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These Top 25 of acronyms searched in V.E.R.A. will be updated occasionally.

All the links here point to the Free Online Dictionary of Computing (FOLDOC), where you will find further explanations. Note that not every link may have an equivalent at FOLDOC.

The most requests were

# request # request # request # request # request
84,912 rfc 13,755 ibm 10,426 uni 10,387 iso 7,532 ieee
7,505 org (3)* 7,044 ???(2)* 4,888 is 4,877 ms 4,872 ip
4,762 tcpip 4,518 hp 4,221 internet* 4,187 os 4,163 atm
4,138 db 3,993 dfue-slang(1)* 3,990 ic 3,987 ram 3,898 lan
3,854 usenet* 3,535 intel* 3,519 dis 3,433 windows* 3,295 unix*

* not an acronym
(1) Internal link to search net-slang
(2) List of expansions still incomplete
(3) Internal link to tag organizations

The total of 1,598,757 searches at the time this statistic was compiled splits as follows:

  • 40,146 different terms were searched
  • 19,933 terms were searched more than one time
  • 9,453 terms were searched five or more times
  • 6,504 terms were searched ten or more times
  • 3,216 terms were searched fifty or more times
  • 2,227 terms were searched a hundred or more times
  • 831 terms were searched five hundred or more times
  • 233 terms were searched a thousand or more times
  • 7 terms were searched five thousand or more times
  • 4 terms were searched a ten thousand or more times

Given I managed to correctly collect a continious statistic over all those years, something which I cannot guarantee, please note that the counts on this page may be distorted for several reasons. Crosslinked searches are included too, which may explain the counts for things like RFC or MS. Also, since early 2004 V.E.R.A. was under heavy 'attack' by robots and web crawlers. I tried to block those, but it seemed to be only partly successful.


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