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ADD Adapter Device Driver (OS/2)

AIM Alternate Input Method (OS/2)

BART Basic Application RunTime (OS/2, IBM)

CD Change Directory (DOS, Unix, OS/2)

CDFS Compact Disk File System (CD, OS/2, IBM)

DAPIE Developer API Extensions (IBM, OS/2, API)

DAX Developer API eXtension (OS/2, IBM, API)

DDNS Dynamic Domain Name Service (OS/2, IBM)

DMD Device Manager Driver (OS/2)

DPL Descriptor Privilege Level (OS/2, NT)

DSN Developer Support News (IBM, OS/2)

EA Extended Attribute (OS/2, Apple)

ECS EComStation (OS/2), "eCS"

ELF Executable and Linkable Format (Unix, OS/2)

ENDIVE Enhanced Direct Interface Video Extensions (OS/2, MMPM/2, IBM), "EnDIVE"

ES Extended Services (OS/2)

EXTRA EXecutionTRace Analyser (IBM, OS/2)

FFS Fallback Fault-tolerant Server (IBM, OS/2)

GA General Availability (OS/2)

GBM Generalised Bitmap Module (DLL, Windows, Linux, OS/2)

GDOUG Greater Detroit OS/2 User Group (Org., User group, OS/2, USA)

GRADD GRaphics Adapter Device Driver (OS/2, IBM)

HPFS High Performance FileSystem (OS/2)

HPOFS High Performance Optical File System (IBM, OS/2, MOD)

HUGO Holland User Group for OS/2 (Org., User group, OS/2, Niederlande)

IAK2 Internet Access Kit / 2 (IBM, OS/2), "IAK/2"

IDC Inter-Device Communication (IBM, OS/2)

IFS Installable File System (OS/2, DOS)

IPFC Information Presentation Facility Compiler (IBM, OS/2)

LA Limited Availability (IBM, OS/2)

LPEX Live Parsing eXtensible Editor (IBM, OS/2)

LX Linear eXecutable (OS/2)

MCP Merlin Convenience Pack (IDB, OS/2)

MD Make Directory (DOS, OS/2)

MLE MultiLine Entry field (IBM, OS/2)

MMPM2 MultiMedia Presentation Manager /2 (IBM, OS/2), "MMPM/2"

MPM2 MultiMedia Presentation Manager/2 (OS/2, IBM), "MPM/2"

MPTS2 Multi Protocol Transport Services / 2 (IBM, OS/2), "MPTN/2"

NLV National Language Version (IBM, OS/2, ...)

NVDM2 NetView Distribution Manager /2 (OS/2, IBM), "NVDM/2"

OCL OS/2 inside Class Library (OS/2)

OOL Open Objects Library (OS/2)

OS2 Operating System /2 (IBM, OS), "OS/2"

OSA Open Scripting Architecture (Apple, OS/2)

PCIXF Personal Computer Integrated eXchange Format (OS/2), "PC/IXF"

PEC Program Execution Control (IBM, OS/2)

PM Presentation Manager (OS/2)

RCS Remote Connection Service (IBM, OS/2, LAN)

RD Remove Directory (DOS, OS/2)

ROP Remote Operations Service (IBM, OS/2)

RSU Remote Software Update (IBDM, OS/2, ...)

SCB Subsystem Control Block (OS/2, IBM)

SE Standard / Special Edition (IBM, OS/2)

SIQ Single Input Queue (IBM, OS/2)

SPM2 System Performance Monitor /2 (IBM, OS/2), "SPM/2"

VDM Virtual DOS Machine (OS/2, Windows, NT, DOS)

VLM Volume Logical Module (IBM, OS/2)

VMB Virtual Machine Boot (IBM, OS/2)

VOICE Virtual OS/2 International Consumer Education (OS/2, User group, Org.)

WLO Windows Libraries for OS/2 (MS, IBM, API, OS/2, Windows)

WPS WorkPlace Shell (OS/2, IBM, Shell)

WSEB Warp Server E-Business (IBM, OS/2), "WSeb"

XBP XBase Parts (Xbase/2, OS/2, DB)

ZOC Zap-O-Comm (OS/2, DFÜ)

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