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ACID Atomicity - Consistency - Isolation - Durability (DB, TP)

ACL [MS] Access Compatibility Layer (MS, DB)

ADT Access Developer's Toolkit (MS, DB, Windows)

ASKSAM Access Stored Knowledge via Symbolic Access Method (DB), "askSam"

ASM Automatic Storage Management (DB, Oracle)

BAMP BSD, Apache, MySQL, PHP (BSD, Apache, PHP, DB)

BDA Borland DAtabase (Borland, DB)

BDB Berkely DataBase (DB)

BDE Borland Database Engine (Borland, Delphi, DB)

CAE Client Application Enabler (IBM, DB)

CAVO Computer Associates - Visual Objects (CA, DB), "CA-VO"

CBF Code Behind Form (MS, Access, DB)

CDM Conceptional Data Model (DB, PDM, Powerdesigner)

CLI Call Level Interface (DB, SAG, X/Open, Oracle, Informix, MS, ...)

CWMI Common Warehousing Metadata Interchange (DB, DWH)

DAO Data Access Objects (DB)

DARI Database Application Remote Interface (IBM, DB)

DB DataBase

DB2 DataBase 2 (IBM, DB)

DB2CS DataBase 2 Client/Server (IBM, DB2, DB), "DB2 C/S"

DB2SDK DataBase 2 Software Development Toolkit (DB2, IBM, DB), "DB2 SDK"

DBA DataBase Administrator (DB)

DBAC DataBase Administration Center (DB)

DBAS DataBase Administration System (DB)

DBD DataBase Description (IBM, DB)

DBI DataBase Interface (DB)

DBL DataBase Language (DB)

DBM DataBase Manager (DB)

DBME DataBase Management Environment (DB)

DBMS DataBase Management System (DB)

DBP DataBase Publishing (DB)

DBRAD Data Base Relational Application Directory (DB)

DBRM Data Base Request Module (DB)

DBTG Data Base Task Group (CODASYL, DB)

DBVS DatenBankVerwaltungsSystem (DB)

DD Data Dictionary (SA, CASE, DB)

DDBMS Distributed DataBase Management System (DBMS, DB)

DDCS2 Distributed Database Connection Services /2 (IBM, DB, DRDA), "DDCS/2"

DLKL ??? (DB)

DPC Database Promotion Center (Org., Japan, DB)

DQL Database Query Language (DB)

DRDA Distributed Relational Database Architecture (IBM, DB)

DRDAAS Distributed Relational Database Architecture Application Server (IBM, DB), "DRDA AS"

DSA Dynamic Scalable Architecture (DB, Informix)

DSDL Document Schema Definition Language (DB)

DSN Data Source Names (ODBC, DB)

DTC Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MS, SQL Server, DB)

DWH Data WareHouse (DB)

EBR External Backup Restore (IDS, Informix, DB)

EDBS Einheitliche DatenBank-Schnittstelle (DB)

EDGAR Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval [system] (DB, Internet)

EEE [UDB] Enterprise Extended Edition (IBM, DB2, DB, UDB)

EEP Entry Exit Procedure (R:Base, DB)

ELH Entity Life History (DB)

EOUG European Oracle User Group (Org., DB, Oracle, User group, Europa)

ER Enterprise Replication (IDS, Informix, DB)

ERM Entity Relationship Model (DB)

ESSBASE Extended Spread Sheet dataBASE (MDBMS, DB)

FLOWR For, Let, Order by, Where, Return [principle] (DB, XML)

GDBM GNU Data Base Manager (DB, GNU)

GIUA German Ingres User Association (Org., User group, DBMS, DB)

HADR High Availability Disaster Recovery (Informix, DB2, DB)

HDBMS Hierarchical DataBase Management System (DBMS, DB)

HDR High availability Data Replication (Informix, DB)

HOLAP Hybrid OnLine Analytical Processing (OLAP, DB)

ICDB Integrated Communications DataBase (DB)

IDAPI Integrated Database API (DB, IBM, Novell, Borland, Vorläufer, BDE, API)

IDB Integrated DataBase (DB)

IDBEF Integrated DataBase Extract Format (IDB, DB)

IDBTF Integrated DataBase Transaction Format (IDB, DB)

IDS Informix Dynamic Server (Informix, DB)

IFS Internet File System (Oracle, DB, Internet)

IMDB Internet Movie DataBase (Internet, WWW, DB) "IMDb"

IOT Index Organized Table (Oracle, DB)

IOUG International Oracle Users Group (Org., DB, Oracle, User group)

ISAM Index-Sequential Access Mode (DB, SAM)

ISDBC ISAM to SQL DataBase Connectivity (DB, ISAM, SQL)

JADE Jasmine Application Development Environment (Jasmine, DB, CA)

JDBC Java standard DataBase Connectivity (DB, Java, Sun, Borland, ODBC, API)

JODS Jasmine Object Database Server (Jasmine, DB, CA)

LAMP Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (Linux, Apache, PHP, DB, SQL)

LAMPP Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP and PERL (Linux, Apache, DB, SQL, PHP, PERL)

LAPP Linux, Apache, PostgreSQL, PHP (Linux, Apache, PHP, DB, SQL)

LBAC Label Based Access Control (DB2, Informix, DB)

LOV List Of Values (DB, Oracle, Java)

MAMP Mac, Apache, MySQL, PHP (Mac, Apache, PHP, DB, SQL)

MAPP Mac, Apache, PostgreSQL, PHP (Mac, Apache, PHP, DB, SQL)

MDBMS Multidimensional DataBase Management System (DBMS, DB)

MDBS Micro Data Base System (DB)

MDDB MultiDimensional DataBase (DB)

MGM Memory Grant Manager (Informix, DB)

MOR Mining Object Repository (OP, Oracle, DB)

MSDE MicroSoft Data Engine (MS, DB)

MTR Mining Table Repository (OP, Oracle, DB)

MTS Microsoft Transaction Server (MS, DB, WSH, COM)

MVCC MultiVersion Concurrency Control [system] (PostgeSQL, DB)

NADB National Archaeological DataBase (DB, USA)

NAMP Netware, Apache, MySQL, PHP (Novell, Netware, Apache, PHP, DB)

NDBMS Network DataBase Management System (DB)

NDBS Non-standard DataBase System (DB)

NDL Network Database Language (DB, 4GL)

NED NASA Extragalactic Database (DB)

NMEO NetWorker Module for EMC Symmetrix for Oracle (Oracle, EMC, DB)

OA Open Access (SPI, DB)

OBD Online Bugs Database (Sun, DB)

OCFS Oracle Cluster File System (Oracle, DB)

OCL Object Constraint Language (DB, OO, UML, CASE)

ODAPI Open Database Application Programming Interface (Borland, DB, API), "Odapi"

ODBC Open DataBase Connectivity (WOSA, DB, API)

ODBMS Object orientated Database Management System (DBMS, DB)

ODE Object Database and Environment (AT&T, DB)

ODMG Object Database Management Group (Org., DB)

OLAP OnLine Analytical Processing (DB)

OLEDB Object Linking and Embedding - DataBase (DB, OLE, MS), "OLE DB"

OODB Object Oriented Data Base (OOP, DB)

OODBMS Object Orientated Database Management System (DBMS, DB)

OP Oracle9iAS Personalization (Oracle, DB)

ORDBMS Object Relational Database Management System (DBMS, DB)

ORM Object Role Modeling (OO, DB)

OSQL Object-Structured Query Language (DB, SQL, OODBMS)

PAL Paradox Application Language (Borland, DB)

PDM Physical Data Model (DB, CDM, Powerdesigner)

PDQ Parallel Data Query (Informix, DB)

PISA Portable InformationsSystem Architecture (DB, infodas, PISA)


PIT Point In Time (DB)

QBE Query By Example (DB)

QBF Query By Forms (DB)

QBH Query By Humming (DB, Audio), "QbH"

QF Query Filter (DB)

QLD Queuing Literature Database (DB)

RAMPS Reliability, Availability, Manageability, Performance and Scalability (DB)

RDB Relational DataBase (DB)

RDBMS Relational DataBase Management System (DBMS, DB)

RDBMSMIB Relational DataBase Management System - Management Information Base (DB), "RDBMS-MIB"

RDD Replaceable Database Driver (Clipper, CA-VO, DB)

RDL Relational Database Language (DB)

RDO Remote Data Objects (DB)

RDS Rapid Development System (DB, Informix)

RE Recommendation Engine (OP, Oracle, DB)

RET Report Engine Technology (CA, DB)

ROLAP Relational OnLine Analytical Processing (OLAP, DB)

RQBE Relational Query By Example (DB, QBE)

SAG SQL Access Group (Org., Hersteller, DB)

SDAO Simulated Data Access Object (DAO, J2EE, Java, DB)

SDM System Development Multitasking [benchmark] (DB, SPEC)

SEQUEL Structured English QUEry Language (IBM, DB, SQL, Vorläufer)

SERM Structured Entity Relationship Model (DB, ERM)

SMI System Monitoring Interface (Informix, DB)

SQL Structured Query Language (ISO 9075, DB, 4GL)

SQLDMO SQL Distributed Management Objects (MS, SQL Server, OLE, DB)

SQLJ Structured Query Language - Java (SQL, Java, DB, ANSI, NCITS)

SSADM Structured System Analysis and Design Method (DB)

TAMINO Transaction Architecture for Managing InterNet Objects (DBMS, DB, Internet)

TDI Trusted Database Interpretation (DB)

TMDB Tivoli Management Data Base (Tivoli, DB)

TMF Transaction Monitoring Facility (DB, Tandem)

TODS Transactions on Database Systems (ACM, DB)

TPC Transaction Processing Council (Org., Hersteller, DB)

TPS Transactions Per Second (DB, DBMS)

TTS Transaction Tracking System (DB, Netware)

UDB Universal DataBase [server] (IBM, DB)

UDT User-defined DataType (DB)

UML Unified Method Language (CASE, DB, OMG)

VIR Visual Information Retrieval (DB, Informix)

VLDB Very Large DataBase (DB)

WAMP Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP (Windows, Apache, PHP, DB, SQL)

WAMPP Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP and PERL (Windows, Apache, DB, SQL, PHP, PERL)

WAPP Windows, Apache, PostgreSQL, PHP (Windows, Apache, PHP, DB, SQL)

WMS Warehouse Management System (DB)

XBP XBase Parts (Xbase/2, OS/2, DB)

XPS eXtended Parallel Server (DB, Informix)


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