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ABEND ABnormal END (Netware)

ACU Automatic Client Update (Novell, Netware)

ALM Application / Appware Loadable Module (Novell, Netware)

ANCS AT&T Netware Connect Services (AT&T, Netware)

CDE Certified Directory Engineer (Novell, Netware)

CNA Certified Novell Administrator (Novell, Netware)

CNE Certified Netware Engineer (Novell, Netware)

CNEPA Certified Netware Engineers Professional Association (Org., Netware)

CNI Certified Netware Instructor (Novell, Netware)

CNS Certified Novell Salesperson (Novell, Netware)

COIPX Connection Orientated Internet Packet eXchange (Novell, Netware, IPX), "CO-IPX"

DAI Device Application Interface (Novell, Netware, SMS)

DET Directory Entry Table (Novell, Netware)

DSMN Directory Service Manager for Netware (MS, Windows, NT, FPNW)

ECNE Enterprise Certified Novell Engineer (Novell, Netware)

ELS Entry Level Solution (Novell, Netware)

FLEXIP FLEXible Internet Protocol (Novell, Netware), "FLeX/IP"

FPNW File and Print service for NetWare (MS, Windows, NT, DSMN)

GSNW Gateway Service for NetWare (MS, Windows, NT)

HCSS High Capacity Storage System (Novell, Netware)

HPCS High Performance Communication Server (Tobit, NLM, Netware)

IPX Internet Packet eXchange (Novell, Netware)

IPXODI IPX Open Datalink Interface (Novell, Netware)

IPXSPX IPX / Sequenced Packet eXchange (Novell, Netware), "IPX/SPX"

MCNE Master Certified Netware Engineer (Novell, Netware)

MM Media Manager (Novell, Netware, SMS)

NAB Netware Asynchronous Board (Novell, Netware)

NACS Netware Asynchronous Communication Server (Novell, Netware)

NACS Network Access Control System (Netware, DES, Verschlüsselung)

NAEC Novell Authorized Education Center (Novell, Netware)

NAL Netware Application Launcher (Novell, Netware, NAM)

NAM Netware Application Manager (Novell, Netware, NAL)

NAMP Netware, Apache, MySQL, PHP (Novell, Netware, Apache, PHP, DB)

NAS Netware Access Services (Novell, Netware)

NASI Netware Asynchronous Service Interface (Novell, Netware)

NCA Novell Certification Alliance (Novell, Netware)

NCP Netware Core Protocol (Novell, IPX)

NCPE Netware Core Protocol Extension (NCP, Netware, IPX)

NDMS Netware Distributed Management Services (Novell, Netware)

NDS Netware Directory Services (Novell, Netware)

NEAT Novell Easy Administration Tool (Novell, Netware)

NEST Netware Embedded Systems Technology (Novell, Netware)

NEWS Netware Early Warning System (Novell, Netware)

NFSP Netware File Service Protocol (Novell, Netware)

NIAS Netware Internet Access Server (Novell, Netware)

NLM Netware Loadable Module (Novell, Netware)

NLSP Netware Link Services Protocol (Novell, Netware, IPX)

NMAS Novell Modular Authentication Services (Novell, Netware)

NMS Network Management Station / System (Novell, Netware)

NNS Netware Named Services (Novel, Netware)

NRIP Novell Routing Information Protocol (Novell, Netware), "nRIP"

NRS Novell Replication Services (Novell, Netware)

NSS Novell Storage System (Novell, Netware)

NTSA Netware Telephony Services Architecture

NWCS Netware Workstation Compatible Service (Netware, Windows, NT)

NWIP NetWare Internet Protocol (Novell, Netware)

ODR Ontrack Data Recovery (Ontrack, Software, Netware)

PIN Processor Independent Netware (Novell, HP, DEC, Apple, Sun)

PNW Personal NetWare (Novell, Netware)

QMS Queue Management Service (Netware)

SAP Service Advertising Protocol (Novell, Netware, IPX)

SDI Storage Device Interface (Novell, Netware, SMS)

SIDR Service Independent Data Requester (Novell, Netware)

SMDR Storage Management Data Requester (Novell, Netware, SMS)

SME Storage Management Engine (Novell, Netware, SMS)

SMS Storage Management Services (Novell, Netware)

SPX Sequenced Packet eXchange (Novell, Netware)

TSA Target Service Agent (Novell, Netware, SMS)

TTS Transaction Tracking System (DB, Netware)

VAP Value Added Process (Netware, NLM, Vorläufer)

VLM Virtual Loadable Module (Novell, Netware)

XIOS eXtended Input/Output System (Novell, Netware)

XRIP eXtended ??? Routing Information Protocol (Novell, Netware)

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