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BDOS Basic Disk Operating System (CP/M)

CCP Command Console Processor (CP/M)

CPM Communication Processor Module (Motorola)

CPM Control Program for Microcomputers (OS, DR), "CP/M"

CPM Cost Per Minute

CPM Critical Path Method

CPNET Control Program / NETwork (CP/M, OS), "CP/NET"

CPNOS Control Program / ??? (CP/NET, CP/M, OS), "CP/NOS"

DDT Dynamic Debugging Tool (DEC, CP/M)

MPM Multi-user ??? Program for Microcomputers (CP/M, OS, DR), "MP/M"

PCNOS Personal Computer / Network Operating System (OS, MS-DOS, CP/M), "PC/NOS"

SID Symbolic Instruction Debugger (CP/M)

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