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3GIP 3rd Generation . Internet Protocol (Org., IP, GPRS, WLAN, Mobile-Systems), "3G.IP"

8PSK 8 Phase Shift Keying (EDGE, Mobile-Systems)

ADMA Area Division Multiple Access (Mobile-Systems)

AGCH Access Grant CHannel (GSM, CCCH, Mobile-Systems)

AMC Adaptive Modulation and Coding (UMTS, HSDPA, Mobile-Systems)

AMPS Advanced Mobile Phone Service (Mobile-Systems, Motorola)

APN Access Point Name (GPRS, Mobile-Systems)

AUC AUthentication Center (GSM, Mobile-Systems), "AuC"

BCCH Broadcast Control CHannel (GSM, Mobile-Systems)

BCF Base station Control Function (BS, BTS, GSM, Mobile-Systems)

BCS Block Check Sequenz (GPRS, GSM, Mobile-Systems)

BS Base Station (LA, GSM, Mobile-Systems)

BSC Base Station Controller (BS, BTS, GSM, GPRS, UMTS, Mobile-Systems)

BSIC Base Station Identification Code (BS, BCCH, GSM, Mobile-Systems)

BSSMAP Base Station System Management Application Part (RR, BS, MTP, GSM, Mobile-Systems)

BTS Base Transceiver Station entities (BCF, BS, GSM, GPRS, UMTS, Mobile-Systems)

CC Country Code (MS-ISDN, GSM, Mobile-Systems)

CCCH Common Control CHannel (GSM, Mobile-Systems)

CDMA Code Division Multiple Access (DFÜ, Mobile-Systems)

CDPD Cellular Digital Packet Data (Mobile-Systems)

CM Connection Management (RR, MM, GSM, Mobile-Systems)

CN Connection Management (Mobile-Systems)

CS Coding Scheme (GPRS, Mobile-Systems)

DCCH Dedicated Control CHannel (GSM, Mobile-Systems)

DCHSDPA Dual Cell High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA, Mobile-Systems), "DC-HSDPA"

DCRC Digital Cellular Radio Conference (GSM, Conference, Mobile-Systems)

DCS Digital Cellular System (Mobile-Systems)

ECSD Enhanced Circuit Switched Data (8-PSK, Mobile-Systems)

EDGE Enhanced Data rate for GSM / Global Evolution (GSM, Mobile-Systems)

EGPRS Enhanced General Packet Radio Service (8-PSK, Mobile-Systems)

EMS Enhanced Messaging Service (Mobile-Systems)

ESIM Embedded Subscriber Identity Module (SIM, Mobile-Systems), "eSIM"

EVDO Enhanced Voice-Data Optimized / Only (Mobile-Systems, Qualcomm, ITU), "EV-DO"

FAC Final Assembly Code (IMEI, GSM, Mobile-Systems)

FACCH Fast Associated Control CHannel (GSM, DCCH, Mobile-Systems)

FCCH Frequency Correction CHannel (GSM, Mobile-Systems)

FDD Frequency Division Duplex (Mobile-Systems)

FDMA Frequency Division Multiple Access (Mobile-Systems)

FDTDMA Frequency Division/Time Division Multiple Access (Mobile-Systems, GSM), "FD/TDMA"

FEC Forward Error Correction (GSM, Mobile-Systems)

FOMA Freedom Of Multimedia Access (Japan, Mobile-Systems)

FPLMTS Future Public Land Mobile Telecommunications System (IN, Mobile-Systems)

GERAN GSM EDGE Radio Access Network (GSM, EDGE, Mobile-Systems)

GGSN Gateway GPRS Support Node (GPRS, Mobile-Systems)

GMSC Gateway Mobile services Switching Center (Mobile-Systems)

GPRS General Packet Radio Service / System (ETSI, GSM, TCP/IP, GPRS, Mobile-Systems)

GRPS General Packet Radio Service (GSM, Mobile-Systems)

GSA Global mobile Suppliers Association (Org., Mobile-Systems)

GSMA GSM Association (Org., GSM, Mobile-Systems)

GTP GPRS Tunnel Protocol (GPRS, Mobile-Systems)

HDML Handheld Device Markup Language (Mobile-Systems, HDTP)

HDTP Handheld Device Transport Protocol (Mobile-Systems)

HLR Home Location Register (LR, GSM, GPRS, Mobile-Systems)

HSCSD High Speed Circuit Switched Data (GSM, Mobile-Systems)

HSDPA High Speed Downlink Packet Access (UMTS, HSUPA, Mobile-Systems)

HSPA High Speed Packet Access (UMTS, HSDPA, HSUPA, Mobile-Systems)

IETS Interim European Telecommunications Standards (GSM, Mobile-Systems)

IMEI International Mobile Equipment Identity (MS, GSM, Mobile-Systems)

IMSI International Mobile Subscriber Identity (MM, GSM, Mobile-Systems)

IMT2000 International Mobile Telecommunications [at] 2000 [Mhz] (Mobile-Systems), "IMT-2000"

ISDNUP ISDN User Part (ISDN, GSM, Mobile-Systems), "ISDN-UP"

LA Location Area (MSC, GSM, Mobile-Systems)

LAC Location Area Code (Mobile-Systems)

LBS Location Based Service (Mobile-Systems)

LR Location Register (LA, GSM, Mobile-Systems)

LTE Long Term Evolution (Mobile-Systems)

LTEA Long Term Evolution Advanced (LTE, Mobile-Systems), "LTE-A"

LTEAP Long Term Evolution Advanced Pro (LTE, Mobile-Systems), "LTE-AP"

MAP Mobile Application Part (MSC, GSM, Mobile-Systems, SS7)

MAPASE Mobile Application Part - Application Service Elements (MAP, MSC, GSM, Mobile-Systems), "MAP-ASE"

MBA Mobile Bitstream Access (Mobile-Systems)

MCC Mobile Country Code (Mobile-Systems)

MCS Modulation and Coding Scheme (EGPRS, Mobile-Systems)

MDI Mobile Data Initiative (Org., GSM, Mobile-Systems)

MM Mobile Management (RR, CM, GSM, Mobile-Systems)

MMS Multimedia Messaging Service (Mobile-Systems)

MNC Mobiles Network Codes (Mobile-Systems)

MOLO Mobile Other Licensed Operator (Mobile-Systems, MVNO)

MS Mobile Station (GSM, Mobile-Systems)

MSC Mobile services Switching Center (PLMN, GSM, GPRS, Mobile-Systems)

MSISDN Mobile Station ISDN Number (PLMN, GSM, Mobile-Systems), "MS-ISDN"

MSL Master Security Lock (Mobile-Systems)

MSRN Mobile Station Roaming Number (MM, HLR, MS-ISDN, GSM, Mobile-Systems)

MSS Mobile Synchronisation Services (Mobile-Systems)

MT Mobile Termination (GSM, Mobile-Systems)

MTP Message Transfer Part (ISDN, GSM, Mobile-Systems, SS7)

MVNO Mobile Virtual Network Operator (Mobile-Systems, MOLO)

NCDMA Narrowband - Code Division Multiple Access (DFÜ, Mobile-Systems, CDMA), "N-CDMA"

NDC National Destination Code (MS-ISDN, GSM, Mobile-Systems)

NID Network ID (ID, Mobile-Systems)

NMT Nordic Mobile Telephone (Mobile-Systems)

OMA Open Mobile Alliance (Org., Mobile-Systems)

OMA Outlock Mobile Access (Mobile-Systems, PDA, WAP)

OMC Operation and Maintenance Center (PLMN, GSM, Mobile-Systems)

PCH Paging CHannel (GSM, CCCH, Mobile-Systems)

PCN Public Communications Network (Mobile-Systems)

PDN Public Data Network (Mobile-Systems)

PLMN Public Land Mobile Network (Mobile-Systems, GSM)

PRI Product Release Instructions (Mobile-Systems)

PTMSC Point-To-Multipoint Service Center (GPRS, Mobile-Systems, Multicast), "PTM-SC"

RACH Random Access CHannel (GSM, CCCH, Mobile-Systems)

RCS Rich Communications Services (GSM, Mobile-Systems)

RF Radio Frequency (Mobile-Systems)

RLC Radio Link Control (GPRS, Mobile-Systems)

RLP Radio Link Protocol (GSM, Mobile-Systems)

RNC Radio Network Controller (Mobile-Systems, UMTS, RAN)

RR Radio Resource management (MM, CM, GSM, Mobile-Systems)

SACCH Slow Associated Control CHannel (GSM, DCCH, Mobile-Systems)

SAP SIM Access Protocol (Mobile-Systems, Bluethooth)

SAR Specific Absorption Rate (Mobile-Systems)

SBF Single Binary File (Motorola, Mobile-Systems)

SCCP Signaling Connection Control Part (MSC, GSM, Mobile-Systems, SS7)

SCDMA Synchronous Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA, Mobile-Systems)

SCH Synchronization CHannel (GSM, Mobile-Systems)

SDCCH Stand-alone Dedicated Control CHannel (GSM, DCCH, Mobile-Systems)

SGSN Serving GPRS Support Node (GPRS, Mobile-Systems)

SIM Subscriber Identity Module (GSM, Mobile-Systems)

SMAF Synthetic Music Mobile Application Format (Yamaha, Mobile-Systems)

SMG Special Mobile Group (GSM, Org., Mobile-Systems)

SMS Short Message Service (GSM, Mobile-Systems)

SMSC Short Message Service Center (SMS, GSM, Mobile-Systems)

SN Subscriber Number (MS-ISDN, GSM, Mobile-Systems)

SNR Serial NumbeR (IMEI, GSM, Mobile-Systems)

SP SPare (IMEI, GSM, Mobile-Systems)

TAC Type Approval Code (IMEI, GSM, Mobile-Systems)

TACS Total Access Communication Service (Mobile-Systems)

TCAP Transaction Capabilities Applications Part (MSC, GSM, IN, Mobile-Systems, SS7)

TCH Traffic CHannel (GSM, Mobile-Systems)

TDD Time Division Duplex (Mobile-Systems)

TDMA Time Division Multiple Access (Mobile-Systems)

TDSCDMA Time Division Synchronous Code Division Multiple Access (Mobile-Systems, CDMA)

TMSI Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identity (MM, GSM, Mobile-Systems)

TSM Trusted Service Manager (Mobile-Systems, TSP)

TSP Trusted Service Provider (Mobile-Systems, TSM)

TTML Tagged-Text Markup Language (Nokia, Mobile-Systems)

UC User Customization (Mobile-Systems)

UE User Equipment (Mobile-Systems, UMTS, GSM)

UMTS Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (IN, Mobile-Systems)

UPT Universal Personal Telecommunications [number] (IN, Mobile-Systems)

USF Uplink State Flag (GPRS, Mobile-Systems)

USIM Universal Subscriber Identity Module (Mobile-Systems, UMTS)

USSD UnStructured Supplementary Services (GSM, Mobile-Systems)

UTRAN UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access Network (UMTS, Mobile-Systems)

VAD Voice Activity Detection (GSM, Mobile-Systems)

VLR Visitor Location Register (LR, GSM, GPRS, Mobile-Systems)

WAP Wireless Application Protocol (Mobile-Systems, WLAN)

WCDMA Wideband Code Division Multiple Access (Mobile-Systems)

WCDMAFDD Wide-band Code Division Multiple Access - Frequency Division Duplex (UMTS, Mobile-Systems), "WCDMA-FDD"

WCDMATDD Wide-band Code Division Multiple Access - Time Division Duplex (UMTS, Mobile-Systems), "WCDMA-TDD"

WML Wireless Markup Language (Mobile-Systems, WAP, XML)

WSP Wireless Session Protocol (WAP, Mobile-Systems)

WTP Wireless Transport Protocol (WAP, Mobile-Systems)

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