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ASIC Application Specific Integrated Circuit (IC, RL)

ASPP Application Specific Programmable Product (ASIC, ASSP, FPGA, RL)

ASSP Application Specific Standard Product (RL)

CPLD Complex Programmable Logic Device (PLD, IC, RL)

CRL Compile-time Reconfigurable Logic (RL)

CSIC Customer Specific Integrated Circuit (IC, RL)

DRL Dynamically Reconfigurable Logic (RL)

DSP Digital Signal Processing / Processor (Audio, Video, RL, DSP)

EDA Electronic Design Automation (RL, IC)

EEPROM Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory (ROM, IC, RL, EPROM)

EPROM Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory (ROM, IC, RL, EPROM)

ESRAM ??? Static Random Access Memory (RAM, IC, RL), "eSRAM"

FLAME FLexible API for Module-based Environments (RL, API)

FPAA Field Programmable ALU Array (IC, ALU, RL)

FPGA Field Programmable Gate Array (RL)

LUT Look-Up Table (RAMDAC, FPGA, RL)

MCU Micro Controller Unit (SIA, RL)

MPU MicroProcessor Unit (SIA, RL)

MSPL MicroSoft Public License (MS, Ms-RL), "Ms-PL"

MSRL MicroSoft Reciprocal License (MS, Ms-PL), "Ms-RL"

PLD Programmable Logic Device (IC, RL)

PR Placement & Routing (RL, IC), "P&R"

RC Reconfigurable Computer / Computing (RL)

RL Real Life (DFÜ, Usenet, IRC)

RL Reconfigurable Logic (RL)

SRAM Static Random Access Memory (RAM, IC, RL)

VSI Virtual Socket Interface alliance (Org., ASIC, RL)

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