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AAAI American Association for Artificial Intelligence (Org., AI, USA)

AC97 Audio CODEC 97 (Intel, CODEC)

ACAT Assistive Context-Aware Toolkit (Intel)

ACIA Associació Catalana d'Intelligència Artificial (Org., Spanien, AI)

ACPI Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (Intel, MS, Toshiba, ACPI, OSPM, BIOS)

ACPICA Advanced Configuration and Power Interface - Component Architecture (ACPI, Intel), "ACPI-CA"

AEPIA Asociación Española Para la Inteligencia Artificial (Org., Spanien, AI)

AGP Advanced / Accelerated Graphics Port (Intel, MMX, AGP)

AI Artificial Intelligence

AIAF Artificial Intelligence AutoFocus (AI, Canon)

AIBO Artificial Intelligence roBOt (Sony, AI)

AIC [SRI] Artificial Intelligence Center (SRI, AI)

AIIA Associazione Italiana per l'Intelligenza Artificiale (Org., Italien, AI)

AIN Advanced Intelligent Network (IN)

AIRTC [international symposium on] Artificial Intelligence in Real-Time Control (IFAC, IFIP, IMACS, Conference)

AIS Autonomous Intelligent System

AISIG [south australian] Artificial Intelligence Special Interest Group (Org., Australien, AI)

AIT Advanced Intelligent Tape (Sony, Streamer)

AMR Audio MODEM Riser [slot] (Intel)

AMT Active Management Technology (Intel)

AOL Alert On LAN (LAN, Intel, IBM, BIOS), "AoL"

APIC Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller (Intel, PIC)

ARAT Always Running APIC Timer (Intel, APIC)

ASIM Arbeitskreis Simulation und Künstliche Intelligenz (Org., GI)

ASL Annotated Source Listing (Intel)

ATCA Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture (Intel, PICMG)

AUAI Association for Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence (Org., AI)

AVX Advanced Vector eXtensions (CPU, Intel)

BAPCO Business Application Performance COrporation (Benchmark, Org., Compaq, Dell, HP, IBM, MS, Lotus, Intel, ...) "BAPCo"

BF Bus Fraction [pin] (Intel, Pentium, CPU)

BIG Bionet Intelligent Gateway (BioData)

BITS Background Intelligent Transfer Service (MS, Windows)

BL Blue Lightning [processor family] (Intel)

BLAS Basic Linear Algebra Subroutines (Intel, API)

BLW Bus Locked Write (Intel, CPU)

BP Base Pointer [register] (CPU, Intel, Assembler)

BPU Branch Prediction Unit (CPU, MMX, Intel)

BRIL Bus Read Invalidate Line (Intel, CPU, BWIL)

BRL Bus Read Line (Intel, CPU, BWL)

BTS Branch Tree Store (Intel, CPU)

BWIL Bus Write Invalidate Line (Intel, CPU, BRIL)

BWL Bus Write Line (IIntel, CPU, BRL)

C3I Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence (Mil., USA)

C3IIS Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence Information Systems (Mil., USA), "C3I/IS"

C4I Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (Mil., USA)

CACTIS Community Automated Counter-Terrorism Intelligence System (Mil., USA)

CAS Communicating Applications Specification (FAX, Intel, DCA)

CIB Collective Intelligent Brick (IBM, HDD)

CIRAS (Conference on] Computational Intelligence, Robotics and Autonomous Systems )

CISRAM Cybernetics & Intelligent Systems - Robotics, Automation & Mechatronics (IEEE, conference) "CIS-RAM"

COAST Cache On A STick (Intel)

CS Code Segment [register] (CPU, Intel, Assembler)

CSA Communication Streaming Architecture (Intel, MCH, DNB)

CSCSI Canadian Society for the Computational Studies of Intelligence (Org., Kanada, AI)

CSDC Code Segment Descriptor Cache [register] (CS, Intel, CPU)

CSI Common System Interface (Intel, Xeon)

CT Clackamas Technology (Intel, Pentium, CPU)

DAAL Data Analytic Acceleration Library (Intel)

DAI Distributed Artificial Intelligence (AI)

DBS Demand-Based Switching (Intel, Xeon)

DCC Desktop Control Center (Intel)

DCI Display Control Interface (MS, Windows, Intel)

DFKI Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz (Org., KI, AI)

DI Destination Index [register] (CPU, Intel, Assembler)

DIX DEC, Intel, Xerox (Ethernet, DEC, Intel, Xerox)

DNB Dedicated Network Bus (Intel, MCH, CSA)

DPMI DOS Protected Mode Interface (DOS, MS, Intel)

DS Data Segment [register] (CPU, Intel, Assembler)

DSDC Data Segment Descriptor Cache [register] (DS, Intel, CPU)

DTMF DeskTop Management task Force (Intel)

DTS Digital Thermal Sensor (Intel, IC, CPU)

DVI Digital Video Interactive [veraltet/old term] (LCD, Intel, IBM, Lotus, HP, Compaq, ...)

DVID Dynamic - Voltage IDentification (Intel, CPU), "D-VID"

DVMT Dynamic Video Memory Technology (Intel)

ECAI European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (Conference, AI, ECCAI, Europe)

ECCAI European Coordinating Committee for Artificial Intelligence (Org., AI, Europa)

EFI Extended Firmware Interface (Intel, MS)

EFI Extensible Firmware Interface [veraltet/old term] (Intel, Itanium, MS)

EGA Enterprsie Grid Alliance (Org., grid, EMC, FSC, HP, Intel, Oracle, ...)

EHCI Enhanced Host Controller Interface (USB, Intel)

EIP Extended Instruction Pointer [register] (CPU, Intel, Assembler)

EIST Enhanced Intel Speedstep Technology (Intel, Pentium)

EM64T Extended Memory [64] Technology (Intel)

EMS Expanded Memory Specification (DOS, Intel)

EPIC Explicit Parallelism Instruction Computing (Intel, CPU, VLIW)

EPP Enhanced Parallel Port / Protocol (Intel, Zenith, Xircom, IEEE 1284)

ES Extra Segment [register] (CPU, Intel, Assembler)

ESDC Extra Segment Descriptor Cache [register] (ES, Intel, CPU)

ETAI Electronic Transactions on Artificial Intelligence (AI)

FAIS Finnish Artificial Intelligence Society (Org., Finnland, AI)

FIPA Foundation for Intelligent Physical Agents (Org., Agents)

FIRE Flexible Intelligent Routing Engine (3Com)

FMM Flash Memory Manager (Intel)

FWH FirmWare Hub (BIOS, Intel)

GDTRC Global Descriptor Table Register Cache (GDT, Intel, CPU)

GGF Global Grid Forum (Org., grid, EMC, FSC, HP, Intel, Oracle, ...)

GMCH Graphics and Memory Controller Hub (Intel, ICH)

GTL Gunning Tranceiver Logic+ [bus] (Intel, SMP), "GTL+"

GUILE GNU's Ubiquitous Intelligent Language for Extension (GNU)

GWAI German Workshop on Artificial Intelligence (Conference, AI)

HDA High Definition Audio (Intel, Audio)

HMMP HyperMedia Management Protocol (MS, Intel, Cisco, WWW, HMMS)

HMMS HyperMedia Management Schema (MS, Intel, Cisco, WWW)

HPET High Precision Event Timer (IC, Intel, MS)

HT Hyper-Threading (Intel, Pentium, SMT, CPU)

I2O Intelligent Input/Output (Intel)

I2O Intelligent Input/Output [bus]

IA32 Intel Architecture - 32 [BIT] (Intel, BIT), "IA-32"

IA32E Intel Architecture - 32 [BIT] Enhanced (Intel, IA32), "IA32e"

IA64 Intel Architecture - 64 [BIT] (Intel, BIT), "IA-64"

IAA Intel Application Accelerator

IAAIL International Association for Artificial Intelligence and Law (Org., AI)

IAL Intel Architecture Labs (Intel)

IAMT Intel Active Management Technology (Intel), "iAMT"

IANS Intel Advanced Networking Services, "iANS"

IAPC Instantly Available Personal Computer (Intel, PC)

IAPC Intel Architecture Personal Computer (PC, Intel), "IA-PC"

IBA Infini-Band Architecture (Intel, Infiniband)

IBASES Intel Baseline AGP System Evaluation Suite (AGP, Intel)

IBCS2 Intel Binary Compatibilty Specification 2 [emulator], "iBCS2"

ICA Intelligent Communication Adapter (Banyan, VINES)

ICC Intelligent Communications Control

ICCIMA International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Multimedia Applications (AI, Conference)

ICH I/O Controller Hub [aka Southbridge] (Intel, I/O, GMCH)

ICH Intelligent Connection Handling (BIG)

ICMB Intelligent Chassis Management Bus (IPMI)

ICP Intelligent Computer Peripherals (Hersteller)

ICR Intelligent Character Recognition

ICSC Intelligent Channel/Storage Control, "IC/SC"

IDF Intel Developer Forum (Intel, Conference)

IDS Intelligent Decision Server (IBM)

IDTRC Interrupt Descriptor Table Register Cache (IDT, CPU, Intel)

IEAAIE [international conference on] Industrial and Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Expert systems (Conference, ISAI, ..., AI), "IEA/AIE"

IED Intelligent Electronic Device

IES Intelligent Emulation Switching (Epson)

IFIOM Intelligent FDDI Input Output Module (SMC, ES/1, FDDI)

IFS Intelligent Fax System (Ricoh)

IIS Intelligence Information System (Mil.)

IITC Ingress Intel Total Conversion

IJCAI International Joint Committee / Conference on Artificial Intelligence (Conference, Org., AI)

ILS Intelligente LernSysteme

IMAIL Intelligent MAIL

IMB Intel Media Bench

IMLE Intelligent Mechatronic Solution Elements (Uni Paderborn)

IMS Intelligent Manufacturing System (MITI)

IMSO Integrated Micro Systems Operation (Intel)

IMTC International Multimedia Teleconferencing Consortium (Org., MS, Intel, Apple, IBM, SNI, AT&T, ...)

IMVP Intel Mobile Voltage Positioning (Intel)

IN Intelligent Network (ITU-T, Q.1200)

INA Intelligent Network Architecture (IN)

INAP Intelligent Network Application Part / Protocol (IN, SS7)

INCM Intelligent Network Conceptual Model (IN)

INDE Integrated Native Developer Experience (Intel)

INTEL INtegriertes TEileLogistiksystem (MBAG)

IOAT Input/Output Acceleration Technology (Intel, Xeon), "I/OAT"

IOPLL IO Phase Lock Loop (IO, Intel, CPU)

IP Instruction Pointer [register] (CPU, Intel, Assembler)

IP Intellectual Property

IP Intelligent Peripheral (IN)

IP Intelligent Peripheral

IPD Intelligent Printer Data

IPDS Intelligent Printer Data Stream (IBM, CCS)

IPI Intelligent Peripheral Interface [protocol]

IPMB Intelligent Platform Management Bus (IPMI, BMC)

IPMI Intelligent Platform Management Interface (Intel, HP, DELL)

IPP Intel Primitive Performance [library] (Intel)

IPU Intelligent Processing Unit

IRIS Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Systems (Org., Canada)

IRMX Intel Real time Multitasking eXecutive (OS, Intel), "iRMX"

ISC Intelligent Screen Cognition

ISIS Integrated Systems and Information Services (OS, Intel)

ISM Intel Server Management (Intel)

ISSE Internet Streaming SIMD Extension (Intel, Pentium, Katmai, SIMD)

IST Intelligent Transportation System

IWS Intelligent Work-Station

JSAI Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence (Org., Japan)

JWICS Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System (Mil.)

KI Künstliche Intelligenz

KIT Kernel software for Intelligent Terminals (T-Online, DTAG, BTX)

KNI Katmai New Instructions (Intel, ISSE, Vorläufer)

LBR Last Branch Recording (Intel, CPU, IC)

LDT Local Descriptor Table (CPU, Intel)

LDTR Load Descriptor Table Register (CPU, Intel, Assembler, IC)

LDTRC Local Descriptor Table Register Cache (LDT, Intel, CPU)

LER Last Exception Record (MSR, Intel, CPU)

LIM Lotus - Intel - Microsoft (Hersteller)

LIMEMS Lotus - Intel - Microsoft Expanded Memory Specification (Lotus, Intel, MS, EMS), "LIM EMS"

LKI Labor für Künstliche Intelligenz (Org., KI, Hamburg)

LPAR [conference on] Logic for Programming, Artificial intelligence and Reasoning (AI, conference)

LRBni Larrabee New Instructions (Intel)

LT Lagrande Technology (Intel, Pentium, CPU)

MCE Machine Check Exception (Intel, CPU)

MCH Memory Controller Hub [aka Northbridge] (Intel)

MCP Multiple-Chip Product (Intel)

MET Micro Exposure Tool (Intel, EUV)

MIS Micro Instruction Sequencer (Intel, CPU)

MLC Multi Level Cell (IC, PCMCIA, Flash, Intel, SLC)

MMX MultiMedia eXtensions (Intel, CPU)

MOB Memory Ordering Buffer (Intel, CPU)

MPS MultiProcessor Specification (SMP, Intel)

MRH Memory Repeater Hub (Intel)

MRM Multi Resolution Meshes (Intel, 3D)

MROMB Modular RAID On MotherBoard (Intel, RAID, ZCR), "MRO MB"

MSR Model Specific Register (Intel, Pentium, IC)

MTH Memory Translator Hub (Intel)

NBS Narrow Band Socket (Intel, Nokia)

NEM No-Eviction Mode (Intel, HT, CPU)

NGFF Next Generation Form Factor (Intel)

NGIO Next Generation Input / Output (I/O, Intel)

NSFIP NextStep Für IntelProzessoren, "NSfIP"

NSP Native Signal Processing (Intel, CPU)

NUC Next Unit of Computing (Intel)

OAA Open Arcade Architecture (Intel)

ODP OverDrive Processor (Intel)

ODPR OverDrive Processor Replacement (Intel)

OII Operations-Intelligence Interface (Mil.)

OOO Out Of Order [execution] (Intel, Pentium, CPU)

ORAIS Opportunities and Risks of Artificial Intelligent Systems (Conference, GI)

PAC PCI AGP Controller (Intel, IC, PCI, AGP)

PAE Physical Address Extension (Intel, Pentium, PAE)

PAT Performance Acceleration Technique (Intel, MCH)

PAX Pixel Addressing eXtensions (Intel, RISC, CPU)

PEBS Precise Event Based Sampling (Intel, CPU)

PECI Platform Environmental Control Interface (Intel)

PEG PCI Express for Graphics (PCIe, Intel)

PGO Profile Guided Optimization (Intel)

PIC Personal Intelligent Communicator

PIIX PCI IDE/ISA eXcelerator (Intel, IC, PCI, IDE, ISA)

PLV Presentation Level Video (DVI, Intel)

PM Protected Mode (Intel, CPU)

PNI Prescott New Instruction set (Intel, Pentium)

PRAM Phase-change Random Access Memory (RAM, IC, Intel)

PRF Physical Ref file (CPU, Intel)

PSB Processor System Bus (Intel, FSB)

PSI Power Status Indicator (Intel, CPU)

PSIPU PostScript - Intelligent Processing Unit (Canon, Adobe, CLC), "PS-IPU"

PXE Preboot eXecution Environment (Intel)

RAIDIOS RAID I/O Steering (Intel, RAID)

RAT Register Allocation Table (Intel, CPU)

RIG Rochester Intelligent Gateway (OS)

RSX Realistic Sound eXperience (Intel, Audio)

RSX3D Realistic Sound eXperience - 3D (Intel, Audio, VRML), "RSX-3D"

SAFTE SCSI Accessed Fault-Tolerant Enclose (SCSI, RAID, Intel, NStor), "SAF-TE"

SAIL Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory [language] (USA, AI)

SAIT Super Advanced Intelligent Tape (Sony, AIT, Streamer), "S-AIT"

SCAI Scandinavian Conference on Artificial Intelligence (Conference, FAIS, AI)

SCEIO Société Canadienne pour l'Étude de l'Intelligence par Ordinateur (Org., Kanada, AI)

SDRAM Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory (RAM, DRAM, IC, Intel, Samsung)

SHV Standard High Volume [motherboard] (SMP, Intel)

SI Source Index [register] (CPU, Intel, Assembler)

SIGART [ACM] Special Interest Group on ARTificial intelligence (Org., ACM, AI)

SLFP Shared Frame Buffer Interconnect (ATI, Intel)

SMB Server Message Block [protocol] (IBM, Intel, MS)

SMBA Shared Memory Buffer Architecture (Intel)

SMD System Management Bus ??? (Intel)

SMEP Supervisory Mode Execution Prevention (AMT, Intel)

SP Stack Pointer [register] (CPU, Intel, Assembler)

SPICE Scalable Parallel Intelligent Communications Engine

SPP Scalable Parallel Processing (Intel)

SS Stack Segment [register] (CPU, Intel, Assembler)

SSDC Stack Segment Descriptor Cache [register] (SS, Intel, CPU)

SSE Streaming SIMD Extensions (Intel, Pentium, SIMD)

TAAI Taiwanese Association for Artificial Intelligence (Org., Taiwan, AI)

TAPI Telephony Application Program Interface (Intel, MS, WOSA, CTI)

TCG Trusted Computing Group (Org., DRM, AMD, HP, IBM, Intel, MS, ...)

TDP Triton Data Path (Intel, Triton, IC)

TEC Trace Execution Cache (Intel, Pentium, CPU)

TR Task Register (CPU, Intel, Assembler, IC)

TRIPS Trade Related aspects of Intellectual Property rightS (GATT)

TSC Time Stamp Counter (IC, Intel, Pentium)

TSC Triton System Controller (Intel, Triton, IC)

TSS Task State Segment (Intel)

UHCI Universal Host Controller Interface (USB, Intel, VIA, OHCI)

UMA Upper Memory Area (Intel)

UMB Upper Memory Block (Intel, UMA)

USB Universal Serial Bus (Intel, USB)

VAAPI Video Acceleration API (Intel)

VCPI Virtual Control Program Interface (DOS, Intel)

VDI Video Device Interface (Intel)

VI Virtual Interface (Compaq, Intel, MS, Infiniband)

VIF Virtual Interrupt Flag (Intel, CPU)

VISYON Variables Intelligentes Synchrones Optisches Netz (SNI, SDH)

VKI Verteilte Künstliche Intelligenz (KI, DAI)

VT Vanderpool Technology (Intel, Pentium, CPU)

WBEM Web Based Enterprise Management [protocol] (DMTF, CIM, XML, HTTP, BMC, Cisco, Compaq, Intel, MS)

WBI Web Browser Intelligence (WWW, IBM)

WFM Wired For Management (Intel, IBM, BIOS), "WfM"

WIDI WIreless DIsplay (Intel), "WiDi"

WIPO World Intellectual Property Organization (Org.)

WISH Wireless Intelligent Stream Handling (W-LAN)

XD eXecute Disable (Intel)

XE eXtreme Edition (Intel, Pentium)

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