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ACSS Aural Cascading Style Sheets (CSS, HTML, WWW)

CORS Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (HTML)

CSS Cascading Style Sheets (HTML, XML, WWW, JavaScript)

DHTML Dynamic HyperText Markup Language (HTML)

DOM Document Object Module (HTML, XML, API)

DTD Document Type Definition (SGML, XML. HTML, DTD)

EME Encrypted Media Extensions (HTML, DRM)

EPDF Embedded Portable Document Format (Adobe, PDF, HTML)

HSC HTML Sucks Completely (HTML, Amiga)

HTA HTML Applications (MS, HTML)

HTC HTML Components (MS, OWA, WWW, HTML)

HTML HyperText Markup Language (Internet, WWW, SGML, RFC 1866/1942, HTML)

JASS Javascript-Accessable Style Sheets (HTML, WWW, JavaScript)

MHTML Messaging HyperText Markup Language (HTML)

MHTML MIME [e-mail encapsulation of aggregate documents, such as] HTML (MIME, HTML, RFC 2110)

MSE Media Source Extensions (W3C, HTML, Javascript)

PHP PHP Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP/FI, HTML, CGI, Nachfolger)

PHPFI Personal Home Page [construction kit]/Form Interpreter (HTML, CGI, PHP, Vorläufer), "PHP/FI"

SHOE Simple HTML Ontology Extensions (HTML, WWW)

SOAP Simple Object Access Protocol (W3C, XML, HTML)

TAS Tag Abuse Syndrome (SGML, HTML, Slang)

XHTML eXtended HyperText Markup Language (HTML, WWW, XML)

YAML Yet Another Multicolumn Layout (HTML, XHTML, CSS)

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