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AAM Automatic Acoustic Management (ATA, HDD)

AFC AntiFerromagnetically Coupled [technology] (IBM, HDD)

AFM Atomic Force Microscopy [technology] (HDD, MEMS)

AFR Annualized Failure Rate (Maxtor, HDD)

ATA Advanced Technology Attachment (ATA, HDD)

BAARF Battle Against Any RAID Five (HDD, RAID)

BPB BIOS Parameter Block (BIOS, DOS, HDD, FDD)

BPI Bits Per Inch (HDD, BIT)

CAC Cantilver Array Chip (IBM, HDD, MEMS)

CAV Constant Angular Velocity (CD, HDD, MOD)

CHS Cylinder Head Sectors (HDD, BIOS)

CIB Collective Intelligent Brick (IBM, HDD)

DDO Dynamic Drive Overlay (HDD, Ontrack)

DDRAID Distributed Data RAID (GFS, RAID, HDD), "DDRaid"

DFT Drive Fitness Test (IBM, IDE, HDD)

DIO Direct Input Output (I/O, HDD, SCSI)

DPB Drive Parameter Block (DOS, BIOS, FDD, HDD)

DRPM Dynamic Rotations Per Minute (HDD)

EIDE Enhanced Integrated Drive Electronics (HDD, IDE), "E-IDE"

EPRML Extended Partial Response - Maximum Likelihood (PRML, HDD, HD-DVD)

EVA [StorageWorks] Enterprise Virtual Array (HP, HDD)

FATA Fibre-Attached Technology Adapted (HP, SATA, HDD)

FPI Flux changes Per Inch (HDD)

GLTSD Global Logging Target Save Disabled (HDD, SCSI)

GMR Giant Magneto-Resistive [heads] (HDD, IBM, Toshiba)

HAMR Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording (HDD)

HDD Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

HDD Highly Doped Drain (IC, MOSFET)

IDE Integrated Drive Electronics (HDD)

IE Informal Exceptions (HDD, SCSI)

JBOD Just a Bunch Of Disks (HDD)

LVM Logical Volume Manager (AIX, HP/UX, OSF/1, HDD)

MR Magneto - Resistive (HDD)

MRX MagnetoResistive eXtended [technology] (HDD)

MTBF Mean Time Between Failure (HDD, ...)

NAS Network Attached Storage (NFS, CIFS, HDD)

NDAS Network Direct Attached Storage (HDD)

NSD Network Shared Disk (GPFS, HDD)

OAW Optically Assisted Winchester (HDD, Seagate)

PERM Pre-Embossed Rigid Magnetic (Sony, HDD)

PFA Predictive Failure Analysis (HDD)

PRML Partial Response - Maximum Likelihood (HDD, HD-DVD)

PV Physical Volume (LVM, HDD)

RAFF Rotary Acceleration Feed Forward (WD, HDD)

RAID Redundant Array of Independent / Inexpensive Disks (HDD, RAID)

SATA Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (HDD, ATA, SATA)

SMART Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology (HDD, IDE, Conner, IBM, Quantum, Seagate, WD), "S.M.A.R.T."

SSD Solid State Disk (HDD, RAM)

ST Seagate Technology (HDD)

TPI Tracks Per Inch (HDD)

TQ Tagged Queuing (SCSI, HDD)

UEIDE Ultra Enhanced Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE, HDD)

UPM Umdrehungen Pro Minute (HDD)

WC Write Cache (SCSI, HDD)

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