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DSI Dynamic Skeleton Interface (CORBA, ORB, OA)

ELO Elektronischer Leitz Ordner (OA)

KSA KommunikationsStrukturAnalyse (OA, TUB)

MINISTREL Models for INformatIon STorage and REtrievaL (OA, BIS, ESPRIT)

MUBIS MUltimediales BüroInformationsSystem (OA, BIS, TU Braunschweig), "MuBIS"c

MULTOS MULtimedia Office Server (OA, BIS, ESPRIT)

OA Object Adapter (ORB, IDL)

OA Office Automation

OA Open Access (SPI, DB)

OASF Office Automation System Facilities (OA)

OATS Office Automation Technology and Services (OA)

ODS Office Dialog System (OA)

OECOS Organizational Engineering for Communications and Organizational Systems (SNI, OA)

OOF Office of The Future (OA)

OSA Office Systems Administrator (OA)

OSN Office System Node (IBM, DIA, OA)

OTS Office TeleSystem (OA)

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