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3GIP 3rd Generation . Internet Protocol (Org., IP, GPRS, WLAN, Mobile-Systems), "3G.IP"

AADN American Association of Domain Names (Org., USA, Internet)

ABP Address Book Provider (Internet)

ACE ASCII Compatible Encoding (ASCII, Internet)

AFA Association Fournisseur d'Access et service internet (Org., ISP, Frankreich)

AIDAT African Internet Development Action Team (Org., Internet)

AIMS Apple Internet Mail Server (Apple)

AIP Association of Internet Professionals (Org., Internet)

AISP Association for Internet Service Providers (Org., USA, ISP)

ALTERNIC ALTERnative Network Information Center (Internet, USA)

AMP API Management Platform (API, Internet)

APNIC Asian Pacific Network Information Center (Org., Internet)

APOP Authenticated Post Office Protocol (Internet, POP, RFC 1734)

APPI Advanced Peer to Peer Internetworking (Cisco)

ARIA Accessible Rich Internet Applications (W3C, WAI)

ARIN American Registry for Internet Numbers (Org., Internet, USA)

ARP Address Resolution Protocol (Internet, RFC 826)

AS Autonomous System (IP, Internet, RFC 1930)

ASO Address Supporting Organization (Internet)

ASP Application Service Provider / Providing (ISP, Internet)

AUI Asociación de Usuarios de Internet (Internet, User group, Spanien, Org.)

BAYSIS BAY networks' Switched Internetworking Services, "BaySIS"

BBA Big Brother Awards (DFÜ, Internet)

BCP [Internet] Best Current Practice (Internet, RFC)

BIK Barrierefrei Informieren und Kommunizieren (Internet)

BIND Berkeley Internet Name Domain [software] (Unix)

BMT Biel Mean Time (TZ, Internet)

CADR Client Authenticated DNS Request (DNS, Internet)

CATNIP Common ArchiTecture for Next generation Internet Protocol (IPNG, RFC 1707)

CAUCE Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email (Org., Internet, Spam, UCE)

CCTLD Country Code Top Level Domain (Internet, ICANN), "ccTLD"

CDA Communications Decency Act (Internet, USA)

CDF Channel Definition Format (MS, Internet, XML)

CDN Content Delivery Network (Internet)

CDNC Chinese Domain Name Consortium (Org., Internet)

CERT Computer Emergency Response Team (DARPA, CMU, Internet)

CFD Call For Discussion (Internet)

CFV Call For Vote (Internet, Usenet), "CfV"

CIAC Computer Incident Advisory Capability (Org., LLNL, Internet)

CIDR Classless Internet Domain Routing [protocol] (RFC 1519)

CIFS Common Internet File System (TCP/IP)

CIIRC China Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center (China, Org.)

CIPA Children's Internet Protection Act (Internet, USA, COPA)

CIRCAMP Cospol Internet Related Child Abusive Material Project (Org.)

CISRT Chinese Internet Security Response Team (Org., China)

CIX Commercial Internet eXchange (ISP)

CMGA Community of Massive Gaming Agents (Internet, Deutschland, DTAG)

CNIDIR Coalition for Networked Information DIRectories (Internet)

CNNIC China interNet Network Information Center (Org., Internet, China)

COIPX Connection Orientated Internet Packet eXchange (Novell, Netware, IPX), "CO-IPX"

COPA Child Online Protection Act (Internet, USA, CIPA)

COPPA Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (Internet)

CRISP Cross Registry Internet Service Protocol (Internet, RFC 3707)

CSLIP Compressed [headers] Serial Line Internet Protocol (SLIP, IP)

CSRF Cross Site Request Forgery (WWW, Internet)

DECIX DEutscher Commercial Internet eXchange (Internet) "DE-CIX"

DENIC DEutsches Network Information Center, (Org., Internet) "DE-NIC"

DFNCERT Deutsches ForschungsNetz Computer Emergency Response Team (DFN, Internet) "DFN CERT"

DICE Delivering Information in a Cellular Environment (SNI, Internet)

DIGI Deutsche InteressenGemeinschaft Internet [e.v.] (Org., ISP)

DINO Deutsches InterNet Organisationssystem (WWW, Uni Göttingen)

DIP Dial-up Internet Protocol (Linux)

DMF Digest Message Format (Internet, RFC 1153)

DMSP Distributed Mail System Protocol (Internet)

DMZ DeMilitarized Zone (LAN, Internet)

DNS Domain Name System (Internet, RFC 1034/1035, DNS)

DPD Dead Peer Detection (Internet, Firewall)

DRI Defense Research Internet (ARPANET, Nachfolger, Netzwerk)

DSI Defense Simulation Internet (Netzwerk, Mil., USA)

ECIX European Commercial Internet eXchange (Firma)

ECRM Electronic Customer Relationship Management (Internet), "eCRM"

EDGAR Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval [system] (DB, Internet)

EFF Electronic Frontier Foundation (Internet, Org.)

EHF Encoding Header Field (Internet, RFC 1154)

EIP Extended Internet Protocol (Internet, RFC 1385)

ENA Electronic Networking Association (Org., Internet)

ESNET Energy Sciences NETwork (Netzwerk, USA, Internet)

EUNET European Unix NETwork (Netzwerk, Internet, ISP, Unix)

EURID European Registry of Internet Domain names (Org., Internet, Europa)

EUROISPA EUROpean Internet Service Provider Association (Org., ISP) "EuroISPA"

FCIP Fibre Channel over Internet Protocol (SAN, FC, IP)

FIB Forwarding Information Base (router, LAN, Internet)

FICS Free Internet Chess Server

FILE Free Internet Lexicon and Encyclopedia (WWW, DICT)

FIRE Future Internet Research and Experimentation (Europa, CORDIS)

FIRP Federal Internet Requirements Panel (Internet, USA)

FIRS Federated Internet Registry Service (LDAP, Internet)

FLEXIP FLEXible Internet Protocol (Novell, Netware), "FLeX/IP"

FLIM Faithful Library about Internet Message (EMACS, GNU)

FQDN Fully Qualified Domain Name (Internet)

FRICC Federal Research Internet Coordinating Committee (Org.)

FTP File Transfer Protocol (Internet, RFC 959)

GATOR GATeway OrientierungsRatgeber (Internet)

GDF Gnutella Developer Forum (GNU, Internet)

GEIST German Encyclopedic Internet Service Terminal (Org.)

GIMPS Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search (Internet)

GNA Global Network Academy (Internet)

GNN Global Network Navigator (Internet, WWW)

GRIC Global Research Internet Connection (Org., ISP)

GTLD Generic Top Level Domain (Internet, ICANN), "gTLD"

HBCI HomeBanking Computer Interface [veraltet/old term] (Internet, Banking, Deutschland, HBCI)

HPBIDS Hewlett Packard Broadband Internet Delivery System (HP, Internet), "HP BIDS"

HTML HyperText Markup Language (Internet, WWW, SGML, RFC 1866/1942, HTML)

IAB Internet Activities / Architecture Board (RFC 1160/1601, Internet)

IAF Internet Address Finder (WWW)

IAHC Internet Ad Hoc Committee (Org., Internet)

IAK Internet explorer Administrator Kit (MS, Internet)

IAK2 Internet Access Kit / 2 (IBM, OS/2), "IAK/2"

IANA Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (Internet)

IAP Internet Access Provider (Internet)

IAS Internet Authentication Server (MS, Windows)

ICAL Internet CALendar [protocol], "iCAL"

ICANN Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (Org., Internet, ICANN)

ICAP Internet Calendar Access Protocol (TCP/IP, Lotus)

ICCB Internet Control and Configuration Board (IAB, Vorläufer)

ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol [version 4] (TCP/IP, RFC 792, Internet)

ICMPV6 Internet Control Message Protocol Version 6 (Internet, IPV6, RFC 1885) "ICMPv6"

ICONZ Internet Company Of New Zealand (Org., Usenet)

ICP Internet Caching Protocol (Internet)

ICQ [I seek you] (Internet, ICQ, IM)

ICRA Internet Content Rating Association (Internet, Org., IBM, MS, AOL, ...)

ICS Internet Connection Sharing (MS, IE, DHCP)

ICSS Internet Connection Secure Server (IBM, WWW)

ICTF Internet Content Task Force (Org., Internet)

IDEA Internet Design, Engineering, and Analysis notes (IETF)

IDN Internationalized Domain Names (Domain, Internet)

IDP Internet Datagram Protocol (XNS)

IEMMC Internet EMail Marketing Council (Internet, Org., Spam)

IEN Internet Engineering Notes

IEN Internet Experiment Notebook (Vorläufer, RFC)

IEPG Internet Engineering and Planning Group (Internet, RFC 1690)

IESG Internet Engineering Steering Group (IETF)

IETF Internet Engineering Task Force (Org., IAB, Internet, RFC 1603/2418/3233)

IETFWG Internet Engineering Task Force - Working Group (RFC 1603, IETF) "IETF-WG"

IFC Internet FAQ Consortium (Internet, FAQ, Org.)

IFC Internet Foundation Classes (ONE, Netscape, Java)

IFCP Internet Fibre Channel Protocol (SAN, FC, IP), "iFCP"

IFE Internet Forum Europe (Messe)

IFS Internet File System (Oracle, DB, Internet)

IGD Internet Gateway Device (Internet)

IGMP Internet Group Management / Multicast Protocol (RFC 1112/2236, IP, Multicast)

IIIR Integration of Internet Information Resources (IETF)

IIM Internet Identified Mail (Cisco, SPAM)

IIOP Internet Inter-ORB Protocol (CORBA, Internet, ONE, GIOP, TCP/IP)

IIS Internet Information Server / Services (MS)

IKE Internet Key Exchange [protocol] (IPSEC, IPV6)

IKP Internet Keyed Payment [protocols] (IBM, WWW), "iKP"

ILS Internet Locator Service (MS)

IMAP Internet Message Access Protocol (RFC 2060)

IMD Internet Multimedia Development (Internet)

IMDB Internet Movie DataBase (Internet, WWW, DB) "IMDb"

IMR Internet Monthly Report (Internet)

IMS Internet Multimedia Subsystem (Internet, 3GPP)

IMSP Internet Message Support Protocol (Internet)

INCORE INternet COntent Rating for Europe (Org., Internet)

INHOPE INternet HOtline Providers in Europe (Org., ISP)

INOC Internet Network Operations Center

INTERNIC Inter Network Information Center (Org., Internet) "InterNIC"

INXS INternet eXchange Service (ECRC)

IOCTA Internet Organised Crime Threat Assessment (EC3)

ION Internetworking Over NBMA (LIS, LAG, ATM, NBMA)

IOS Internetworking Operating System (Cisco, OS)

IOT Internet Of Things (Internet), "IoT"

IP Internet Protocol [version 4] (RFC 791)

IPC Internet Privacy Coalition (Internet)

IPCP [PPP] Internet Protocol Control Protocol (PPP, RFC 1332)

IPDC Internet Protocol Device Control (MGCP)

IPDU Internet Protocol Data Unit (PDU)

IPNG Internet Protocol Next Generation (IP, RFC 1550/1752) "IPng"

IPOC Interim Policy Oversight Committee (Internet, TLD)

IPP Internet Peering Point (Internet, IXP, ISP)

IPP Internet Presence Provider (Internet)

IPP Internet Printing Protocol (IBM, OS/400, RFC 2639/3196)

IPPM Internet Protocol Performance Metrics (IP)

IPSEC Internet Protocol SECurity (Org., Internet, IETF, DES), "IPSec"

IPSP Internet Protocol Security Protocol

IPSP IP Security Policy (IP, Internet, IPSec, RFC 3586)

IPTD [microsoft] Internet Platform and Tools Division (MS)

IPTV Internet Protocol TeleVision (IP)

IPV6 Internet Protocol Version 6 (IP, RFC 1883/1884) IPv6

IPX Internet Packet eXchange (Novell, Netware)

IPXCP [PPP] Internetwork Packet eXchange Control Protocol (PPP, RFC 1552)

IPXWAN Internet Packet eXchange over various WAN media (Novell, IPX, WAN, RFC 1634)

IR Internet Registry

IRC Internet Relay Chat [protocol] (RFC 1459, Internet)

IRIS Internet Registry Information Service (XML, Internet)

IRSG Internet Research Steering Group (Org., Internet)

IRTF Internet Research Task Force (IAB, Internet)

IRTP Internet Reliable Transaction Protocol (RFC 938)

ISA Internet Security and Acceleration server (MS, Firewall)

ISAKMP Internet Security Association and Key Management Protocol

ISAPI Internet Server Application Programmer's Interface (MS, C/S, WWW, API)

ISC Internet Service Center (ISP)

ISC Internet Software Consortium (Org., Internet)

ISCSI Internet Small Computer Systems Interface (SCSI, SAN, IETF, RFC 3720/3721/3722) "iSCSI"

ISIL Internet Search Interface Language (Internet, Sherlock, Apple)

ISMA Internet Streaming Media Alliance (Org., Internet, Apple, Cisco, IBM, Philips, ...)

ISN Internet Shopping Network (Netzwerk, WWW)

ISNS Internet Storage Name Service (RFC 4171) "iSNS"

ISOC Internet SOCiety (Org., Internet)

ISP Internet Service Provider (Internet)

ISPA Internet Service Provider Austria (Org., ISP)

ISPA Internet Services Providers' Association (Org., UK)

ISPC Internet Service Providers' Consortium (ISP, IPP, Org.) "ISP/C"

ISS Internet Security Systems (Hersteller)

ISSE Internet Streaming SIMD Extension (Intel, Pentium, Katmai, SIMD)

ITR Internet Talk Radio (Internet)

ITSP Internet Telephony Service Provider (Internet, CAT)

IUMA Internet Underground Music Archive (WWW)

IVDENIC InteressenVerbund DEutsches Network Information Center (Org., Internet) "IV-DENIC"

IVM Internet Voice Messaging (Internet)

IWAM Internet server Web Application Manager (MS, Windows, Internet)

IXP Internet eXchange Point (Internet, IPP, ISP)

JIPS JANET Internet Protocol Service (JANET)

LACNIC Latin American and Caribbean Internet Addresses Registry (Org., Internet)

LIP Large Internet Packet

LIR Local Internet Registry (Internet)

LOCIS Library Of Congress Information System (Internet)

MAE Metropolitan Area Exchange (Internet)

MANET Mobile Ad-hoc NETwork (Internet)

MESA MetaEmailSearchAgent (WWW, Internet)

MIKEY Multimedia Internet KEYing (Verschlüsselung, VoIP)

MIME Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (RFC 2045/2046/2047/2048/2049, IETF)

MINC Multilingual Internet Names Consortium (Org., Internet)

MISS Mecklenburg Internet Service System (ISP)

MISX Metered Services Information eXchange (Internet)

MIT Mobile Internet Toolkit (MS, .NET)

MMS Microsoft Media Server [protocol] (MS, Internet)

MONET high data rate MObile interNET (Netzwerk)

MOO MUD Object Orientated (Internet, OOP, MUD)

MOOC Massive Open Online Course (Internet)

MOU Memorandum Of Understanding (IPOC, TLD, Internet)

MRML Multimedia Retrieval Markup Language (Multimedia, Internet, XML)

MSDP Multicast Source Discovery Protocol (Internet, PIM-SM, Multicast, RFC 3618)

MSIE MicroSoft Internet Explorer (MS, WWW, MSIE)

MSIX Metered Services Information eXchange [protocol] (Internet, ISP)

MSL Microsoft Software Library (Internet, MS)

MSN Microsoft Support Network (Internet, MS)

NAIIN No Abuse In InterNet (Org.)

NC Network Computer [reference profile] (Apple, IBM, Netscape, Oracle, Sun, Internet)

NCIP Novell Certified Internet Professional (Novell, WWW, CNA)

NCOS Network Computer Operating System (OS, Oracle, Internet)

NIAS Netware Internet Access Server (Novell, Netware)

NIC Network Information Center (Internet, Org.)

NIE Newton Internet Enabler (Apple, PDA)

NNTP Network News Transfer Protocol (Internet, RFC 977, Usenet)

NNTPS Network News Transfer Protocol - Secured ??? (NNTP, Internet, Usenet)

NOA Net On Air (Internet)

NSFNET National Science Foundation NETwork (Netzwerk, USA, Internet), "NSFnet"

NSI NASA Science Internet (NASA, Netzwerk)

NSS Network Security Services (Mozilla, Internet)

NTP Network Time Protocol (Internet, RFC 1119/1305)

NVR Network Video Recorder (Internet)

NVT Network Virtual Terminal (Telnet, Internet)

NWIP NetWare Internet Protocol (Novell, Netware)

OBI Open Buying on the Internet (Internet, WWW)

OBS Online Book Store (Internet, WWW)

OCLC Online Computer Library Center (Org., Internet, USA)

ODIA OpenDoc Internet Adapter (Apple, ALOE, Vorläufer)

OE Outlook Express (MS, Internet)

OIDP Oracle Internet Development Pack (Oracle, Internet)

OIP Open Internet Platform (Caldera, Linux, SCO)

OPAC Online Public Access Catalogue (Internet)

OSPF Open Shortest Path First [protocol / routing] (Internet, IGP, RFC 1583)

OWS OpenGIS Web Service (OGC, Internet)

PAML Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists (Internet, BBS)

PANIX Public Access internet/uNIX [system] (Unix, Internet, Netzwerk)

PBI Pacific Bell Internet (ISP)

PCOIP Personal Computer Over Internet Protocol (PC, IP), "PCoIP"

PCT Private Communication Technology (Internet, MS, Visa)

PDB Per-Domain Behaviour (Domain, Internet)

PICS Platform for Internet Content Selection (Org., Internet, POWDER)

PIN Personal Internet Name (RFC 3042)

PINE Program for Internet News and Email / PINE Is No longer ELM

PING Packet InterNet Groper (ICMP, TCP/IP)

PINT PSTN INTernet Interworking [group] (PSTN, IETF)

PKI Public Key Infrastructure (Verschlüsselung, Internet, ITU, PKI)

PLIP Parallel Line Internet Protocol (IP), "PL/IP"

PMA Policy Management Architecture (Netmanage, Internet)

POP Point Of Presence (Internet, ISP)

POP3 Post Office Protocol 3 (Internet, RFC 1939)

PPP Point-to-Point Protocol (Internet, PPP, RFC 1171/1661)

PSM Personal Security Manager (Mozilla, Internet, Verschlüsselung)

PTAL Payment Transaction Application Layer (Internet, Banking)

RACE Rowbased ASCII Compatible Encoding (ASCII, Internet, VeriSign/NSI)

RAP [internet] Route Access Protocol (RFC 1476, Internet)

RARP Reverse Address Resolution Protocol (Internet, RFC 903)

RBL Realtime Blackhole / Block List (Internet, SPAM)

RFA Request for Assistance (Internet)

RFC Request For Comments (Internet, RFC)

RFD Request For Discussion (Internet, Usenet), "RfD"

RFE Request For Enhancement (Internet)

RFI Request For Information (Internet)

RFP Request For Proposal (Internet)

RIA Rich Internet Application (WWW, Macromedia)

RIO Redistributed Internet Objects (S3, VRML, Internet)

RIR Regional Internet Registry (Internet)

RJE Remote Job Entry (IBM, Internet, RFC 407)

RLP Resource Location Protocol (Internet, RFC 887)

RTP Real Time Protocol (Internet, RFC 1889/1890, RTCP)

SAP Session Announcement Protocol (Internet, RFC 2974)

SATAN Security Administrator Tool for Analyzing Networks (Internet)

SERT Security Emergency Response Team (Org., Australien, Internet)

SIGNC Special Internet Group Name Cache

SILC Secure Internet Live Conferencing

SIPP Simple Internet Protocol Plus (IP, IPV6, RFC 1710, Internet)

SIWPS Simple Internet White Pages Service (Internet)

SKIP Simple Key-management for Internet Protocols (Internet, Verschlüsselung, Sun)

SLD Second Level Domain (Internet, ICANN)

SLIP Serial Line Internet Protocol (Internet, RFC 1055) "SL/IP"

SMIME Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME, MS, Lotus, Qualcomm, RSA, Verschlüsselung), "S/MIME"

SNAIP [advanced] Systems Network Architecture/Internet Protocol (SNA, IP, RFC 1538) "SNA/IP"

SPIT SPAM over Internet Telephony (SPAM, VoiP)

SPOT Smart Personal Object Technology (MS, Internet)

SST Simple SIPP Transition (Internet, SIPP)

ST2 [internet] STream protocol 2 (Internet, ATM, RFC 1819, Multicast)

STII [internet] STream protocol II (RFC 1819)

SUA Single User Account [feature] (Internet, NAT)

TAMINO Transaction Architecture for Managing InterNet Objects (DBMS, DB, Internet)

TCPIP Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (RFC 793, IP) "TCP/IP"

TDMOIP Time Division - Multiplex Over Internet Protocol (IP, DSL) "TD-MoIP"

TELNET TELephone NETwork (Unix, Internet, RFC 854)

TIA The Internet Adapter [software]

TIPHON Telecommunications and Internet Protocol Harmonization Over Networks (ETSI, WG)

TLD Top Level Domain (Internet, ICANN.)

TUCAA The Ultimate Computer Acronyms Archive (Internet, WWW)

TVOL TV OnLine cable service (WorldGate, Internet)

TZ Time Zone (Internet, TZ)

UBE Unsolicited Bulk Email (Spam, Internet, UCE)

UC Universal Code (Internet)

UDP User Datagram Protocol (Internet, RFC 768)

UDPIP User Datagram Protocol / Internet Protocol (IP), "UDP/IP"

USENET USErs' NETwork (Internet)

VERONICA Very Easy Rodent-Orientated Netwide Index of Computerized Archives (Internet)

VIP Virtual Internet Protocol [address] (IP)

VLSM Variable Length Subnet Mask (Internet)

VOIP Voice Over IP (IP, Internet, CTI), "VoIP"

VOL Voice-Over-IP (IP, Internet)

VON Voice On the Net [coalition] (USA, Internet)

VOWIP Voice Over Wireless Internet Protocol (LAN, IP), "VoWIP"

VPI Virtual Private Internet (TradeWave)

WAIS Wide Area Information Service (Internet)

WIIS Windows Internet Information Server (MS, Windows, Internet)

WINS Windows Internet Naming Service (MS, Windows, NT)

WKS Well Known Services (DNS, Internet)

WORDIA WORD Internet Assistant (MS)

WWW World Wide Web (Internet)

XNSIDP Xerox Network Services - Internet Datagram Protocol (Xerox, Internet, XNS), "XNS-IDP"

XNSITP Xerox Network Services/Internet Transport Protocol (Xerox, XNS), "XNS/ITP"

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