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ADB A DeBugger (Unix)

ADEW Andrew Development Environment Workbench (ATK, Unix)

AFS Andrew File System (IBM, Unix)

AFUU Association Française des Utilisateurs d'Unix (Org., Frankreich, Unix)

AIX Advanced Interactive eXecutive (IBM, Unix, OS)

AMS Andrew Mail / Message System (Unix)

ASH Almquist SHell (BSD, Unix, Shell), "ash"

ATK Andrew ToolKit (Unix)

AUE Andrew User Environment (Unix)

AUIS Andrew User Interface System (Unix, UI)

AUX Apple UniX (Apple, Unix), "A/UX"

AWK al Aho, peter Weinberger, brian Kernighan (Unix)

BASH Bourne-Again SHell (Unix, Shell)

BFD Binary File Descriptor (Unix)

BIND Berkeley Internet Name Domain [software] (Unix)

BPF Berkeley Packet Filter (BSD, Unix)

BSD Berkeley System / Software Distribution (Hersteller, Unix, OS)

BSS Block Started by Symbol (IBM, Assembler, Unix)

CD Change Directory (DOS, Unix, OS/2)

CDE Common Desktop Environment (Unix)

CMX Communications Manager uniX (Unix)

COFF Common Object File Format (Unix)

COPS Computer Oracle and Password System (Unix)

CPIO CoPy In/Out (Unix)

CSH C SHell (Unix, BSD, Shell)

CSRG Computer Systems Research Group (Org., Unix, BSD)

CTSS Compatible Time Sharing System (Unix, Vorläufer, OS, MIT)

CU Call Up (Unix)

CUPS Common Unix Printing System (Unix, Drucker)

CVS Concurrent Versions System (Unix)

CXI Common X-windows Interface (Unix)

DAC Discretionary Access Control (Unix, Linux, MAC)

DAEMON Disk And Execution MONitor (Unix)

DAS Disk Array Subsystem (Unix, HP-UX)

DF Disk Free (Unix)

DGUX Data General / UniX (Unix), "DG/UX"

DSU Data Secure Unix (Unix, OS, UCLA)

DU Disk Used (Unix)

EGD Entropy Gathering Daemon (Unix, GNU, GnuPG)

EGREP Extended Global Regular Expression Print (Unix, GREP)

ELF Executable and Linkable Format (Unix, OS/2)

ELM ELectronic Mailer (Unix)

EPIX Enhanced Performance unIX (Unix), "EP/IX"

EUC Extended Unix Code (Unix, AT&T)

EUNET European Unix NETwork (Netzwerk, Internet, ISP, Unix)

EUUG European Unix User Group (Org., User group, Unix, Europa)

FACE Framed Access Command Environment (Unix, SVR4)

FFS Fast File System (Unix, Amiga, Commodore)

FFS Fast Filing System (BSD, Unix)

FGREP Fixed Global Regular Expression Print (Unix, GREP)

FSCK File System Consistency checK (Unix)

FSS Fast System Switch (Unix)

GASH Group Admin SHell (Unix, Shell)

GCUX GIAC Certified UniX security administrator (GIAC, GSE)

GFS Global File System (GFS, Unix)

GNU GNU's Not Unix (rekursiv!, Unix, GNU, OS)

GREP Global Regular Expression Print (Unix)

GUUG German Unix User Group (Org., User group, Unix)

HDB HoneyDanBer [standard] (Unix)

HPUX Hewlett Packard / UniX (Unix), "HP/UX"

HURD HIRD of Unix-Replacing DAEMONs (GNU, HIRD)

IAUG International AIX User Group (Org., Unix, AIX, User group)

ICMX Interface for Communications Manager uniX (Unix, CMX)

IFS Internal Field Separator (Unix, AWK)

JUNET Japan Unix NETwork (Netzwerk, Unix)

KPI Kernel Programming Interface (Unix, API)

KSH Korn SHell (Unix, Shell)

LCA [Sair] Linux [and GNU] Certified Administrator (Linux, GNU, Unix)

LCP [Sair] Linux [and GNU] Certified Professional (Linux, GNU, Unix)

LEL Link, Embed and Launch (UNIX)

LMU LAN Manager for Unix (Unix), "LM/U"

LMX LAN Manager for uniX (LAN, Unix, MS), "LM/X"

LP Line Printer (Unix)

LTC Linux Technology Center (Linux, Unix, IBM)

MAX MAssively parallel uniX (Cray, OS, MIMD, MPP, Unix)

MOSIX Multicomputer Operating System for UnIX (Unix, Cluster, MOSIX)

MX Mail eXchange (Unix)

NFS Network File System (Sun, Unix, RFC 1094/1813/3010)

NIS Network Information System (Unix)

NKSR Non-Kernel Security Related (Unix)

NL Number Lines (Unix)

NLUUG NetherLand Unix User Group (Org., User group)

NROFF New Run-OFF (Unix)

NS Name Server (DNS, Unix)

NZUSUGI New Zealand Unix System User Group, Inc. (Org., Unix, User group)

PANIX Public Access internet/uNIX [system] (Unix, Internet, Netzwerk)

PAX Portable Archive eXchange (SCO, Unix)

PBS Portable Batch System (Unix)

PCIX Personal Computer / unIX (IBM, PC), "PC/IX"

PERPOS PERpetual Processing Operating System (OS, Unix)

PID Process IDentification number (Unix)

POSIX Portable Operating System for unIX (OS, IEEE 1003, ISO 9945, PASC, Unix)

PPID Parent Process IDentification number (Unix)

PS Process Status (Unix)

PSD Programmer's Supplementary Documents (BSD, Unix)

PWD Print Working Directory (Unix)

RCS Revision Control System (Unix, CM, GNU)

RFS Remote File Sharing (AT&T, Unix)

RMT Raw Magnetic Tape (Unix)

RRIP Rock Ridge Interchange Protocol (CD, Unix)

RSH Remote SHell (Unix, BSD, Shell)

RSH Restricted SHell (Unix, Shell)

RTU Real Time Unix (Unix)

RTUX Real Time UniX (OS, Emerge Systems)

RUTE RUTE Users Tutorial and Exposition (Unix), "R.U.T.E."

SAF Service Access Facilities (Unix)

SCCS Source Code Control System (Unix, AT&T, CM)

SCO Santa Cruz Operation (Hersteller, Unix)

SED Stream EDitor (Unix)

SIPP SImple Polygone Processor (Unix)

SMM System Manager's Manual (BSD, Unix)

SPL Set Priority Level (Unix)

SSH Secure SHell (Unix, Shell)

SU Switch User (Unix)

SUS Single Unix Specification (Unix)

SVABI System V Application Binary Interface (Unix, AT&T, SCD)

SVFS System V File System (Unix)

SVID System V Interface Definition (Unix, AT&T, SCD)

SVR3 System V Release 3 (Unix, OS, AT&T)

SVR4 System V Release 4 (Unix, OS, AT&T)

TAR Tape ARchiver (Unix)

TCSH Trustedi C SHell (Unix, Shell)

TELNET TELephone NETwork (Unix, Internet, RFC 854)


TERMCAP TERMinal CAPability (Unix)

TERMINFO TERMinal INFOrmation (Unix)

TIS Tools Interface Standard [committee] (Org., IBM, Lotus, MS, Watcom, SCO, Unix)

TROFF Typesetter New Run-OFF (Unix)

TUHS The Unix Heritage Society (Org., Unix)

TUX Torvalds UniX (Linux), "Tux"

UAB Unix Appletalk Bridge (Apple, AppleTalk, Unix)

UFS Unix File System (Unix)

UI Unix International (Hersteller, Unix)

UMA Universal Measurement Architecture (Unix, X/Open)

UNCLE Unix Net for Computer security in Law Enforcement (Org., USA, Unix) "U.N.C.L.E."

UPS Unix Print Services (Unix)

USD User's Supplementary Documents (BSD, Unix)

USG Unix Support Group (Org., Unix)

USL Unix Systems Laboratories (AT&T, Unix)

USS Unix Support Services (z/OS, IBM)

UUCICO Unix to Unix Copy Incoming Copy Outgoing (Unix)

UUCP Unix to Unix Copy Protocol (Unix)

UUG Unix User Group (Org., Unix, User group)

UUNET Unix to Unix NETwork (Org., ISP)

VDPAU Video Decode and Presentation API for Unix (Nvidia, API)

VFS Virtual File System [layer] (Unix, Linux, OSF/1)

VI VIsual editor (Unix)

VIDIX VIDeo interface for *niX (Unix, Video)


VIM VI Improved (VI, Unix)

WC Word Count (Unix)

XCOFF eXtended Common Object File Format (Unix)

XFS eXtended File System (SGI, Unix, Windows)

XINU XINU Is Not Unix (OS)

YACC Yet Another Compiler Compiler (Unix)

YAUN Yet Another Unix Nerd

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