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A2DP Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (Bluetooth)

ACP Average CPU Power (CPU, TDP)

ADP Administrative Data Processing

ADP Advanced Data Processing

ADP Automatic Data Processing (ADP)

ADPCM Adaptive Delta Pulse Code Modulation

ADPE Automatic Data Processing Equipment (ADP)

ADPLO Automated Data Processing Liaison Office (ADP)

ADPS Automatic Data Processing System (ADP)

ADPT Automated Data Processing/Telecommunications (ADP), "ADP/T"

AFI Authority and Format Indicator (NSAP, IDP)

AMC Adaptive Modulation and Coding (UMTS, HSDPA, Mobile-Systems)

AMS Advanced Monitor System (OS, DEC, PDP 9, PDP 15)

APDPR Advanced PDF Password Recovery (PDF)

ARPDP Association of Rehabilitation Programs in Data Processing (Org., USA)

ATDP ATtention Dial Pulse (MODEM)

BDPA Blu-ray Disk Pure Audio (Universal, BD, Audio)

BDPP Biometric Device Protection Profile (UK, CESG)

BMDP Bio-Medical Data Package

BMS Basic Monitor System (OS, DEC, PDP 9, PDP 15)

CDP Chrome Debugging Protocol

CDPC Cellular Digital Packet Data

CDPD Cellular Digital Packet Data (Mobile-Systems)

CDPN Context Dependent Path Names (CDSL, NFS, GFS)

CDSL Context Dependent Symbolic Links (CDPN, NFS, GFS)

CE Connection Endpoint (UNI)

CEI Connection Endpoint Identifier (UNI)

CEPD Comité Européen de la Protection des Données (Org.)

CMIP Common Management Information Protocol (OSI, ISO, DP 9506, X.700)

COS Commercial Operating System (OS, DEC, PDP 11)

CPDP Cellular Digital Packet Data

DAD Desktop Application Director (WordPerfect)

DAD Duplicate Address Detection (NDP, IPv6)

DCBX Data Center Bridging eXchange (LLDP, DCB)

DCHSDPA Dual Cell High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA, Mobile-Systems), "DC-HSDPA"

DCTCP Data Center Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), "DP TCP"

DDP Datagram Delivery Protocol (AppleTalk)

DDP Distributed Data Processing

DIP Density-Independent Pixel (DP, SIP, SP)

DOS15 Disk Operating System - 15 (OS, DEC, PDP 15), "DOS-15"

DP [RAID] Double Parity (RAID, Network Appliance, HP)

DP Data Processing

DP Density-independent Pixel (DIP, SIP, SP)

DP Detection Point (IN)

DP Draft Proposal (ISO)

DPA Distributed Password Authentication

DPB Drive Parameter Block (DOS, BIOS, FDD, HDD)

DPBO Downstream Power Back Off (DSLAM)

DPC Data Protection Commissioner

DPC Database Promotion Center (Org., Japan, DB)

DPC Deferred Procedure Call (MS, Windows)

DPC DIMM Per Channel (DIMM)

DPC Dots Per Centimeter (DPI)

DPCL [Linux] Dynamic Probe Class Library (Linux)

DPCM Differential Pulse Code Modulation (PCM)

DPCX Distributed Processing Control eXecutive (IBM)

DPD Dead Peer Detection (Internet, Firewall)

DPD Differential Phase Detection

DPE Distributed Processing Environment (IN)

DPF Discrete Packet Format (Exabyte, VXA, Streamer)

DPG Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft (Org.)

DPI [SNMP] Distributed Program Interface (SNMP, RFC 1228)

DPI [SNMP] Distributed Protocol Interface (SNMP, RFC 1592)

DPI Data Processing Installation

DPI Deep Packet Inspection (TCP/IP, UDP)

DPI Dots Per Inch (DPC)

DPL Debian Project Leader (Linux, Debian)

DPL Descriptor Privilege Level (OS/2, NT)

DPM Defects Per Million

DPM Dynamic Power Management (AMD, GPU)

DPMA Data Processing Management Association (Org.)

DPMA Demand Priority Access Method

DPMI DOS Protected Mode Interface (DOS, MS, Intel)

DPMS Display Power Management Signalling [standard] (VESA)

DPMS DOS Protected Mode Services (Novell, DOS)

DPN Data Packet Network (Nortel)

DPN Data Processing Node (MODEM)

DPN Deutsches Provider Network (ISP)

DPNPH Data Packet Network-Packet Handler, "DPN-PH"

DPNSS Digital Private Network Signaling System (British Telecom)


DPOF Digital / Direct Print Order Format (Drucker)

DPP Data Parallel Processor (ATI)

DPP Distributed Parallel Processing

DPQ Data Processing Quality

DPRL Digital Property Rights Language (Xerox)

DPS Display PostScript (NeXT, GUI, NextStep, DPS)

DPS Distributed Path Selection (FC)

DPS Dual Power System (Gigabyte)

DPSE Display PostScript Engine (DPS, NextStep, OpenStep, Apple, Rhapsody)

DPSK Differential Phase Shift Keying (DFÜ)

DPT Distributed Processing Technology (Hersteller)

DPT Drive Parameter Table

DPT Dynamic Packet Transport (Cisco)

DPV DatenPaketVermittlung[srechner]

DPV Delegated Path Validation (Verschlüsselung)

DPWS Devices Profile for Web Services (WWW)

DS Directory Service (OSI, ISO, DP 9594)

DTLS Datagram Transport Layer Security (UDP)

EDP Electronic Data Processing

EDP Embedded DisplayPort, "eDP"

EDP Enhanced Dot Pitch (Hitachi)

EDPB European Data Protection Board (Org.)

EDPS Electronic Data Processing System

EDPS European Data Protection Supervisor, http://www.edps.eu.int

EDR Endpoint Detection and Response

EDSA Europäischer DatenSchutzAusschuss (Org.)

EE Energy Efficient (AMD, TDP)

FRC Frame Rate Control (PDP)

GDPDU Grundsätze zum Datenzugriff und zur Prüfbarkeit Digitaler Unterlagen (BMF), "GDPdU"

GDPR General Data Protection Regulation

GDPS Geographically Dispersed Parallel Sysplex

HFPA High Fidelity Pure Audio (Universal, BD, Audio, BDPA)

HSDPA High Speed Downlink Packet Access (UMTS, HSUPA, Mobile-Systems)

HSPA High Speed Packet Access (UMTS, HSDPA, HSUPA, Mobile-Systems)

HSUPA High Speed Uplink Packet Access (UMTS, HSDPA)

IDI Initial Domain Identifier (NSAP, IDP)

IDP Initial Domain Part (NSAP)

IDP Internal DisplayPort, "iDP"

IDP Internet Datagram Protocol (XNS)

IDP Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDS)

IRDP ICMP Router Discovery Protocol (ICMP, RFC 1256)

JSTL JSP Standard Tag Library (Java, JSP, WSDP)

KVM Kilobyte Virtual Machine (Java, Sun, MIDP)

LDP Label Distribution Protocol (IETF, RFC 3036, MPLS)

LDP Linux Documentation Project (Linux)

LDP Loader Debugger Protocol (RFC 909)

LDPC Low Density Parity Check Codes (WIMAX, 802.16e)

LFT Layer Four Traceroute (IP, TCP, UDP)

LLMNR Link-Local Multicast Name Resolution (IP, TCP, UDP)

LPDP Line Printer DAEMON Protocol (RFC 1179)

LSP Layered Service Provider (MS, Windows, TCP, UDP, NetBIOS)

MIDP Mobile Information Device Profile (J2ME, Java, JSR-118)

MIDPEG Mobile Information Device Profile Expert Group (Sun, AOL, Motorola, NEC, Nokia, Palm, Samsung, Sharp, ...)

MRIB Multicast RPF Routing Information Base (RPF, Multicast, PIM, MSDP)

MSDP Multicast Source Discovery Protocol (Internet, PIM-SM, Multicast, RFC 3618)

MYDP MobilitY DisplayPort, "MyDP"

NCE Nomadic Computing Environment (Tadpole)

NDP Neighbor Discovery Protocol (RFC 2462)

NDP Numeric Data Processor

NDPA Network Problem Determination Application

NEA Network Endpoint Assessment

OBEX OBject EXchange (WordPerfect)

ODP Octal-Die-Package

ODP Open Directory Project (WWW, Netscape)

ODP Open Distributed Processing (ISO)

ODP OverDrive Processor (Intel)

ODPR OverDrive Processor Replacement (Intel)

OIDP Oracle Internet Development Pack (Oracle, Internet)

OS8 Operating System /8 (OS, DEC, PDP 8), "OS/8"

PDP Parallel Distributed Processing (AI)

PDP Peripheral Data Processing

PDP Plasma Display Panel

PDP Programmable Data Processor (DEC)

QCDP Quality Color Dithering Modus

QDP Quad-Die -Package

QUIC Quick UDP Internet Connections (UDP, Google)

RDP Reliable Datagram Protocol

RDP Remote Desktop Protocol (MS)

RDP Remote Display Protocol (MS, Windows, NT, ASP)

RMODP Reference Model - Open Distributed Processing (RUP), "RM-ODP"

ROHC RObust Header Compression (RFC 3095/3759, RTP, UDP, ESP)

RPF Rendezvous Point Forwarding (PIM, MSDP, Multicast, RP)

RSDP Root System Description Pointer (ACPI)

RSX11 Resource Sharing eXecutive - 11 (DEC, OS, PDP 11), "RSX-11"

RTSP Real Time Streaming Protocol (TV, WWW, UDP, TCP/IP, RDP, Multicast, VoIP, RFC 2326)

SA Source Active (PIM, MSDP, Multicast)

SDP Scenario Design Power (TDP)

SDP Service Delivery Point

SDP Service Discovery Profile (Bluetooth)

SDP Session Description Protocol (RFC 2327)

SDP Shared Development Process (MS)

SDP Software Development Plan

SDP Specialized Data Point (IN)

SDP Streaming Data Procedure

SEP Symantec Endpoint Protection

SIP Scale-Independent Pixel (SP, DIP, DP)

SP Scale-independent Pixel (SIP, DIP, DP)

SSDP Simple Service Discovery Protocol (UPnP, UDP)

STEP STandard for the External representation / Exchange of Product data definition (ISO, DP 10303, CAD)

STUN Simple Traversal of UDP through NAT (SIP, UDP, NAT, VoIP)

TCPLDP TCP extensions for Long Delay Paths (RFC 1072, TCP)

TDP Telocator Data Protocol (PCIA, SMS, USA)

TDP Thermal Design Power (CPU, ACP, SDP)

TDP Triton Data Path (Intel, Triton, IC)

TE Terminal Endpoint (ISDN)

TFTP Trivial File Transfer Protocol (UDP, RFC 1350/1782/1783/1784/1785)

TLDP The Linux Documentation Project (Linux)

TUBA TCP and UDP with Bigger Addresses (TCP, UDP, RFC 1347)

UADPS Uniform Automatic Data Processing System

UDP Usenet Death Penalty (Usenet, Spam)

UDP User Datagram Protocol (Internet, RFC 768)

UDPIP User Datagram Protocol / Internet Protocol (IP), "UDP/IP"

VDPAU Video Decode and Presentation API for Unix (Nvidia, API)

WDP WatchDog Process

WSDP [Java] Web Services Developer Pack (WWW, XML, Java, Sun)

XDP eXpress Data Path (BPF, Linux)

XNSCP [PPP] XNS IDP Control Protocol (RFC 1764, Xerox, XNS, PPP, XNS, IDP)

XNSIDP Xerox Network Services - Internet Datagram Protocol (Xerox, Internet, XNS), "XNS-IDP"

ZDPMS Zero Delay Power Monitoring System (Enermax)

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