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3DDDI 3D Device Dependent Interface (MS), "3D DDI"

AAD Azure Active Directory (MS)

AAF Advanced Authoring Format (MS)

AATP Authorized Academic Training Program (MS, MCSD)

ACL [MS] Access Compatibility Layer (MS, DB)

ACM Abstract Control Model (USB, MS, Windows)

ACPI Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (Intel, MS, Toshiba, ACPI, OSPM, BIOS)

ACT Application Compatibility Toolkit (MS, Windows, Vista)

AD Active Directory (MS, Windows, AD, DS)

ADLDS Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (MS), "AD LDS"

ADMT Active Directory Migration Tool (MS, AD)

ADO ActiveX Data Objects (ASP, ODBC, MS, IIS)

ADS Active Directory Services (MS)

ADS Automated Deployment Service (MS, RIS)

ADSI Active Directory Service Interface (MS, COM, AD)

ADT Access Developer's Toolkit (MS, DB, Windows)

AERO Authentic, Energetic, Reflective, Open (MS, Windows, Vista, GUI)

AFC Application Foundation Classes (MS, GUI, Java)

AIS Application Information Service (MS, Windows, Vista)

APIPA Automatic Private IP Addressing (MS, IP)

AS Advanced Server (MS, Windows, NT)

ASF Advanced Streaming Format (MS)

ASP Active Server Pages (HTTP, MS)

ASR Automated System Recovery (MS, Windows, XP)

ATC Authorized Testing Center (MS)

ATEC Authorized Training and Education Center (MS, MOCS, MCSD, ATEC)

ATL Activex Template Library (MS, ActiceX, MSVC)

AVI Audio Video Interleaved (MS)

AWA Access-Web-Apps (MS)

BAPCO Business Application Performance COrporation (Benchmark, Org., Compaq, Dell, HP, IBM, MS, Lotus, Intel, ...) "BAPCo"

BAPI Biometric Application Program Interface (API, MS, ...)

BDC Backup Domain Controller (MS, Windows, NT, PDC)

BDD Business Desktop Deployment (MS, Windows, Vista)

BDE Bit-lock Drive Encryption (MS, WPE)

BHO Browser Helper Objects (MS, IE)

BITS Background Intelligent Transfer Service (MS, Windows)

BPOS Business Productivity Online Suite (MS)

CAL Client Access License (Lotus, MS)

CAML Collaborative Application Markup Language (MS, XML)

CAS Code Access Security (VSTO, .NET, MS)

CBB Current Branch for Business (MS, Windows)

CBF Code Behind Form (MS, Access, DB)

CBS Component Based Setup (MS, Windows)

CC Country Code (MS-ISDN, GSM, Mobile-Systems)

CCE [visual basic] Control Creation Edition (VB, ActiveX, MS)

CCW COM Callable Wrapper (MS, COM, Java)

CDC Communication Device Class (USB, MS, Windows, WMCDC)

CDF Channel Definition Format (MS, Internet, XML)

CDK Control Development Toolkit (MS, VB)

CDO Collaboration Data Objects (WSH, MS)

CDO Common Data Objects (MS, ASP)

CE Compact Edition (MS, Windows)

CEDR [Microsoft Windows] Compact Edition Driver Repository (MS, Windows, CE)

CEIP Customer Experience Improvement Program (MS)

CF Compact Framework (MS, .NET, PocketPC)

CFMC Committee to Fight Microsoft Corporation (Org., MS)

CG C for Graphics (Nvidia, MS), "Cg"

CLI Call Level Interface (DB, SAG, X/Open, Oracle, Informix, MS, ...)

CLI Common Language Infrastructure (MS, .NET, ECMA, CLI)

CLR Common Language Runtime (MS, CLI, .NET)

CLS Common Language Specification (OOP, CLR, MS, .NET, CLS)

COA Certificate of Authenticity (MS, Windows, XP)

COFEE Computer Online Forensic Evidence Extractor (MS)

COM Component Object Model (OLE, OLE2, OCX, ActiveX, MS)

COPP Certified Output Protection Protocol (MS, RSA, WPE)

COW Character Orientated Windows (MS, SAA, UI)

CPL Control Panel Applet (MS, Windows, XP)

CTEC Certified Technical Education Center (MS)

CTS Common Type System (OOP, CLR, MS, .NET, CLS)

CUP Competitive UPgrade (MS)

D3D Direct3D (DirectX, MS)

D3DRM Direct3D Retained Mode (DirectX, MS)

DAP Data Access Page (MS, Access)

DAS Database Access Service (MS, MOM)

DCI Display Control Interface (MS, Windows, Intel)

DCOM Distributed Component Object Model (COM, MS, OLE, ActiveX)

DDK Device Development / Driver Kit (MS)

DEN Directory Enabled Networking (MS)

DEP Data Execution Prevention (MS, Windows, XP, SP2)

DIB Device Independent Bitmap (MS, Windows)

DLR Dynamic Language Runtime (MS)

DOM Document Object Model (MS, Java)

DOS Disk Operating System (OS, IBM, MS, ..., PC, Apple, RCA Spectra 70)

DPC Deferred Procedure Call (MS, Windows)

DPMI DOS Protected Mode Interface (DOS, MS, Intel)

DRG Developer Relations Group (MS)

DRM Digital Rights Management (MS, DRM)

DRS Directory Replication Service (MS, AD)

DSC Desired State Configuration (MS, Windows)

DSC Desired State Configuration (MS, Windows)

DSI Dynamic Systems Initiative (MS, MCF)

DSM [TWAIN] Data Source Manager (MS, Windows)

DSMN Directory Service Manager for Netware (MS, Windows, NT, FPNW)

DTAP Direct Transfer Application Part (MS, MM, MTP)

DTC Design Time Controls (MS)

DTC Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MS, SQL Server, DB)

DU Distribution Unit (MS, MSIE)

DUP Distribution Unit Profile (MS, OSD, DU, MSIE)

DVDMRW Digital Versatile Disk + Mount rainier ReWritable (DVD, DVD+RW, MS), "DVD+MRW"

DXR DirectX Raytracing (MS)

DXVA DirectX Video Acceleration (MS, Windows)

EA [Visio for] Enterprise Architects (MS, .NET)

EA Enterprise Agreement (MS)

EAS Enterprise Agreement Subscription (MS, OSL)

ECP Enhanced Capability Port (MS)

EFI Extended Firmware Interface (Intel, MS)

EFI Extensible Firmware Interface [veraltet/old term] (Intel, Itanium, MS)

EFS Encrypting File System (Verschlüsselung, Windows, MS, DESX)

EIF Enterprise Instrumentation Framework (MS)

EMET Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (MS)

ESE Extensible Storage Engine (AD, MS)

ETK Embedded ToolKit [for Windows CE] (MS, Windows, CE)

EULA End User License Agreement (MS, DRM)

EWS Exchange Web Services (MS)

FCL Framework Class Library (MS, .NET)

FFAPI File Format API (MS, API)

FPNW File and Print service for NetWare (MS, Windows, NT, DSMN)

FPP Full Packaged Product (MS)

FSO [scripting runtime library] File System Objects (MS, WSH)

GAC Global Assembly Cache (MS, .NET)

GAL Global Address List (MS, Windows, Exchange)

GC Global Catalog (MS, AD)

GPMC Group Policy Management Console (MS, Windows, XP, .NET)

GSNW Gateway Service for NetWare (MS, Windows, NT)

GTSC Global Technical Support Centre (MS)

GWBASIC Graphics and Windows Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code (BASIC, MS-DOS), "GW-Basic"

GXA Global XML Architecture (MS, IBM, Verisign, Verschlüsselung)

HCL Hardware Compatibility List (MS, Windows)

HID Human Interface Device (MS)

HMMP HyperMedia Management Protocol (MS, Intel, Cisco, WWW, HMMS)

HMMS HyperMedia Management Schema (MS, Intel, Cisco, WWW)

HPET High Precision Event Timer (IC, Intel, MS)

HTA HTML Applications (MS, HTML)

HTC HTML Components (MS, OWA, WWW, HTML)

IAK Internet explorer Administrator Kit (MS, Internet)

IAS Internet Authentication Server (MS, Windows)

IBTA InfiniBand Trade Association (Org., IBM, HP, Compaq, Sun, Dell, MS, ...)

ICM Image Color Matching (MS, Windows 95, API)

ICP International Client Pack (MS)

ICRA Internet Content Rating Association (Internet, Org., IBM, MS, AOL, ...)

ICS Internet Connection Sharing (MS, IE, DHCP)

IDC Internet Database Connector (MS, WWW)

IDSA Interactive Digital Software Association (Org., Nintendo, Sony, MS, ...)

IFEO Image File Execution Options (MS)

IIS Internet Information Server / Services (MS)

ILS Internet Locator Service (MS)

IME Input Method Editor (MS, Windows)

IMEI International Mobile Equipment Identity (MS, GSM, Mobile-Systems)

IMTC International Multimedia Teleconferencing Consortium (Org., MS, Intel, Apple, IBM, SNI, AT&T, ...)

IPTD [microsoft] Internet Platform and Tools Division (MS)

ISA Internet Security and Acceleration server (MS, Firewall)

ISAPI Internet Server Application Programmer's Interface (MS, C/S, WWW, API)

IWAM Internet server Web Application Manager (MS, Windows, Internet)

JBC J# Browser Controls (MS, .NET, Java)

JCW Java Callable Wrapper (MS, Java, VM, COM)

JLCA Java Language Conversion Assistant (MS, Java, .NET)

JPM Java Package Manager (MS, Java, VM)

JVC J++ Visual Compiler (MS, Java)

KMDF Kernel-Mode Driver Framework (UMDF, MS, Windows, Vista)

LDDM Longhorn Display Driver Model (MS, Windows, Vista)

LDID Logical Disk IDentifier (MS)

LDS Lightweight Directory Services (AD, MS)

LFNBK Long File Name BacKup (MS)

LHS Left Hand Side (NGSCB, MS, Palladium)

LIMEMS Lotus - Intel - Microsoft Expanded Memory Specification (Lotus, Intel, MS, EMS), "LIM EMS"

LINQ Language INtegrated Query (MS, VB, C#)

LIP Language Interface Pack (MS, Windows)

LMX LAN Manager for uniX (LAN, Unix, MS), "LM/X"

LP Language Pack (MS, Windows)

LSAPI Licensed Services Application Program Interface (MS, API)

LSASS Local Security Authority Subsystem Service (MS, Windows)

LSP Layered Service Provider (MS, Windows, TCP, UDP, NetBIOS)

LTSB Long Term Service Branch (MS, Windows)

LTSC Long-Term Servicing Channel (MS, Windows)

LUA Least-priviledged User Account [veraltet/old term] (MS, Windows, Vista, UAP)

LUP Language UPgrade (MS)

MADK Microsoft Activex Development Kit (ActiveX, MS)

MAP Microsoft Academic Program (MS)

MAPI Messaging Application Program Interface (MS, WOSA, API)

MAPP Microsoft Active Protections Program (MS)

MAPS Microsoft Active Protection System (MS, MSE)

MAR Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher [program] (MS)

MASM Microsoft ASseMbler (MS, Assembler)

MBSA Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MS, Windows)

MBSA Microsoft Business and Services Agreement (MS)

MCD Mini Client Driver (MS, Windows, NT)

MCE Media Center Edition (MS, Windows, XP, OEM)

MCF MOM Connector Framework (MS, MOM)

MCPS Microsoft Certified Product Specialist (MS, ATEC)

MCSD Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MS, ATEC)

MCSE Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MS, ATEC)

MCT Media Creation Tool (MS, Windows)

MCT Microsoft Certified Trainer (MS, ATEC)

MDAC Microsoft Data Access Components (MS)

MDI Multiple Document Interface (MS, Windows)

MDK MODEM Developers Kit (MODEM, MS)

MDM Mobile Device Management (CA, Unicenter, MS)

MDOP Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MS, Windows)

MDS Microsoft Deployment Solution (MS, Windows, Vista)

MDT Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MS)

ME Millennium Edition (MS, Windows)

MEC Microsoft Exchange Conference (MS)

MEF Managed Extensibility Framework (MS)

MFC Microsoft Foundation Classes (MS)

MIIS Microsoft Identity Integration Server (MS)

MIT Mobile Internet Toolkit (MS, .NET)

MMC Microsoft Management Console (MS, Windows, NT, XP)

MMS Microsoft Media Server [protocol] (MS, Internet)

MOCS Microsoft Official Curriculum Seminar (MS, ATEC, MCSD)

MODI Microsoft Office Document Imaging (MS)

MOF Microsoft Operations Framework (MS)

MOLI Microsoft OnLine Institute (MS)

MOLP Microsoft Open Licence Pack (MS)

MOM Microsoft Operations Manager (MS, SMS)

MOSA Microsoft Online Subscription Agreement (MS)

MOUS Microsoft Office User Specialist (MS, Windows)

MOVE Microsoft Overlay Virtual Environment (MS)

MP Management Pack (MS, MOM)

MPPC Microsoft Point-to-Point Compression (MS, RFC 2118)

MPPE Microsoft Point to Point Encryption (MS, Verschlüsselung, RFC 3078)

MPS Multi Processor Specification (BIOS, HT, MS, Windows)

MPSA Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MS)

MRBC Multiple Resolution Bitmap Compiler (MS, Windows)

MRCF Microsoft Realtime Compression Format (MS)

MRCI Microsoft Realtime Compression Interface (MS)

MS Memory Stick

MS Message Store

MS Meta Signaling (ATM, ???)

MS MicroSoft (Hersteller, MS)

MS Mobile Station (GSM, Mobile-Systems)

MSBA Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MS)

MSCHAP MicroSoft Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol (MS), "MS-CHAP"

MSCS MicroSoft Cluster Server [Wolfpack] (MS, Cluster)

MSCT Microsoft Shared Computer Toolkit (MS)

MSDE MicroSoft Data Engine (MS, DB)

MSDE Microsoft SQL server Desktop Engine / Environment (MS, SQL)

MSDL MicroSoft Download Library (MS)

MSDN MicroSoft Developer Network (MS)

MSDNAA MicroSoft Developer Network Academic Alliance (MS)

MSDOS MicroSoft Disk Operating System (MS, OS, PC)

MSE MicroSoft Exchange server (MS)

MSE Microsoft Security Essentials (MS)

MSFIS MicroSoft Fax Information Service (MS)

MSH Microsoft SHell (MS)

MSI MicroSoft Installer (MS, WIndows)

MSIE MicroSoft Internet Explorer (MS, WWW, MSIE)

MSIL MicroSoft Intermediate Language (MS, .NET, CLI)

MSISDN Mobile Station ISDN Number (PLMN, GSM, Mobile-Systems), "MS-ISDN"

MSJVM MicroSoft Java Virtual Machine (MS, Java)

MSL Microsoft Software Library (Internet, MS)

MSMQ MicroSoft Message Queue [server / services] (MS)

MSN Microsoft Support Network (Internet, MS)

MSPL MicroSoft Public License (MS, Ms-RL), "Ms-PL"

MSRC Microsoft Security Response Center (MS)

MSRL MicroSoft Reciprocal License (MS, Ms-PL), "Ms-RL"

MSRN Mobile Station Roaming Number (MM, HLR, MS-ISDN, GSM, Mobile-Systems)

MSRPC MicroSoft Remote Procedure Call (MS, DCOM), "MS-RPC"

MSRT Malicious Software Removal Tool (MS)

MSS Microsoft Speech Server (MS)

MSTSC MicroSoft Terminal Services Client (MS)

MSVC MicroSoft Visual C++ (MS)

MSXML Microsoft XML core services (MS, COM, XML)

MTF Microsoft Tape Format (MS)

MTS Microsoft Transaction Server (MS, DB, WSH, COM)

MVP Most Valuable Professional [bonus program] (MS)

MZ Mark Zbikowski (MS-DOS, MCB)

NAP Network Access Protection (MS, Windows, Vista)


NCA Nexus Computing Agent (NGSCB, MS, Palladium)

NCA Nexus Computing Agent (MS, Palladium)

NDC National Destination Code (MS-ISDN, GSM, Mobile-Systems)

NDIS Network Driver Interface Specification (3COM, MS)

NGPP Next Generation Print Path [veraltet/old term] (MS, Windows, Vista, XPS)

NGSBC Next Generation Secure Computing Base (MS, Windows, XP)

NGSCB Next Generation Secure Computing Base (MS, Palladium)

NLA Network Location Awareness (MS, Windows)

NLB Network Load Balancing (MS, Windows)

NPMS Named Pipes / Mail Slots (MS)

NSI Network Store Interface (MS, Windows)

NT [Windows] New Technology (MS, OS, Windows)

NTAS NT Advanced Server (MS, Windows, NT)

NTDS [Windows] NT Directory Services (MS, Windows, NT, DS)

NTLM [Windows] NT LAN Manager (MS, Windows, NT, LAN, SMB)

NTSE [Windows] NT Server / Enterprise edition (MS, Windows, NT), "NTS/E"

OCX OLE Control eXtensions (MS)

ODSI Open Directory Service Interfaces (MS, Windows, NT)

OE Outlook Express (MS, Internet)

OEB Open eBook [standard] (MS, NuvoMedia, ...)

OFC Open Financial Connectivity (MS, Banking)

OFX Open Financial eXchange (Banking, Intuit, MS, Checkfree, USA)

OLEDB Object Linking and Embedding - DataBase (DB, OLE, MS), "OLE DB"

OLEDS Object Linking and Embedding Directory Services (ODSI, MS), "OLE DS"

OMF Object Module Format (IBM, MS)

OOXML Office Open XML (MS, XML)

OPK OEM Pre-installation Kit (MS, Windows, OEM)

ORK Office Resource Kit (MS, Windows)

OSD Open Software Description [manifest / standard] (MS, Marimba, XML, DU, DUP, MSIE)

OU Organizational Unit (MS, Windows, NT, AD)

OWA Outlook Web Access / App (MS, WWW)

PC97 Personal Computer 97 (MS), "PC 97"

PCNOS Personal Computer / Network Operating System (OS, MS-DOS, CP/M), "PC/NOS"

PCT Private Communication Technology (Internet, MS, Visa)

PDC Primary Domain Controller (MS, Windows, NT, BDC)

PDK Peripheral Developers Kit (MS)

PDS Professional Development System (MS)

PE Preinstallation Environment (MS, Windows, XP)

PEP Personal Exam Prep (MS, ATEC)

PFE Page Fault Error (Windows, MS)

PGM Pragmatic General Multicast (MS, Multicast)

PIA Primary Interop Assembly (VSTO, MS)

PMC Print Management Console (MS, Windows, Vista)

POOM Pocket Outlook Object Model (MS)

PPTP Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (MS, Ascend, IP)

PRA Purported Responsible Address [algorithm] (MS, SPAM)

PS PowerShell (MS, Windows)

PSR Problem Steps Recorder (MS, Windows)

PUMA Protected User-Mode Audio (MS, WPE)

PUP Product UPgrade (MS)

PVP Protected Video Path (MS, WPE)

PWB Programmers Work Bench (MS)

QDOS Quick and Dirty Operating System (OS, PC, MS-DOS, Vorläufer)

QFE Quick Fix Engineering (MS)

QPU Quick Pascal Units (MS)

QWAVE Quality Windows Audio Video Experience (MS, Windows)

RC Release Candidate (MS)

RDF Resource Description Framework (XML, IBM, Netscape, MS, ..., WWW)

RDP Remote Desktop Protocol (MS)

RDP Remote Display Protocol (MS, Windows, NT, ASP)

REFS Resilient File System (MS, FS), "ReFS"

RHS Right Hand Side (NGSCB, MS, Palladium)

RIFF Resource Interchange File Format (MS, IBM, MM)

RIS Remote Installation Service (MS, ADS)

RMS Rights Management Services (MS, Windows, NGSCB)

RNI Raw Native Interface (MS, Java)

RODC Read-Only Domain Controller (MS, AD)

ROT Running Object Table (MS, Windows)

RRAS Routing and Remote Access Service (MS, Windows, NT)

RROD Red Ring Of Death (MS, Xbox)

SA Software Assurance (MS)

SALT Speech Application Language Tag (MS)

SAM Security Access Manager (MS, Windows, XP)

SAMI Synchronized Accessible Media Interchange (MS)

SB System Builder [software] (MS)

SBE System Builder Edition (MS, Windows)

SBS Small Business Server (MS)

SCOM System Center Operations Manager (MS)

SCPDOS Seattle Computer Products Dis Operating System (OS, DOS, MS-DOS, Vorläufer), "SCP-DOS"

SCVMM System Center Virtual Machine Manager (MS)

SDK Software Development Kit (MS, IBM)

SDL Security Development Lifecycle (MS)

SDP Shared Development Process (MS)

SEAL Simple Encrypted Arithmetic Library (MS, Verschlüsselung)

SET Secure Electronic Transactions (IBM, Visa, MS, IBM, Mastercard, Netscape, Banking)

SFC System File Checker (MS, Windows)

SFP System File Protection (MS, WIndows)

SHED Segmented Hypergraphics EDitor (MS, Windows, ADT)

SIUF System Initiated User Feedback (MS, Windows)

SLP System Locked Preinstallation (MS, Windows, XP, OEM)

SMB Server Message Block [protocol] (IBM, Intel, MS)

SMF System Management Function (MS, MOF)

SMIME Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME, MS, Lotus, Qualcomm, RSA, Verschlüsselung), "S/MIME"

SMS Systems Management Server (MS, MOM)

SN Subscriber Number (MS-ISDN, GSM, Mobile-Systems)

SP Service Pack (MS, Windows, NT, XP)

SP1 Service Pack 1 (MS, Windows, XP)

SP2 Service Pack 2 (MS, Windows, XP)

SPOT Smart Personal Object Technology (MS, Internet)

SPP Software Protection Platform (MS, Windows, Vista)

SQLDMO SQL Distributed Management Objects (MS, SQL Server, OLE, DB)

SR Service Release (MS)

SRM Security Reference Monitor (MS, Windows, ACL)

SRP Security Rollup Package (MS)

SSMA SQL Server Migration Assistant (MS, SQL)

SSU Service Stack Update (MS, Windows)

STT Secure Transaction Technology (MS, Banking)

SUS Software Update Server / Service (MS)

TAPI Telephony Application Program Interface (Intel, MS, WOSA, CTI)

TCB Trusted Computing Base (MS, Palladium)

TCG Trusted Computing Group (Org., DRM, AMD, HP, IBM, Intel, MS, ...)

TFS Team Foundation Server (MS, ALM)

TIS Tools Interface Standard [committee] (Org., IBM, Lotus, MS, Watcom, SCO, Unix)

TNEF Transportation Neutral Encapsulation Format (MAPI, MIME, MS)

TSE [Windows] Terminal Server Edition] (Windows, MS)

TUE Trusted User Engine (NGSCB, MS, Palladium)

UA Upgrade Advantage (MS)

UAA Universal Audio Architecture (MS, Windows, XP)

UAC User Account Control (MS, Windows, Vista)

UAP User Account Protection (MS, Windows, Vista)

UMDF User-Mode Driver Framework (KMDF, MS, Windows, Vista)

UNC Universal Naming Convention (IBM, MS, Novell, LAN)

USMT User State Migration Tool (MS, Windows, Vista)

UWP Universal Windows Platform (MS, Windows)


VBA Visual BASIC for Applications (MS, BASIC, VB)

VBCCE Visual Basic Control Creation Edition (VB, MS)

VBE Visual BASIC Editor (MS, VB)

VBIDE Visual BASIC Integrated Development Environment (MS, VB)

VBS Visual Basic Script (MS, BASIC, VB)

VBX Visual Basic eXtensions (MS)

VC Visual c/c++ compiler (MS)

VCM Windows Conflict Manager (MS, Windows)

VDDM Vista Display Driver Model (MS, Windows, Vista)

VES Virtual Execution System (MS, CLR, .NET)

VFAT Virtual File Allocation Table (MS, Windows 95, FAT)

VFW Video für Windows (MS), "VfW"

VI Virtual Interface (Compaq, Intel, MS, Infiniband)

VLK Volume License product Key (MS)

VML Vector Markup Language (XML, MS, Macromedia, ..., PGML, SVG)

VSA Visual Studio for Applications (MS)

VSEA Visual Studio Enterprise Architect [edition] (MS, XML)

VSED Visual Studio Enterprise Developer [edition] (MS, XML)

VSS Visual Source Safe (VB, MS)

VSS Volume Shadow copy Service (MS, Windows)

VSTO Visual Studio TOols for the microsoft office system (MS)

VSTS Visual Studio Team Services (MS, TFS)

VSTS Visual Studio Team System (MS)

VUP Version UPgrade (MS)

W2K Windows 2000 (Windows, MS)

WABI Windows Application Binary Interface (MS, Windows)

WAIK Windows Automated Installation Kit (MS, Windows, Vista)

WAM Web Application Manager (MS, Windows)

WAM Windows Animation Manager (MS, Windows)

WARP Windows Advanced Rasterization Platform (MS, Windows)

WBEM Web Based Enterprise Management [protocol] (DMTF, CIM, XML, HTTP, BMC, Cisco, Compaq, Intel, MS)

WBF Windows Biometric Framework (MS, Windows)

WCF Windows Communication Foundation (MS, Windows)

WCS Windows Color System (MS, Windows)

WDK Word Developers Kit (MS)

WDL Windows Driver Library (MS, Windows)

WDM Windows / Win32 Driver Model (MS, Windows)

WDMCSA Windows Driver Model Connection and Streaming Architecture (MS, Windows, WDM)

WDS Windows Deployment Service (MS, Windows)

WEFT Web Embedding Font Tool (MS, WWW)

WF [Windows] Workflow Foundation (MS, Windows)

WFC Windows Foundation Classes (MS, Java, API)

WFP Windows Filtering Platform (MS, Windows)

WFW Windows For Workgroups (MS), "WfW"

WGA Windows Genuine Advantage [program] (MS, Windows)

WHEA Windows Hardware Error Architecture (MS, Windows)

WHIIG Windows Hardware Instrumentation Implementation Guidelines (MS, Windows)

WHQL Windows Hardware Quality Lab (MS, Windows, PC97)

WIA Windows Image Acquisition (MS, Windows, API, DDI)

WIA Windows Imaging Architecture (MS, Windows, Vista)

WIC Windows Imaging Component (MS, Windows)

WIIS Windows Internet Information Server (MS, Windows, Internet)

WIMA [windows] Webserver - IIS - MSDE - ASP.Net (MS, IIS, MSDE, ASP)

WINHEC WINdows Hardware Engineering Conference (MS, Windows, Conference), "WinHEC"

WINRE WINdows Recovery Environment (MS, Windows), "Win RE"

WINS Windows Internet Naming Service (MS, Windows, NT)

WIX Windows Installer XML (MS, Windows, XML), "WiX"

WLBS Windows Load Balancing Service (MS, Windows, NT)

WLO Windows Libraries for OS/2 (MS, IBM, API, OS/2, Windows)

WMA Windows Media Audio [CODEC] (MS, Windows, Audio, CODEC)

WMC Windows Media Connect (MS, Windows, DRM)

WMCDC Wireless Mobile Communication Device Class (USB, MS, Windows, CDC)

WMI Windows Management Instrumentation / Interface (MS, Windows, WMI, CIM)

WMRM Windows Media Rights Manager (MS, Windows)

WMV Windows Media Video [CODEC] (MS, Windows, Video, CODEC)

WOF Windows Overlay Filter (MS, Windows)

WORDIA WORD Internet Assistant (MS)

WOSA Windows Open System Architecture (MS)

WOSAXCEM WOSA eXtensions for Control, Engineering and Manufacturing (WOSA, MS)

WOSAXFS WOSA eXtensions for Financial Services (WOSA, MS), "WOSA X FS"

WOSAXRT WOSA eXtensions for Real-Time market data (WOSA, MS)

WPAD Web Proxy Auto Discovery (MS, Windows)

WPBT Windows Platform Binary Table (MS, Windows, BIOS, UEFI)

WPF Windows Presentation Foundation (MS, Windows, XAML)

WPFE Windows Presentation Foundation / Everywhere (MS, Windows), "WPF/E"

WPS Windows Printing System (MS, Windows)

WQL WMI Query Language (MS, Windows, WMI)

WSE Web Service Enhancements (MS, WWW)

WSH Windows Scripting Host (MS, Windows, COM, WSH)

WSL Windows Subsystem for Linux (MS, Windows, Linux)

WSRM Windows System Resource Manager (MS, Windows)

WSS Windows Sharepoint Services (MS, Windows)

WSSD Windows Server Software-Defined (MS, Windows)

WSUS Windows Server Update Services (MS, Windows)

WTS Windows Terminal Server (MS, :NET)

XAML XML Application Markup Language (XML, MS, Windows)

XCEM eXtensions for Control, Engineering and Manufacturing (API, MS, Windows)

XMLSS XML Spreadsheet Scheme (XML, MS, Excel)

XP [Windows] eXPerience (MS, Windows, OS)

XPS XML Paper Specification (MS, Windows, Vista)

XRML eXtensible Rights Markup Language (RMS, MS, NGSCB), "XrML"

XRT eXtensions for Real-Time market data (API, MS, Windows)

XTP eXtreme Transactional Processing (MS)

ZAK Zero Administration Kit (ZAW, MS, Windows, NT)

ZAW Zero Administration initiative for Windows (MS, Windows, NT)

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