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In the Hints of the Week of the german Computer Zeitung on July 30th, 1998.  [CZ Logo]

Chosen to be one of the editor's online recommendations in the german PC Professionell 11/97.  [Ziff-Davies Logo]

Chosen to be one of the TopSites of the month in german magazine c't 4/97. [c't Logo]

Rated to belong to the best places on the net in the category 'reference materials' in Internet-Extra 1/96 from the german magazine PC Online. [PC Online Logo]

Please tell me about any ratings for V.E.R.A. in magazines or other media. I would like to include those here. Thanks.

Up to now there are four versions of V.E.R.A.:

  1. ASCII version - Shareware (see note below)
  2. Version for OS/2 (*.inf) or Windows 3.x (*.hlp) - if you like to register, more information via mail
  3. WWW version
  4. Free GNU version in Texinfo format (availabilty)
A note to the international users of V.E.R.A.:

The registered version aims at german users. This is because the introduction as well as many internal references are only available in german. This is also true for parts of the WWW version. Sometimes you will find german reference links such as e.g. 'Hersteller' (manufacturer). There is no easy way around it, so you will have to live with it at the moment. May be I will release a sed or perl script in the future to replace the german terms in V.E.R.A. with the according english ones.
However you may download the ascii version for personal use from these pages or one of the ftp sites and don't care about the german-only introduction.

I started V.E.R.A. around easter 1993. The ASCII version was posted to german speaking newsgroup de.etc.lists every three months approximately until 2005 and unregularly after that. It is not longer posted to z-netz.alt.listen and since the deletion of de.etc.lists it is not posted to Usenet at all. It was never posted to an international newsgroup for the reasons stated above.
The further distribution of the ASCII version in computer networks is explicitly encouraged, as long as the list is not being changed in any way. However I believe the distribution is not suitable for international posting at the moment, but if you like to, do it (see also note above). Corrections and submission should be send directly via mail and not be edited to the list itself to make the distributed versions unique.

This dictionary has nothing to do with Systems Science Inc. or its products.

V.E.R.A. does contain approximately 12010 acronyms and 1080 URLs (as of September 2014). As a rule of thumb about hundred acronyms are being added every three months.

I am still looking for acronym expansion or reference links for acronyms having '???' on their line.

V.E.R.A. does not cover file extensions, although some exceptions are made. There are many such lists on the net if you should be looking for file extensions.

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The most recent ASCII version of V.E.R.A. should be available at:
(I can't promise, but you will always find it on the V.E.R.A. home page.)

You can grab the most recent GNU version (Texinfo) of V.E.R.A. at:

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Offline Utilities:

There is a special application for the Amiga to retrieve acronyms from the ASCII version of V.E.R.A. I don't know whether there is an english version of the program. It was written by The program archive can be retrieved by mail request. Send mail to with the subject `SEND` and with `Vera.lha` as message body.

There is also a program for Macs. As above I don't know whether there is an english version. I suggest that if you want one to ask the author for it. The program was written by Stefan W. Pantke. You can retrieve it via anonymous FTP at the TU Munich
Path: /pub/comp/platforms/macintosh/communication/tcp/news/de.etc.lists.sit

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The following people contributed to V.E.R.A.:
(In order to block spam-robots all @ have been replaced with #.)
Wolfgang Houben <>
Hans Fischer <>
Harald Welte <>
Rainer Frohnhoff <r.frohnhoff#aworld.zer>
Marcus Cai Degler <>
Sven van der Meer <>
Patrick Hess <>
Hans-Georg Forster <>
Stefan Rinne <>
Wolfgang Kopp <>
Alexander Senne <>
Frank Schlueter <>
Frank-Th. Bonnemeyer <>
Olaf Naumann <>
Keith Edgerley <>
Kristian Koehntopp <>
Andreas Kempf <>
Thomas Rexroth <>
Christoph Lechner <>
Timothy Slater <>
J.P. Lodge <>
Andre Torrez <>
Jeff Jewell <>
Peter H. Wendt <>
René Caspersen <>
Carsten Schymik <>
Noah Friedman <>
Robert Bihlmeyer <>
Matt Hillman <>
Claude Gingras <>
David Frewen <>
Thorsten 'thh' Hempel <>
Bruno Haible <>
Andreas Waibel <>
Martin Zierke <>
Leonard <>
Otto Stolz <>
Wolfgang Borgert <>
Stefan Hackebeil <>
Wolf Ivo Lademann <>
Werner Henze <>
Kai Reese <>
John L. Sokol <>
Guy Dumais <>
Gerhard Möller <>
Mike Moxcey <>
Marco Koering <>
Olaf Columbus <>
Craig Menefee <>
Kevin L. Burns <>
Timm Cordes <tc#Informatik.TU-Cottbus.DE>
Thomas Ludwig <>
Torsten Halter <>
Dr. Stephan Buehne <>
Hubert Kronenberg <>
Darren Baker <>
Heiko Degenhardt <>
Simon Conti <>
Mac Schwarz <>
Sven Heidelbach <>
Nicholas Stallard <>
Patrick Wibbeler pwibbele#Adobe.COM>
Bastian Schick <>
davint <>
'The Lonegunmen' <>
Tim <>
Daniel Lynde <>
Jens Abromeit <>
Albrecht Schmiedel <>
Joachim Nerz <>
Prognos M. Voedisch <>
Peter A.Henning <>
Ricardo Linden <>
Robert Klemme <>
Axel Kielhorn <>
Mark Heitbrink <>
Philipp Steinau <>
Uwe Borchert <>
Georg Oehl <>
Thomas Rohde <>
Will <>
Knut Kuelsen <>
Rene Ermler <>
Brian Hines <>
Tomasz Wegrzanowski <>
Martin Mueller <>
Florian Laws <>
Adam Goode <>
Henning Jonat <
Norbert Zuber <>
Eckard Wolff Postler <>
Tomasz Wegrzanowski <>
Jennifer <>
Nils <>
Ernst-Guenter Giessmann <>
Andreas Krause <>
j l <>
Carsten Leonhardt <>
Robert D. Hilliard <>
Nils Rennebarth <>
Michael Schmitz <>
Kerstin Assmus <>
Michael Vielhaber <>
Martin Biallas <>
Joachim Ayasse <>
Arvind Mollin <>
Michael Ruehr <>
Stefan Westerkamp <>
Nils Herzog <Nils.Herzog#DERTOUR.DE>
Thomas Lack <>
Mock, Andreas <>
Volker Brune-Flueh <>
Thimo Koenig <>
Jim Scarborough <>
Falk Hauke <>
Patrick Cowan <>
Tomasz Wegrzanowski <>
Christoph Probst <>
Tim Bannister <>
Lutz Hohaus <>
Ingo Maurer <>
Gerhard Brosig <>
Alois Reisinger <>
Brian Wolf/Dayacorp <>
Steven Duhon <>
Axel Veil <>
Tobias Ueberwasser <>
Karsten Huppert <>
Felix Schindele <>
Klaus Juettermann <>
Rise Cecilie <>
Jeff Orrok <>
Ingo Russmann <>
John E. Hein <>
Christian Brandau <>
Ben Armstrong <>
Matthias Kring <>
Matthias Hinnah <>
Axel Hornung <A.Hornung#ASC.DE>
Jakob Hirsch <>
Matt Zimmerman <>
Stephan Boldt <>
Pekka Lampila <>
Maurice Leone <>
Michel Messerschmidt <>
Chong Yidong <>
Jan Neumann <>
Heiko Reddingius <>
Christian Griebel <>
Pedro Izecksohn <>
Boris Masinovsky <>
Reinhard Scholz <>
Leslie Polzer <>
Tobias Toedter <>
Dan Avramescu <>
Martin Meyerspeer <>
Arnaud Giersch <>
Pierre-Paul Lavoie <>
Jutta Wrage <>
Pauli Manninen <>
Matthew Harris <>
David Mohn <>
Steffen Beyer <>
Dr. David Linke <>
Alexander Kemp <>
Hans Thielen <>
Michael Wegner <>
Vitaly Lipatov <>
Ralph Bauer <>
Andreas Krause <>
Markus Greil <>
Francesco Potorti <>
Ward Allen <>
Andreas Pickart <>
Thomas Duerholt <>
Wouter Cloetens <>
Bruno Bonfils <>
Justin Pryzby <>
Serge van den Boom <>
Lalo Martins <>
Klaus Heintzenberg <>
Jayme Johnson <>
Anonymous <*>
Christoph 'Mehdorn' Weber <>
Heinz-Jürgen Oertel <>
Caspar Wahl-vom Bruch <>

and probably some other folks I may have forgotten to write down.

About 200 acronyms related to the ATM subject were taken from
the online collection of acronyms of the ATM forum.
By courtesy of ATM forum.

Another batch of acronyms has been taken from the
'Internet Perls 22' ( collection of acronyms.
By courtesy of William Hogg <>.

A lot of military related acronyms as well as several others
were taken from the online collection of the DISA Center for
By courtesy of DISA Center for Standards.
(In order to block spam-robots all @ have been replaced with #.)

Also thanks to the FTP admins at c't magazine and the University of Karlsruhe, who were so kind to provide some disk space for V.E.R.A.

All rights reserved by the author for the World-Wide-Web release of V.E.R.A. The use of this list or parts of this list in printed media as well as any commercial use is not allowed without the explicit written permission from the author.

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About V.E.R.A. Oliver Heidelbach <<ohei@snafu>
Please don't use V.E.R.A. for any commercial purposes without the written permission from the author.
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