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CHDL Computer Hardware Description Language (HDL)

CONLAN CONsensus LANguage (HDL)

DACAPO ??? [hardware description language] (HDL)

DSL Digital system Specification Language (HDL)

HDL Hardware Description Language (ASIC)

HSLFX Hierarchical Specification Language - Function Extension (HDL, NTT, LSI), "HSL-FX"

ISPS Instruction Set Processor Specifications (HDL)

KARL KAiserslautern Register transfer Language [version II/III] (HDL)

KARL KArlsruhe Register transfer Language [version I] (HDL)

MIMOLA Machine Independent MicrOprogramming LAnguage (HDL)

UDLI Unified Design Language for integrated circuits / I (HDL), "UDL/I"

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