

CHV Card Holder Value [aka PIN] (ICC, PIN)

CIP Common ISDN Profile (Bluetooth, CAPI, ISDN)

CL Column Address Strobe Latency (CAS, IC)

CLIC Chemnitzer LInux Cluster (Linux, Chemnitz), "CLiC"

CLUG Chemnitzer Linux User Group (Chemnitz, User group, Linux)

CLUT Color LookUp Table (VGA)

CMS Cryptographic Message Syntax (Verschlüsselung, RFC 2630)

COCA Cost Of Cracking Adjustment (Verschlüsselung)

CORDIS COmmunity Research and Development Information Service (Europa)

CPDP Cellular Digital Packet Data

CRET Color - Resolution Enhancement Technology (HP), "C-REt"

CRL Certificate Revocation List (Verschlüsselung)

CSCD Caldera Systems Curriculum Developers (Caldera)

CSL Computer SoLutions [software gmbh] (Händler)

CSM Cluster System Management (IBM)

CSV Comma Separated Values

CTC Convolutional Turbo Coding (WIMAX, 802.16e)

CTCPEC Canadian Trusted Computer Product Evaluation Criteria (Canada)

CTE Compliance Test and Evaluation, "CT & E"

CTP Cordless Telephony Profile (Bluetooth)

CTR [columbia university] Center for Telecommunications Research (Org., USA)

CTS Cipher Text Stealing [mode] (Verschlüsselung)

CVF Compressed Volume File (DOS)

CXFS Clustered eXtended File System (SGI, RAID, XFS)

DA86 DatenAustauschphase 86 [zuschlag/auftragserteilung] (GAEB)

DACS Digital Access Control System (ISDN, DES, Verschlüsselung)

DANE DNS-based Authentication of Named Entities (DNS, DNSSEC, Verschlüsselung)

DATEXL DATa EXchange - Leitungsvermittlung

DATEXP DATa EXchange - Packetized / Packetvermittlung (DTAG, X.25), "DATEX-P"

DCLU Digital Carrier Line Unit

DCRC Digital Cellular Radio Conference (GSM, Conference, Mobile-Systems)

DCS Digital Cellular System (Mobile-Systems)

DDA Dynamic Data Authentication (EMV, Verschlüsselung)

DDF Data Decryption Field (Verschlüsselung)

DDV DES-DES-Verfahren (Verschlüsselung, HBCI)

DELUA Digital Ethernet Lowpower Unibus network Adapter (Ethernet)

DELUG DEutsche Linux User Group (Org., User group, Linux)

DES Data Encryption Standard (Verschlüsselung, NIST, IBM)

DESX Data Encryption Standard eXtended (DES, Verschlüsselung)

DFD Data Flow Diagram / DatenFlußDiagramm (CASE, SA)

DICE Delivering Information in a Cellular Environment (SNI, Internet)

DIESEL Dumb Interpretatively Evaluated String Expression Language (AutoCAD)

DNAE DatenNetz-AnschlußEinrichtung (DTAG)

DPV DatenPaketVermittlung[srechner]

DPV Delegated Path Validation (Verschlüsselung)

DQS Distributed Queueing System (Cluster)

DRF Data Recovery Field (Verschlüsselung)

DSA Digital Signature Algorithm (Verschlüsselung, NIST)

DSC DECT Standard Cipher (DECT, Verschlüsselung)

DSCQS Double Stimulus Continuous Quality Scale (ITU-R BT.500-7)

DSS Digital Signature Standard (NIST, Verschlüsselung)

DTAZV DatenTrägeraustausch, belegloser AuslandsZahlungsVerkehr (Banking)

DUMP Dial-Up Network Profile (Bluetooth, SPP, DUN)

DUN Dial Up Networking (Bluetooth, ...)

DVST DatenVermittlungsSTelle (DTAG)

DVSTP DatenVermittlungsSTelle mit Paketvermittlung (DTAG), "DVST-P"

DWANGO Dialup Wide-Area Network Game Organization (IVS Corporation)

DXJVST Datex J VermittlungsSTelle (DTAG), "DxJ VSt

E3 End-to-End Encryption (Verschlüsselung)

EA Escrowed Authenticator (Verschlüsselung, EES)

EAL Evaluation Assurance Level (CC)

EAP Extensible Authentication Protocol (Cisco, Verschlüsselung, RADIUS, WPA)

EAPMD5 Extensible Authentication Protocol - Message Digest 5 (EAP, Verschlüsselung), "EAP-MD5"

EAPOL Extensible Authentication Protocol Over LAN (EAP, LAN, Verschlüsselung), "EAPoL"

EAPOW Extensible Authentication Protocol Over Wireless (EAP, WLAN, Verschlüsselung), "EAPoW"

EAPTTLS Extensible Authentication Protocol - Tunneled Transport Layer Security (EAP, Verschlüsselung), "EAP-TTLS"

EAPTTSL Tunneled Transport Layer Security EAP (TTSL, EAP, Verschlüsselung, WLAN), "EAP-TTSL"

EASEL Emergent Algorithm Simulator and Evaluation Language

EASY ErmittlungsAbhängiges SYstem (Bayern)

EBAS Elektronisches teile-BestellAbwicklungsSystem (MBAG)

EC Evolutionary Computation

ECB Electronic CodeBook [mode] (Verschlüsselung, DES)

ECC Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem (Certicom, Verschlüsselung)

ECDH Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman (Verschlüsselung)

ECDSA Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (Verschlüsselung)

ECHO European Community Host Organisation (Org., Europa)

EDGE Enhanced Data rate for GSM / Global Evolution (GSM, Mobile-Systems)

EELS Engineering Electronic Library, Sweden (Org., WWW, Schweden)

EES Escrowed Encryption Standard (Verschlüsselung, NSA)

EFS Encrypting File System (Verschlüsselung, Windows, MS, DESX)

EIRP Effective Isotropic Radiated Power (Bluetooth)

EKMS Electronic Key Management System (Verschlüsselung)

EL Electro Luminescent [display]

ELS Entry Level Solution (Novell, Netware)

EMISA EntwicklungsMethoden für InformationsSysteme und deren Anwendung (Org., GI)

EPIC Electronic Privacy Information Center (Verschlüsselung)

ESCO Extended Synchronous Connection Orientated (Bluetooth), eSCO

ETR Evaluation Technical Report (CC)

EVMS Enterprise Volume Management System (OSS, IBM)

EWAS Elektronisches WareneingangsAbwicklungsSystem (MBAG)

FAST Fast ARM Solutions Toolkit (ARM, Palm, PDA)

FAXP FAX Profile (Bluetooth, SPP), "FaxP"

FE Forschung und Entwicklung, "F&E"

FEAL Fast Data Encipherment Algorithm (DES, Verschlüsselung)

FEAST Fast Data Enciphering Algorithm (Verschlüsselung)

FEK File Encryption Key (Verschlüsselung)

FERF Far End Receive Failure (UNI, ATM, SONET, OAM)

FFDC First Failure Data Capture

FFST2 First Failure Support Technology /2 (IBM), "FFST/2"

FIP Fluorescent Indicator Panel

FIT Failures In Time

FLASK FLux Advanced Security Kernel (DTOS)

FOTE Follow-on Operational Test and Evaluation, "FOT & E"

FPAA Field Programmable ALU Array (IC, ALU, RL)

FPI Flux changes Per Inch (HDD)

FPK Fast Packet Keying (WLAN, WEP, RSA, Verschlüsselung)

FS Forward Secrecy (Verschlüsselung, PFS)

FSP File Slurping Protocol

FSVO For Some Value Of (DFÜ-Slang, Usenet, IRC)

FTZ Flush To Zero (DAZ)

FUSSP Final Ultimate Solution to the SPAM Problem (SPAM)

GAK Governmental Accessed Keys (Verschlüsselung)

GAP Generic Access Profile (DECT, Europa, Bluetooth)

GARP Gratious Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), "gARP"

GDOP Geometrical Dilution Of Precision (GPS)

GEAM GEAM Encrypts All Mails (Verschlüsselung)

GLU openGL Utility Library (OpenGL, GLU)

GLUT openGL Utility library Toolkit (OpenGL, GLU)

GMK Group Master Key (RSN, Verschlüsselung)

GNFS General Number Field Sieve (Verschlüsselung)

GNUPG GNU Privacy Guard (GNU, Verschlüsselung) "GnuPG"

GOEP Generic Object Exchange Profile (Bluetooth, SPP)

GPP GNU [C] Plus Plus [compiler] (GNU)

GQES Grid Query Evaluation Service (DQP, OGSA-DAI, grid)

GTK Group Transient Key (RSN, Verschlüsselung, WLAN)

GVC GNU Volunteer Coordinators (GNU)

GVV German Volunteer Votetakers (Usenet, DANA)

GXA Global XML Architecture (MS, IBM, Verisign, Verschlüsselung)

HACMP High Availability Clustered Multi Processing (IBM, RS/6000, Bull), "HA/CMP"

HBAO Horizon-Based Ambient Occlusion (SSAO)

HCI Host Controller Interface (Bluetooth, Linux)

HDCP High-bandwidth Digital Copy Protection (DRM, HDMI, Verschlüsselung)

HDOP Horizontal Dilution Of Precision (GPS)

HFD Hauptanschluß für Direktruf / Datenleitung (DTAG), "HfD"

HFP Hands Free Profile (Bluetooth, SPP)

HLS Hue, Luminance, Saturation (Farbsystem, DTP)

HMAC keyed-Hashing for Message AuthentiCation (Verschlüsselung, RFC 2104)

HOPP Half Object Plus Protocol

HSMD High Speed Mobile Data (HSCSD, Deutschland, E-Plus)

HSTS HTTP Strict Transport Security (HTTP, Verschlüsselung)

HSV Hue Saturation Value (Farbsystem, DTP)

HVC Hue-Value-Chroma [model] (Tektronic, DTP)

IAE ISDN AnschlußEinheit (ISDN, DTAG)

IBASES Intel Baseline AGP System Evaluation Suite (AGP, Intel)

ICF International Cryptographic Framework (HP, Verschlüsselung)

IDEA International Data Encryption Algorithm (Verschlüsselung)

IMAV IT Management Added Value (IT)

IMLE Intelligent Mechatronic Solution Elements (Uni Paderborn)

IMPACT Information Market Policy ACTions (ECHO)

INTP INTercom Profile (Bluetooth), "IntP"

IOC Input/Output Cluster (Cray, I/O)

IOTE Initial Operational Test and Evaluation, "IOT & E"

IPES Improved Proposed Encryption Standard (IDEA, PES, Verschlüsselung)

ISIS Industrial Signature Interoperability Specification (Verschlüsselung)

ISLU Integrated Services Line Unit

ISV Independent Solution Vendor (DEC)

ITESFA1EHS Information Technology Enterprise Solutions - Function Area 1 - Enterprise Hardware Solutions (Mil., USA), "ITES-FA1-EHS"

ITSEC [european] Information Technology Security Evaluation Criteria (Europa)

ITSEM Information Technology Security Evaluation Manual / Methodology (ITSEC)

ITTM Institut Telekomunikasi dan Teknologi Maklumat (Org., Malaysia)

IV Initialisation Vector (Verschlüsselung)

IVS IBM Verkabelungs-System

JCA Java Cryptography Architecture (Java, API, Verschlüsselung)

KDC Key Distribution Center (Verschlüsselung)

KES Key Escrow System (Verschlüsselung)

KIPI KDE Image Plugin Interface (KDE)

KRA Key Recovery Alliance (Org., Verschlüsselung)

LADSPA Linux Audio Developer's Simple Plug-in API (Linux, API)

LAP LAN Access Profile (Bluetooth, SPP, LAN)

LAVAS LAger- und VersandAbwicklungsSystem (MBAG)

LAVC Local Area VAX Cluster (VAX, DEC)

LCM LEAF Creation Method (EES, Verschlüsselung)

LEAF Law Enforcement Access Field (EES, Verschlüsselung)

LEAP Lightweight Extensible Authentication Protocol (Cisco, EAP, Verschlüsselung, WLAN)

LEARP LAN Emulation Address Resolution Protocol (LANE, ARP, ATM), "LE-ARP"

LIDO LInux cluster DOrtmund, "LiDO"

LLMNR Link-Local Multicast Name Resolution (IP, TCP, UDP)

LOCT Layered Open Crypto Toolkit (RSA, Verschlüsselung)

LOV List Of Values (DB, Oracle, Java)

LSA Lotus Solution Architecture (Lotus)

LTE Long Term Evolution (Mobile-Systems)

LU Logical Unit (NAU)

LU62 Logical Unit 6.2 (IBM), "LU6.2"

LUA Least-priviledged User Account [veraltet/old term] (MS, Windows, Vista, UAP)

LUG Local Users Group

LUN Logical Unit Number (SCSI)

LUNA Leuchtendatei für UnfallfluchtNAchforschungen (INPOL)

LUNI LANE User Network Interface (LANE, ATM)

LUP Language UPgrade (MS)

LUT Look-Up Table (RAMDAC, FPGA, RL)

LV Logical Volume (LVM)

LVM Logical Volume Manager (AIX, HP/UX, OSF/1, HDD)

MAC Message Authentication Code (SSL, SRT, Verschlüsselung)

MACS MODEM Access Control System (MODEM, DES, Verschlüsselung), "M.A.C.S."

MCBF Mean Cycle Between Failure

MCSD Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MS, ATEC)

MDS Microsoft Deployment Solution (MS, Windows, Vista)

MES Menü-EntwicklungsSystem (Sinix, SNI)

MESI Modified - Exclusive - Shared - Invalid (SMP)

METAL Machine Evaluation and Translation Language (Siemens)

MHP [columbia] Mobile Host Protocol

MIKEY Multimedia Internet KEYing (Verschlüsselung, VoIP)

MOCS Microsoft Official Curriculum Seminar (MS, ATEC, MCSD)

MOESI Modified - Owned - Exclusive - Shared - Invalid (AMD)

MOSIX Multicomputer Operating System for UnIX (Unix, Cluster, MOSIX)

MPI Message Passing Interface (SMP, Cluster)

MPPE Microsoft Point to Point Encryption (MS, Verschlüsselung, RFC 3078)

MRA Multi Resolutions Analysis

MRBC Multiple Resolution Bitmap Compiler (MS, Windows)

MRM Multi Resolution Meshes (Intel, 3D)

MSCS MicroSoft Cluster Server [Wolfpack] (MS, Cluster)

MSR Meß-, Steuer- und Regelungssysteme

MT Moluccas Time [+0830] (TZ)

MTBF Mean Time Between Failure (HDD, ...)

MTT MailTrusT (Verschlüsselung)

MTTF Mean Time To Failure

MTTFF Mean Time To First Failure

MUSH Multi-User Shared Hallucination (MUD)

MVC Multi-View-CODEC (Blu-ray, 3D)

MVP Most Valuable Professional [bonus program] (MS)

NACS Network Access Control System (Netware, DES, Verschlüsselung)

NARP Non-Broadcast Multiple Access Address Resolution Protocol (RFC 1735)

NFC Near Field Communication (Bluetooth)

NHRP [NBMA] Next Hop Resolution Protocol (X.25, ATM, NBMA, IETF)

NLUUG NetherLand Unix User Group (Org., User group)

NOW Network Of Workstations (Cluster)

NPAPI Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface (WWW, API)

NPV Net Present Value

NRPE Nagios Remote Plugin Executor

NRPE Nagios Remote Plug-in Executor (Nagios)

NSS Network Storage Solutions (Hersteller)

NVS NachrichtenVermittlungsSystem (INPOL)

OCF Open Clustering Framework

OCFS Oracle Cluster File System (Oracle, DB)

OCSP Online Certificate Status [revocation] Protocol (Verschlüsselung)

OPES Open Pluggable Edge Services

OPP Object Push Profile (Bluetooth)

OVST OrtsVermittlungsSTelle (DTAG)

PABD Pure Audio Blu-ray Disk (BD, Audio)

PAM Pluggable Authentication Module (Linux, LISA)

PAN Personal Area Network (IBM, Bluetooth)

PAN Personal Area Networking [profile] (Bluetooth)

PBAP Phone Book Access Profile (Bluetooth)

PCA Policy Certification Authority (DFN, PGP, Verschlüsselung)

PCM Plug Compatible Machine

PD Plug & Display [standard] (LCD, VESA), "P&D"

PDC Personal Digital Cellular [network] (GSM)

PDE Plug-in Development Environment (Eclipse)

PDOP Positional Dilution Of Precision (GPS)

PERMIS PERManentes InventurabwicklungsSystem (MBAG)

PERT Program Evaluation / Evolution and Review Technique

PES Proposed Encryption Standard (Verschlüsselung)

PFA Predictive Failure Analysis (HDD)

PFS Perfect Forward Secrecy (FS, Verschlüsselung)

PHIGSPLUS PHIGS Plus Lumiere and Surfaces (PHIGS), "PHIGS-PLUS"

PHIPS Professional High-Resolution Image Processing System (CA)

PIA Plug-In Administrator

PICS Plug-in Inventory Control System

PIF Parity Inner Failure (DVD)

PIP Plug-In Protocol (ZOC)

PIU Plug-In Unit

PK Public Key (Verschlüsselung)

PKCS Public Key Cryptography Standards (Org., USA, Verschlüsselung)

PKI Public Key Infrastructure (Verschlüsselung, Internet, ITU, PKI)

PKIX Public Key Infrastructure X.509 (PKI, Verschlüsselung)

PMK Pairwise Master Key (RSN, Verschlüsselung)

PNP Plug 'N Play (PNP), "PnP"

PNPBIOS Plug and Play Basic Input Output System (PNP, BIOS), "PnP BIOS"

POC Push to talk Over Cellular (GPRS), "PoC"

POF Parity Outer Failure (DVD)

PPAPI Pepper Plugin API (WWW, Google, API)

PSK Pre-Shared Key (Verschlüsselung, PSS)

PSM Personal Security Manager (Mozilla, Internet, Verschlüsselung)

PSS Pre-Shared Secret (Verschlüsselung, PSK, WLAN)

PTK Pairwise Transient Key (RSN, Verschlüsselung)

PUEL Personal Use and Evaluation License (Oracle)

PV Physical Volume (LVM, HDD)

PVD Primary Volume Descriptor (CD, IS 9660)

PVM Parallel Virtual Machine (SMP, Cluster)

QCA Quantum-dot Cellular Automata

QMC Quine McCluskey approach

RA Registration Authority (PKI, ITU, Verschlüsselung)

RABF Redundant Accumulative Backhitchless Flush (IBM, Streamer)

RAC Real Application Cluster (Oracle)

RARP Reverse Address Resolution Protocol (Internet, RFC 903)

RC2 Rivest Cipher / Ron's Code 2 (Verschlüsselung)

RC4 Rivest Cipher / Ron's Code 4 (Verschlüsselung)

RC5 Rivest Cipher 5 (RFC 2040, Verschlüsselung)

RCC Remote Cluster Controller

RDH RSA-DES-Hybridverschlüsselung (Verschlüsselung, HBCI)

READ Relative Element Address Designate (Verschlüsselung)

RESTENA RÉSeau Téléinformatique de l'Éducation NAtionale et de la recherce (Netzwerk, Luxembourg)

RET Resolution Enhancement Technology (HP), "REt"

RFI Remote File Inclusion

RGB Rot Grün Blau / Red Green Blue (Farbsystem, DTP)

RGBA Red Green Blue Alpha-[byte] (Farbsystem, RGB)

RGBE Red Green Blue Emerald (Farbsystem, photo, Sony)

RISLU Remote Integrated Services Line Unit

RITECH Resolution Improvement TECHnology (Epson)

RSA Rivest, Shamir and Adleman (Verschlüsselung, RSA)

RSCT Reliable Scalable Cluster Technology (IBM)

RSFQ Rapid Single Flux Quantum [logic]

RSN Robust Security Network (WLAN, Verschlüsselung)

SAC Strict Avalanche Criterion (Verschlüsselung)

SAFE Security And Freedom through Encryption [law] (USA, Verschlüsselung)

SALU Structured Assembly Language Utilities

SAMATE Software Assurance Metrics And Tool Evaluation (NIST)

SAML Security Assertion Markup Language (OASIS, Verschlüsselung)

SAP SIM Access Protocol (Mobile-Systems, Bluethooth)

SAP SystemAnalyse und Programmentwicklung (Hersteller, Vorläufer)

SCO Synchronous ConnectionLess (HCI, Bluetooth)

SCVP Simple Certificate Validation Protocol (Verschlüsselung)

SDA Static Data Authentication (EMV, Verschlüsselung)

SDAP Service Discovery Application Profile (Bluetooth)

SDP Service Discovery Profile (Bluetooth)

SEE Safenet Ethernet Encryptor (Verschlüsselung)

SEU Software-Entwicklungs-Umgebung (CASE)

SFP Small Form-factor Pluggable (FC)

SHA Secure Hash Algorithm (Verschlüsselung, NIST)

SHA1 Secure Hash Algorithm 1 (Verschlüsselung, SHA)

SHV Standard High Volume [motherboard] (SMP, Intel)

SI Skýrslutæknifélags Íslands (Org., Island)

SIPP Simple Internet Protocol Plus (IP, IPV6, RFC 1710, Internet)

SKIP Simple Key-management for Internet Protocols (Internet, Verschlüsselung, Sun)

SLU Secondary Logical Unit

SLU Serial Line Unit

SMI Storage Management Initiative (Org., SAN, Bluetooth, SNIA)

SMIME Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME, MS, Lotus, Qualcomm, RSA, Verschlüsselung), "S/MIME"

SPC Solution Partner Center (IBM)

SPEC System Performance Evaluation Corporation (Org., RISC)

SPN Substitution Permutation Network (Verschlüsselung)

SPOF Single Point Of Failure

SPP Serial Port Profile (Bluetooth, GAP, SPP)

SRGB Standardized Red Green Blue [colorspace] (RGB, Windows)

SRP Security Rollup Package (MS)

SRT Secure Request Technology (Banking, Verschlüsselung, Java)

SSAO Screen-Space Ambient Occlusion (HBAO)

SSI Server Side Include [script] (HTTPD, CGI)

SSL Secure Socket Layer (Netscape, RSA, WWW, Verschlüsselung)

SSLTLS Secure Socket Layer / Transport Layer Security (RSA, Verschlüsselung, TLS), "SSL/TLS"

STC Secure Transaction Channel (Banking, V-One, Verschlüsselung)

SUSE Software Und SystemEntwicklung [distribution] (Linux) "S.u.S.E."

SVD Supplementary Volume Descriptor (CD, IS 9660)

TAE Telekommunikations-AnschlußEinheit (DTAG)

TAL TeilnehmerAnschlussLeitung (DFÜ, Deutschland)

TANSTAAFL There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch (DFÜ-Slang, Usenet)

TC Trust Center (Verschlüsselung)

TCFS Transparent Cryptographic FileSystem (Linux, Verschlüsselung)

TCPA Trusted Computing Platform Alliance (Org., Verschlüsselung, DRM, TCPA)

TCSEC Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria (Orange Book, NCSC, USA)

TDOP Time Dilution Of Precision (GPS)

TEA Telekommunikations-Anschluß-Einheit (DTAG)

TEA Tiny Encryption Algorithm (Verschlüsselung)

TELEVAS Telephony Value Added Services (WAP), "TeleVAS"

TFCC Task Force on Cluster Computing (IEEE, Org)

TFS Translucent File System

THDN Total Harmonic Distortion plus Noise (Audio), "THD+N"

TLV Type - Length - Value

TMSS [LambdaManager] Terabit MultiService Switch (Lucent, LambdaXtreme, BIT)

TOE Target of Evaluation (CC)

TOLD Trebor's Obnoxious Lunchmeat Detector (SPAM, Mac, Eudora)

TTP Trusted Third Parties (Verschlüsselung)

TVST TeilnehmerVermittlungsSTelle (DTAG), "TVSt"

TWINKLE The Weizman INstitute Key Locating Engine (Verschlüsselung)

UDRP Uniform [Domain-name] Dispute Resolution Policy (ICANN)

UEV User End of Volume

UID Unit IDentifier (Verschlüsselung, EES)

ULMB Ultra Low Motion Blur (Nvidia)

UNARP UNsolicited Address Resolution Protocol (ARP, RFC 1868)

UPNP Universal Plug 'N Play (PNP) "UPnP"

USSP User Space Serial Port (Bluetooth)

UTSL Use The Source, Luke (DFÜ, Usenet, IRC)

UVL User Volume Label

VAD Value Added Driver

VADD Value Added Disk Driver

VAN Value Added Network

VANS Value Added Network Services

VAP Value Added Process (Netware, NLM, Vorläufer)

VAR Value-Added Reseller

VAS Value Added Services

VDOP Vertical Dilution Of Precision (GPS)

VFD Vacuum Fluorescent Display

VG Volume Group (LVM)

VGDA Volume Group Descriptor Area (AIX, LVM, IBM)

VHRCD Very High Resolution Color Display

VLA Volume Licence Agreement (Novell, Apple)

VLK Volume License product Key (MS)

VLM Volume Logical Module (IBM, OS/2)

VPP Value Purchase Plan (Adobe)

VPSD VIA Platform Solutions Devision

VPSD VIA Platform Solutions Division, http://www.viavpsd.com

VSN Volume Serial Number (BS2000)

VSS Volume Shadow copy Service (MS, Windows)

VST VermittlungsSTelle (DTAG), "VSt"

VSTF Volunteer Spam Task Force (Wikia, CVN)

VTOC Volume Table of Contents

WIM Wireless Identity Module (WAP, Verschlüsselung)

XADES XML ADvanced Electronic Signature (XML, ETSI, Verschlüsselung), "XAdES"

YAML Yet Another Multicolumn Layout (HTML, XHTML, CSS)

ZEPRAS ZEntrales PReisabwicklungs- und AnalyseSystem (MBAG)


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