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ACID Atomicity - Consistency - Isolation - Durability (DB, TP)

ACSE Association Control Service Element (OSI, ISO, DIS 8649)

ADPLO Automated Data Processing Liaison Office (ADP)

AF Anisotropic Filter

ANS American National Standard (ANSI, ISO, USA)

ASN1 Abstract Syntax Notation One (OSI, ISO, IS 8824), "ASN.1"

ATM Abstract Test Method (ISO 9646-1)

AVPD Anchor Volume Descriptor Pointer (CD-R, UDF, ISO 9660)

BER Basic Encoding Rules [for ASN.1] (ASN.1, OSI, ISO, IS 8825)

BIT Basic Interconnection Test (ISO 9646-1)

BOSS Bus Owner/Supervisor/Selector (FireWire)

CASE Common Application Service Element (ISO, OSI)

CBEFF Common Biometric Exchange Format Framework (NIST, ISO 19785)

CD Committee Draft (ISO)

CGM Computer Graphics Metafile (ISO 8632)

CGRM Computer Graphics Reference Model (ISO, IEC, ISO/IEC 11072)

CIAC Computer Incident Advisory Capability (Org., LLNL, Internet)

CISO Certified Information Security Officer (ISTA)

CLNP ConnectionLess Network Protocol (OSI, ISO 8473)

CMIP Common Management Information Protocol (OSI, ISO, DP 9506, X.700)

CN Coordination Message (ISO 9646-3, TTCN)

COTP Connection-Oriented Transport Protocol (OSI, ISO 8073)

CP Coordination Point (ISO 9646-3, TTCN)

DAM Draft AMendment (ISO)

DDS Digital Data Storage (Sony, HP, DAT, ISO, ANSI, ECMA, Streamer)

DIS Draft International Standard (ISO)

DISOSS DIStributed Office Support System (IBM, MVS)

DISP Draft International Standardized Profiles (ISO)

DOAM Distributed Office Applications Model (ISO, IEC, DIS 10031-1 f.)

DOCSISOSS DOCSIS Operations Suport Services (DOCSIS), "DOCSIS-OSS"

DP Draft Proposal (ISO)

DQDB Distributed Queue Dual Bus (ISO, IEC, IS 8802/6, IEEE 802.6)

DS Directory Service (OSI, ISO, DP 9594)

DSSSL [standard] Document Style Semantics and Specification Language (DTD, ISO, IEC, DIS 10179)

DTR Document Filing and Retrieval (DOAM, ISO, IEC, DIS 10166-1 f.)

EDPS European Data Protection Supervisor, http://www.edps.eu.int

EIRP Effective Isotropic Radiated Power (Bluetooth)

ETS Executable Test Suite (ISO 9646-1)

FDDI Fiber Distributed Data Interface (ANSI, ISO 8314)

FODA Formal specification of ODA document structures (ODA, ISO)

FTAM File Transfer, Access and Management (GOSIP, ISO 8571/8572)

GAC Government Advisory Council (ICANN)

GECOS General Electric Comprehensive Operating Supervisor / System (OS, GE, GCOS, Vorläufer, Honeywell)

HDLC High-level Data Link Control (ISO)

HYTIME Hypermedia/Time-based structuring language (SGML, ISO, IEC, IS 10744), "HyTime"

ICS International Classification for Standards (ISO)

IMAC Isochronous Media Access Control (FDDI), "I-MAC"

IRDS Information Resource Dictionary System (ANSI, ISO, IM)

IRRP Inter-Domain Routing Protocol (ISO 10747)

IRV International Reference Version [character set] (ISO, IS 646)

IS International Standard (ISO)

ISO International Standards Organisation [International Organization for Standardization] (Org.)

ISOC Internet SOCiety (Org., Internet)

ISODE ISO Development Environment (OSI)

ISOE ISCSI Offload Engine (ISCSI), "iSOE"

ISONET ISO information NETwork (ISO, Netzwerk)

ISP International Standardized Profiles (ISO)

ITOT ISO Transport service on TCP/IP (ISO, TCP/IP, RFC 2126)

JTC1 Joint Technical Committee 1 (ISO, IEC, IT)

JTM Job Transfer and Manipulation (ISO 8831/32)

JVT Joint Video Team (ITU-T, ISO, IEC, MPEG)

LELA Linksys EasyLink Advisor

LISP Lots of Isolated Silly Parentheses (LISP, Slang)

LLC Logical Link Control (IEEE 802.2, ISO, OSI)

LT Lower Tester (ISO 9646-1)

MAC Media Access Control (ISO, OSI, LAN, , WLAN, ...)

MAC Membership Advisory Committee (ICANN)

MES Minimum European Set (UTF, ISO 10646)

MHEG Multimedia and Hypermedia information coding Expert Group (JTC1, ISO)

MISO Multiple Input, Single Output (WLAN)

MLT Master Lower Tester (ISO 9646-3, TTCN)

MMS Manufacturing Message Specifications / Standard (MAP, EIA, RS-511, ISO, DIS 9506)

MOTIS Message-Orientated Text Interchange System (ISO 10021, JTC1)

MP3 MPEG audio layer 3 (MPEG, Audio, IIS, ISO)

MPEG Moving Picture Expert Group (Org., ISO 11172-1, JTC1)

MSA MultiSource Assignment

MTC Master Test Component (ISO 9646-3, TTCN)

MUT Master Upper Tester (ISO 9646-3, TTCN)

NACS National Advisory Committee on Semiconductors (Org., USA)

NATOA National Association of Telecommunications Officers & Advisors (Org., USA)

NIAC National Infrastructure Advisory Council (Org., USA)

NISO National Information Standards Organization (Org., USA)

NL Network Layer (ISO, OSI)

NLSP Network Layer Security Protocol (ISO, IEC, ISO/IEC 11557)

OAIS Open Archival Information System (ISO 14721)

ODA Office Document Architecture [protocol] (RFC 1197, ISO 8613, JTC1, ECMA)

ODF Open Document Format [for Office Applications] (OASIS, ISO/IEC 26300)

ODIF Office Document Interchange Format (ISO 8613, ASN.1, ODA)

ODP Open Distributed Processing (ISO)

OSI Open Systems Interconnection (ISO 9646-1)

OSIRM Open Systems Interconnection/Reference Model (ISO), "OSI/RM"

PAS Publicly Available Specifications (ISO)

PCO Point of Control and Observation (ISO 9646-1, IUT)

PES Packetized Elementary Stream (DVB, ISO, IEC 13818-2/13818-3)

PL Physical Layer (ISO, OSI)

POCSAG Post Office Code Standard Advisory Group (Org., SMS)

POSIX Portable Operating System for unIX (OS, IEEE 1003, ISO 9945, PASC, Unix)

PPDU Presentation Protocol Data Unit (PDU, OSI, ISO 8823, OSI/RM)

PTC Parallel Test Component (ISO 9646-3, TTCN)

PTS Protocol Type Selection (ISO)

RDA Remote Database Access (ISO, OSI)

RSAC Recreational Software Advisory Council (Org.)

SASE Specific Application Service Element (ISO, OSI, CASE)

SC SubCommittee (ISO, TC, IEC, ...)

SCADA Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition

SCOPE Supervisory Control Of Program Execution (OS, CDC 6000)

SDIF SGML Document Interchange Format (SGML, ISO, IS 9069)

SFS Suomen Standardisoimisliitto [Standards Association of Finland] (Org., Finnland)

SGML Standard Generalized Markup Language (ISO 8879, JTC1, RFC 1874, SGML)

SISO Single Input, Single Output (WLAN)

SMDL Standard Music Description Language (ISO, IEC, CD 10743)

SMEP Supervisory Mode Execution Prevention (AMT, Intel)

SNACP SubNetwork ACcess Procedure (ISO, IS 8648, SNAC), "SNAcP"

SNDCP SubNetwork Dependent Convergence Procedure (ISO, IS 8648, OSI, SNDC)

SNICP SubNetwork Independent Convergence Procedure (ISO, IS 8648, OSI, SNIC)

SPDL Standard Page Description Language (ISO, IEC, IS 10180)

SPM Session Protocol Machine (OSI, ISO 8327)

SQL Structured Query Language (ISO 9075, DB, 4GL)

SQLMED Structured Query Language / Management of External Data (SQL, ISO, IEC), "SQL/MED"

SQLXML Structured Query Language / eXtensible Markup Language (SQL, XML, ISO, IEC), "SQL/XML"

SSAC Security and Stability Advisory Committee (ICANN)

STEP STandard for the External representation / Exchange of Product data definition (ISO, DP 10303, CAD)

SVC SuperVisor Call (IBM, VM, VM/ESA)

TAG Technical Advisory Group (PIMA, I3C)

TC Technical Committee (ISO, OASIS, ...)

TDED Trade Data Elements Directory (ISO 7372)

TLSP Transport Layer Security Protocol (ISO)

TMPDU Test Management Protocol Data Unit (ISO 9646-1, PDU), "TM-PDU"

TRIZ Teorija Reschenija Isobretatelskich Zadatsch

UCS Universal [multiple-octet] coded Character Set (ISO, IEC, DIS 10646, Unicode)

UDO Ultra Density Optical (Plasmon, HP, ECMA 350, ISO/IEC 17345)


USACNII US Advisory Council on the National Information Infrastructure (Org., USA)

VAMAS Versailles project on Advanced Materials And Standards (ISO)

VPA VAX Performance Advisor (DEC, VMS, VAX)

VRML Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VR, ISO/IEC 14772, W3C)

WG Working Group (SC, ISO, IEC, ETSI)

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