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COIPX Connection Orientated Internet Packet eXchange (Novell, Netware, IPX), "CO-IPX"

ECB Event Control Block (IPX)

ESR Event Service Routine (IPX)

IGRP Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (IPX, Novell)

IPG InterPacket Gap (IPX, IP )???

IPX Internet Packet eXchange (Novell, Netware)

IPXODI IPX Open Datalink Interface (Novell, Netware)

IPXSPX IPX / Sequenced Packet eXchange (Novell, Netware), "IPX/SPX"

IPXWAN Internet Packet eXchange over various WAN media (Novell, IPX, WAN, RFC 1634)

L2F Layer 2 Forwarding [protocol] (Shiva, Cisco, IP, IPX, LLC)

MHS Message Handling System (GOSIP, X.400, Novell, SPX, IPX)

NCP Netware Core Protocol (Novell, IPX)

NCPE Netware Core Protocol Extension (NCP, Netware, IPX)

NLSP Netware Link Services Protocol (Novell, Netware, IPX)

SAP Service Advertising Protocol (Novell, Netware, IPX)

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