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ADD Adapter Device Driver (OS/2)

AIM Alternate Input Method (OS/2)

AIX Advanced Interactive eXecutive (IBM, Unix, OS)

AMOK A Modular Operating Kernel (OS, Cray)

AMOS Alpha Microsystems Operating System (OS)

AMS Advanced Monitor System (OS, DEC, PDP 9, PDP 15)

AMSDOS AMStrad Disk Operating System (Amstrad, OS), "AMS-DOS"

AOS Advanced Operating System (OS)

BART Basic Application RunTime (OS/2, IBM)

BCM Basic Control Monitor (OS, Xerox, Xerox 530)

BCS Basic Control System (OS, HP, HP 2100)

BEOS Be Operating System (OS) "BeOS"

BEST Business Executive System for Timesharing (OS, Qantel)

BLMX Board-Level Multitasking eXecutive (OS)

BMS Basic Monitor System (OS, DEC, PDP 9, PDP 15)

BOS Batch Operating System (OS, Honeywell)

BOS360 Basic Operating System / 360 (OS, S/360, IBM), "BOS/360"

BOS5 Business Operating Software /5 (OS), "BOS/5"

BOSS Basic OS Software for BASIC (OS, BASIC)

BS2000 BetriebsSystem 2000 (SNI, OS)

BSD Berkeley System / Software Distribution (Hersteller, Unix, OS)

BTM Batch Time-sharing Monitor (OS)

CCP Communications Control Program (OS, IBM)

CD Change Directory (DOS, Unix, OS/2)

CDFS Compact Disk File System (CD, OS/2, IBM)

CICS Customer Information Control System (IBM, CICS, Z/OS, OS/390, VSE/ESA)

CIMOS CIncinnati Milacron Operating System (OS), "CiMOS"

CL Control Language (IBM, OS/400)

CLI Command Line Interpreter / Interface (OS)

CMAS Cambridge Multiple Access System (OS)

CMDS Cambridge Model Distributed System (OS)

CMS [Cambridge] / Conversational Monitor System (IBM, OS, VM, VME, VM/ESA, Z/VM)

COS Card Operating System (OS, ICC)

COS Cassette Operating System (OS)

COS Commercial Operating System (OS, DEC, PDP 11)

COS Concurrent Operating System (OS, UNIVAC 9200, UNIVAC 9300)

COS Cray Operating System (OS, Cray)

CP Control Program (IBM, OS, VM/ESA, VM)

CPF Control Program Facility (OS, IBM, S/38)

CPM Control Program for Microcomputers (OS, DR), "CP/M"

CPNET Control Program / NETwork (CP/M, OS), "CP/NET"

CPNOS Control Program / ??? (CP/NET, CP/M, OS), "CP/NOS"

CPPS Card / Paper tape Programming System (OS, IBM)

CTOS Cassette Tape Operating System (OS, Datapoint)

CTSS Compatible Time Sharing System (Unix, Vorläufer, OS, MIT)

CTSS Cray TimeSharing System (OS, Cray, LLNL)

DACNOS Distributed Academic Computing Network Operating System (OS, HECTOR)

DAPIE Developer API Extensions (IBM, OS/2, API)

DAX Developer API eXtension (OS/2, IBM, API)

DBOS Disk/Drum Based Operating System (OS)

DDNS Dynamic Domain Name Service (OS/2, IBM)

DECREE DARPA Experimental Cybersecurity Research Evaluation Environment (DARPA, OS)

DESRT DEStek [group] Real Time (OS, Destek Group), "DES RT"

DMD Device Manager Driver (OS/2)

DMERT Duplex Multiple Environment, Real Time (OS, MERT)

DMS Disk Monitor System (OS, IBM)

DOS Disk Operating System (OS, IBM, MS, ..., PC, Apple, RCA Spectra 70)

DOS15 Disk Operating System - 15 (OS, DEC, PDP 15), "DOS-15"

DOS360 Disk ??? Operating System / 360 (OS, IBM S/360), "DOS/360"

DOSVS Disk Operating System / Virtual Storage (OS, IBM S/370), "DOS/VS"

DOSVSE Disk ??? Operating System / Virtual Storage Extended (OS, IBM 43XX, DOS/VS, VSE), "DOS/VSE"

DPL Descriptor Privilege Level (OS/2, NT)

DRDOS Digital Research Disk Operating System (DR, OS), "DR-DOS"

DSN Developer Support News (IBM, OS/2)

DSU Data Secure Unix (Unix, OS, UCLA)

DTOS Distributed Trusted Operating System (OS, DTE)

DTSS Dartmouth Time-Sharing System (OS)

EA Extended Attribute (OS/2, Apple)

ECS EComStation (OS/2), "eCS"

EDX Event-Driven eXecutive (OS, IBM)

ELF Executable and Linkable Format (Unix, OS/2)

EMAS Edinburgh Multi-Access System (OS, ICL 4-75)

ENDIVE Enhanced Direct Interface Video Extensions (OS/2, MMPM/2, IBM), "EnDIVE"

EOS Extended Operating System (OS)

EPOC [not an acronym] (Psion, OS, PDA)

ES Extended Services (OS/2)

EXTRA EXecutionTRace Analyser (IBM, OS/2)

FADOS Fast Amsterdam Distributed (???) Operating System

FFS Fallback Fault-tolerant Server (IBM, OS/2)

FMS FORTRAN Monitor System (OS, IBM 709)

FSMGDOS Font Scaling Manager - Graphics Device Operating System (OS, Atari), "FSM-GDOS"

FSOS Free Standing Operating System (OS)

GA General Availability (OS/2)

GB GingerBread (Android, OS)

GBM Generalised Bitmap Module (DLL, Windows, Linux, OS/2)

GCOS General Comprehensive Operating System (Honeywell, OS, Honeywell Series 60, Honeywell Series 6000)

GDOS Graphics Device Operating System (OS, Atari)

GDOUG Greater Detroit OS/2 User Group (Org., User group, OS/2, USA)

GECOS General Electric Comprehensive Operating Supervisor / System (OS, GE, GCOS, Vorläufer, Honeywell)

GED Google Experience Device (Android, OS)

GEM Generalized Executive for realtime Multiprocessor applications (OS)

GEOS Graphic Environment Operating System (OS)

GNU GNU's Not Unix (rekursiv!, Unix, GNU, OS)

GRADD GRaphics Adapter Device Driver (OS/2, IBM)

HDOS Heath Disk Operating System (OS, Heath)

HES Honeywell Executive System (OS, Honeywell 800)

HPFS High Performance FileSystem (OS/2, FS)

HPOFS High Performance Optical File System (IBM, OS/2, MOD)

HUGO Holland User Group for OS/2 (Org., User group, OS/2, Niederlande)

IAK2 Internet Access Kit / 2 (IBM, OS/2), "IAK/2"

ICS Ice Cream Sandwich (Android, OS)

IDC Inter-Device Communication (IBM, OS/2)

IFS Installable File System (OS/2, DOS)

IOCS Input Output Control System (OS, IBM 7090)

IOS Internetworking Operating System (Cisco, OS)

IPFC Information Presentation Facility Compiler (IBM, OS/2)

IPP Internet Printing Protocol (IBM, OS/400, RFC 2639/3196)

IRMX Intel Real time Multitasking eXecutive (OS, Intel), "iRMX"

ISIS Integrated Systems and Information Services (OS, Intel)

ITRON Industrial TRON (TRON, OS)

JB Jelly Bean (Android, OS)

JCL Job Control Language (IBM, OS/360)


KASLR Kernel Address Space Layout Randomization (OS)

KK KitKat (Android, OS)

KMOS Kernel of a Multiprocess Operating System (OS)

KOS Kent On-Line System (OS)

KPTI Kernel Page-Table Isolation (OS)

KSOS Kernelized Secure Operating System (OS)

LA Limited Availability (IBM, OS/2)

LPEX Live Parsing eXtensible Editor (IBM, OS/2)

LSN Logical Sector Numbers (OS-9)

LTSS Lawrence TimeSharing System (OS, LLNL)

LWP Light Weight Process (Sun, OS)

LX Linear eXecutable (OS/2)

MACOS MACintosh Operating System (Apple, OS), "MacOS"

MAX MAssively parallel uniX (Cray, OS, MIMD, MPP, Unix)

MCP Master Control Program (OS)

MCP Merlin Convenience Pack (IDB, OS/2)

MCTS Multiple Console Time Sharing System (OS, CAD)

MCU Master Control Unit (Nokia, OS)

MD Make Directory (DOS, OS/2)

MERT Multiple Environment, Real Time (OS)

MFT Multiprogramming with a Fixed number of Tasks (IBM, OS, OS/MFT, OS/MVT)

MLE MultiLine Entry field (IBM, OS/2)

MMPM2 MultiMedia Presentation Manager /2 (IBM, OS/2), "MMPM/2"

MOS Master Operating System (OS, Varian)

MOS Minimum Operating System (OS, UNIVAC 9200, UNIVAC 9300)

MOS Multiprogramming Operating System (OS, NCR)

MPE Multi-Programming Executive (OS, HP, HP 3000)

MPM Multi-user ??? Program for Microcomputers (CP/M, OS, DR), "MP/M"

MPM2 MultiMedia Presentation Manager/2 (OS/2, IBM), "MPM/2"

MPNET Multi-user ??? Program / NETwork (MP/M, CP/NET, OS), "MP/NET"

MPNOS Multi-user ??? Program / ??? (MP/NET, CP/NOS, OS), "MP/NOS"

MPTS2 Multi Protocol Transport Services / 2 (IBM, OS/2), "MPTN/2"

MPX MultiProgramming eXecutive (IBM, OS, IBM 1800)

MPX MultiProgramming eXecutive (OS)

MSDOS MicroSoft Disk Operating System (MS, OS, PC)

MSOS Mass storage Operating System (OS, CDC)

MSP Multitasking System Program (OS, Hemenway)

MSP7 Modular System Program /7 (OS, IBM), "MSP/7"

MTDS Magnetic Tape Operating System (OS)

MTOS Magnetic Tape Operating System (OS, Datapoint)

MTS Magnetic Tape System (OS, HP, HP 2100)

MTS Michigan Terminal System (OS)

MULTICS MULTiplexed Information and Computing Service (OS, MIT, Bell)

MUMPS Multi-User Multi-Programming System ??? (OS, DEC)

MUTOS MultiUser-/multitasking Timesharing Operating System (DDR, OS)

MVS Multiple Virtual Storage (IBM, OS, OS/MVS)

MVS Multiple Virtual System (OS)

MVT Multiprogramming with a Variable number of Tasks (IBM, OS/MVT, OS)

NCOS Network Computer Operating System (OS, Oracle, Internet)

NCOS Non-Concurrent Operating System (OS, UNIVAC 9200, UNIVAC 9300)

NIDOS NIxdorf Disk Operating System (OS, SNI)

NLV National Language Version (IBM, OS/2, ...)

NSW National Software Works (OS)

NT [Windows] New Technology (MS, OS, Windows)

NVDM2 NetView Distribution Manager /2 (OS/2, IBM), "NVDM/2"

OCL OS/2 inside Class Library (OS/2)

OOL Open Objects Library (OS/2)

OS Operating System

OS2 Operating System /2 (IBM, OS), "OS/2"

OS200 Operating System 200 (Honeywell), "OS/200"

OS2000 Operating System 2000 (Honeywell), "OS/2000"

OS3 Oregon State Open Shop Operating System (OS, CDC 3300), "OS-3"

OS32MT Operating System /32 - Multitasking Time (OS, Interdata), "OS/32-MT"

OS32ST Operating System /32 - Serial Time (OS, Interdata), "OS/32-ST"

OS360 Operating System /360 (IBM, OS), "OS/360"

OS4 Operating System /4 (OS, UNIVAC 9700), "OS/4"

OS400 Operating System /400 (IBM, OS), "OS/400"

OS7 Operating System /7 (OS, UNIVAC 9700), "OS/7"

OS700 Operating System /700 (OS, Honeywell), "OS/700"

OS8 Operating System /8 (OS, DEC, PDP 8), "OS/8"

OS9 Operating System - 9 (Microware, OS), "OS-9"

OSA Open Scripting Architecture (Apple, OS/2)

OSES OperationsSystem/Einheitliches System (OS, ESER, DDR), "OS/ES"

OSF1 Open Software Foundation [system] /1 (OSF, OS, DEC), "OSF/1"

OSMFT Operating System / Multiprogramming with a Fixed number of Tasks (OS, IBM S/360), "OS/MFT"

OSMVS Operating System / Multiple Virtual Space (OS, IBM, S/370, OS/MVT, Nachfolger, OS/VS-2), "OS/MVS"

OSMVT Operating System / Multiprogramming with a Variable number of Tasks (OS, IBM, S/360, S/370), "OS/MVT"

OSPCP Operating System / Primary Control Program (IBM, OS, OS/360, Vorläufer), "OS/PCP"

OSRT Operating System / Real Time (OS, Destek Group), "OS/RT"

OSSVS Operating System / Single Virtual Space (OS, IBM, S/370, OS/VS2), "OS/SVS"

OSVS1 Operating System / Virtual System - 1 (OS, IBM, S/370), "OS/VS-1"


OSVS2 Operating System / Virtual System - 2 (OS, IBM, S/370), "OS/VS-2"

OSWL2 OS-9 Windows / Level 2, "OSW/L2"

PCDOS Personal Computer DOS (OS, DOS, IBM, PC), "PC-DOS"

PCIXF Personal Computer Integrated eXchange Format (OS/2), "PC/IXF"

PCNOS Personal Computer / Network Operating System (OS, MS-DOS, CP/M), "PC/NOS"

PCP Primary Control Program (IBM, OS, OS/PCP)

PDOS Parallel and Distributed Operating System (OS, MIT)

PEC Program Execution Control (IBM, OS/2)

PERPOS PERpetual Processing Operating System (OS, Unix)

PM Presentation Manager (OS/2)

POS Primary Operating System (OS, RCA Spectra 70)

POS Professional Operating System (OS, DEC), "P/OS"

POSIX Portable Operating System for unIX (OS, IEEE 1003, ISO 9945, PASC, Unix)

PSOS Provably Secure Operating System (OS)

PTI Page Table Isolation (OS)

PTOS Paper Tape Operating System (OS)

PTSS People's Time Sharing System (OS, CDC 6600)

QDOS Quick and Dirty Operating System (OS, PC, MS-DOS, Vorläufer)

RBF Random Block Filemanager (OS-9)

RBM Realtime Batch Monitor (OS, Xerox)

RCS Remote Connection Service (IBM, OS/2, LAN)

RD Remove Directory (DOS, OS/2)

RIG Rochester Intelligent Gateway (OS)

RIOCP ??? (OS), "RIO/CP "

RISCOS RISC Operating System (MIPS, Acorn, OS), "RISC OS"

RMCOS Ryan-McFarland COBOL (????) Operating System

RMOS Realtime Multitasking Operating System (SNI, OS)

ROP Remote Operations Service (IBM, OS/2)

ROS Resident Operating System (OS)

ROS Robot Operating System (OS)

RPS Realtime Programming System (OS, IBM)

RSU Remote Software Update (IBDM, OS/2, ...)

RSX11 Resource Sharing eXecutive - 11 (DEC, OS, PDP 11), "RSX-11"

RTE Real Time Executive (OS, HP, HP 2000)

RTE6VM Real Time Executive - 6 / Virtual Memory (OS, HP, RTE, HP 1000), "RTE-6/VM"

RTEX Real Time EXecutive (OS, Interdata)

RTMOS Real Time Multiprogramming Operating System (OS, GE)

RTMS Real Time Multiprogramming System (???)

RTOS Real Time Operating System (OS, Interdata, Prime, ...)

RTOS16 Real Time Operating System - 16 (OS, Digico), "RTOS-16"

RTOS360 Real Time Operating System /360 (IBM, OS, S/360), "RTOS/360"

RTOSUH Real Time Operating System - Universität Hannover (OS), "RTOS-UH"

RTTS Real Time Task Scheduler (OS, August Systems)

RTUX Real Time UniX (OS, Emerge Systems)

RTX Real Time eXecutive (OS)

RTX16 Real Time eXecutive - 16 (OS, Honeywell, ...), "RTX-16"

SABRE Semi-Automatic Business Related Environment (OS, IBM 7090)

SAGE Semi-Automatic Ground Environment system (OS, IBM AN/FSQ7, Mil.)

SBF Sequential Block Filemanager (OS-9)

SCB Subsystem Control Block (OS/2, IBM)

SCF Sequential Character Filemanager (OS-9)

SCOPE Supervisory Control Of Program Execution (OS, CDC 6000)

SCP System Control Program (OS)

SCPDOS Seattle Computer Products Dis Operating System (OS, DOS, MS-DOS, Vorläufer), "SCP-DOS"

SDOS Software Dynamics Operating System (OS)

SE Standard / Special Edition (IBM, OS/2)

SECCOS SEcure Chip Card Operating System (OS)

SIQ Single Input Queue (IBM, OS/2)

SODA Simplified OS for Distributed Applications (OS)

SOS Share Operating System (OS)

SOS Sophisticated Operating System (OS, Apple)

SOS Symbolic Operating System (OS)

SPM2 System Performance Monitor /2 (IBM, OS/2), "SPM/2"

SSP System Support Program (OS, IBM)

SUNOS SUN Operating System (Sun, OS, SPARC), "SunOS"

SVR3 System V Release 3 (Unix, OS, AT&T)

SVR4 System V Release 4 (Unix, OS, AT&T)

SVS Single Virtual Space (IBM, OS, OS/SVS)

SWI SoftWare Interrupts (RISC, OS)

SYSEX SYStem EXecutive (OS, IBM, S/360)

TCOS Telesec Chipcard Operating System (OS)

TDOS Tape and Disk Operating System (OS, RCA Spectra 70)

THE Technische Hoogeschool Eindhoven (OS), "T.H.E."

TOP The OS-9 Project (OS-9)

TOPS Timesharing / Total OPerating System (DEC, OS)

TOS Tape Operating System (OS, RCA Spectra 70)

TOS Teletype Operating System (OS, Microdata)

TOS The Operating System (Atari, OS)

TOS Tramiel Operating System (Atari, OS)

TOS360 Tape ??? Operating System /360 (IBM, S/360, OS), "TOS/360"

TSM Time Sharing Monitor (OS, IBM)

TSX TimeSharing eXecutive (OS, IBM, IBM 1800)

TUNIS Toronto UNIversity System (OS)

TWOS Time Warp Operating System (OS, Hypercube)

UCLAVM UCLA Virtual Machine (OS, UCLA, VM), "UCLA VM"

UNICS UNiplexed Information and Computing Service (OS, MULTICS, Bell)

USS Unix Support Services (z/OS, IBM)

VAXELN Virtual Address eXtension Executive for Local area Networks (OS, DEC)

VDM Virtual DOS Machine (OS/2, Windows, NT, DOS)

VIROS VIRtual memory Operating System (DEC, OS)

VLM Volume Logical Module (IBM, OS/2)

VM Virtual Machine (IBM, OS, IBM 370, ESA, IBM 390)

VMB Virtual Machine Boot (IBM, OS/2)

VMS Virtual Memory [operating] System (DEC, OS)

VOICE Virtual OS/2 International Consumer Education (OS/2, User group, Org.)

VORTEX Varian Omnitasking Real Time EXecutive (???)

VOS Virtual machine Operating System (OS, MTS)

VOS Virtual Operating System (OS, Stratus)

VRTX Versatile Real Time eXecutive (OS)

VS1 Virtual System - 1 (IBM, OS, OS/VS-1), "VS-1"

VTOS Virtual Technology Operating System (OS, Tandy, TRS-80)

WIF Web Interface Facility (WWW, MVS, OS/390)

WLO Windows Libraries for OS/2 (MS, IBM, API, OS/2, Windows)

WPS WorkPlace Shell (OS/2, IBM, Shell)

WSEB Warp Server E-Business (IBM, OS/2), "WSeb"

XBP XBase Parts (Xbase/2, OS/2, DB)

XINU XINU Is Not Unix (OS)

XMS eXtended Multiprocessor operating System (OS)

XP [Windows] eXPerience (MS, Windows, OS)

ZOC Zap-O-Comm (OS/2, DFÜ)

ZOS Z/Operating System (IBM, Java, OS), "z/OS"

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