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COST COpenhagen SGML Tool (SGML), "CoST"

DSSSL Document Style Semantics and Specification Language (SGML)

DTD Document Type Definition (SGML, XML. HTML, DTD)

EAD Encoded Archival Description (SGML)

ESIS Element Structure Information Set (SGML)

EWS European Workshop on SGML (Org., SGML)

FAME FORMEX Applied to Multilingualism in Europe (SGML, Europa)

FORMEX FORMalised EXchange of electronic publications (SGML, Europa)

FOSI Format Output Specification Instance (SGML, CALS)

FPI Formal Public Identifier (DTD, SGML, SI)

HTML HyperText Markup Language (Internet, WWW, SGML, RFC 1866/1942, HTML)

HYTIME Hypermedia/Time-based structuring language (SGML, ISO, IEC, IS 10744), "HyTime"

HYTM HyTime Topic Map (SGML, KM), "HyTM"

ICA Integrated Chameleon Architecture (SGML)

MAJOUR Modular Application for JOURnals (EWS, SGML)

ODL Open Document Language (ODA, SGML)

POEM Portable Object-orientated Entity Manager (SGML)

SDIF SGML Document Interchange Format (SGML, ISO, IS 9069)

SGML Standard Generalized Markup Language (ISO 8879, JTC1, RFC 1874, SGML)

SGMLB Standard Generalized Markup Language - Binary version (SGML), "SGML-B"

SI System Identifier (DTD, URI, SGML, FPI)

TAS Tag Abuse Syndrome (SGML, HTML, Slang)

TEI Text Encoding Initiative [application] (SGML)

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