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AP Access Provider (ETSI, ETSI 201 671)

BRAN Broadband Radio Access Network (ETSI, WLAN)

EESSI European Electronic Signature Standardization Initiative (Org., ETSI)

ES European Standard (ETSI)

ETS European Telecommunication Standard (ETSI)

ETSI European Telecommunication Standards Institute (Org., Europa, ETSI)

GPRS General Packet Radio Service / System (ETSI, GSM, TCP/IP, GPRS, Mobile-Systems)

HI1 Handover Interface 1 (ETSI, ES 201671)

HI2 Handover Interface 2 (ETSI, ES 201671)

HI3 Handover Interface 3 (ETSI, ES 201671)

HIPERLAN HIgh PErformance Radio Local Area Network (LAN, ETSI, EN 300 652)

IIF Internal Internegotiation Function (ETSI, ES 201671)

ILETS International Law Enforcement Telecom Seminars (ETSI)

IUR International User Requirements (ETSI, TS 101331)

LEA Law Enforcement Agency (ETSI, ETSI 201 671)

LI Lawful Interception (ETSI)

MHP Multimedia Home Platform (ETSI)

NWO NetWork Operator (ETSI, ETSI 201 671)

PCI Protocol Control Information (OSI, ETSI)

SOLSA Support of Localized Service Areas (ETSI), "SoLSA"

STC Sub-Technical Committee (ETSI)

STCIUR Sub-Technical Committee International User Requirements (ETSI), "STC IUR"

STF Specialist Task Forces (ETSI)

SVP SerVice Provider (ETSI, ETSI 201 671), "SvP"

TIPHON Telecommunications and Internet Protocol Harmonization Over Networks (ETSI, WG)

TSP1 Test Synchronization Protocol 1+ (TTCN, ETSI), "TSP1+"

WG Working Group (SC, ISO, IEC, ETSI)

XADES XML ADvanced Electronic Signature (XML, ETSI, Verschlüsselung), "XAdES"

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