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ABUI Association of Banyan Users International (Org., Banyan, VINES, User group, Vorläufer, ENA)

AC Amiga Club (Org., User group, Amiga)

ACCU Association of C and C++ Users (Org., UK)

ADUA Administrative Directory User Agent

AEUT Apple Event User Terminology (Apple)

ALE Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts (Org., Linux, User group)

APCUG Association of Personal Computer User Groups (Org.)

ASSUME Association of Statistics Specialists Using Microsoft Excel (Org., User group)

AUE Andrew User Environment (Unix)

AUGCE Autodesk User Group Central Europe (Org., User group)

AUGE Apple User Group Europe (Org., Apple, User group)

AUI Asociación de Usuarios de Internet (Internet, User group, Spanien, Org.)

AUI Audible User Interface (UI)

AUIS Andrew User Interface System (Unix, UI)

AUU ATM User-to-User (ATM)

BAGEL Bay Area GNU Enthusiasts League (GNU, Org., User group)

BISUP Broadband ISDN User's Part (B-ISDN), "B-ISUP"

BMUG Berkeley Macintosh User Group (Org., Apple, USA, User group)

CIS Compuserve Information Systems (Netzwerk)

CLUG Chemnitzer Linux User Group (Chemnitz, User group, Linux)

CNS Compuserve Network Services (CIS)

COS Corporation for Open Systems (Org., OSI, User group)

CPN Compuserve Packet Network (Netzwerk)

CSI CompuServe Incorporated (ISP)

CUA Common User Application

CUCUG Champaign-Urbana Computer Users Group (Org., User group)

CUI Character User Interface (UI)

CUI Common User Interface (AMS, UI)

DANTE Deutschsprachige ANwendervereinigung TEx [e.v.] (TeX, User group, Org.)

DAU Dümmster Anzunehmender User (DFÜ-Slang, Usenet, IRC)

DECUS Digital Equipment Computer Users Society (Org., DEC, User group)

DELUG DEutsche Linux User Group (Org., User group, Linux)

DNI De.Newusers.Info (Usenet)

DNQ De.Newusers.Questions (Usenet)

DNUG Deutsche Notes User Group [e.v.] (Org., User group, Lotus)

DOAG Deutsche Oracle AnwenderGruppe [e.V.] (Oracle, User group, Org.)

DSAG Deutsche SAP AnwenderGruppe (SAP, User group)

DT Distributed graphical user interface Toolkit (IBM, GUI, VM/ESA)

DUA Directory User Agent (X.500, DS)

ENA Enterprise Networking Association (Banyan, VINES, User group, Org.)

EOUG European Oracle User Group (Org., DB, Oracle, User group, Europa)

EUD End User Development

EULA End User License Agreement (MS, DRM)

EUSES End Users Shaping Effective Software [initiative] (USA)

EUUG European Unix User Group (Org., User group, Unix, Europa)

EXUG European X Users Group (Org., User group, Europa)

FUNI Frame User Network Interface

FUSE Filesystem in USErspace (Linux)

GDOUG Greater Detroit OS/2 User Group (Org., User group, OS/2, USA)

GIUA German Ingres User Association (Org., User group, DBMS, DB)

GSUG German Smalltalk Users Group (User group, Smalltalk, Org.)

GUI Graphical User Interface (UI)

GUIDE Graphical User Interface Design Editor (Sun)

GUMO General User Model Ontology (DFKI)

GUUG German Unix User Group (Org., User group, Unix)

HALPC Houston Area League of PC-Users, "HAL-PC"

HPVUE Hewlett Packard - Visual User Environment (HP, GUI), "HP-VUE"

HUGO Holland User Group for OS/2 (Org., User group, OS/2, Niederlande)

IAUG International AIX User Group (Org., Unix, AIX, User group)

IDOMENEUS Information and Data on Open MEdia for NEtworks of USers (WWW, Uni Hamburg)

IOUG International Oracle Users Group (Org., DB, Oracle, User group)

ISDNUP ISDN User Part (ISDN, GSM, Mobile-Systems), "ISDN-UP"

ISFUG Integrated Software Federal User Group (Org., User group)

ISUP Integrated Services User Part (ISDN)

ITUSA Information Technology Users Standards Association (Org., USA)

IUCV Inter-User Communications Vehicle (IBM, TCP/IP, API, VM/ESA, CP)

IUR International User Requirements (ETSI, TS 101331)

LUA Least-priviledged User Account [veraltet/old term] (MS, Windows, Vista, UAP)

LUG Local Users Group

LUNI LANE User Network Interface (LANE, ATM)

MAUS Münsters Apple User Service (BBS, Netzwerk) "M.A.U.S."

MOUS Microsoft Office User Specialist (MS, Windows)

MPM Multi-user ??? Program for Microcomputers (CP/M, OS, DR), "MP/M"

MPNET Multi-user ??? Program / NETwork (MP/M, CP/NET, OS), "MP/NET"

MPNOS Multi-user ??? Program / ??? (MP/NET, CP/NOS, OS), "MP/NOS"

MSFTEU Maximum Surprise For The End User (Slang, Cygwin)

MUA Mail User Agent

MUCK Multi-User Chat Kingdom (MUD)

MUD Multi-User Dungeon (MUD)

MUGD MUMPS User Group Deutschland (MUMPS, User group, Org), "MUG-D"

MUI Management User Interface (OMF, UI)

MUI Multimedia User Interface (SGI, UI)

MUMIMO Multi User Multiple Input Multiple Output (WLAN), "MU-MIMO"

MUMPS Multi-User Multi-Programming System ??? (OS, DEC)

MUSH Multi-User Shared Hallucination (MUD)

MUTOS MultiUser-/multitasking Operating System (DDR, OS)

NETBEUI NETBIOS Extended User Interface (UI)

NIU North american ISDN Users (USA, ISDN)

NIUF North american ISDN Users Forum (USA, User group, ISDN, Org.)

NLUUG NetherLand Unix User Group (Org., User group)

NUA Network User Address

NUI Network User Identification (Datex-P)

NZUSUGI New Zealand Unix System User Group, Inc. (Org., Unix, User group)

OOUI Object Orientated User Interface (UI, OO, WPS)

OUG Occam User Group (Org., User group)

PUA Profiling User Agent

PUGS Perl6 User Golfing System (PERL)

PUMA Power User's Macintosh Association (Org., Apple)

PUMA Protected User-Mode Audio (MS, WPE)

RADIUS Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RFC 2865)

RNUI Remote Network User Identification (Datex-P)

RUA Remote User Agent

RUAC Remote User Access Centers

RUI Reality User Interface

RUM Real User Monitoring (WWW)

RUTE RUTE Users Tutorial and Exposition (Unix), "R.U.T.E."

SFUG Security Features User's Guide

SMUG Seldom Met Users Group [book] (HP, HP 3000)

STCIUR Sub-Technical Committee International User Requirements (ETSI), "STC IUR"

SU Switch User (Unix)

SUA Single User Account [feature] (Internet, NAT)

SUG Sun User's Group (Org., Sun, User group)

SUGA Swedish User Group of Amiga (User group, Schweden, Org.)

SUGD Sun User's Group Deutschland (Sun, Org., User group)

SUPL Secure User Plane Location (OMA, A-GPS)

SUTT Single User Test Tools

TCPBEUI Transmission Control Protocol BIOS Extended User Interface (NETBIOS, TCP, UI)

TOKREUI TOKen-Ring Extended User Interface (IBM, Token Ring)

TTKC The Thursday Killers Clan (User group)

TUC Total User Cell count (UNI)

TUCD Total User Cell Difference (UNI)

TUE Trusted User Engine (NGSCB, MS, Palladium)

TUG TeX User's Group (Org., User group, TeX)

TUI Text-Based User Interface (UI)

TUP Telephone User Path (ISDN)

UA User Agent (MHS, OSI)

UAAG User Agent Accessibility Guidelines (WAI)

UAC User Account Control (MS, Windows, Vista)

UAF User Authorization File

UAP User Account Protection (MS, Windows, Vista)

UAPDU User Agent Protocol Data Unit (PDU)

UC User Customization (Mobile-Systems)

UCI User-Computer Interface

UDF User Defined Function

UDO User Defined Objects

UDP User Datagram Protocol (Internet, RFC 768)

UDPIP User Datagram Protocol / Internet Protocol (IP), "UDP/IP"

UDT User-defined DataType (DB)

UE User Equipment (Mobile-Systems, UMTS, GSM)

UEV User End of Volume

UHL User Head Label

UI User Interface

UIC User Identification Code

UID User IDentification

UIL User Interface Language

UIMS User Interface Management System

UIQ User Interface Quartz (Symbian)

UISRM User Interface System Reference Model

ULS User Location Interface

UMDF User-Mode Driver Framework (KMDF, MS, Windows, Vista)

UML User Mode Linux (Linux)

UNI User Network Interface

UPAM User Primary Access Method (BS2000)

UPD UserParameterDaten (DDBAC)

UPL User Program Language

UPM User Profile Management (IBM)

USD User's Supplementary Documents (BSD, Unix)

USEC User-based SECurity [model] (SNMP)

USENET USErs' NETwork (Internet)

USM User-based Security Model (SNMP, RFC 2574)

USMT User State Migration Tool (MS, Windows, Vista)

USP User Stack Pointer

USR User Service Routines

USSP User Space Serial Port (Bluetooth)

UTL User Trailer Label

UUG Unix User Group (Org., Unix, User group)

UVL User Volume Label

UVM User Verification Manager (IBM, ESS)

VIRTUE Virtual Team User Environment (VR, TUB)

VOICE Virtual OS/2 International Consumer Education (OS/2, User group, Org.)

VPUG Ventura Publishing User Group (Org., DTP, User group)

VU Virtual User

VUE Visual User Environment (HP)

VUI Virtual User Interface (AMS, UI)

XUI X-windows User Interface (UI, X-Windows)

XUL XML-based User interface Language (XML, Netscape, Mozilla, AOL)

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