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ACIS American Committee for Interoperable Systems (Org., USA)

APOC A Single Point Of Control (Sun, Linux)

ASP Authorized Service Provider (Sun)

AVAS teile-Auftragserfassungs-, Verwaltungs- und AbrufSystem (MBAG)

AWL AnWeisungsListe (DIN 19239)

AWT Abstract Window Toolkit (Java, Sun)

BCDMA Broadband Code Division Multiple Access (Interdigital, SNI, Samsung), "B-CDMA"

BDE BetriebsDatenErfassung

BEVU Bundesvereinigung mittelständischer Elektro- und elektronikgeräte entsorgungs- und VerwertungsUnternehmen (Org., Deutschland)

BZT Bundesamt für Zulassungen in der Telekommunikation (Org., DTAG)

BZÜ Beleglose ZahlscheinÜberweisung (Banking)

CARDVM Card Virtual Machine (Java, Sun), "CardVM"

CEARCH Cisco Educational ARCHive (Cisco, WWW)

CIL Computer Integration Laboratories (Org., Apple, IBM, Novell, Sun, ...)

CMP Chip MultiProcessing (IBM, HP, Sun)

COSE Common Open Software Environment (HP, Sun, IBM, SCO, USL, Univel)

CSUNET California State University NETwork (Netzwerk, USA)

CTS Compatibility Test Suite (Sun, J2EE)

CUU ComputerUnterstützte Unterweisung

DAI ??? (Sun)

DCE Data Circuit terminating Equipment (X.25, CCITT, IBM, HP, DEC, Tandem, Sun)

DFP Digital Flat Panel [group / port] (LCD, Org., Compaq, Acer, Fujitsu, ATI, Matrox, Samsung, ...)

DOE Distributed Objects Everywhere (Sun)

DOMF Distributed Object Management Facility (Sun)

DR Dynamic Reconfiguration (Solaris, Sun)

DRP Dynamic Resource Pool (Solaris, Sun)

DVA Dynamic Vibration Absorber (CD, DVD, Samsung)

EDSAP Early Detection Sensor and Algorithm Package (Samsung)

EEM External Expansion Module (Sun)

EJB Enterprise Java Beans (Java, Sun, CORBA)

ESM External Storage Module (Sun)

EUS EntscheidungsUnterstützende Systeme

EUSUVP EntscheidungsUnterstützendes System UmweltVerträglichkeitsPrüfung (EUS, XPS, Uni Hamburg)

F2FS Flash-Friendly File System (Linux, Samsung, FS), "F2fs"

FSS Fair Share Scheduler (Solaris, Sun)

FTZ FernmeldeTechnische Zentralamt / Zulassung (DTAG, ZZF, Vorläufer)

GADK Global Application Developers Kit (Sun)

GDDR2 Graphics Double Data Rate 2 (SDRAM, IC, Samsung)

GPC Graphics Performance Characterization [committee] (Org., HP, IBM, DEC, SGI, Sun, ...)

GUIDE Graphical User Interface Design Editor (Sun)

HPCS High Productivity Computing System (DARPA, Cray, IBM, Sun, ...)

IAI Institut für Angewandte Informatik (Org.)

IBTA InfiniBand Trade Association (Org., IBM, HP, Compaq, Sun, Dell, MS, ...)

IEPA Individual Expert Participation Agreement (Sun)

J2EE Java 2 Enterprise Edition (Java, Sun)

J2ME Java 2 Micro Edition (Java, Sun)

J2SE Java 2 Standard Edition (Java, Sun)

JAE Java Application Environment (Java, Sun, JDK)

JASS Jumpstart Architecture and Security Scripts (Sun, Solaris)

JCK Java Compatibility Kit (Java, Sun)

JCP Java Community Process (Java, Sun)

JDBC Java standard DataBase Connectivity (DB, Java, Sun, Borland, ODBC, API)

JDK Java Development Kit (Sun, Java)

JDS2 Java Desktop System 2 (Sun, Linux, Java)

JEE Java Enterprise Edition (J2EE, Java, Sun)

JES Java Enterprise System (Sun, Java)

JSDK Java Servlet Development Kit (Java, Sun)

JSP Java Server Pages (Java, Sun, JSP)

KVM Kilobyte Virtual Machine (Java, Sun, MIDP)

LINCAT LINux Compatibility Assurance Toolkit (Linux, Sun, Solaris)

LWP Light Weight Process (Sun, OS)

MAE Macintosh Application Environment (Apple, Sun, HPUX)

MAJC Microprocessor Architecture for Java Computing [pronounced 'magic'] (Sun, Java)

MBUS Module BUS [standard] (Sun, SPARC), "MBus"

MDE Mobile DatenErfassung, "mDE"

MEGA MeßdatenErfassung und Graphische Auswertung

MIDPEG Mobile Information Device Profile Expert Group (Sun, AOL, Motorola, NEC, Nokia, Palm, Samsung, Sharp, ...)

MMAPI Mobile Media API (Java, Sun, JMF, API, JSR-135)

MOPRIA MObile PRinting Alliance (Org., Canon, HP, Samsung, Xerox)

MSP Media Signal Processor (Samsung, MMX, ARM)

NC Network Computer [reference profile] (Apple, IBM, Netscape, Oracle, Sun, Internet)

NEWS Networked Extensible Windowing System (Sun), "NeWS"

NFS Network File System (Sun, Unix, RFC 1094/1813/3010)

OAK Object Application Kernel (Java, Vorläufer, Sun)

OBD Online Bugs Database (Sun, DB)

OMG Object Management Group (IBM, HP, DEC, Tandem, Sun, Org.)

ONC Open Network Computing (Sun)

ONCXDR Open Network Computing eXternal Data Representation (Sun), "ONC XDR"

OSF Oppose Sun Forever [ aka Open Software Foundation] (Slang, Org.)

OSGI Open Services Gateway Initiative (Org., Motorola, Sun, DTAG, Siemens, Toshiba, ...) "OSGi"

PGML Precision Graphics Markup Language (XML, IBM, Netscape, Sun, Adobe, SVG)

PIN Processor Independent Netware (Novell, HP, DEC, Apple, Sun)

PMO Program Management Office (Sun, JCP)

PVA Patterned Vertical Alignment (LCD, Sun, Samsung, MVA)

PZE PersonalZeitErfassung

RPC Remote Procedure Call (Sun, Xerox, OSF, ECMA, RFC 1831)

RPCL Remote Procedure Call Language (ONC, Sun)

SAIT Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (Org., Samsung)

SBUS Sun [i/o interface] BUS (Sun, SPARC), "SBus"

SCC System Configuration Card (Sun)

SCDJWS Sun Certified Developer for Java Web Services (Sun, Java)

SCMAD Sun Certified Mobile Application Developer (Sun, Java, J2ME, JTWI)

SCS Sun Control Station (Sun)

SCSA Sun Common SCSI Architecture (Sun)

SCSL Sun Community Source License (Sun)

SCWCD Sun Certified Web Component Developer (Sun)

SDM Sun Download Manager (Sun)

SDRAM Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory (RAM, DRAM, IC, Intel, Samsung)

SISSL Sun Industry Standards Source License (Sun)

SKIP Simple Key-management for Internet Protocols (Internet, Verschlüsselung, Sun)

SMI Sun Microsystems Inc. (Hersteller)

SMT Staroffice Migration Toolkit (Sun)

SPARC Scalable Processor ARChitecture (Sun)

SPL Samsung Printer Language

SPL Sun Public License (Sun)

SRS Sun Ray Software (Sun)

SUG Sun User's Group (Org., Sun, User group)

SUGD Sun User's Group Deutschland (Sun, Org., User group)

SUNET Swedish University NETwork

SUNONE Sun Open Network Environment (Sun, ONE)

SUNOS SUN Operating System (Sun, OS, SPARC), "SunOS"

SUNVIEW SUN's Visual Integrated Environment for Workstations (Sun, GUI)

SWAN Sun Wide Area Network (Sun, WAN)

TCK Technology Compatibility Kit (JCP, Java, Sun)

TPRM Transaction Programmer's Reference Manual (Sun)

TSE Technical Support Engineer (Sun)

TSST Toshiba Samsung Storage Technologies (Hersteller)

UNIKOPS UNIversell KOnfigurierbare sicherheitslösung für cyber-Physikalische Systeme

UPA Ultra Port Architecture (Sun, SMP)

VDI Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (Sun)

VIS Virtual Instruction Set (Sun, CPU)

WRAM Window Random Access Memory (RAM, IC, Samsung, Matrox)

WSDP [Java] Web Services Developer Pack (WWW, XML, Java, Sun)

XDR eXternal Data Representation (ONC, RPCL, Sun, RFC 1832)

ZFS Zettabyte File System [veraltet/old term] (Sun, Solaris)

ZZF Zentralamt zur Zulassung von Fernmeldeeinrichtungen (Org., DTAG, Vorläufer, BZT)

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