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AAAI American Association for Artificial Intelligence (Org., AI, USA)

AAAS American Association for the Advancement of Science (Org., USA)

AADN American Association of Domain Names (Org., USA, Internet)

AAMSI American Association for Medical Systems Informatics (Org., USA)

AAP Association of American Publishers (Org., USA)

ABA American Bankers Association (Org., USA, Banking)

ACCIS Automated Command and Control Information System (Mil., USA)

ACCS Army Command and Control System (Mil., USA)

ACES APEC Cooperation for Earthquake Simulation (Org., Australia, China, Japan, USA)

ACH Association for Computers and the Humanities (Org., USA)

ACIS American Committee for Interoperable Systems (Org., USA)

ACL Association for Computational Linguistics (Org., USA)

ACM Association for Computing Machinery (Org., USA)

ACTA America's Carriers Telecommunications Association (USA)

ACUTA Association of College and University Telecommunication Administrators (Org., USA)

ADAPSO Association of Data Processing Service Organisation (Org., USA)

ADATP Allied DATa processing Publication (Mil., USA)

ADEPT Administrative Data Entry for Processing Transmission (Mil., USA)

ADF Access control Decision Function (Mil., USA)


AEA American Electronics Association (Org., USA)

AFAMPE [u.s.] Air Force Automated Message Processing Exchange (Org., USA. Mil.)

AFII Association for Font Information Interchange (Org., USA)

AFIN Air Force Information Network (Netzwerk, USA, Mil.)

AFNET Air Force Network (Netzwerk, USA, Mil.)

AHIMA American Health Information Management Association (Org., USA)

AHPCRC Army High Performance Computing Research Center (Org., USA, HPC)

AID AUTODIN Interface Device (AUTODIN, Mil., USA)

AIIM Association for Information and Image Management (Org., USA)

AISP Association for Internet Service Providers (Org., USA, ISP)

AISP Association of Information Systems Professionals (Org., USA)

AISSO Automated Information Systems Security Officer (Mil., USA)

ALTEL Association of Long-distance TELephone companies (Org., USA)

ALTERNIC ALTERnative Network Information Center (Internet, USA)

ALTS Association for Local Telecommunications Services (Org., USA)

AMIA American Medical Informatics Association (Org., USA)

AMIC Automotive Multimedia Interface Collaboration (USA, Org.), "AMI-C"

AMS American Mathematical Society (Org., USA)


ANS American National Standard (ANSI, ISO, USA)

ANSI American National Standard Institute (Org., USA)

ANTC Advanced Networking Test Center (Org., USA, AMD, FDDI)

AOA American Optometric Association (Org., USA)

ARIN American Registry for Internet Numbers (Org., Internet, USA)

ARPA Advanced Research Projects Agency [veraltet/old term] (Org., USA, DARPA)

ARPANET Advanced Research Projects Agency NETwork (USA, Netzwerk)

ARPDP Association of Rehabilitation Programs in Data Processing (Org., USA)

ASA American Standards Association (Org., USA, ANSI, Vorläufer)

ASC American Society for Cybernetics (Org., USA)

ASEMH Army Standards Electronic Mail Host (Mil., USA)

ASP Association of Shareware Professionals (Org., USA)

ASQC American Society of Quality Control (Org., USA)

ASSERT ADEPT Subsystem for Scanning of Electronic Received Traffic (ADEPT, Mil., USA)

ASSIST Automated Special Security Information System Terminal (Mil., USA)

ASSR Agreed Set of Security Rules (Mil., USA)

ATI Advanced Telecomunications Institute (Org., USA)

ATIS Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (Org., USA)

AUTOSEVOCOM AUTOmated SEcure VOice COMmunications (Vorläufer, SVIP, Mil., USA)

BARWAN Bay Area Research Wireless Access Network (Netzwerk, USA)

BCC Base Communications-computer Center (Mil., USA)

BELLCORE BELL COmmunications REsearch (Org., USA) "Bellcore"

BMUG Berkeley Macintosh User Group (Org., Apple, USA, User group)

BRAIN Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (USA)

C2IS Command and Control Information Systems (Mil., USA)

C3I Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence (Mil., USA)

C3IIS Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence Information Systems (Mil., USA), "C3I/IS"

C4 Command, Control, Communications and Computers (Mil., USA)

C4I Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (Mil., USA)

CACTIS Community Automated Counter-Terrorism Intelligence System (Mil., USA)

CAIT Center for the Application of Information Technology (Org., USA)

CALEA Communications Assistance Law Enforcement Act (USA)

CARDS Central Archive for Reusable Defense Software (Mil., USA)

CATIS Computer-Assisted Tactical Information System (Mil., USA)

CBDTPA Consumer Broadband and Digital Television Promotion Act (USA, DRM)

CCCA Campus Computer Communication Association (Org., USA)

CDA Communications Decency Act (Internet, USA)

CDT Central Daylight Time [-0500] (TZ, CST, USA)

CES Consumer Electronics Show (Messe, USA, CTA)

CFAA Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (USA)

CIPA Children's Internet Protection Act (Internet, USA, COPA)

CIS Command Information System (Mil., USA)

CISS Center for Information Systems Security (Org., JIEO, DISA, Mil., USA)

CIT Center for Information Technology (Org., USA)

CMC Computer Mediated Communications [studies centre] (Org., USA)

COPA Child Online Protection Act (Internet, USA, CIPA)

CPSR Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (Org., USA)

CRCG [Fraunhofer] Center for Research in Computer Graphics (Org., USA)

CSIDS Central command/Southern command Integrated Data System (Mil., USA)

CSNET Computer + Science NETwork (USA, Netzwerk, BITNET)

CSPP Computer Systems Policy Project [group] (Org., USA. Hersteller)

CST Central Standard Time [-0600] (TZ, CDT, USA)

CSUNET California State University NETwork (Netzwerk, USA)

CTEA Copyright Term Extension Act (USA, DRM)

CTR [columbia university] Center for Telecommunications Research (Org., USA)

CVIA Computer Virus Industry Association (Org., USA)

DARMP Defense Automation Resources Management Program (Mil., USA)

DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Org., USA)

DCA Defense Communications Agency (Org., USA, Mil., Vorläufer, DISA)

DCS Defense Communications System (Mil., USA)

DCTN Defense Commercial Telephone Network (Mil., USA, Netzwerk)

DDN Defense Data Network (USA, Netzwerk, Mil.)

DDRS Defense Data Repository System (Mil., USA)

DGSA Defense Goal Security Architecture (Mil., USA)

DIB Defense Information Base (Mil., USA)

DII Defense Information Infrastructure (Mil., USA, DISA)

DIICC Defense Information Infrastructure Control Concept (Mil., USA)

DIICOE Defense Info Infrastructure Common Operating Environment (DISA, Mil., USA) "DII COE"

DIMSS DSN Integrated Management Support System (DSN, Mil., USA)

DINAH Desktop INterface to AUTODIN Host (AutoDIN, Mil., USA)

DIS Defense Information System (Mil., USA)

DISA Defense Information Systems Agency (Org., Mil., USA)

DISAIS DISA Information System (Mil., USA), "DISA-IS"

DISANET DISA Information Network (Mil., USA, DISA, Netzwerk), "DISANet"

DISC Defense Information System Council (Mil., USA)

DISN Defense Information Systems Network (Mil., USA)

DISNET Defense Integrated Secure Network (Netzwerk, Mil., USA, Vorläufer, DSNET)

DISNNT Defense Information Systems Network - Near Term (DISN, Mil., USA), "DISN-NT"

DISSP Defense Information System Security Program (Mil., USA)

DITCO Defense Information Technology Contracting Office (Org., Mil., DISA, USA)

DMCA Digital Millennium Copyright Act (USA, DRM)

DMS Defense Message System (Mil., USA)

DMSIG Defense Message System Implementation Group (Org., DMS, Mil., USA)

DMSTWG Defense Message System Transition Working Group (Org., DMS, Mil., USA)

DNSO Defense Network Systems Organization (Org., USA, Mil.)

DOCC DISA Operations Control Complex (DISA, Mil., USA)

DODISS Department Of Defense Index of Specifications and Standards (Mil., USA)

DRSN Defense Red Switch Network [hopefully no traffic ever] (Netzwerk, Mil. USA)

DSI Defense Simulation Internet (Netzwerk, Mil., USA)

DSN Defense Switched Network (Mil., USA)

DSNET Defense Secure NETwork (Mil., USA)

DSRS Defense Software Repository System (Mil., USA)

DSS Defense Switched Services (Mil., USA)

DSSCS Defense Special Security Communications System (Mil., USA)

DTCSA Digital Transition Content Security Act (USA)

DTI Document Technologies, Inc. (Firma, USA)

DWH DISA Western Hemisphere (DISA, Mil., USA)

ECPA Electronic Communications Privacy Act (USA)

EDS Electronic Data Systems [corporation] (Anbieter, USA)

EDSRA Earth Data System Reference Application (ISH, USA)

EDT Eastern Daylight Time [-0400] (TZ, EST, USA)

EEI External Environment Interface (Mil., USA)

EIA Electronics Industry Association (USA, Org.)

EMA Electronic Messaging Association (Org., USA)

EOLAS Embedded Objects Linked Across Systems (Hersteller, USA)

EPA Environmental Protection Agency (USA, Org.)

ERL Electronic Research Lab (Volkswagen, USA)

ESA Entertainment Software Association (Org., USA)

ESNET Energy Sciences NETwork (Netzwerk, USA, Internet)

EST Eastern Standard Time [-0500] (TZ, EDT, USA)

EUSES End Users Shaping Effective Software [initiative] (USA)

FC Federal Criteria [for information technology security] (NIST, USA)

FCC Federal Communications Commission (Org., USA)

FEDRAMP FEDeral Risk and Authorization Management Program (USA), "FedRAMP"

FHIR Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (USA)

FIPS Federal Information Processing Standard (NIST, USA)

FIRMR Federal Information Resources Management Regulations (USA)

FIRP Federal Internet Requirements Panel (Internet, USA)

FISMA Federal Information Security Management Act (USA)

FNC Federal Networking Council (Org., USA)

FTC Federal Trade Commission (Org., USA)

FTS2000 Federal Telecommunications Services - 2000 (USA), "FTS-2000"

FTSC Federal Telecommunications Standards Committee (Org., USA)

GCATT Georgia Center for Advanced Telecommunications Technology (Org., USA)

GDOUG Greater Detroit OS/2 User Group (Org., User group, OS/2, USA)

GETS Government Emergency Telecommunications System (USA)

GITS Government Information Technology Service (USA)

GNMP Government Network Management Profile (USA)

GOSIP Government Open Systems Interconnections Profile (USA, UK)

GVBA Global Village Business Association (Org., USA)

ICL International Computers Limited (Hersteller, UK, USA, Japan, Fujitsu)

ICSI International Computer Science Institute (Org., USA)

IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (Org., USA)

IFX Interactive Financial eXchange (USA, Banking)

IGC Institute for Global Communications (USA)

IGES Initial Graphics Exchange Specification (ANSI, USA, CIM, CAD)

IIIS International Institute of Informatics and Systemics (Org., USA)

IITF Information Infrastructure Task Force (Org., USA)

ILLIGAL ILLinois Genetic Algorithm Laboratory (Org., Uni Illinois, USA) "IlliGAL"

ILLINET ILlinois LIbrary NETwork (Netzwerk, USA)

IMAL Integrated Media Architecture Laboratory (Bell, Org., USA)

INCITS International Committee for Information Technology Standards (Org., USA)

IRCS Institute for Research in Cognitive Science (Org., Uni Pennsylvania, USA)

ISA Interactive Services Association (Org., USA)

ISI Information Sciences Institute (Org., USA)

ITAA Information Technology Association of America (Org., USA)

ITESFA1EHS Information Technology Enterprise Solutions - Function Area 1 - Enterprise Hardware Solutions (Mil., USA), "ITES-FA1-EHS"

ITMA Information Technology Management Association (Org., USA)

ITSDN Integrated Tactical/Strategic Data Network (Mil., USA, Netzwerk)

ITSPO Information Technology Standards Program Office (Org., USA)

ITUSA Information Technology Users Standards Association (Org., USA)

JIEO Joint Interoperability Engineering Organization (Org., DISA, Mil., USA)

LANL Los Alamos National Laboratory (Org., USA)

LITA Library and Information Technology Association (Org., USA)

LLNL Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (Org., USA)

MCEB Military Communications-Electronics Board (Org., Mil., USA)

MCL Media Communication Lab (Org., Uni Boston, USA)

MDT Mountain Daylight Time [-0600] (TZ, MST, USA)

MHPCC Maui High Performance Computing Center (Org., USA)

MILNET MILitary NETwork (USA, Mil., Netzwerk)

MILSTAR Military Strategic TActical Relay (Mil., USA)

MILSTD Military STandarD (Mil., USA), "MIL-STD"

MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Org., USA)

MMA Microcomputer Managers Association (Org., USA)

MRNET Minnesota Regional NETwork (Netzwerk, USA)

MST Mountain Standard Time [-0700] (TZ, MDT, USA)

NAARS National Automated Accounting Research System (USA)

NAB National Association of Broadcasters (Org., USA)

NABTS North American Broadcast Teletext Standard (USA)

NACLP North American Conference on Logic Programming (USA)

NACS National Advisory Committee on Semiconductors (Org., USA)

NACSIS National Academic Center for Science Information Systems (Org., USA)

NADB National Archaeological DataBase (DB, USA)

NAMS National Association of Multimedia Shareware (Org., USA)

NATOA National Association of Telecommunications Officers & Advisors (Org., USA)

NAVNET NAVy NETwork (Mil., USA, Netzwerk)

NBIC Nano-Bio-Info-Cogno [initiative] (USA)

NCAIR National Center for Automated Information Research (Org., USA)

NCAM National Center for Accessible Media (Org., USA)

NCGA National Computer Graphics Association (Org., USA)

NCHPC National Consortium for High Performance Computing (Org., HPC, USA)

NCITS National Committee for Information Technology Standards (Org., USA)

NCOHPCC National Coordination Office for High Performance Computing and Communications (Org., USA, HPC) "NCO/HPCC"

NCPIE National Council on Patient Information and Education (Org., USA)

NCS National Communications System (USA)

NCSA National Center for Supercomputing Applications (Org., USA)

NCSC National Computer Security Center (Org., USA)

NCSC North Carolina Supercomputing Center (Org., USA)

NCSL National Computer Systems Laboratory (NIST, Org., USA)

NCSL National Conference of Standards Laboratories (Org., USA)

NCTA National Cable & Telecommunications Association (Org., USA)

NCTL National Computer and Telecommunications Laboratory (Org., USA)

NEARNET New England Academic and Research NETwork (USA, Netzwerk), "NEARnet"

NEC National Electrical Code (USA)

NEII National Engineering Information Initiative (Org., USA)

NEREN NEbraska Research and Education Network (USA, Netzwerk)

NETSS National Electronic Telecommunication Surveillance System (USA)

NFAIS National Federation of Abstracting and Information Services (Org., USA)

NGS Non-Government Standard (USA)

NHSE National HPCC Software Exchange (USA)

NIAC National Infrastructure Advisory Council (Org., USA)

NII National Information Infrastructure [program] (USA, Org.)

NIIT National Information Infrastructure Testbed (ISH, USA)

NIPC National Infrastructure Protection Center (Org., USA)

NISO National Information Standards Organization (Org., USA)

NISS National Information on Software and Services (USA)

NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology (Org., USA)

NIU North american ISDN Users (USA, ISDN)

NIUF North american ISDN Users Forum (USA, User group, ISDN, Org.)

NMAA National Multimedia Association of America (Org., USA)

NMCS National Military Command System (Mil., USA)

NMEA National Marine Electronics Association [protocol] (Org., USA, GPS)

NML National Media Laboratory (Org., USA)

NOMA National Online Media Association (Org., USA)

NPA Network Professional Association (Org., USA)

NPAC Northeast Parallel Architectures Center (Org., USA, HPC)

NPES National Printing Equipment Association (Org., USA)

NPTN National Public Telecomputing Network (Netzwerk, USA)

NRC National Research Council (Org., USA)

NRCLSE National Resource for Computers in Life Science Education (USA)

NREN National Research and Education Network (USA, Netzwerk)

NRN National Research Network (USA, Netzwerk)

NSA National Security Agency (Org., USA)

NSB National Science Board (USA, Org.)

NSC National Security Council (Org., USA)

NSD National Security Directive (USA)

NSERC Natural Sciences and Research Council (Org., USA)

NSF National Science Foundation (Org., USA)

NSFNET National Science Foundation NETwork (Netzwerk, USA, Internet), "NSFnet"

NSN NASA Science Network (USA, Netzwerk)

NSRD National Software Reuse Directory (USA)

NSSDC National Space Science Data Center (Org., USA)

NSTC National Science and Technology Council (Org., USA)

NSTL National Software Testing Lab (Org., USA)

NTC National Telecommunications Conference (Conference, USA)

NTIA National Telecommunications and Information Administration / Agency (Org., USA)

NTSC National Television Standards Committee (Org., USA)

NVD National Vulnerability Database (NIST, USA)

NVN National Videotex Network (USA, Netzwerk)

NWNET NorthWestern states NETwork (Netzwerk, USA), "NWNet"

NYSERNET New York State Education and Research NETwork (Netzwerk, USA), "NYSERNet"

OAG Open Application Group (Org., USA)

OARNET Ohio Academic Resources NETwork (Netzwerk, USA), "OARnet"

OCLC Online Computer Library Center (Org., Internet, USA)

OFX Open Financial eXchange (Banking, Intuit, MS, Checkfree, USA)

OSC Ohio Supercomputer Center (Org., USA)

OSTP Office of Science and Technology Policy (Org., USA)

PARC Palo Alto Research Center (Org., USA, Xerox)

PCCA Personal Computer Communications Associations (Org., USA)

PCIA Personal Communications Industry Association (Org., USA, SMS)

PCLOB Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board (Org., USA)

PDES Product Data / Definition Exchange Standards (USA, STEP, CIM)

PDT Pacific Daylight Time [-0700] (TZ, PST, USA)

PGFNA Prince George Free-Net Association (Org., USA)

PINET Physicians Information NETwork (Netzwerk, USA)

PKCS Public Key Cryptography Standards (Org., USA, Verschlüsselung)

PRACSA Public Remote-Access Computer Standards Association (Org., USA)

PREPNET Pennsylvania Research and Economic Partnership NETwork (Netzwerk, USA), "PREPnet"

PSC Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (Org., USA)

PSCNET Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center NETwork (Netzwerk, USA), "PSCnet"

PST Pacific Standard Time [-0800] (TZ, PDT, USA)

PTO Patent and Trademark Office (Org., USA)

RATS Radio-Amateur Telecommunications Society (Org., USA)

RBOC Regional Bell Operating Company (USA)

RDRN Rapidly Deployable Radio Networks (USA, Uni Kansas)

SAFE Security And Freedom through Encryption [law] (USA, Verschlüsselung)

SAIL Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory [language] (USA, AI)

SCA Software Corporation of America (Hersteller, USA)

SCDMS Society for Clinical Data Management Systems (Org., USA)

SCRI Supercomputer Computations Research Institute (Org., USA, HPC)

SDNS Secure Data Network Service / System (USA, Mil.)

SDSC San Diego Supercomputer Center (Org., USA)

SDSCNET San Diego Supercomputer Center NETwork (Netzwerk, USA), "SDSCnet"

SIA Semiconductor Industry Association (Org., USA)

SIAM Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (Org., USA)

SIIA Software and Information Industry Association (Org., USA)

SME Society of Manufacturing Engineering (Org., USA)

SNL Sandia National Laboratories (Org., USA)

SPA Software Publishers Association (Org., USA)

SRC Semiconductor Research Council (Org., USA)

SRI Stanford Research Institute (Org., USA)

STC Science and Technology Center (NSF, USA)

SURANET Southeastern Universities Research Association NETwork (Netzwerk, USA), "SURAnet"

TAIS Toshiba America Information Systems [inc] (Hersteller, USA, Toshiba)

TAP Telocator Alphanumeric input Protocol (SNPP, PCIA, SMS, USA)

TCSEC Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria (Orange Book, NCSC, USA)

TDCC Transportation Data Coordinating Committee (Org., USA)

TDP Telocator Data Protocol (PCIA, SMS, USA)

THENET Texas Higher Education NETwork (Netzwerk, USA) "THEnet"

TIIAP Telecommunications and Information Infrastructure Assistance Program (USA)

UCC Uniform Code Council (USA)

UCITA Uniform Computer Information Transaction Act (USA, DRM)

UCLA University of California at Los Angeles (Org., USA)

UCSB University of California at Santa Barbara (Org. USA)

UCSD University California San Diego (Org., USA)

UNCLE Unix Net for Computer security in Law Enforcement (Org., USA, Unix) "U.N.C.L.E."

USA United Software Association (Org., USA)

USACNII US Advisory Council on the National Information Infrastructure (Org., USA)

USITA United States Independent Telephone Association (Org., USA)

USMTF United States Message Text Format (USA)

USTA United States Telephone Association (Org., USA)

VERNET Virginia Educational Research NETwork (Netzwerk, USA), "VERnet"

VIFA Victoria Free-Net Association (Org., USA)

VON Voice On the Net [coalition] (USA, Internet)

WESTNET WESTern regional NETwork (Netzwerk, USA) "Westnet"

WINLAB Wireless Information Network LABoratory (Org., STC, USA)

WVNET West Virginia Network for Educational Telecomputing (Netzwerk, USA)

YCPS Yale Center for Parallel Supercomputing (Org., USA, HPC)

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