HTML and foreign language's characters
in the Online Film Dictionary

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Searching for single cyrillc Russian terms

Including cyrillic Russian in the Windows-1251 codepage format into the Online Film Dictionary also means that cyrillic terms should be searchable.
I have not included interactive codepage support (yet). If you want to search for a cyrillic term, please visit the search page and enter the search term in Windows-1251 codepage format. Although your search term is not properly displayed in the search box, the search results will be correctly displayed in cyrillic. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Problems with other languages

While the development of HTML actually is a matter of course which has brought us such cute things like blinking buttons, animated menus and those absolutely necessary frames besides the table elements, which by the way still cannot be displayed correctly by all browsers, it is unfortunately still not possible to display all those special characters all of which are common in the european area.
Update: It is possible in the meantime, but displaying all languages together at once would mean to use Unicode (UTF-8). I am currently looking into that subject, but am miles away from a simple and good solution.

By consequence this means that some compromises have to be dealt with concerning the display of terms from some languages in the Online Film Dictionary (OFD).

All characters supported by HTML (ISO-8859-1) are being used in the OFD. Vocals or consonants having unsupported accents are not circumscribed, but displayed as simple letters as long as a solution for that problem is not known.
I am interested in any workaround for that problem, i.e. codepage tricks etc.

As far as known the following languages supported by the OFD are concerned by the above:

Please note: Not all languages supported in the OFD have been checked for all special characters supported by HTML. Corrections are welcome all the time.

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