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ACCU Association of C and C++ Users (Org., UK)

BCS British Computer Society (Org., UK)

BDPP Biometric Device Protection Profile (UK, CESG)

BIMA British Interactive Multimedia Association (Org., UK)

BSI British Standards Institute (Org., UK)

BST British Summer Time [+0100] (TZ, UK)

CCRMA Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (Org., Stanford, UK)

CCTA Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency (Org., UK, Vorläufer, OGC)

CESG Communications-Electronics Security Group (Org., UK, GCHQ)

CHEST Computers in Higher Education Software Team (Org., UK)

CSIRO Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (Org., UK)

EPCC Edinburgh Parallel Computing Center (Org., UK, HPC)

EPSS Experimental Packet-Switching System (UK)

FOLDOC Free OnLine Dictionary Of Computing (WWW, UK)

GCCS Government Code and Cipher School (UK, Mil.), "GC&CS"

GCHQ Government Communications HeadQuarters (Mil., UK)

GMT Greenwich Mean Time [+0000] (TZ, UTC, UK)

GOSIP Government Open Systems Interconnections Profile (USA, UK)

ICL International Computers Limited (Hersteller, UK, USA, Japan, Fujitsu)

IEE Institute of Electrical Engineers (Org., UK)

IMC Information Management and Communication (Org., UK, Liverpool Hope University), "IM&C"

ISI Information Society Initiative (UK)

ISPA Internet Services Providers' Association (Org., UK)

ITTI Information Technology Training Initiative (Org., UK)

JANET Joint Academic NETwork (Netzwerk, UK)

MISRA Motor Industry Software Reliability Association (UK)

MOST Mobile Open Systems Technologies (UK, Uni Lancaster)

NAG National Algorithms Group [ltd] (UK, Org., Vorläufer), "NAg"

NAG Numerical Algorithms Group (UK, Org.) "NAg"

NESC National E-Science Centre (Org., UK) "NeSC"

OGC Office of Government Commerce (Org., UK)

PACT Partnership in Advanced Computing Technologies (Org. UK)

RAL Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (Org., UK)

SAQ Service, Access, Quality (ISP, UK)

SIGWEB Special Interest Group on the world wide WEB (Org., UK)

SRF Science Research Foundation (Org., UK)

UKERNA United Kingdom Education and Research Networking Association (Org., UK)

ULCC University of London Computer Center (Org., UK)

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