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ACM Abstract Control Model (USB, MS, Windows)

ACT Application Compatibility Toolkit (MS, Windows, Vista)

AD Active Directory (MS, Windows, AD, DS)

ADT Access Developer's Toolkit (MS, DB, Windows)

AERO Authentic, Energetic, Reflective, Open (MS, Windows, Vista, GUI)

AIC AIX windows Interface Composer (AIX, IBM)

AIGLX Accelerated Indirect OpenGL extension for the X window system (GLX, X-Windows)

AIS Application Information Service (MS, Windows, Vista)

AS Advanced Server (MS, Windows, NT)

ASR Automated System Recovery (MS, Windows, XP)

AWE Autocad Windows Extension (AutoCAD)

AWTAPI Abstract Windows Toolkit-Application Programmer Interface (AWT, API, Java)

BDC Backup Domain Controller (MS, Windows, NT, PDC)

BDD Business Desktop Deployment (MS, Windows, Vista)

BITS Background Intelligent Transfer Service (MS, Windows)

BSP BetriebsSystemProzessor (Windows, NT, SMP)

BWCC Borland Windows Custom Controls (Borland, DLL)

CBB Current Branch for Business (MS, Windows)

CBS Component Based Setup (MS, Windows)

CCC Catalyst Control Center (ATI, Windows)

CDC Communication Device Class (USB, MS, Windows, WMCDC)

CE Compact Edition (MS, Windows)

CEDR [Microsoft Windows] Compact Edition Driver Repository (MS, Windows, CE)

CLX Class Library for cross platform (Delphi, Windows, Linux)

COA Certificate of Authenticity (MS, Windows, XP)

COW Character Orientated Windows (MS, SAA, UI)

CPL Control Panel Applet (MS, Windows, XP)

CXI Common X-windows Interface (Unix)

DCI Display Control Interface (MS, Windows, Intel)

DEP Data Execution Prevention (MS, Windows, XP, SP2)

DGA Direct Graphics Access (XAA, X-Windows)

DIB Device Independent Bitmap (MS, Windows)

DMX Distributed Multihead X (X-Windows)

DPC Deferred Procedure Call (MS, Windows)

DSC Desired State Configuration (MS, Windows)

DSC Desired State Configuration (MS, Windows)

DSM [TWAIN] Data Source Manager (MS, Windows)

DSMN Directory Service Manager for Netware (MS, Windows, NT, FPNW)

DXVA DirectX Video Acceleration (MS, Windows)

EFS Encrypting File System (Verschlüsselung, Windows, MS, DESX)

ETK Embedded ToolKit [for Windows CE] (MS, Windows, CE)

FPNW File and Print service for NetWare (MS, Windows, NT, DSMN)

GAL Global Address List (MS, Windows, Exchange)

GBM Generalised Bitmap Module (DLL, Windows, Linux, OS/2)

GC Graphic Context (X-Windows)

GCWN GIAC Certified WiNdows security administrator (GIAC, GSE)

GLX openGL extension for the X window system (OpenGL, X-WIndows)

GPF General Protection Fault (Windows)

GPMC Group Policy Management Console (MS, Windows, XP, .NET)

GPSID GPS Intermediate Driver (Windows, Mobile)

GSNW Gateway Service for NetWare (MS, Windows, NT)

GWBASIC Graphics and Windows Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code (BASIC, MS-DOS), "GW-Basic"

HAL Hardware Abstraction Layer (Windows, NT)

HCL Hardware Compatibility List (MS, Windows)

IAS Internet Authentication Server (MS, Windows)

ICA Independent Computing Architecture (Cytrix, Windows, NT, ASP)

ICCC InterClient Communication Convention (X-windows)

ICCCM InterClient Communication Convention Manual (X-Windows)

ICM Image Color Matching (MS, Windows 95, API)

IME Input Method Editor (MS, Windows)

IWAM Internet server Web Application Manager (MS, Windows, Internet)

KMDF Kernel-Mode Driver Framework (UMDF, MS, Windows, Vista)

LDDM Longhorn Display Driver Model (MS, Windows, Vista)

LIP Language Interface Pack (MS, Windows)

LP Language Pack (MS, Windows)

LSASS Local Security Authority Subsystem Service (MS, Windows)

LSP Layered Service Provider (MS, Windows, TCP, UDP, NetBIOS)

LTSB Long Term Service Branch (MS, Windows)

LTSC Long-Term Servicing Channel (MS, Windows)

LUA Least-priviledged User Account [veraltet/old term] (MS, Windows, Vista, UAP)

MBSA Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MS, Windows)

MCD Mini Client Driver (MS, Windows, NT)

MCE Media Center Edition (MS, Windows, XP, OEM)

MCT Media Creation Tool (MS, Windows)

MDI Multiple Document Interface (MS, Windows)

MDOP Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MS, Windows)

MDS Microsoft Deployment Solution (MS, Windows, Vista)

ME Millennium Edition (MS, Windows)

MMC Microsoft Management Console (MS, Windows, NT, XP)

MMF Memory Mapped File (Windows 95, Windows, NT)

MMWM MultiMedia Window Manager (X-Windows)

MOUS Microsoft Office User Specialist (MS, Windows)

MPS Multi Processor Specification (BIOS, HT, MS, Windows)

MRBC Multiple Resolution Bitmap Compiler (MS, Windows)

MSI MicroSoft Installer (MS, WIndows)

MTP Media Transfer Protocol (Windows, MCE)

NAP Network Access Protection (MS, Windows, Vista)

NDI Network Distributed ISDN [for windows NT] (AVM, ISDN, Windows, NT)

NGPP Next Generation Print Path [veraltet/old term] (MS, Windows, Vista, XPS)

NGSBC Next Generation Secure Computing Base (MS, Windows, XP)

NLA Network Location Awareness (MS, Windows)

NLB Network Load Balancing (MS, Windows)

NSI Network Store Interface (MS, Windows)

NT [Windows] New Technology (MS, OS, Windows)

NTAS NT Advanced Server (MS, Windows, NT)

NTDS [Windows] NT Directory Services (MS, Windows, NT, DS)

NTFS [windows] New Technology File System

NTLM [Windows] NT LAN Manager (MS, Windows, NT, LAN, SMB)

NTSE [Windows] NT Server / Enterprise edition (MS, Windows, NT), "NTS/E"

NWCS Netware Workstation Compatible Service (Netware, Windows, NT)

ODSI Open Directory Service Interfaces (MS, Windows, NT)

OPK OEM Pre-installation Kit (MS, Windows, OEM)

ORK Office Resource Kit (MS, Windows)

OSWL2 OS-9 Windows / Level 2, "OSW/L2"

OU Organizational Unit (MS, Windows, NT, AD)

OWL Object Windows Library (Borland, API)

OWL Open Windows Library (API)

PDC Primary Domain Controller (MS, Windows, NT, BDC)

PE Preinstallation Environment (MS, Windows, XP)

PEX PHIGS Extension for X (X-Windows, PHIGS)

PFE Page Fault Error (Windows, MS)

PIXEL Pi Improved Xwindows Environment, Lightweight (Raspbian)

PMC Print Management Console (MS, Windows, Vista)

PS PowerShell (MS, Windows)

PSR Problem Steps Recorder (MS, Windows)

QWAVE Quality Windows Audio Video Experience (MS, Windows)

RDP Remote Display Protocol (MS, Windows, NT, ASP)

RMS Rights Management Services (MS, Windows, NGSCB)

ROT Running Object Table (MS, Windows)

RRAS Routing and Remote Access Service (MS, Windows, NT)

RWS Remote WinSock (Windows, TCP/IP)

SAL SQL windows Application Language (SQL, Gupta)

SAM Security Access Manager (MS, Windows, XP)

SBE System Builder Edition (MS, Windows)

SCM Service Control Manager (Windows, NT)

SFC System File Checker (MS, Windows)

SFP System File Protection (MS, WIndows)

SHED Segmented Hypergraphics EDitor (MS, Windows, ADT)

SIUF System Initiated User Feedback (MS, Windows)

SLP System Locked Preinstallation (MS, Windows, XP, OEM)

SMT Shared Memory Transport (X-Windows)

SP Service Pack (MS, Windows, NT, XP)

SP1 Service Pack 1 (MS, Windows, XP)

SP2 Service Pack 2 (MS, Windows, XP)

SPP Software Protection Platform (MS, Windows, Vista)

SRGB Standardized Red Green Blue [colorspace] (RGB, Windows)

SRM Security Reference Monitor (MS, Windows, ACL)

SSU Service Stack Update (MS, Windows)

STI Still Image Architecture (Windows 98, WIA)

TCLTK Tool Command Language/ToolKit (TCL, X-Windows), "TCL/TK"

TPW Turbo Pascal for Windows (Borland)

TSE [Windows] Terminal Server Edition] (Windows, MS)

UAA Universal Audio Architecture (MS, Windows, XP)

UAC User Account Control (MS, Windows, Vista)

UAE Unknown / Unrecoverable Application Error (Windows)

UAP User Account Protection (MS, Windows, Vista)

UMDF User-Mode Driver Framework (KMDF, MS, Windows, Vista)

USMT User State Migration Tool (MS, Windows, Vista)

UWP Universal Windows Platform (MS, Windows)

VCM Windows Conflict Manager (MS, Windows)

VDDM Vista Display Driver Model (MS, Windows, Vista)

VDM Virtual DOS Machine (OS/2, Windows, NT, DOS)

VFAT Virtual File Allocation Table (MS, Windows 95, FAT)

VFW Video für Windows (MS), "VfW"

VSS Volume Shadow copy Service (MS, Windows)

W2K Windows 2000 (Windows, MS)

WABI Windows Application Binary Interface (MS, Windows)

WAIK Windows Automated Installation Kit (MS, Windows, Vista)

WAM Web Application Manager (MS, Windows)

WAM Windows Animation Manager (MS, Windows)

WAMP Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP (Windows, Apache, PHP, DB, SQL)

WAMPP Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP and PERL (Windows, Apache, DB, SQL, PHP, PERL)

WAPP Windows, Apache, PostgreSQL, PHP (Windows, Apache, PHP, DB, SQL)

WARP Windows Advanced Rasterization Platform (MS, Windows)

WBF Windows Biometric Framework (MS, Windows)

WCF Windows Communication Foundation (MS, Windows)

WCS Windows Color System (MS, Windows)

WDL Windows Driver Library (MS, Windows)

WDM Windows / Win32 Driver Model (MS, Windows)

WDMCSA Windows Driver Model Connection and Streaming Architecture (MS, Windows, WDM)

WDS Windows Deployment Service (MS, Windows)

WF [Windows] Workflow Foundation (MS, Windows)

WFC Windows Foundation Classes (MS, Java, API)

WFP Windows Filtering Platform (MS, Windows)

WFW Windows For Workgroups (MS), "WfW"

WGA Windows Genuine Advantage [program] (MS, Windows)

WHEA Windows Hardware Error Architecture (MS, Windows)

WHIIG Windows Hardware Instrumentation Implementation Guidelines (MS, Windows)

WHQL Windows Hardware Quality Lab (MS, Windows, PC97)

WIA Windows Image Acquisition (MS, Windows, API, DDI)

WIA Windows Imaging Architecture (MS, Windows, Vista)

WIC Windows Imaging Component (MS, Windows)

WIIS Windows Internet Information Server (MS, Windows, Internet)

WIMA [windows] Webserver - IIS - MSDE - ASP.Net (MS, IIS, MSDE, ASP)

WINHEC WINdows Hardware Engineering Conference (MS, Windows, Conference), "WinHEC"

WINRE WINdows Recovery Environment (MS, Windows), "Win RE"

WINS Windows Internet Naming Service (MS, Windows, NT)

WIX Windows Installer XML (MS, Windows, XML), "WiX"

WLBS Windows Load Balancing Service (MS, Windows, NT)

WLO Windows Libraries for OS/2 (MS, IBM, API, OS/2, Windows)

WLO Windows Library Objects

WMA Windows Media Audio [CODEC] (MS, Windows, Audio, CODEC)

WMC Windows Media Connect (MS, Windows, DRM)

WMCDC Wireless Mobile Communication Device Class (USB, MS, Windows, CDC)

WMI Windows Management Instrumentation / Interface (MS, Windows, WMI, CIM)

WMP Windows Media Player (Windows)

WMRM Windows Media Rights Manager (MS, Windows)

WMV Windows Media Video [CODEC] (MS, Windows, Video, CODEC)

WMVHD Windows Media Video - High Definition (WMV, Windows), "WMV-HD"

WOF Windows Overlay Filter (MS, Windows)

WOSA Windows Open System Architecture (MS)

WOW Windows On Windows

WPAD Web Proxy Auto Discovery (MS, Windows)

WPBT Windows Platform Binary Table (MS, Windows, BIOS, UEFI)

WPE Windows Protected Environment

WPF Windows Presentation Foundation (MS, Windows, XAML)

WPFE Windows Presentation Foundation / Everywhere (MS, Windows), "WPF/E"

WPS Windows Printing System (MS, Windows)

WQL WMI Query Language (MS, Windows, WMI)

WRT Whitewater Resource Toolkit (Windows, TPW)

WSH Windows Scripting Host (MS, Windows, COM, WSH)

WSL Windows Subsystem for Linux (MS, Windows, Linux)

WSRM Windows System Resource Manager (MS, Windows)

WSS Windows Sharepoint Services (MS, Windows)

WSS Windows Sound System (Windows, Audio)

WSSD Windows Server Software-Defined (MS, Windows)

WSUS Windows Server Update Services (MS, Windows)

WTC Windows Terminal Controller

WTS Windows Terminal Server (MS, :NET)

X11 X window System version 11 (X-Windows)

XAA Xfree86 Acceleration Architecture (X-Windows)

XAML XML Application Markup Language (XML, MS, Windows)

XCCI X Common Client Interface (X-Windows), "X CCI"

XCEM eXtensions for Control, Engineering and Manufacturing (API, MS, Windows)

XCMS X Color Management System (X-Windows), "Xcms"

XDM X Display Manager (X-Windows)

XDMCP X Display Manager Control Protocol (X-Windows)

XFE X Front End (X-Windows)

XFS eXtended File System (SGI, Unix, Windows)

XIE X Image Extension (X-Windows)

XLFD X Logical Font Description (X-Windows)

XMMS X MultiMedia System (X-Windows)

XMP X/open Management Protocol (X/Open, X-Windows)

XP [Windows] eXPerience (MS, Windows, OS)

XPC X Performance Characterization [group] (GPC, X-Windows)

XPG X/open Portability Guide (X/Open, X-Windows)

XPGR3 X/open Portability Guide Release 3 (X/Open, X-Windows)

XPP X Printing Panel (X-Windows, CUPS, Drucker)

XPS XML Paper Specification (MS, Windows, Vista)

XPSB X - Protocol Stream Benchmark (XPC, X-Windows)

XRT eXtensions for Real-Time market data (API, MS, Windows)

XSHM X Shared Memory (X-Windows)

XTI X/open Transport Interface (X/Open, X-Windows)

XUI X-windows User Interface (UI, X-Windows)

ZAK Zero Administration Kit (ZAW, MS, Windows, NT)

ZAW Zero Administration initiative for Windows (MS, Windows, NT)

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