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ACMC Australian CEFACT Management Committee (Australien, Org., CEFACT)

ACS Australian Computer Society (Org., Australien)

AISIG [south australian] Artificial Intelligence Special Interest Group (Org., Australien, AI)

AMIA Australian Medical Informatics Association (Org., Australien)

AOTC Australian Overseas Telecommunications Corporation (Org., Australien)

CIRCIT Centre for International Research on Communication and Information Technology (Org., Australien)

ERIN Environmental Resources Information Network (Australien, Netzwerk)

NBN National Broadband Network (Australien)

RDNCRC Research Data Network Cooperative Research Centre (Org., Australien)

SAA Standards Association of Australia (Org., Australien)

SERT Security Emergency Response Team (Org., Australien, Internet)

TSA Telecommunication Society of Australia (Org., Australien)

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