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ACS Auto Configuration Server (ISP, DSL, CPE)

AFA Association Fournisseur d'Access et service internet (Org., ISP, Frankreich)

AISP Association for Internet Service Providers (Org., USA, ISP)

ASP Application Service Provider / Providing (ISP, Internet)

BDA BundesDatenAutobahn [e.v] (Org., ISP)

BRAS Broadband Remote Acess Server (ISP, DSL)

CIX Commercial Internet eXchange (ISP)

CSI CompuServe Incorporated (ISP)

DFN Deutsches ForschungsNetz [e.V.] (Org., ISP)

DIGI Deutsche InteressenGemeinschaft Internet [e.v.] (Org., ISP)

DPN Deutsches Provider Network (ISP)

DTAG Deutsche Telekom AG (Deutschland, ISP)

DWS Digital World Services (ISP)

ECRC [cable & wireless] European Computer industry Research Centre [gmbh] (ISP, Org.)

EPN Electronic-highway Platform Netherlands (ISP, Niederlande)

ETNO European Telecommunications Network Operators Association (Org., ISP)

EUNET European Unix NETwork (Netzwerk, Internet, ISP, Unix)

EUROISPA EUROpean Internet Service Provider Association (Org., ISP) "EuroISPA"

GRIC Global Research Internet Connection (Org., ISP)

IN Individual Network [e.v.] (Org., ISP)

INHOPE INternet HOtline Providers in Europe (Org., ISP)

IPN Info Pool Network (ISP)

IPP Internet Peering Point (Internet, IXP, ISP)

ISC Internet Service Center (ISP)

ISP Image Synthesis Processor (IC, Graphik, TSP)

ISP Integrated System Peripheral control (Wyse)

ISP Interactive String Processor (BS2000)

ISP International Standardized Profiles (ISO)

ISP Internet Service Provider (Internet)

ISPA Internet Service Provider Austria (Org., ISP)

ISPC Internet Service Providers' Consortium (ISP, IPP, Org.) "ISP/C"

IXP Internet eXchange Point (Internet, IPP, ISP)

MISS Mecklenburg Internet Service System (ISP)

MSIX Metered Services Information eXchange [protocol] (Internet, ISP)

PBI Pacific Bell Internet (ISP)

POP Point Of Presence (Internet, ISP)

SAQ Service, Access, Quality (ISP, UK)

SCM Service Configuration Manager (TR-069, ISP)

UUNET Unix to Unix NETwork (Org., ISP)

WISPR Wireless ??? ISP Roaming (WLAN, ISP, Org., WECA), "WISPr"

XLINK eXtended Lokales InformatikNetz Karlsruhe (DFÜ, Netzwerk, ISP)

XPE XchangePoint Europe (ISP)

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