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AAL ATM Adaption Layer (ATM)

ABR Available Bit Rate (ATM, CBR, VBR, UBR, QOS, BIT)

ACM Address Complete Message (ATM)

ACSMIB ATM Circuit Steering Management Information Base (ATM, MIB), "ACS-MIB"

ADSU ATM Data Service Unit (ATM)

AHFG ATM-attached Host Functional Group (ATM, MPOA)

AIM ATM / Ascend Inverse Multiplexing [protocol] (ATM)

AIP ATM Interface Processor (ATM)

AIS Alarm Indication Signal (UNI, ATM, OAM, DS3/E3)

AISE Alarm Indication Signal-External (UNI, ATM), "AIS-E"

ALC Adaptation Layer Controller (ATM)

AMI ATM Management Interface (ForeRunner)

ARE All Routes Explorer (ATM)

ASE Application Service Element (ATM)

ATC Address Translation Controller (ATM)

ATD Asynchronous Time Division (ATM)

ATE ATM Terminating Equipment (SONET, ATM)

ATM Abstract Test Method (ISO 9646-1)

ATM Adobe Type Manager

ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM)

ATM At The Moment (DFÜ-Slang, Usenet, IRC)

ATM Automatic Teller Machine

ATMARP ATM Address Resolution Protocol (ATM, ARP)

AUU ATM User-to-User (ATM)

BCDBS Broadband Connectionless Data Bearer Service (ATM)

BECN Backward Explicit Congestion Notification (ATM)

BISDN Broadband Integrated Services Digital Network (ATM), "B-ISDN"

BSVC Broadcast Switched Virtual Connections (ATM)

BUS Broadcast and Unknown Server (ATM, LANE)

CA Cell Arrival (ATM)

CAC Connection Admission Control (UNI, ATM)

CBR Constant Bit Rate (ATM, VBR, ABR, UBR, QOS, BIT)

CC Continuity Cell (ATM)

CCR Current Cell Rate (ATM)

CDV Cell Delay Variation (UNI, ATM, QOS)

CDVT Cell Delay Variation Tolerance (UNI, ATM, CDV)

CER Cell Error Ratio (ATM)

CIP Classical IP over ATM (IP, ATM, IETF)

CIR Committed Information Rate (ATM)

CLL ConnectionLess Layer (UNI, NNI, ATM)

CLNAP Connectionless Network Access Protocol (UNI, NNI, ATM)

CLP Cell Loss Priority (UNI, ATM, CLR)

CLR Cell Loss Ratio (UNI, ATM, QOS)

CMR Cell Misinsertion Rate (ATM)

CPCS Common Part Convergence Sublayer (ATM)

CPI Common Part Indicator (ATM)

CRS Cell Relay Service (UNI, ATM)

CS Convergence Sublayer (ATM)

CSI Convergence Sublayer Indication (ATM)

CSPDU Convergence Sublayer Protocol Data Unit (ATM, PDU), "CS PDU"

CSR Cell misSequenced Ratio (ATM)

CSU Channel Service Unit (ATM)

CTD Cell Transfer Delay (UNI, ATM, QOS)

CTV Cell Tolerance Variation (ATM)

DA Destination [MAC] Address (SNA, Token Ring, ATM, FDDI, ...)

DCC Data Country Code (ATM)

DLCI Data Link Connection Identifier (ATM)

DSU Digital Service Unit (ATM)

EFCI Explicit Forward Congestion Indication (ATM)

ELAN Emulated Local Area Network (ATM, LANE)

ES End System (ATM)

ESI End System IDentifier (ATM)

FBS Flexible Bandwidth Service (ATM, SDH)

FECN Forward Explicit Congestion Notification (ATM)

FERF Far End Receive Failure (UNI, ATM, SONET, OAM)

FRS Frame Relay Service (ATM, UNI)

GCRA Generic Cell Rate Algorithm (UNI, ATM)

GFC Generic Flow Control (ATM)

HEC Header Error Control (ATM)

HSSN HighSpeed Switching Network (Cray, ATM)

ICD International Code Designator (ATM)

IE Information Element (ATM, ISDN)

IISP Interim Inter-Switch Signaling Protocol (P-NNI, ATM)

ILMI Interim Link / Local Management Interface (ATM)

ION Internetworking Over NBMA (LIS, LAG, ATM, NBMA)

IS Intermediate System (ATM)

LANE Local Area Network Emulation [over ATM specification] (ATM)

LC Loopback Capability (UNI, ATM, OAM)

LCD Loss of Cell Delineation (UNI, ATM)

LD LAN Destination (ATM)

LE LAN Emulation (LANE, ATM)

LEARP LAN Emulation Address Resolution Protocol (LANE, ARP, ATM), "LE-ARP"

LEC LAN Emulation Client (LANE, ATM)

LECID LAN Emulation Client IDentifier (LANE, ATM, LEC)

LECS Local area network Emulation Configuration Server (ATM, LANE, LEC)

LES LAN Emulation Server (LANE, ATM)

LLATMI Lower Layer ATM Interface (ATM)

LMI Layer Management Interface (ATM)

LOC Loss of Cell delineation (UNI, ATM)

LOF Loss of Frame (UNI, ATM, DS3/E3)

LOS Loss of Signal (UNI, ATM)

LUNI LANE User Network Interface (LANE, ATM)

MCR Minimum Cell Rate (UNI, ATM, PCR, ABR)

MCTD Mean Cell Transfer Delay (UNI, ATM)

MID Message IDentifier (ATM)


MPOA Multi-Protocol Over ATM (ATM)


MS Meta Signaling (ATM, ???)

MSN Monitoring cell Sequence Number (UNI, ATM)

MSVC Meta-Signaling Virtual Channel (ATM)

NBMA Non-Broadcast Multiple Access (UNI, ATM)

NHRP [NBMA] Next Hop Resolution Protocol (X.25, ATM, NBMA, IETF)

NLPID Network Layer Protocol IDentifier (ATM, OSI)

NNI Network Node Interface (ATM)

NRTVBR Non-RealTime Variable Bit Rate (VBR, ATM, BIT), "nrt-VBR"

OAM Operations, Administration and Management [cell] (ATM)

PCR Peak Cell Rate (UNI, ATM, SCR)

PDH Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy (ATM)

PNNI [phase 0] Public Network Node Interface [protocol] (ATM)

PNNI Private Network to Network Interface (ATM), "P-NNI"

PT Payload Type (ATM)

PTI Payload Type Identifier (ATM, PT)

PTM Packet Transfer Mode (ATM)

PVC Permanent Virtual Circuit / Channel / Connection (ATM)

PVCC Permanent Virtual Channel Connection (ATM)

PVPC Permanent Virtual Path Connection (ATM)

QOS Quality Of Service (ATM, CLR, CTD, CDV), "QoS"

RTVBR RealTime Variable Bit Rate (VBR, ATM, BIT), "rt-VBR"

SA Source [MAC] Address (SNA, Token Ring, ATM, FDDI, ...)

SAAL Signalling ATM Adaptation Layer (ATM)

SARPDU Segmentation And Reassembly Protocol Data Unit (ATM, PDU), "SAR PDU"

SCR Sustainable Cell Rate (UNI, ATM, VBR)

SCS Switch Control Software (ForeRunner, ATM)

SDH Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (FDDI, ATM, SDH)

SEAL Simple and Efficient Adaptation Layer (ATM)

SONET Synchronous Optical NETwork (FDDI, ATM, SDH)

SPANS Simple Protocol for ATM Network Signalling (ForeRunner, ATM)

SRE Self Routing switch Element (ATM)

SSCF Service Specific Coordination Function (ATM)

SSCOP Service Specific Connection Orientated Protocol (ATM)

SSCS Service Specific Convergence Sublayer (ATM)

ST2 [internet] STream protocol 2 (Internet, ATM, RFC 1819, Multicast)

STM Synchronous Transfer Mode (ATM, SDH)

STM1 Synchronous Transport Mode 1 [155,52 Mbps] (ATM, STM, SDH, OC-3), "STM-1"

STM12 Synchronous Transport Mode 12 [1866,24 Mbps] (ATM, STM, SDH, OC-36), "STM-12"

STM128 Synchronous Transport Mode 128 [39813,12 Mbps] (ATM, STM, SDH, OC-768), "STM-256"

STM16 Synchronous Transport Mode 16 [2488,32 Mbps] (ATM, STM, SDH, OC-48), "STM-16"

STM3 Synchronous Transport Mode 3 [466,56 Mbps] (ATM, STM, SDH, OC-9), "STM-3"

STM32 Synchronous Transport Mode 32 [4976,64 Mbps] (ATM, STM, SDH, OC-96), "STM-32"

STM4 Synchronous Transport Mode 4 [622,08 Mbps] (ATM, STM, SDH, OC-12), "STM-4"

STM6 Synchronous Transport Mode 6 [933,12 Mbps] (ATM, STM, SDH, OC-18), "STM-6"

STM64 Synchronous Transport Mode 64 [9953,28 Mbps] (ATM, STM, SDH, OC-192), "STM-64"

STM8 Synchronous Transport Mode 8 [1244,16 Mbps] (ATM, STM, SDH, OC-24), "STM-8"

SVC Switched Virtual Circuit / Channel / Connection (ATM, PVC)

SVCI Switched Virtual Circuit Identifier (SVC, ATM)

TCI Test Cell Input (UNI, ATM)

TCO Test Cell Output (UNI, ATM)

TCS Transmission Convergence Sublayer (ATM)

UBR Unspecified Bit Rate (ATM, CBR, VBR, ABR, QOS, BIT)

UPC Usage Parameter Control (UNI, ATM)

UTOPIA Universal Test & Operations Physical layer Interface for ATM (PL, ATM)

VBNS Very highspeed Backbone Network Service (NSF, ATM), "vBNS"

VBR Variable Bit Rate (ATM, CBR, ABR, UBR, QOS, BIT)

VBRNRT Variable Bit Rate - Non Real Time (VBR, ATM, BIT), "VBR-NRT"

VBRRT Variable Bit Rate - Real Time (VBR, ATM, BIT), "VBR-RT"

VC Virtual Channel / Circuit (ATM)

VCC Virtual Channel Connection (ATM)

VCI Virtual Channel Identifier (ATM)

VCI Virtual Connection Identifier (ATM)

VCL Virtual Channel Link (UNI, ATM)

VNA Virtual Network Architecture (ATM)

VP Virtual Path (ATM)

VPC Virtual Path Connection (ATM, VP)

VPCI Virtual Path Connection Identifier (VP, ATM)

VPI Virtual Path Identifier (ATM, VP)

VPL Virtual Path Link (UNI, ATM)

VPT Virtual Path Terminator (UNI, ATM)

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