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AGEP ArbeitsGemeinschaft Elektronisches Publizieren [e.v.] (Org., DTP), "AgEP"

APSE Agfa Publishing Systems Environment (Agfa, DTP)

CMGS Cyan Magenta Gelb Schwarz (Farbsystem, DTP)

CMM Color Management Method (DTP, ICM)

CMY Cyan Magenta Yellow (Farbsystem, DTP)

CMYK Cyan Magenta Yellow blacK (Farbsystem, DTP)

DTP DeskTop Publishing

DTP Distributed Transaction Processing (X/Open, OLTP)

DTP Document Transfer Profile (SPAC, ODA, DAP, Vorläufer)

DTR DeskTop Reproduction (DTP)

DVR ??? (DTP, Truevision)

ECI European Color Initiative (Org., Europa, DTP)

FHGS FreeHand Graphics Studio (Macromedia, DTP)

GCR Gray Component Replacement (RGB, CYMK, DTP)

HLS Hue, Luminance, Saturation (Farbsystem, DTP)

HSB Hue Saturation Brightness (DTP)

HSI Hue, Saturation, Intensity (DTP)

HSV Hue Saturation Value (Farbsystem, DTP)

HVC Hue-Value-Chroma [model] (Tektronic, DTP)

ICC International Color Committee (Org., DTP)

KCMS Kodak Color Management System (Kodak, DTP)

KPCMS Kodak Precision Color Management System (Kodak, DTP)

KPT Kai's PowerTools (DTP)

OPI Open Prepress Interface (DTP)

PDFX Portable Document Format / eXchange (PDF, CGATS, DTP), "PDF/X"

PES Photo-Electric Scanning (DTP)

PPD Postscript Printer Definition (DTP)

QPS Quark Publishing System (DTP)

RGB Rot Grün Blau / Red Green Blue (Farbsystem, DTP)

RIP Raster Image Processor (DTP)

TWIP [one] TWentIeth of a Point [1 inch = 72 points] (DTP)

UCR Under Color Removal (DTP)

VPUG Ventura Publishing User Group (Org., DTP, User group)

WYSBYGI What You See Before You Get It (DTP)

WYSIWYG What You See Is What You Get (DTP)

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