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3GIP 3rd Generation . Internet Protocol (Org., IP, GPRS, WLAN, Mobile-Systems), "3G.IP"

7E1 7 [bits], Even [parity], 1 [stop bit] (MODEM, BIT)

8N1 8 [bits], No [parity bit], 1 [stop bit] (MODEM, BIT)

8PSK 8 Phase Shift Keying (EDGE, Mobile-Systems)

8VSB 8-Vestigial Side Band, "8-VSB"

A2DP Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (Bluetooth)

AAAAA Anonym Association Against Acronym Abuse (DFÜ-Slang)

AAIS Allied command europe ACCIS Implementation Strategy (ACCIS, NATO, Mil.)

AAL Ambient Assisted Living

AAM Automatic Acoustic Management (ATA, HDD)

AAMSI American Association for Medical Systems Informatics (Org., USA)

AAP Address Allocation Protocol (Multicast)

ABATS Automatic Bit Access Test System (BIT)

ABBS Apple Bulletin Board System (Apple)

ABCD Altavista Business Card Directory (WWW)

ABI Aktionsbündnis für Barrierefreie Informaionstechnik (Org., Deutschland)

ABIOS Advanced Basic Input Output System (IBM)

ABIST Automatic Built In Self Test (IBM)

ABS Apple Business Systems (Apple)

ACAT Assistive Context-Aware Toolkit (Intel)

ACCIS Automated Command and Control Information System (Mil., USA)

ACCS Army Command and Control System (Mil., USA)

ACD Automated Call Distribution (CTI)

ACE Advanced Computing Environment (Hersteller)

ACES APEC Cooperation for Earthquake Simulation (Org., Australia, China, Japan, USA)

ACH Association for Computers and the Humanities (Org., USA)

ACID Atomicity - Consistency - Isolation - Durability (DB, TP)

ACIS American Committee for Interoperable Systems (Org., USA)

ACL Access Control List (DCE, DFS, NDS, AD)

ACL Association for Computational Linguistics (Org., USA)

ACLF Access Control List Facility (DCE)

ACM Abstract Control Model (USB, MS, Windows)

ACMC Australian CEFACT Management Committee (Australien, Org., CEFACT)

ACMS Application Control Management System

ACNS Application and Content Networking System (Cisco)

ACOPS Automatic CPU Overheating Prevention System (GigaByte) "A-COPS"

ACR Attenuation to Crosstalk Ratio (Kabel)

ACS Access Control System (DISA)

ACS Advanced Communications System

ACS Architekten, Computer, Systeme (Messe)

ACS Australian Computer Science

ACS Australian Computer Society (Org., Australien)

ACSI Advanced/Atari Computer System Interface (Atari)

ACSMIB ATM Circuit Steering Management Information Base (ATM, MIB), "ACS-MIB"

ACSS Aural Cascading Style Sheets (CSS, HTML, WWW)

ACT Application Compatibility Toolkit (MS, Windows, Vista)

ACUTA Association of College and University Telecommunication Administrators (Org., USA)

ACUTE Airbus Cockpit Universal Thrust Emulator (Airbus, A380)

AD Authorized Distributor (DEC)

ADAC Active Directory Administrative Center (AD)

ADBS Advanced Data Broadcasting System (DirecPC)

ADC Apple Distribution Center (Apple)

ADDDC Automatic Direct Distance Dialing System

ADEPT Administrative Data Entry for Processing Transmission (Mil., USA)

ADES Automatic Digital Encoding System

ADMA Area Division Multiple Access (Mobile-Systems)

ADMD ADministration Management Domain (X.400)

ADMF ADMinistration Function (UMTS)

ADONIS ADvanced On-Screen Information System, "AdonIS"

ADP Administrative Data Processing

ADPS Automatic Data Processing System (ADP)

ADR Advanced Digital Recording (Streamer, Philips, OnStream)

ADR Automated Distance Regulation (Auto)

ADS Advanced Digital System

ADS Application Development System

ADS Automatic Distribution System

ADS Automatic Documenting System (LAN)

ADS Auxiliary Data System

ADSIA Allied Data Systems Interoperability Agency (Org., NATO, Mil.)

ADSP Appletalk Data Stream Protocol (Apple, AppleTalk)

ADSR Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release [generator] (VCA, Audio)

ADT Abstract Data Type

ADT Atlantic Daylight Time [-0300] (TZ, AST)

ADUA Administrative Directory User Agent

ADV staatliche Akademie für DatenVerarbeitung (Org., Uni Böblingen)

ADVS Automatisiertes DatenVerarbeitungsSystem

AECBF Acoustic Echo Cancellation / Beam Forming (Audio), "AEC/BF"

AEGIS Advanced Electronic Guidance and Instrumentation System

AEL Asterisk Extension Language (VoIP)

AERO Authentic, Energetic, Reflective, Open (MS, Windows, Vista, GUI)

AES Advanced Encryption Standard (Verschlüsselung)

AESEBU Auto Engineering Society/European Broadcasting Union (Digital Audio), "AES/EBU"

AFD Automatic File Distribution

AFDX Avionics Full DupleX switched ethernet system (Airbus, A380, Ethernet)

AFIS AutomatisiertesFingerabdruck-InformationsSystem (INPOL)

AFPDS Advanced Function Printing Data Stream (IBM)

AFS Andrew File System (IBM, Unix)

AGAST Adventure Game Authoring SysTem

AGCH Access Grant CHannel (GSM, CCCH, Mobile-Systems)

AGI Asterisk Gateway Interface (VoIP)

AGNULA A GNU/Linux Audio distribution (GNU, Linux, Europe)

AGPS Advanced / Assisted Global Positioning System (GPS), "A-GPS"

AHCI Advanced Host Controller Interface (SATA)

AHFG ATM-attached Host Functional Group (ATM, MPOA)

AI Adobe Illustrator (Adobe)

AIDS Automatic Installation and Diagnostic Service

AIGLX Accelerated Indirect OpenGL extension for the X window system (GLX, X-Windows)

AIK Attestation Identity Key (TCPA)

AIM AOL Instant Messenger [protocol] (AOL, IM)

AIP Associazione Informatici Professionisti (Org., Italien)

AIS Application Information Service (MS, Windows, Vista)

AIS Applied Information Sciences (Hersteller)

AIS Applied Information Systems (Hersteller)

AIS Automated Information System

AIS Autonomous Intelligent System

AISIG [south australian] Artificial Intelligence Special Interest Group (Org., Australien, AI)

AISP Association of Information Systems Professionals (Org., USA)

AISSO Automated Information Systems Security Officer (Mil., USA)

AIST Agency of Industrial Science and Technology (Org., Japan)

AIT Advanced Intelligent Tape (Sony, Streamer)

AIT Angewandte InformationsTechnik [verlags gmbh] (Hersteller)

AITEC [research institute for] Advanced Information TEChnology (Org., Japan)

AIUI As I Understand It (DFÜ-Slang, Usenet, IRC)

AIXESA Advanced Interactive eXecutive/Enterprise Systems Architecture (IBM, AIX), "AIX/ESA"

AJBS Association of Japanese Business Studies (Org., Japan)

AK Application Kit (NextStep, OpenStep, Apple, Rhapsody)

AKI Arbeitsgemeinschaft der deutschen KI Institute (Org., KI)

ALE Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts (Org., Linux, User group)

ALR Advanced Logic Research, inc (Hersteller)

ALS Adjacent Link Station (IBM)

ALTEL Association of Long-distance TELephone companies (Org., USA)

AMACS AMA Collection System (AMA)

AMASE AMA Standard Entry (AMA)

AMATPS AMA TeleProcessing System (AMA)

AMC Adaptive Modulation and Coding (UMTS, HSDPA, Mobile-Systems)

AMD Advanced MicroDevices [inc.] (Hersteller)

AME Advanced Metal Evaporated [tape] (Seagate, Streamer, Sony)

AMHS Automated Message Handling System (MHS)

AMI American Megatrends Incorporation (Hersteller)

AMIA Australian Medical Informatics Association (Org., Australien)

AMIGOS Advanced Mobile Integration in General Operating Systems, http://www.diku.dk/research-groups/distlab/amigos

AMIS Adaptive Multimedia Information System (DAISY)

AMIS Audio Message Interface Standard

AMLCD Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display (AMD, LCD)

AMOS Alpha Microsystems Operating System (OS)

AMP Asymmetric MultiProcessor [system] (SMP)

AMPS Advanced Mobile Phone Service (Mobile-Systems, Motorola)

AMS Advanced Monitor System (OS, DEC, PDP 9, PDP 15)

AMS Andrew Mail / Message System (Unix)

AMS Asymmetric Multiprocessing System

AMSDOS AMStrad Disk Operating System (Amstrad, OS), "AMS-DOS"

AMTFT Active Matrix Thin Film Transistor (AMD, LCD, TFT)

ANDF Architecture Neutral Distribution Format (OSF)

ANI Automatische Netzwerk Installation

ANIEL Asociación Nacional de Industrias Electrónicas y de teLecomunicaciones (Org., Spanien, AETIC, Vorläufer)

ANS American National Standard (ANSI, ISO, USA)

ANSA Advanced Networked Systems Architecture (ISA)

ANSI American National Standard Institute (Org., USA)

ANSPAG Advanced Network System Performance and Application Group (RDN-CRC)

ANTC Advanced Networking Test Center (Org., USA, AMD, FDDI)

ANTS Advanced .NET Testing System (.NET, Red-Gate)

ANUML Australian National University Meta Language, "ANU ML"

AO Arvutikasutaja Oskustunnistus (Org, Estonia)

AOCS Attitude and Orbit Control System (ESA, Venus-Express)

AOS Advanced Operating System (OS)

AOS Algebraic Operating System (IBM)

AOSS Airstation One-touch Secure System (WLAN)

AOTC Australian Overseas Telecommunications Corporation (Org., Australien)

APACI APache AutoConf-style Interface (HTTP, Apache)

APC American Power Conversion (Hersteller, UPS)

APE Adaptable Persistence Engine (ZOPE)

APMS Automated Program Management information System

APN Access Point Name (GPRS, Mobile-Systems)

APOP Authenticated Post Office Protocol (Internet, POP, RFC 1734)

APSE Agfa Publishing Systems Environment (Agfa, DTP)

APT Advanced Persistent Threat

AR Administrative Request [message] (LFAP)

ARA Administrative Request Acknowledge [message] (LFAP)

ARA Affiliate Registration Authority (RA, PKI, ITU)

ARB Architecture Review Board (OpenGL, Hersteller, Org.)

AREXX Amiga Restructured EXtended eXecutor [language] (Amiga, Commodore, REXX)

ARIN American Registry for Internet Numbers (Org., Internet, USA)

ARKD Abuse Resistant Key Distribution (Arcade)

ARL Access Rights List (Banyan, VINES)

ARM Advanced RISC Machines (Hersteller, Acorn, Apple, VLSI, RISC)

ARMA Association of Records Managers and Administrators, inc. (Org.)

ARMS Architecture for Reliable Managed Storage (Cheyenne)

ARMS Automation Resources Management System

ARO Affiliate Registration Organization (RA, PKI, ITU)

ARQ Automatic Re-transmission reQuest (MODEM)

ARQAPDU Associate ReQuest Application Protocol Data Unit (APDU)

ARS Action Request System

ARTS Accelerated Ray-Tracing System (Raytracing)

ARTS Action Real-Time Strategy [game] (RTS)

AS Autonomous System (IP, Internet, RFC 1930)

AS400 Application System/400 (IBM), "AS/400"

ASA American Standards Association (Org., USA, ANSI, Vorläufer)

ASAP Advanced Streaming and Prediction

ASB Advanced System Bus (AMBA, ARM)

ASBR Autonomous System Border / Boundary Router (AS)

ASC Accredited Standards Committee (Org., ANSI)

ASC Automatic Contrast Selection (FAX)

ASCC Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator (IBM)

ASCI Accelerated Strategic Computing Initiative, http://www.llnl.gov/asci

ASCII American Standard Code of Information Interchange

ASCSI Advanced Small Computer Systems Interface (SCSI)

ASE Active Storage Element (GigaB, IP-Router)

ASE Aladdin Smartcard Environment (Fast, Aladdin)

ASEMH Army Standards Electronic Mail Host (Mil., USA)

ASES Australian Solid Earth Simulator (ACES)

ASF Advanced Streaming Format (MS)

ASH Almquist SHell (BSD, Unix, Shell), "ash"

ASI Aquarius Systems International (Hersteller)

ASI Automatic System Installation

ASIM Arbeitskreis Simulation und Künstliche Intelligenz (Org., GI)

ASIO Audio Stream Input/Output

ASIP Application Specific Instruction-set Processor (IC)

ASISIG Advanced Switching Interconnect Special Interest Group (Org., SIG) "ASI SIG"

ASKSAM Access Stored Knowledge via Symbolic Access Method (DB), "askSam"

ASL Annotated Source Listing (Intel)

ASL Astaro Security Linux (Linux)

ASM Association of Systems Management (Org.)

ASM Automatic Storage Management (DB, Oracle)

ASMA Administratively Scoped IP Multicast (RFC 2365, Multicast)

ASMA Asus System Monitoring Agent (Asus, ASWM)

ASMO Advanced Storage Magneto Optical [disk] (Hitachi, Maxell, Matsushita, Fujitsu, Olympus, Philips, Sanyo, Sharp, Sony, LG Electronics)

ASMONIA Angriffsanalyse und Schutzkonzepte für MObilfunkbasierte Netzinfrastrukturen unterstützt durch kooperativen InformationsAustausch

ASMP ASymetric MultiProcessing [system]

ASMP ASymmetrisches MultiProzessor [system]

ASN1 Abstract Syntax Notation One (OSI, ISO, IS 8824), "ASN.1"

ASNM AdvanceStack Network Management (HP)

ASP Abstract Service Primitive (OSI)

ASPEN Automatic System for Performance Evaluation of the Network

ASPS Advanced Signal Processing System

ASR Automated System Recovery (MS, Windows, XP)

ASR Automatic Server Restart (HP)

ASSERT ADEPT Subsystem for Scanning of Electronic Received Traffic (ADEPT, Mil., USA)

ASSIST Automated Special Security Information System Terminal (Mil., USA)

ASSP Application Specific Standard Product (RL)

ASSUME Association of Statistics Specialists Using Microsoft Excel (Org., User group)

AST Abstract Syntax Tree (GCC)

AST Atlantic Standard Time [-0400] (TZ, ADT)

ASTA Advanced Software Technology and Algorithms (HPCC)

ASTRAL Alliance für Strategic Token Ring Advancement and Leadership (Hersteller)

ASWM Asus System Web-based Management (Asus, DMI, SNMP, ASMA)

ATC Advanced Thermo Concept (Cooler-Master)

ATC Authorized Testing Center (MS)

ATI Advanced Telecomunications Institute (Org., USA)

ATIS Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (Org., USA)

ATKIS Amtliches Topographisch-Kartographisches InformationsSystem

ATM Abstract Test Method (ISO 9646-1)

ATMS Assumption based Truth Maintenance System (AI)

ATPH Authorized Teamspeak Host Provider

ATRAC Adaptive TRansform Acoustic Coding (Sony, Digital Audio, CODEC)

ATS Abstract Test Suite

ATS Adaptive Tape Speed (HP, Streamer, LTO)

ATS Administrative Terminal System

ATSPI Assistive Technology - Service Provider Interface (GNOME), "AT-SPI"

AUC AUthentication Center (GSM, Mobile-Systems), "AuC"

AUDIUS AUßenDIenstUnterstützungsSystem (CAS)

AUIS Andrew User Interface System (Unix, UI)

AUT Application Under Test

AUTOKO AUTOmatisiertes KOrpsstammnetz (Bundeswehr)

AUTOSAR AUTomotive Open Systems Architecture [initiative] (Org.)

AVAS teile-Auftragserfassungs-, Verwaltungs- und AbrufSystem (MBAG)

AVIS AuftragsVerwaltungs- und InformationsSYstem (MBAG)

AVM AudioVisuelles Marketing und computersysteme [gmbh] (Hersteller)

AVS Address Verification System

AVS Adult Verification System (WWW)

AWL AnWeisungsListe (DIN 19239)

AWT Abstract Window Toolkit (Java, Sun)

AWTAPI Abstract Windows Toolkit-Application Programmer Interface (AWT, API, Java)

AXIS Apache eXtensible Interaction System (Apache, SOAP)

AZEB Australian/new Zealand EDIFACT Board (Org., EDIFACT), "AZ/EB"

B2C Business to Customer

BAARF Battle Against Any RAID Five (HDD, RAID)

BAGEL Bay Area GNU Enthusiasts League (GNU, Org., User group)

BAM Bundesanstalt für Materialprüfung (Org., Berlin)

BAPT BundesAmt für Post und Telefon (Org.)

BAR Base Address Register (IC)

BASIC Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code

BASIN Bundesweites Alternatives Studentisches InformationsNetzwerk (WWW, Org.)

BBN Bolt, Beranek and Newman (Hersteller)

BBS Bulletin Board System (DFÜ)

BCCH Broadcast Control CHannel (GSM, Mobile-Systems)

BCF Base station Control Function (BS, BTS, GSM, Mobile-Systems)

BCP [Internet] Best Current Practice (Internet, RFC)

BCRFS Bell System Reference Frequency Standard

BCS Banking Communication Standard (Banking)

BCS Basic Control System (OS, HP, HP 2100)

BCS Binary Compatibility Standard (Motorola)

BCS Block Check Sequenz (GPRS, GSM, Mobile-Systems)

BCSM Basic Call State Model (IN)

BDD Business Desktop Deployment (MS, Windows, Vista)

BDOS Basic Disk Operating System (CP/M)

BDR Bus Device Request (SCSI)

BDTI Berkeley Design Technology, Inc. (Hersteller) "BDTi"

BEAST Browser Exploit Against SSL/TLS (SSL, TLS)

BEAT Best Enhanced Advanced Technology (Trident, AT)

BECN Backward Explicit Congestion Notification (ATM)

BEDO Burst EDO [DRAM] (EDO, RAM, DRAM, IC, Micron)

BEDODRAM Burst Extended Data Out DRAM (RAM, DRAM, IC), "BEDO-DRAM"

BEN BEstätigungsNummer (Banking)

BEOS Be Operating System (OS) "BeOS"

BERKOM BERliner KOMmunikationssystem (Netzwerk)

BERT Bit Error Rate Test (BIT)

BES Bursty Errored Seconds (DS1/E1)

BEST Borland Enhanced Support and Training (Borland)

BEST Business Executive System for Timesharing (OS, Qantel)

BEVU Bundesvereinigung mittelständischer Elektro- und elektronikgeräte entsorgungs- und VerwertungsUnternehmen (Org., Deutschland)

BGT Broadcast and Group Translators

BHT Branch History Table (CPU)

BIDCO BIDirectional COmmunication Standard, BidCoS

BIDS Borland International Data Structures (Borland)

BIGSTAF Breitbandiges Integriertes GefechtsSTAndFernmeldenetz (Bundeswehr)

BIICS Business Integration - Information Conformance Statements (XML), "BI-ICS"

BIKA Barrierefreie Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologie für Alle (FIT)

BIKOS BüroInformations- und KOmmunikationsSysteme (Org., GI)

BIOS Basic Input Output System / Support (PC)

BIRA Belgian Institute for Automatic Control (Org., Belgien)

BIS Business Information System

BISP Business Information System Program

BISSI Broadband Inter-Switching System Interface (B-ISDN), "B-ISSI"

BIST Built-In Self Test (Power4, IBM)

BIT Basic Interconnection Test (ISO 9646-1)

BITV Barrierefreie InformationsTechnik Verordnung (Deutschland, WCAG)

BJT Bipolar Junction Transistor (IC)

BKS BenutzerKoordinatenSystem (CAD)

BLADE Basic Linear Algebra for Distributed Environments

BLAST Bell Labs Layered Space Time

BLAST BLocked ASynchronous Transmission

BLSM Base Level System Modernization

BMBF BundesMinisterium für Bildung und Forschung (Org.)

BMBW BundesMinisterium für Bildung und Wissenschaft (Org.)

BMECAT Bundesverband Materialwirtschaft, Einkauf und Logistik CATalog data exchange format (XML) "BMEcat"

BMFT BundesMinisterium für Forschung und Technik (Org.)

BMP Bean Managed Persistence (Java, EJB, CMP)

BMS Basic Monitor System (OS, DEC, PDP 9, PDP 15)

BMS Broadcast Message Server (PCTE)

BMWI BundesMinisterium für WIssenschaft und technologie (Org.)

BND BundesNachrichtenDienst

BOFH Bastard Operator From Hell (DFÜ-Slang)

BOINC Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing

BONDING Bandwidth ON Demand INteroperability Group (Org., Hersteller, AIM)

BOOTP BOOTstrap Protocol (RFC 951)

BORSCHT Battery, Overvoltage, Ringing, Signalling, Coding, Hybrid, Testing [functions] (PBX)

BOS Basic Operating System (AIX, IBM)

BOS Batch Operating System (OS, Honeywell)

BOS360 Basic Operating System / 360 (OS, S/360, IBM), "BOS/360"

BOSH Bytestreams Over Synchronous HTTP (HTTP)

BOT Broadcast Online TV

BP Base Pointer [register] (CPU, Intel, Assembler)

BPC Broadcast Personal Computer (PC)

BPIP Best Play for Imperfect Player (NEC)

BRAM Broadcast Recognition Access Method (MAC)

BRAP Broadcast Recognition with Alternating Priorities (MAC)

BRTB Berlin Regional TestBed (WIN)

BS Base Station (LA, GSM, Mobile-Systems)

BS BetriebsSystem

BS2000 BetriebsSystem 2000 (SNI, OS)

BSA Business Software Alliance (Org., Hersteller)

BSC Base Station Controller (BS, BTS, GSM, GPRS, UMTS, Mobile-Systems)

BSD Berkeley System / Software Distribution (Hersteller, Unix, OS)

BSDI Berkeley Software Design Incorporated (Hersteller)

BSI Bentley Systems, Incorporated (Hersteller)

BSI British Standards Institute (Org., UK)

BSI Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (Org., Deutschland)

BSIC Base Station Identification Code (BS, BCCH, GSM, Mobile-Systems)

BSP BetriebsSystemProzessor (Windows, NT, SMP)

BSR BootStrap Router (PIM, RP, Multicast)

BSR Boundary-Scan-Register (JTAG, TAP, IC)

BSS Base Station System / Subsystem (GPRS, BSC, BTS)

BSS Block Started by Symbol (IBM, Assembler, Unix)

BSS Block Storage Segment

BSS Broadband Switching System

BSSMAP Base Station System Management Application Part (RR, BS, MTP, GSM, Mobile-Systems)

BST Bering Strait Time [-1100] (TZ)

BST Brazil Standard Time [-0300] (TZ)

BST British Summer Time [+0100] (TZ, UK)

BSVC Broadcast Switched Virtual Connections (ATM)

BT Burst Tolerance

BTS Base Transceiver Station entities (BCF, BS, GSM, GPRS, UMTS, Mobile-Systems)

BTS Branch Tree Store (Intel, CPU)

BTS Bug Tracking System

BTXVST BildschirmTeXt-VermittlungsSTelle (BTX), "Btx-VSt"

BUS Broadcast and Unknown Server (ATM, LANE)

BVB BundesVerband für Büro- und informationssysteme [e.v.] (Org.)

BVIT BundesVerband InformationsTechnologien [e.v.] (Org.)

BVSI Berufsverband de Selbstständigen in der Informatik [e.V.] (Org., Deutschland)

BWCC Borland Windows Custom Controls (Borland, DLL)

BWF Broadcast Wave Format (DCI)

BZR BefehlsZählRegister (IC)

BZR BundesZentralRegister (IC)

C2IS Command and Control Information Systems (Mil., USA)

C3IIS Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence Information Systems (Mil., USA), "C3I/IS"

CA Computer Associates (Hersteller)

CABS Carrier Access Billing System

CACEAS Computer-Assisted Circuit Engineering and Allocating System

CACTIS Community Automated Counter-Terrorism Intelligence System (Mil., USA)

CADE Computer Aided Document Engineering (Microstar)

CADR Client Authenticated DNS Request (DNS, Internet)

CADS Computer-Assisted Display System

CAI Computer Aided Instruction

CAIT Center for the Application of Information Technology (Org., USA)

CAL Computer Aided Logistics

CAL Computer Assisted Learning

CALEA Communications Assistance Law Enforcement Act (USA)

CALS Computer aided Acquisition and Logistics Support

CAMEL Customized Applications for Mobile network Enhanced Logic (UMTS)

CAML Categorical Abstract Machine Language (INRIA), "Caml"

CAMM Computer Assisted Material Management

CAP Consistency, Availability, Partition tolerance

CAPSL CAnnon Printing System Language (Canon), "CaPSL"

CAPTCHA Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers from Humans Apart (AI)

CAR Computer Assisted Radiology

CAR Contents of the Address Register (IBM, ELISP, CDR)

CARCAS Computer Aided aRchiving and Change Accounting System

CARE Computer Assistance Resource Exchange

CARLOS Computer Aided Real Language Orthographic System

CAS Code Access Security (VSTO, .NET, MS)

CAS Column Address Strobe (IC, DRAM)

CAS Computer Aided Styling

CAS Computer Algebra System

CAS Computerized Autodial System

CAS Content Addressed Storage (EMC)

CASID Condition Access System IDentification (DVB, CAT)

CAST Carlisle Adams and Stafford Tavares (Verschlüsselung)

CAST Computer Aided Software Testing

CAT Computer Aided Testing

CATIS Computer-Assisted Tactical Information System (Mil., USA)

CATOSL Computer Associates - Trusted Open Source License (CA), "CA-TOSL"

CAUCE Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email (Org., Internet, Spam, UCE)

CAV Constant Angular Velocity (CD, HDD, MOD)

CBASIC Commercial Beginners All purpose Symbolic Instruction Code (BASIC)

CBCS Computer Based Conversation System (BBS)

CBDF Character Bitmap Distribution Format (Adobe)

CBEFF Common Biometric Exchange Format Framework (NIST, ISO 19785)

CBIOS Compatibility Basic Input Output System (IBM, BIOS)

CBR Constant Bit Rate (ATM, VBR, ABR, UBR, QOS, BIT)

CBS Certified Banyan Specialist (Banyan, VINES)

CBSR Candidate BootStrap Router (PIM, BSR, Multicast), "C-BSR"

CBT Core Based Tree [multicast protocol] (IP, RFC 1949/2189, ST, Multicast)

CC Country Code (MS-ISDN, GSM, Mobile-Systems)

CCC Catalyst Control Center (ATI, Windows)

CCCH Common Control CHannel (GSM, Mobile-Systems)

CCIA Computer & Communication Industry Association (Org.)

CCL Cerberus Central Limited (Hersteller)

CCRMA Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (Org., Stanford, UK)

CCS Cluster Configuration System (GFS)

CCS Communications-Computer Systems, "C-CS"

CCS Computerized Charging System

CCS7 Common Channel signaling System 7 (IN, DTAG, CCITT)

CCSY Cooperative Computing System Program (HP)

CCT China Coast Time [+0800] (TZ)

CCU Customer Control Unit

CDC Control Data Corporation (Hersteller)

CDDI Copper Distributed Data Interface (FDDI, UTP)

CDDL Common Development and Distribution License

CDFS Compact Disk File System (CD, OS/2, IBM)

CDMA Code Division Multiple Access (DFÜ, Mobile-Systems)

CDMIDI Compact Disk + Musical Instruments Digital Interface (CD, MIDI), "CD+MIDI"

CDMS Command and Data Management System (ESA, Venus-Express)

CDMS Communication Driver Maintenance System (ISDN, HST)

CDPD Cellular Digital Packet Data (Mobile-Systems)

CDR Contents of the Decrement Register (IBM, ELISP, CAR)

CDS Current Directory Structure (BIOS. DOS)

CDSG Cultural Diversity Steering Group (ISSS)

CDSS Creative Decision Stimulation Systems (AI, DSS)

CDT Cambridge Display Technology (Hersteller)

CDT Central Daylight Time [-0500] (TZ, CST, USA)

CEDF CICS Execution Diagnostic Facility (CICS, IBM)

CEE [Linux] Consumer Electronics Edition (MontaVista, Linux, PDA)

CEECEB Central and Eastern European Countries EDIFACT Board (Org., EDIFACT), "CEEC/EB"

CEFACT CEntre for Facilitation of procedures and practices in Administration, Commerce and Transport

CEMT CICS Enhanced Master Terminal transaction (CICS, IBM)

CENTR Council of European National Top level Domain Registries (Org., TLD)

CEPT Conference of European Postal and Telecommunications administrations (Org., CCITT, Conference, Europa)

CET Centro de Estudes de Telecomunições (Org., Portugal)

CFM Clock From Master (CTM, Rambus)

CFS Center for Standards (Org., JIEO, DISA)

CFS Cryptographic FileSystem (Linux, Verschlüsselung)

CFT Call For Testers

CGARI Graphics Communications Association Research Institute (Org., CGA)

CGATS Committee for Graphics Arts Technologies Standards (Org., ANSI)

CGE Carrier Grade Edition (Linux, MontaVista, CGL)

CGMS Copy Generation Management System (CD)

CGMSA Content Generation Management System - Analog (WPE), "CGMS-A"

CHES Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems [conference]

CHEST Computers in Higher Education Software Team (Org., UK)

CHSM C Hardware Specific Module (NEST, MLID, Novell)

CI Congestion Indicator

CICS Customer Information Control System (IBM, CICS, Z/OS, OS/390, VSE/ESA)

CICSESA Customer Information Control System/Enterprise Systems Architecture (IBM, CICS), "CICS/ESA"

CICSTS Customer Information Control System / Transaction Server (IBM, VSE/ESA), "CICS/TS"

CICSVS Customer Information Control System / Virtual Storage (IBM, CICS), "CICS/VS"

CID Configuration - Installation - Distribution (IBM)

CIDS Cabin Intercommunication Data System (Airbus, A380, TCP/IP)

CIFS Common Internet File System (TCP/IP)

CIMOS CIncinnati Milacron Operating System (OS), "CiMOS"

CIP Common Industrial Protocol (ODVA)

CIP Computer-Investitions-Programm

CIQ Customer Information Quality (OASIS, TC)

CIRAS (Conference on] Computational Intelligence, Robotics and Autonomous Systems )

CIRCIT Centre for International Research on Communication and Information Technology (Org., Australien)

CIS Card Information Structure / Space (PCMCIA)

CIS Command Information System (Mil., USA)

CIS Compuserve Information Systems (Netzwerk)

CISA Certified Information Systems Auditor (ISACA)

CISC Complex Instruction Set Computer (CPU)

CISKA [3D] Campus-InformationsSystem KArlsruhe (Uni Karlsruhe, VRML)

CISO Certified Information Security Officer (ISTA)

CISRAM Cybernetics & Intelligent Systems - Robotics, Automation & Mechatronics (IEEE, conference) "CIS-RAM"

CISS Center for Information Systems Security (Org., JIEO, DISA, Mil., USA)

CISSP Certified Information Systems Security Professional (ISC2)

CIU Customer Initiated Upgrade (IBM, zSeries)

CIU Customer-Initiated Upgrade [switch] ??? (IBM)

CL Column Address Strobe Latency (CAS, IC)

CLASS Custom Local Area Signaling Service

CLI Common Language Infrastructure (MS, .NET, ECMA, CLI)

CLIC Chemnitzer LInux Cluster (Linux, Chemnitz), "CLiC"

CLIW Configurable Long Instruction Word (IC, CPU)

CLOS Common LISP Object System (LISP)

CLV Constant Linear Velocity (CD, MOD)

CM Connection Management (RR, MM, GSM, Mobile-Systems)

CMAS Cambridge Multiple Access System (OS)

CMC Computer Mediated Communications [studies centre] (Org., USA)

CMDS Cambridge Model Distributed System (OS)

CMGS Cyan Magenta Gelb Schwarz (Farbsystem, DTP)

CMO Chi Mei Optoelectronic (Hersteller)

CMP Container-Managed Persistence (Java, EJB, BMP)

CMS [Cambridge] / Conversational Monitor System (IBM, OS, VM, VME, VM/ESA, Z/VM)

CMS Chip Multiprocessor System

CMS Code Management System (DEC, CM)

CMS Color Management System

CMS Content Management Software / System

CMTS Cable MODEM Termination System (DOCSIS, MODEM)

CMY Cyan Magenta Yellow (Farbsystem, DTP)

CMYK Cyan Magenta Yellow blacK (Farbsystem, DTP)

CN Congestion Notification (IEE 802.1Qau, DCB)

CN Connection Management (Mobile-Systems)

CNA Certified Novell Administrator (Novell, Netware)

CNE Corporate Network Edition (eBlaster)

CNI Certified Netware Instructor (Novell, Netware)

CNM Customer Network Management

CNMS Cylink Network Management System

CNPS Computer Noise Prevention System

CNTFET Carbon Nano-Tube Field Effect Transistor

COACH Component based Open source ArCHitecture for distributed systems (CORBA)

COAS Caldera Open Administration System (Linux)

COAST Cache On A STick (Intel)

COAST Computer Operations, Audit and Security Technology (Org.)

COCA Cost Of Cracking Adjustment (Verschlüsselung)

COCOT Customer Owned Coin Operated Telephone

CODASYSL Conference On DAta Systems Languages (Konferenz)

COEES COE Engineering System (COE)

COMPARTS COMputergestütztes PARtner-TeilebestandsSystem (MBAG)

COMPTIA COMPuting Technology Industry Association (Org.)

COPS Computer Oracle and Password System (Unix)

CORBA Common Object Request Broker Architecture (OMG)

COS Card Operating System (OS, ICC)

COS Cassette Operating System (OS)

COS Commercial Operating System (OS, DEC, PDP 11)

COS Concurrent Operating System (OS, UNIVAC 9200, UNIVAC 9300)

COS Corporation for Open Systems (Org., OSI, User group)

COS Cray Operating System (OS, Cray)

COSA COmputerunterstützte SAchbearbeitung

COSMOS COmputer System for Mainframe OperationS

COST COpenhagen SGML Tool (SGML), "CoST"

CPC Cost Per Copy

CPE Common Platform Enumeration (URI, NIST)

CPE Customer Premises Equipment (ACS)

CPH Cost Per Hour

CPI Cost Per Instruction

CPM Cost Per Minute

CPN Customer Premises Network

CPPS Card / Paper tape Programming System (OS, IBM)

CPS Central Processing System

CPS Cyber-Physical System

CPSI Configurable PostScript Interpreter

CRAS Cable Repair Administrative System

CRESTA Collaborative Research into Exascale Systemware, Tools and Applications (Europa)

CRI Cray Research, Inc. (Hersteller)

CRISC Complex-Reduced Instruction Set Computer

CRISP Complex-Reduced Instruction Set Processor

CRISP Cross Registry Internet Service Protocol (Internet, RFC 3707)

CRL Certificate Revocation List (Verschlüsselung)

CRM Customer Relationship Management

CRML Customer Relationships Markup Language (xCRL, Vorläufer)

CRP Candidate Rendezvous Point (PIM, RP, Multicast), "C-RP"

CRPC Center for Research on Parallel Computation (STC)

CRTM Core Root of Trust for Management (TCPA)

CS Code Segment [register] (CPU, Intel, Assembler)

CS Coding Scheme (GPRS, Mobile-Systems)

CSA Communication Streaming Architecture (Intel, MCH, DNB)

CSA Configuration Status Accounting

CSC Consumer Software Customization

CSCD Caldera Systems Curriculum Developers (Caldera)

CSCSI Canadian Society for the Computational Studies of Intelligence (Org., Kanada, AI)

CSD Customer Specific Dictionaries

CSDC Code Segment Descriptor Cache [register] (CS, Intel, CPU)

CSELT Centro Studi E Laboratori Telecomunicazioni [s.p.a.] (Org., Italien)

CSG Constructive Solid Geometry (CAD, CAM)

CSI Common System Interface (Intel, Xeon)

CSIC Customer Specific Integrated Circuit (IC, RL)

CSID Caller Station IDentification (Fax)

CSIDS Central command/Southern command Integrated Data System (Mil., USA)

CSII Center for Systems Interoperability and Integration (Org., ???)

CSIP Chipset Stable Image Program

CSIP Commercial Stable Image Platform (AMD)

CSIRO Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (Org., UK)

CSIS Central Schengen Information Systen (SIS, EU, Strasbourg)

CSKI Ceská Spolecnost pro Kybernetiku a Informatiku (Org., Tschechien)

CSM Certified Scrum Master (Scrum)

CSM Cluster System Management (IBM)

CSMS C Specific Media Support (NEST, MLID, Novell)

CSP Cross System Product (IBM)

CSPP Computer Systems Policy Project [group] (Org., USA. Hersteller)

CSR Certificate Signing Request (SSL)

CSRF Cross Site Request Forgery (WWW, Internet)

CSRG Computer Systems Research Group (Org., Unix, BSD)

CSS Cascading Style Sheets (HTML, XML, WWW, JavaScript)

CSS Computer Sub System

CSS Content Scrambling System (DVD, Matsushita, IBM)

CSS Customer Switching System

CST Central Standard Time [-0600] (TZ, CDT, USA)

CSTA Computer Supported Telecommunications Applications (ECMA, CTI)

CSTB Computer Science and Technology Board (Org., NRC)

CSTC Computer Security Technology Center (Org., CIAC)

CSTO Computing Systems Technology Office (Org., ARPA)

CSTR Centre for Speech Technology Research

CSTS Computer Supported Telecommunications Standard

CSUNET California State University NETwork (Netzwerk, USA)

CT Chips & Technologies (Hersteller) "C&T"

CTCA Channel To Channel Adapter (IBM, System/370)

CTCPEC Canadian Trusted Computer Product Evaluation Criteria (Canada)

CTE Compliance Test and Evaluation, "CT & E"

CTM Clock To Master (CFM, Rambus)

CTOS Cassette Tape Operating System (OS, Datapoint)

CTS Cipher Text Stealing [mode] (Verschlüsselung)

CTS Common Type System (OOP, CLR, MS, .NET, CLS)

CTS Compatibility Test Suite (Sun, J2EE)

CTS Conformance Testing Service (OSTC)

CTSM C Topology Specific Module (NEST, MLID, Novell)

CTSS Compatible Time Sharing System (Unix, Vorläufer, OS, MIT)

CTSS Cray TimeSharing System (OS, Cray, LLNL)

CUPS Common Unix Printing System (Unix, Drucker)

CUSP Commonly Used System Program (DEC)

CUU ComputerUnterstützte Unterweisung

CVIA Computer Virus Industry Association (Org., USA)

CVN CounterVandalism Network (Wikia, VSTF)

CVS Concurrent Versions System (Unix)

CVSS Common Vulnerability Scoring System (NIAC)

CWIS Campus Wide Information System

CXFS Clustered eXtended File System (SGI, RAID, XFS)

CYMK Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, blacK (Farbsystem)

D2B Domestic Digital Bus

D2D2T Disk To Disk To Tape (Streamer, LTO)

DA Destination [MAC] Address (SNA, Token Ring, ATM, FDDI, ...)

DA11 DatenAustauschphase 11 [allgemeine bauabrechnung] (GAEB)

DA81 DatenAustauschphase 81 [leistungsverzeichnis] (GAEB)

DA82 DatenAustauschphase 82 [kostenanschlag] (GAEB)

DA83 DatenAustauschphase 83 [angebotsanforderung] (GAEB)

DA84 DatenAustauschphase 84 [angebotsabgabe] (GAEB)

DA85 DatenAustauschphase 85 [nebenangebot] (GAEB)

DA86 DatenAustauschphase 86 [zuschlag/auftragserteilung] (GAEB)

DAA Digest Access Authentication (HTTP)

DAB Digital Audio Broadcasting, http://www.worlddab.org

DACL Discretionary Access Control List (ACL)

DACNOS Distributed Academic Computing Network Operating System (OS, HECTOR)

DACS Digital Access Control System (ISDN, DES, Verschlüsselung)

DACS Distributed Access Control System (Apache)

DAF Distributed Application Framework (CCITT)

DAI Distributed Artificial Intelligence (AI)

DAIDALOS Designing Advanced network Interfaces for the Delivery and Administration of Location independent, Optimized personal Services (Europa)

DAIS Distributed Application Integration System (ORB)

DAISGR Database Access and Integration Service Group Registry (DAIS, grid)

DAISY Digital Accessible Information System, http://www.daisy.org

DALI Distributed Artificial LIfe (AI), "DALi"

DAM Distributed Abstract Machine

DAO Destination Address Omitted [flag] (CATNIP)

DAP Developers Assistance Program (IBM)

DAPE Distributed Application Programming Environment (ORB)

DAS Direct Attached Storage

DAS Directory Assistance Service [protocol] (RFC 1202)

DAS Disk Array Subsystem (Unix, HP-UX)

DAS Dual Attached Station (FDDI)

DAS Dual Attachment Station (FDDI, Schneider & Koch)

DASD Direct Access Storage Device

DASH Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (HTTP, MPEG)

DASS Digital Access Signaling System

DASS Distributed Authentication Security Service (RFC 1507)

DATEV DATEnVerarbeitungszentrale der steuerberatenden Berufe (Org., Nürnberg)

DAU Dümmster Anzunehmender User (DFÜ-Slang, Usenet, IRC)

DAV [WWW] Distributed Authoring Versioning (WWW, HTTP)

DAVIS DAimler-Benz Vertragspartner-InformationsSystem (MBAG)

DAW Digital Audio Workstation

DBA DataBase Administrator (DB)

DBA Drei Buchstaben Akronym

DBAC DataBase Administration Center (DB)

DBAS DataBase Administration System (DB)

DBMS DataBase Management System (DB)

DBOS Disk/Drum Based Operating System (OS)

DBRM Data Base Request Module (DB)

DBVS DatenBankVerwaltungsSystem (DB)

DCA Distributed Communication Architecture (Sperry Univac)

DCAF Distributed Console Access Facility

DCCA Distributed Component Computing Architecture (Star, C/S)

DCCH Dedicated Control CHannel (GSM, Mobile-Systems)

DCCP Datagram Congestion Control Protocol

DCE Distributed Computing Environment (OSF)

DCERPC Distributed Computing Environment / Remote Procedure Call (DCE, RPC), "DCE/RPC" , "DCE RPC"

DCF Design rule for Camera File system (JEIDA, photo)

DCF Distributed Coordination Function (MAC, 802.11a, WLAN)

DCHSDPA Dual Cell High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA, Mobile-Systems), "DC-HSDPA"

DCIE Data Center Infrastructure Efficiency, "DCiE"

DCM Domain Controller Master (Debian, Univention)

DCOM Distributed Component Object Model (COM, MS, OLE, ActiveX)

DCPS Data Communications Protocol Standards

DCR Design Change Request (AIX, IBM)

DCRC Digital Cellular Radio Conference (GSM, Conference, Mobile-Systems)

DCS Data sharing Control System (NEC)

DCS Defense Communications System (Mil., USA)

DCS Digital Cellular System (Mobile-Systems)

DCS Digital Colour System (Adobe, Photoshop)

DCS Digital Control System (NEC)

DCS Digital Cross-connect System (DEC)

DCS Distributed Control System

DCS Dogital Camera System

DDBMS Distributed DataBase Management System (DBMS, DB)

DDC2B Device Data Channel [standard], level 2B (DDC)

DDCS2 Distributed Database Connection Services /2 (IBM, DB, DRDA), "DDCS/2"

DDDS Dynamic Delegation Discovery System (ENUM, RFC 3401/3402/3403/3404/3405)

DDES Digital Data Exchange System (ANSI)

DDM Distributed Data Management (IBM, CCS)

DDNS Distributed Domain Naming Service (TCP/IP)

DDOS Distributed Denial Of Service [attack], "DDoS"

DDP Distributed Data Processing

DDRAID Distributed Data RAID (GFS, RAID, HDD), "DDRaid"

DDRS Defense Data Repository System (Mil., USA)

DDRSRAM Double Data Rate Static Random Access Memory (RAM, IC)

DDS Digital Data Service / System

DDS Digital Data Storage (Sony, HP, DAT, ISO, ANSI, ECMA, Streamer)

DDS Distributed Directory Service (DCE)

DDSDC Digital Data Storage - Data Compression (DDS, DCLZ), "DDS-DC"

DDSS Double Dynamic Suspension System (Asus, CD-ROM)

DDVS Daimler-benz DatenVerbundSystem (MBAG)

DDX Distributed Data eXchange

DEA Deterministischer Endlicher Automat

DEC Digital Equipment Corporation (Hersteller)

DEMARC Distributed Enterprise Management ARChitecture (Banyan, VINES), "DeMarc"

DEMUDI DEbian MUltimedia DIstribution (Debian, Linux), "DeMuDi"

DENIM Directory-Enabled Net Infrastructure Model (Novell)

DER Distinguished Encoding Rules

DES Data Encryption Standard (Verschlüsselung, NIST, IBM)

DES Destination End System

DESCBC Data Encryption Standard/Cipher Block Chaining (DES), "DES/CBC"

DESE [PPP] Data Encryption Standard Encryption protocol (PPP, RFC 1969)

DESP Data Element Standardization Program

DESRT DEStek [group] Real Time (OS, Destek Group), "DES RT"

DESTA Digital Ethernet thin-wire STation Adapter (Ethernet)

DESX Data Encryption Standard eXtended (DES, Verschlüsselung)

DETEBERKOM DEutsche TElekom BERliner KOMmunikationssystem, "DeTeBerkom"

DEVFS DEVice File System (Linux, DRI), "DevFS"

DEXA [conference on] Database and EXpert systems Applications

DFDSM Data Facility Distributed Storage Management (IBM)

DFKI Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz (Org., KI, AI)

DFP Distributed Functional Plane (IN)

DFS Deniable File System (FS)

DFS Direct File System (Novell, Oracle)

DFS Distributed File System (DCE)

DFSA Direct File System Access

DFT Distributed Function Terminal (IBM)

DFT Drive Fitness Test (IBM, IDE, HDD)

DGIS Direct Graphics Interface Standard

DGPS Differential Global Positioning System (GPS)

DGS Display GhostScript (GNU, GNUStep, PS)

DHCF Distributed Host Command Facility (IBM, CCS)

DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (TCP/IP, IETF, RFC 2131)

DHES Direct Heat Exhaust System

DHIS Distributed Heterogeneous Information Systems

DHT Distribution Hash Table (P2P)

DI Destination Index [register] (CPU, Intel, Assembler)

DIAS Digital Information Archiving System (IBM, Niederlande)

DIESEL Dumb Interpretatively Evaluated String Expression Language (AutoCAD)

DIFS Distributed Coordination Function - InterFrame Space (MAC, 802.11a, DCF, IFS)

DII Defense Information Infrastructure (Mil., USA, DISA)

DIICC Defense Information Infrastructure Control Concept (Mil., USA)

DIICOE Defense Info Infrastructure Common Operating Environment (DISA, Mil., USA) "DII COE"

DIMSS DSN Integrated Management Support System (DSN, Mil., USA)

DIN Deutsches Institut für Normung (Org.)

DINAH Desktop INterface to AUTODIN Host (AutoDIN, Mil., USA)

DINO Deutsches InterNet Organisationssystem (WWW, Uni Göttingen)

DIRMU DIstributed and Reconfigurable MUltiprocessor (MP)

DIS Defense Information System (Mil., USA)

DIS Draft International Standard (ISO)

DISA Data Interchange Standards Association (Org.)

DISA Defense Information Systems Agency (Org., Mil., USA)

DISAIS DISA Information System (Mil., USA), "DISA-IS"

DISC Defense Information System Council (Mil., USA)

DISN Defense Information Systems Network (Mil., USA)

DISNNT Defense Information Systems Network - Near Term (DISN, Mil., USA), "DISN-NT"

DISOSS DIStributed Office Support System (IBM, MVS)

DISP Draft International Standardized Profiles (ISO)

DISSP Defense Information System Security Program (Mil., USA)

DKE Deutsche Kommission Elektrotechnik, elektronik, informationstechnik (Org., DIN, VDE)

DL Distribution List

DLD Deutsche Linux Distribution (Linux)

DLJ Distro License for Java (JRE, Linux)

DLM Distributed Lock Manager (Linux, RedHat, GFS)

DLMZB Determine Left Most Zero Byte (IBM, PowerPC)

DLT Digital Line Tape (DEC, Streamer)

DMB Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (DTAG, Blaupunkt, DAB, MPEG)

DMDD Distributed Multiplexing Distributed Demultiplexing

DMDF Distributed Management Data Facility (DCE, DME)

DME Distributed Management Environment (OSF)

DMF Digest Message Format (Internet, RFC 1153)

DMF Distribution Media Format [diskette] (FDD)

DML Distributed Mode Loudspeaker (Audio)

DMS Data Management System

DMS Data Management System (ESA, Venus-Express)

DMS Defense Message System (Mil., USA)

DMS Digital Multiplexed System

DMS Disk Monitor System (OS, IBM)

DMS Distributed Media Services (COSE)

DMS Document Management System

DMS Document Management System (CMS)

DMSCMS Display Management System/Conversional Monitor System, "DMS/CMS"

DMSIG Defense Message System Implementation Group (Org., DMS, Mil., USA)

DMSP Distributed Mail System Protocol (Internet)

DMSTWG Defense Message System Transition Working Group (Org., DMS, Mil., USA)

DMTF Distributed Management Task Force, http://www.dmtf.org

DMX Distributed Multihead X (X-Windows)

DN Distinguished Name (X.500, LDAP)

DN Distribution Network

DNA Distributed Network Architecture (NCR)

DNCRI Division of Networking and Communication Research and Infrastructure

DNP Distributed Network Protocol, http://www.dnp.org

DNQ De.Newusers.Questions (Usenet)

DNS Domain Name System (Internet, RFC 1034/1035, DNS)

DNSO Defense Network Systems Organization (Org., USA, Mil.)

DNSTAN Digitale NebenSTellenANlagen (DTAG), "DNStAn"

DO Distributed Objects (NeXT)

DOAM Distributed Office Applications Model (ISO, IEC, DIS 10031-1 f.)

DOCSIS Data Over Cable System Interface Specification (DOCSIS)

DODISS Department Of Defense Index of Specifications and Standards (Mil., USA)

DOE Distributed Objects Everywhere (Sun)

DOMAIN Distributed Operating Multi Access Interactive Network (Apollo, DOMAIN)

DOME Distributed Object Management Environment (ORB)

DOMF Distributed Object Management Facility (Sun)

DOS Disk Operating System (OS, IBM, MS, ..., PC, Apple, RCA Spectra 70)

DOS15 Disk Operating System - 15 (OS, DEC, PDP 15), "DOS-15"

DOS360 Disk ??? Operating System / 360 (OS, IBM S/360), "DOS/360"

DOSS Dedicated Office Systems and Services

DOSVS Disk Operating System / Virtual Storage (OS, IBM S/370), "DOS/VS"

DOSVSE Disk ??? Operating System / Virtual Storage Extended (OS, IBM 43XX, DOS/VS, VSE), "DOS/VSE"

DPA Distributed Password Authentication

DPBO Downstream Power Back Off (DSLAM)

DPCX Distributed Processing Control eXecutive (IBM)

DPE Distributed Processing Environment (IN)

DPF Discrete Packet Format (Exabyte, VXA, Streamer)

DPI [SNMP] Distributed Program Interface (SNMP, RFC 1228)

DPI [SNMP] Distributed Protocol Interface (SNMP, RFC 1592)

DPI Data Processing Installation

DPMS Display Power Management Signalling [standard] (VESA)

DPNSS Digital Private Network Signaling System (British Telecom)

DPP Distributed Parallel Processing

DPS Display PostScript (NeXT, GUI, NextStep, DPS)

DPS Distributed Path Selection (FC)

DPS Dual Power System (Gigabyte)

DPSE Display PostScript Engine (DPS, NextStep, OpenStep, Apple, Rhapsody)

DPT Distributed Processing Technology (Hersteller)

DQDB Distributed Queue Dual Bus (ISO, IEC, IS 8802/6, IEEE 802.6)

DQP Distributed Query Processing (OGSA-DAI, grid)

DQP Distributed Queueing Protocol

DQS Distributed Queueing System (Cluster)

DR Designated Router (PIM, Multicast)

DR Digital Research (Hersteller)

DRACO DECT Radio Communications Controller (DECT, Hagenuk, University of Manchester)

DRB Distributed RuBy (Ruby), "DRb"

DRB DRAM Row Boundary [register] (DRAM, PCI)

DRCS Distributed Revision Control System (DVCS)

DRDA Distributed Relational Database Architecture (IBM, DB)

DRDAAS Distributed Relational Database Architecture Application Server (IBM, DB), "DRDA AS"

DRDOS Digital Research Disk Operating System (DR, OS), "DR-DOS"

DRE Distributed Real-time and Embedded [systems]

DRI Direct Rendering Infrastructure (XFree86)

DRL Document Revocation List (TCPA)

DRM Destination Release Mechanism (DQDB)

DRS Data Retrieval and Storage

DRS Double-Ring-with-Star [topology]

DS [Netweaver] Developer Studio

DS Data Segment [register] (CPU, Intel, Assembler)

DS Data Structure (TYPO3)

DS Distribution Services (SNA)

DS Distribution System (WLAN)

DSA Debian System Administration (Linux, Debian)

DSA Digital Signature Algorithm (Verschlüsselung, NIST)

DSA Digital Storage Architecture

DSA Directory System Agent (X.500, DSA)

DSA Distributed Systems Architecture (Bull)

DSAP Destination link Service Access Point (SAP, LLC)

DSBL Distributed Server Boycott List (SPAM)

DSC DECT Standard Cipher (DECT, Verschlüsselung)

DSC Desired State Configuration (MS, Windows)

DSC Document Structuring Conventions (Adobe)

DSCQS Double Stimulus Continuous Quality Scale (ITU-R BT.500-7)

DSD Data Structure Diagram (CASE)

DSD Direct Stream Digital (Sony, Philips, SACD)

DSDC Data Segment Descriptor Cache [register] (DS, Intel, CPU)

DSDT Differentiated System Description Table (ACPI)

DSE Distributed Systems Environment (Honeywell, Bull)

DSEA DataStation Emulation Adapter (IBM, AS/400, ...)

DSI Dynamic Systems Initiative (MS, MCF)

DSID Destination Signaling IDentifier

DSL Digital system Specification Language (HDL)

DSL Distributed Service Logic (IN)

DSM Digital Standard MUMPS (MUMPS, DEC)

DSMCC Digital Media Storage - Command and Control (DVB), "DSM-CC"

DSN Delivery Status Notification

DSN Distributed Systems Network (HP)

DSOM Distributed System Object Model (IBM)

DSP Directory System Protocol (X.500, DS)

DSR Device Status Report

DSRI Digital Standard Relational Interface

DSRS Defense Software Repository System (Mil., USA)

DSS Decision Support System (IM)

DSS Digital Signature Standard (NIST, Verschlüsselung)

DSS Distributed Security Service (DCE)

DSSCS Defense Special Security Communications System (Mil., USA)

DSSI Digital Storage Systems Interconnect (VAX, DEC)

DSSSL [standard] Document Style Semantics and Specification Language (DTD, ISO, IEC, DIS 10179)

DSSSL Document Style Semantics and Specification Language (SGML)

DST Daylight Saving Time (TZ)

DSTN Double SuperTwisted Nematic (LCD)

DSU Digital Storage Unit

DSU Distribution Service Unit (IBM, SNADS)

DT Distributed graphical user interface Toolkit (IBM, GUI, VM/ESA)

DTAZV DatenTrägeraustausch, belegloser AuslandsZahlungsVerkehr (Banking)

DTC Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MS, SQL Server, DB)

DTH DialogTestHilfe (BS2000)

DTOS Distributed Trusted Operating System (OS, DTE)

DTP Distributed Transaction Processing (X/Open, OLTP)

DTS Distributed Time Server

DTS Distributed Time Service (DCE)

DTSS Dartmouth Time-Sharing System (OS)

DU Distribution Unit (MS, MSIE)

DUNDI Distributed Universal Number DIscovery (VoiP), "DUNDi"

DUOW Distributed Unit Of Work (DRDA, IBM), "DUoW"

DUP Distribution Unit Profile (MS, OSD, DU, MSIE)

DVB Digital Video Broadcasting (Europa, DVB)

DVBC Digital Video Broadcasting - Cable (DVB), "DVB-C"

DVBH Digital Video Broadcasting - Handheld (DVB), "DVB-H"

DVBNIP Digital Video Broadcasting - ? (DVB), "DVB-NIP"

DVBRC Digital Video Broadcasting - ? (DVB), "DVB-RC"

DVBRCGSM Digital Video Broadcasting - ? (DVB), "DVB-RCGSM"

DVBRCT Digital Video Broadcasting - ? (DVB), "DVB-RCT"

DVBS Digital Video Broadcasting - Satellite (DVB), "DVB-S"

DVBT Digital Video Broadcasting - Terrestic (DVB), "DVB-T"

DVCS Distributed / Decentralized Version Control System (DRCS)

DVMRP Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol (IP, Multicast)

DVPT Deutscher Verbandes für Post und Telekommunikation (Org.)

DVS DatenVerwaltungsSystem (BS2000)

DVS Digital Video Systems (Hersteller)

DVST DatenVermittlungsSTelle (DTAG)

DVSTP DatenVermittlungsSTelle mit Paketvermittlung (DTAG), "DVST-P"

DWH DISA Western Hemisphere (DISA, Mil., USA)

DWM Diskless Workstation Management (AIX, IBM)

DXJVST Datex J VermittlungsSTelle (DTAG), "DxJ VSt

EADAS Engineering and Administrative Data Acquisition System (EADAS)

EAN European Article Numbering [system]

EANTC European Advanced Networking Test Center (Org., Berlin, ANTC, FDDI)

EAPMD5 Extensible Authentication Protocol - Message Digest 5 (EAP, Verschlüsselung), "EAP-MD5"

EAS Enterprise Access System (Dynatech)

EASE Easy Access System Europe (Novell, FTP)

EASY ErmittlungsAbhängiges SYstem (Bayern)

EBAS Elektronisches teile-BestellAbwicklungsSystem (MBAG)

EBCS European Committee for Banking Standards (Org., Europa, Banking)

EBR Enterprise Backup and Restore (ENS, Banyan, VINES)

EBR External Backup Restore (IDS, Informix, DB)

EBU European Broadcasting Union (Org., Europa)

EBUS Elektronisches teile-BUchungsSystem (MBAG)

ECASO Enhanced Cooling After System Off

ECC Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem (Certicom, Verschlüsselung)

ECD Energy Conversion Devices (Hersteller, OUM)

ECHO European Community Host Organisation (Org., Europa)

ECIS European Committee for Interoperable Systems (Org.)

ECMS Enterprise Content Management System (CMS)

ECN Explicit Congestion Notification (IP, RFC 2481)

ECP Excessive CrossPosting (Usenet, EMP, Spam)

ECR Engineering Change Request (PCI)

ECRC [cable & wireless] European Computer industry Research Centre [gmbh] (ISP, Org.)

ECRM Electronic Customer Relationship Management (Internet), "eCRM"

ECS EComStation (OS/2), "eCS"

ECS Elitegroup Computer Systems (Hersteller, Taiwan)

ECSA Exchange Carriers Standards Association (Org.)

ECSC European Customer Support Centre (HP)

ECSD Enhanced Circuit Switched Data (8-PSK, Mobile-Systems)

EDBS Einheitliche DatenBank-Schnittstelle (DB)

EDCF Enhanced Distributed Coordination Function (MAC, 802.11a, DCF, QOS)

EDD Enterprise Data Distribution (ENS, Banyan, VINES)

EDGAR Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval [system] (DB, Internet)

EDGE Enhanced Data rate for GSM / Global Evolution (GSM, Mobile-Systems)

EDID Extended Display Identification Data [standard] (VESA, DDC)

EDIFACT Electronic Data Interchange For Administration, Commerce and Transport

EDL Edit Decision List (Video)

EDMCC European Distributed Memory Computing Conference (GI, ITG, IFIP, Conference)

EDMS Engineering Document Management System

EDOS Elektronisches DateiOrganisationsSystem (MBAG)

EDPS Electronic Data Processing System

EDS Electronic Data Systems [corporation] (Anbieter, USA)

EDSAC Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator

EDSRA Earth Data System Reference Application (ISH, USA)

EDT Eastern Daylight Time [-0400] (TZ, EST, USA)

EE Emotion Engine (Sony, Playstation)

EES Escrowed Encryption Standard (Verschlüsselung, NSA)

EESC European EDIF Steering Committee (Org., EDIF, Europa)

EESSI European Electronic Signature Standardization Initiative (Org., ETSI)

EET Eastern European Time [+0200] (TZ)

EFAKS Elektronisches FAKturierungs- und abrechnungsSystem (MBAG)

EFCI Explicit Forward Congestion Indication (ATM)

EFI Electronics For Imaging (Hersteller)

EFS Encrypting File System (Verschlüsselung, Windows, MS, DESX)

EFSM Extended Finite State Machine (TTCN, ...)

EFTS Electronic Funds Transfer System

EGB Elektrostatisch gefährdete Bauelemente

EGMS E-Government Metadata Standard (RSS, Großbritannien)

EGO Enterprsie Grid Orchestrator

EGPRS Enhanced General Packet Radio Service (8-PSK, Mobile-Systems)

EGS Enhanced Graphics System (Commodore)

EHCI Enhanced Host Controller Interface (USB, Intel)

EHS European Home Systems [concept]

EHSA European Home Systems Association (Org., Europa)

EIA Electronics Industry Association (USA, Org.)

EIB European Installation Bus

EIBA European Installation Bus Association (Org., Europa)

EICAVR European Institute for Computer Anti-Virus Research (Org., Europa)

EICTA European Information & Communications Technology Industry Association [veraltet/old term] (Org., Europa)

EIF Enterprise Instrumentation Framework (MS)

EIP Elastic IP (AWS, IP)

EIP Extended Instruction Pointer [register] (CPU, Intel, Assembler)

EIS Electronic Information Systems (Hersteller)

EIS Enterprise Information System

EIS European Information System (EU)

EIS Executive Information System (IM)

EISA Enhanced Industry Standard Architecture (ISA)

EISB Electronic Imaging Standards Board (Org.)

EISS Europäisches Institut für SystemSicherheit (Org., Karlsruhe, Europa)

EIST Enhanced Intel Speedstep Technology (Intel, Pentium)

EITS Eesti InfoTehnoloogia Seltsi (Org., Estland)

EKMS Electronic Key Management System (Verschlüsselung)

EKOS Elektronisches KOmmunikationsSystem (MBAG)

ELH Entity Life History (DB)

ELI Embedded LISP Interpreter (Andrew mail system)

ELLIS EuLisp LInda System (LISP)

EMACS Eight Megabytes And Constantly Swapping (Slang, EMACS)

EMAS Edinburgh Multi-Access System (OS, ICL 4-75)

EMB Enhanced Master Burst (EISA)

EMC [Richard J.] Egan [Roger] Marino Company [unconfirmed] (EMC, Hersteller)

EMEA [IBM] Europe, Middle East, Africa (IBM)

EMISA EntwicklungsMethoden für InformationsSysteme und deren Anwendung (Org., GI)

EMP Excessive Multiple Posting (Usenet, ECP, Spam)

EMS Energy Management System

EMS Enhanced Messaging Service (Mobile-Systems)

EMSC Electronic Mail Standards Committee (Org.)

EMV Europay, MasterCard and VISA (Org., banking)

ENF Embedded NAS Firmware (RAID, NAS, ArtStor)

ENP Embedded NPrinter (NEST, Novell)

ENSA Enterprise Network Storage Architecture (HP)

EOLAS Embedded Objects Linked Across Systems (Hersteller, USA)

EOS Electrical OverStress

EOS Extended Operating System (OS)

EPBR Extended Partition Boot Record (PowerQuest)

EPHOS European Procurement Handbook for Open Systems

EPIC Embedded Platform for Industrial Computing

EPIC European Public sector Information systems Conference

EPIC Explicit Parallelism Instruction Computing (Intel, CPU, VLIW)

EPK Ereignisgesteuerte ProzessKette

EPL Elektronenstrahl-ProjektionsLithographie

EPS Electronic Publishing Systems

EPS Embedded PServer (NEST, Novell)

EPS Enterprise Protection Strategy (TrendMicro)

EPSI Encapsulated PostScript Interchange

EPSIG Electronic Publishing Special Interest Group (Org.)

EPSS Experimental Packet-Switching System (UK)

ERIN Environmental Resources Information Network (Australien, Netzwerk)

ES Embedded Systems

ES End System (ATM)

ES European Standard (ETSI)

ES Extra Segment [register] (CPU, Intel, Assembler)

ESA Enterprise Systems Architecture (IBM, MVS/XA, VM, CMS)

ESAXA Enterprise Systems Architecture / eXtended Architecture (IBM, ESA, XC), "ESA/XA"

ESAXC Enterprise Systems Architecture / eXtended Configuration (IBM, ESA, XA), "ESA/XC"

ESCD Extended System Configuration Data (BIOS, PNP)

ESCON Enterprise Systems CONnect (ion)

ESCP2 Epson Specific/Standard Code / Protocol 2 (Drucker), "ESC/P2"

ESD Electronic Software Distribution

ESD ElectroStatic Discharge

ESDC Extra Segment Descriptor Cache [register] (ES, Intel, CPU)

ESDI Enhanced Standard Device Interface

ESE Extensible Storage Engine (AD, MS)

ESER Einheitliches System dEr Rechentechnik (DDR)

ESI End System IDentifier (ATM)

ESIS Element Structure Information Set (SGML)

ESIS End System to Intermediate System [protocol / routing] (OSI), "ES-IS"

ESK [Fraunhofer] Einrichtung Systeme der Kommunikationstechnik (Org.)

ESM External Storage Module (Sun)

ESMD Embedded Storage Module Disk

ESMD Enhanced Storage Module Device

ESP Easy Software Products (Hersteller, CUPS)

ESP EFI System Partition (EFI)

ESP Electronic Stability Program (Auto)

ESPCM Electronic Speech systems Pulse Code Modulation (PCM)

ESPRIT European Strategic Program of Research and Development in Information Technology (EU)

ESRAM ??? Static Random Access Memory (RAM, IC, RL), "eSRAM"

ESRT EFI System Resource Table (EFI)

ESS Embedded Security System (IBM, TPM)

ESSI European Software and Systems Initiative

EST Eastern Standard Time [-0500] (TZ, EDT, USA)

ESTO Electronic Systems Technology Office (Org., ARPA)

ETA Estimated Time of Arrival (SCP)

ETAS Elektronisches Teile-AuskunftsSystem (MBAG)

ETC European Test Conference (VDE, IEEE-CS, Conference)

ETS European Telecommunication Standard (ETSI)

ETS Executable Test Suite (ISO 9646-1)

ETSI European Telecommunication Standards Institute (Org., Europa, ETSI)

EURID European Registry of Internet Domain names (Org., Internet, Europa)

EUS EntscheidungsUnterstützende Systeme

EUSUVP EntscheidungsUnterstützendes System UmweltVerträglichkeitsPrüfung (EUS, XPS, Uni Hamburg)

EVA [StorageWorks] Enterprise Virtual Array (HP, HDD)

EVBIT Ergänzende VertragsBedingugen - InformationsTechnik, "EVB-IT"

EVDO Enhanced Voice-Data Optimized / Only (Mobile-Systems, Qualcomm, ITU), "EV-DO"

EVMS Enterprise Volume Management System (OSS, IBM)

EWAS Elektronisches WareneingangsAbwicklungsSystem (MBAG)

EWOS European Workshop for Open Systems (OSI, ODA)

EXSLT Enhanced eXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSL, XML, XSLT)

F2FS Flash-Friendly File System (Linux, Samsung, FS), "F2fs"

FABS Fast Access Btree Structure

FAC Final Assembly Code (IMEI, GSM, Mobile-Systems)

FACCH Fast Associated Control CHannel (GSM, DCCH, Mobile-Systems)

FACS Firmware ACPI Control Structure (ACPI)

FADOS Fast Amsterdam Distributed (???) Operating System

FAI Fully Automatic Installation

FAIS Finnish Artificial Intelligence Society (Org., Finnland, AI)

FAL File Abstraction Layer (TYPO3)

FAL File Access Listener (DEC, DNA)

FAMP Fast Amsterdam MultiProcessor

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions (DFÜ-Slang, Usenet)

FAR Flow Admission Request [message] (LFAP)

FASMI Fast Analysis of Shared Multidimensional Information (OLAP)

FAST Fast ARM Solutions Toolkit (ARM, Palm, PDA)

FAST First Application System Test

FAST Forschungsinstitut für Angewandte Software-Technologie [e.v.] (Org.)

FAW Forschungsinstitut für Anwendungsorientierte Wissensverarbeitung (Org., KI, Ulm)

FBAS FarbBild-AustastSystem / Farb-Bild-Austast-Synchron-signal (Video)

FBL Frame Burst error Length (CD)

FC Federal Criteria [for information technology security] (NIST, USA)

FCC Fast Communication Controller (SCC, MCC)

FCCH Frequency Correction CHannel (GSM, Mobile-Systems)

FCFS First Come, First Served

FCIA Fibre Channel Industry Association (Org.)

FCOS Flip Chip on Substrate

FCR Flow Change Request [message] (LFAP)

FCS Fast Circuit Switching

FCS First Customer Ship (IBM)

FCSAN Fibre Channel Storage Area Network (FC, SAN)

FDAD Functional Data ADministrator

FDCT Fast Discrete Cosine Transformation (DCT)

FDD Frequency Division Duplex (Mobile-Systems)

FDDI Fiber Distributed Data Interface (ANSI, ISO 8314)

FDDITPPMD FDDI Twisted Pair-Physical layer, Medium Dependent, "FDDI TP-PMD"

FDI [fachverband der ] Führungskräfte der Druckindustrie und Informationsverarbeitung (Org.)

FDIS Final Draft International Standard (MPEG)

FDMA Frequency Division Multiple Access (Mobile-Systems)

FDTDMA Frequency Division/Time Division Multiple Access (Mobile-Systems, GSM), "FD/TDMA"

FEAL Fast Data Encipherment Algorithm (DES, Verschlüsselung)

FEAST Fast Data Enciphering Algorithm (Verschlüsselung)

FEC Forward Error Correction (GSM, Mobile-Systems)

FECN Forward Explicit Congestion Notification (ATM)

FET Field Effect Transistor

FFDC First Failure Data Capture

FFFS Failsafe Flash File System (FS, Flash), "F3S"

FFII Förderverein für Freie Informationelle Infrastruktur (Org.)

FFS Fast File System (Unix, Amiga, Commodore)

FFS Fast Filing System (BSD, Unix)

FFS Flexible Fertigungs-Systeme

FFST2 First Failure Support Technology /2 (IBM), "FFST/2"

FGCS Fifth Generation Computer Systems [project] (ICOT)

FHGS FreeHand Graphics Studio (Macromedia, DTP)

FHS File system Hierarchy Standard (Linux, LSB)

FIA Fiberoptic Industry Association (Org.)

FIC First International Computer [inc.] (Hersteller)

FIDO Fast IDentity Online (Org.)

FIFO First In First Out (CPU)

FIG Forth Interest Group (Org., Forth)

FILO First In Last Out

FIMAS Financial Institution Message Authentication Standard (Banking, ANSI)

FIP Factory Instrumentation Protocol

FIPS Federal Information Processing Standard (NIST, USA)

FIQ Fast Interrupt reQuest (ARM, RISC)


FIRS Federated Internet Registry Service (LDAP, Internet)

FIRST ForschungsInstitut für Rechnerarchitektur und SoftwareTechnik (Org., GMD, Berlin)

FIRST Forum of Incident Response and SecuriTy (Org., NIST)

FIS FachInformationsSystem

FIS FührungsInformationsSysteme

FIT Fraunhofer institut für angewandte InformationsTechnik (Org.)

FITS Functional Interpolating Transformation System

FITUG Förderverein Informationstechnik und Gesellschaft [e.V.] (Org.)

FK Foundation Kit (NextStep, OpenStep, Apple, Rhapsody)

FKS Fernmelde-Klein-Steckverbindung (Westernstecker)

FLC Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal

FLP Fast Link Pulse (Ethernet, LAN, NLP)

FMS FernMeldeSystem

FMS FORTRAN Monitor System (OS, IBM 709)

FOA Fiber Optic Association (Org.)

FODA Formal specification of ODA document structures (ODA, ISO)

FOKUS Forschungszentrum für Offene KommUnikationsSysteme (Org., GMD, Berlin)

FOMA Freedom Of Multimedia Access (Japan, Mobile-Systems)

FORTWIHR FORschungsverbund für Technisch-WIssenschaftliches HochleistungsRechnen (Org., Bayern)

FORWISS bayerisches FORschungszentrum für WISsensbasierte Systeme (Org., KI)

FOSI Format Output Specification Instance (SGML, CALS)

FOSSIL Fido Opus Seadog Standard Interface Layer

FOTE Follow-on Operational Test and Evaluation, "FOT & E"

FOUC Flash Of Unstyled Content (CSS)

FPA Fast Packet Adaption (FPS, FPR)

FPK Fast Packet Keying (WLAN, WEP, RSA, Verschlüsselung)

FPLMTS Future Public Land Mobile Telecommunications System (IN, Mobile-Systems)

FPM Fast Page Mode [DRAM] (RAM, DRAM)

FPM Fast Page Mode [ram] (RAM, DRAM, IC)


FPMPMI Flat Panel Monitor Physical Mounting Interface [standard] [veraltet/old term] (LCD, VESA, FDMI)

FPP Fast-Parallel-Port

FPR Fast Packet Relay (FPS, FPA)

FPR Floating Point Register (FPU)

FPS Fast Packet Switching (X.25, Datex-J)

FPS First Person Shooter [game]

FPSE Free PlayStation Emulator, "FPSe"

FRF Floatingpoint Register File (DEC, Alpha, CPU)

FS File System (LVM)

FS Frame Status (FDDI, Token Ring)

FSC Fujitsu Siemens Computer (Hersteller)

FSCK File System Consistency checK (Unix)

FSD File System Driver

FSG Free Standards Group (Org.)

FSH File System Hierarchy (Linux, LSB)

FSM Finite State Machine (TTCN, ...)

FSM Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle Multimedia (Org., Deutschland)

FSMGDOS Font Scaling Manager - Graphics Device Operating System (OS, Atari), "FSM-GDOS"

FSMO Flexible Single Master Operations (AD)

FSO [scripting runtime library] File System Objects (MS, WSH)

FSOS Free Standing Operating System (OS)

FSPF Fibre channel Shortest Path First

FSRTL File System RunTime Library

FSS Fast System Switch (Unix)

FSSUTF FileSystem Safe UCS Transformation Format (UCS, Unicode), "FSS-UTF"

FST Flat Square Technology (Hitachi)

FSTN Film SuperTwisted Nematic (LCD)

FSTP Foiled Shielded Twisted Pair [cable] (STP, TP), "F/STP"

FTOS File Transfer Open Systems

FTP Foiled Twisted Pair [cable] (UTP, TP)

FTS Fidonet Technical Standard

FTSC Federal Telecommunications Standards Committee (Org., USA)

FTSC Fidonet Technical Standard Conference (Konferenz)

FTTLA Fiber To The Last Amplifier

FUBAR Failed UniBus Address Register (VAX)

FUSE Filesystem in USErspace (Linux)

FWT Fast Wavelet Transformation

FXS Foreign Exchange System / Subscriber (FXO)

GABELN Gruppe Area Brett Echo Liste Newsgroup (DFÜ-Slang, Usenet, BBS)

GAL Global Address List (MS, Windows, Exchange)

GCAD Geographical Computer Aided Design System

GCCS Global Command and Control System (DISA, Mil.)

GCFW GIAC Certified FireWall analyst (GIAC, GSE)

GCIA GIAC Certified Intrusion Analyst (GIAC, GSE)

GCOS General Comprehensive Operating System (Honeywell, OS, Honeywell Series 60, Honeywell Series 6000)

GCS Group Control System (IBM, VM, VME, VM/ESA)

GCUX GIAC Certified UniX security administrator (GIAC, GSE)

GCWN GIAC Certified WiNdows security administrator (GIAC, GSE)

GCWS [ServerWorks] Grand Champion WorksStation [chipset], "GC-WS"

GDOS Graphics Device Operating System (OS, Atari)

GDQS Grid Distributed Query Service (DQP, OGSA-DAI, grid)

GDR General Distribution Release

GDS Generalized Data Stream (IBM, APPC)

GDTRC Global Descriptor Table Register Cache (GDT, Intel, CPU)

GE General Electric (Hersteller, GE)

GECOS General Electric Comprehensive Operating Supervisor / System (OS, GE, GCOS, Vorläufer, Honeywell)

GEI Gesellschaft für Elektronische Informationsverarbeitung [mbh] (Hersteller, Aachen)

GEIST German Encyclopedic Internet Service Terminal (Org.)

GEOS Graphic Environment Operating System (OS)

GERAN GSM EDGE Radio Access Network (GSM, EDGE, Mobile-Systems)

GETS Government Emergency Telecommunications System (USA)

GFS Global File System (GFS, Unix)

GGSN Gateway GPRS Support Node (GPRS, Mobile-Systems)

GHOST Goal Hierarchy and Objectives Structuring Technique (TUB)

GHTSTN Guest Host Technique SuperTwisted Nematic (LCD), "GHT-STN"

GIDAS Grafisch-Interaktives DatenAnalyseSystem

GIDF Google Ist Dein Freund (DFÜ, Usenet, IRC)

GIL Gesellschaft für Informatik in der Land-, forst- und ernährungswirtschaft [e.v.] (Org.)

GIM Gesellschaft für informationstechnik und InformationsManagement [mbh] (ISC, Bremen)

GIPS Giga Instructions Per Second (CPU)

GIS Geographic Information System

GKDC Group Key Distribution Centre (KDC, CBT)

GKHI Generalized Kernel Hook Infrastructure (Linux, IBM)

GKS Graphic Kernel System

GLDV Gesellschaft für Linguistische DatenVerarbeitung (Org.)

GLONASS Globalnaja Nawigazionnaja Sputnikowaja Sistema

GLX openGL extension for the X window system (OpenGL, X-WIndows)

GM General MIDI [standard] (MIDI)

GMA Gesellschaft für Meß- und Automatisierungstechnik (Org., VDI)

GMD Gesellschaft für Mathematik und Datenverarbeitung (Org., St. Augustin)

GMDS deutsche Gesellschaft für Medizinische Dokumentation, informatik und Statistik [e.v.] (Org.)

GMK Group Master Key (RSN, Verschlüsselung)

GMR Giant Magneto-Resistive [heads] (HDD, IBM, Toshiba)

GMSC Gateway Mobile services Switching Center (Mobile-Systems)

GOBS Grundsätze Ordnungsmäßiger DVgestützter BuchführungsSysteme (DV), "GoBS"

GOSIP Government Open Systems Interconnections Profile (USA, UK)

GPA GNU Privacy Assistant (GNU, GnuPG)

GPFS General Parallel File System (IBM)

GPOS General Purpose Operation System

GPR General Purpose Register (CPU)

GPRS General Packet Radio Service / System (ETSI, GSM, TCP/IP, GPRS, Mobile-Systems)

GPS Global Positioning System (GPS)

GRASP Graphic Animation System for Professionals

GRAW Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter

GRPS General Packet Radio Service (GSM, Mobile-Systems)

GS General Standard (MIDI)

GS Graphic Synthesizer (Sony, Playstation)

GSA Global mobile Suppliers Association (Org., Mobile-Systems)

GSDS Genealogy Software Distribution System

GSER Generic String Encoding Rules (ASN1, RFC 3641/342)

GSM Global System for Mobile communications

GSNA GIAC Systems and Network Auditor

GSRC GigaScale Systems Research Center (Org.)

GSS Group Support System

GST Guam Standard Time [+1000] (TZ)

GSX Graphics System eXtension

GTP GPRS Tunnel Protocol (GPRS, Mobile-Systems)

GTS Global Telecommunication System

GURPS Generic Universal RolePlaying System

GUS Guide to the Use of Standards (SPAG)

GVRP GARP VLAN Registration Protocol (GARP, VLAN)

GWBASIC Graphics and Windows Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code (BASIC, MS-DOS), "GW-Basic"

HACL Host Access Class Library (HOD, API)

HACMP High Availability Clustered Multi Processing (IBM, RS/6000, Bull), "HA/CMP"

HADR High Availability Disaster Recovery (Informix, DB2, DB)

HAL Hardware Abstraction Layer (Windows, NT)

HAL Heuristically programmed ALgorithmic computer (2001)

HALPC Houston Area League of PC-Users, "HAL-PC"

HAMPS Host AUTODIN Message Processing System (AUTODIN, Mil.)

HAMR Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording (HDD)

HANFS Highly Available Network File System

HAP Host Access Protocol (RFC 907/1221)

HARQ Hybrid Automatic Re-transmission reQuest (WIMAX)

HAS High Availability Subsystem (Bull)

HBA Host Bus Adapter (SCSI)

HBBTV Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV, "HbbTV"

HBT Hetero Bipolar Transistor (IBM, IC)

HCA Host Channel Adapter (Infiniband)

HCI Host Controller Interface (Bluetooth, Linux)

HCL Hardware Certification List (TCPA)

HCL Hardware Compatibility List (MS, Windows)

HCL Host Control Links

HCSS High Capacity Storage System (Novell, Netware)

HCTDS High-Capacity Terrestrial Digital Service

HDB HoneyDanBer [standard] (Unix)

HDBMS Hierarchical DataBase Management System (DBMS, DB)

HDFS Hadoop Distributed File System (Hadoop)

HDH HDLC Distant Host

HDML Handheld Device Markup Language (Mobile-Systems, HDTP)

HDOS Heath Disk Operating System (OS, Heath)

HDS Hitachi Data Systems (Hersteller)

HDTP Handheld Device Transport Protocol (Mobile-Systems)

HEA Hyundai Electronics of America (Hersteller)

HEMT High Electron Mobility Transistor

HERMES Heuristic Emergency Response Management Expert System (XPS)

HERODE Handling the Electronic Representation of mixed text - image Office Documents based on ECMA standard 101 (ESPRIT, SNI, TITN, ECMA, ODA)

HEROS HEeresführungsinformationssystem für die Rechnergestütze Operationsführung in Stäben (Bundeswehr)

HES Home Electronic System (SNI)

HES Honeywell Executive System (OS, Honeywell 800)

HFDS Highly Functional Distributed System (MTRON)

HFS Hierachical File System (Apple, CD, MACOS)

HHI Heinrich Hertz Institut (Org., Deutschland)

HIGGENS Human Interface Graphical GENeration System (Uni Colorado)

HIS HerstellerInitiative Software (Org., Deutschland)

HLR Home Location Register (LR, GSM, GPRS, Mobile-Systems)

HLRB HöchstLeistungsRechenzentrum Bayern (Org.)

HLS HTTP Live Streaming (Apple, HTTP)

HLS Hue, Luminance, Saturation (Farbsystem, DTP)

HMP Host Monitoring Protocol (RFC 869)

HNA Host and Network Association [message] (OLSR)

HNI Heinz Nixdorf Institut (Org., ZIT)

HOD Host On Demand (IBM, HOD)

HOOPS Hierarchical Object Orientated Picture System (Ithaca, Autodesk, OOP)

HOP Homecast Open Protocol (WLAN, Alation Systems)

HP Hewlett Packard (Hersteller)

HPBIDS Hewlett Packard Broadband Internet Delivery System (HP, Internet), "HP BIDS"

HPCS High Productivity Computing System (DARPA, Cray, IBM, Sun, ...)

HPFS High Performance FileSystem (OS/2)

HPOFS High Performance Optical File System (IBM, OS/2, MOD)

HPR High Priority Request (VUMA)

HPTS High Performance Transaction Systems

HRMS Human Resource Management System (Peoplesoft)

HSA Heterogenous Systems Architecture (AMD)

HSC Hierarchical Storage Controller

HSCSD High Speed Circuit Switched Data (GSM, Mobile-Systems)

HSD Host Storage Domain (HDS)

HSDPA High Speed Downlink Packet Access (UMTS, HSUPA, Mobile-Systems)

HSFS High Sierra File System

HSM Hierarchical Storage Management

HSP Host Signal Processing (DFÜ, WinModem)

HSPA High Speed Packet Access (UMTS, HSDPA, HSUPA, Mobile-Systems)

HSRP Hot Standby Router Protocol (Cisco, IOS)

HSSM Hicommand Storage Services Manager (HDS)

HST Hawaiian Standard Time [-1030] (TZ)

HST High Soft Tech (Hersteller, ISDN)

HST High Speed Technology (US Robotics)

HSTS HTTP Strict Transport Security (HTTP, Verschlüsselung)

HSV Hue Saturation Value (Farbsystem, DTP)

HTSI Host Transport Service Interface (ICC, CT-API)

HVD Hosted Virtual Desktop

HWE HardWare Enablement [stack]] (Linux, Ubuntu)

HYTIME Hypermedia/Time-based structuring language (SGML, ISO, IEC, IS 10744), "HyTime"

I3C International Imaging Industry Association (Org., PIMA, Nachfolger)

I4DL Interface, Inheritance, Implementation, Installation Definition Language (DME, OSF)

IAAS Infrastructure As A Service

IAI Institut für Angewandte Informatik (Org.)

IAK Internet explorer Administrator Kit (MS, Internet)

IAO [Fraunhofer] Institut für Arbeitswirtschaft und Organisation (Org., Stuttgart)

IAONA Industrial Automation Open Networking Alliance (Org., Europe)

IAPC Instantly Available Personal Computer (Intel, PC)

IAS Interactive Application System (DEC)

IASA IETF Administrative Support Activity (IETF, RFC 4071/4371)

IAX Inter Asterisk eXchange (VoIP, OSS)

IB4J Instant BASIC for Java (Java, BASIC)

IBASES Intel Baseline AGP System Evaluation Suite (AGP, Intel)

IBFI Internationales Begegnungs- und Forschungszentrum für Informatik (Org., GI)

IBM International Business Machines (Hersteller, IBM)

IBMS Integrated Broadband Mobile System

ICAN Individual Customer Access Network

ICCS Integrated Communications Cabling System (SNI)

ICD Installable Client Driver (OpenGL)

ICDCS International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (INRIA, IEEE-CS)

ICE Information and Content Exchange [protocol] (XML)

ICI Industrial Computing Initiative (LLNL, LANL, Cray, ..., HPC, MPP)

ICIA International Communications Industries Association (Org.)

ICIAI International Communications Industries Association Inc. (Org.)

ICIEA IEEE Conference on Industrial Electronics and Applications (IEEE)

ICL International Computers Limited (Hersteller, UK, USA, Japan, Fujitsu)

ICOT Institute for new generation COmputer Technology (Org., Japan, FGCS)

ICP Intelligent Computer Peripherals (Hersteller)

ICPS Image et Calcul Parallèle de Scientifique (Org., Frankreich, HPC)

ICPS Informatique et Calcul Parallèle de Strasbourg [veraltet/old term] (Org., Frankreich, HPC)

ICS IBM Cabling System

ICS International Classification for Standards (ISO)

ICSC Intelligent Channel/Storage Control, "IC/SC"

ICSI International Computer Science Institute (Org., USA)

ICST International Conference on Sensing Technology

ICT Image Constraint Token (DOT)

ICT Institute of Computing Technology (Org., China)

ICTS [Champion] Integrated Cached Tape Subsystem (EMC, AS/400)

ICU Instruction Cache Unit (CPU, POWER)

IDA Interchange of Data between Administrations (Org., Europa)

IDA Interface for Distributed Automation (TCP/IP)

IDAS Interchange DAta Structure

IDDD International Direct Distance Dialing

IDES International Demonstration and Education System (R/3, SAP)

IDES Intrusion Detection Expert System (IBM, IDS, XPS)

IDIS Integrated Dealer and Importer System (MBAG)

IDL Interactive Data Language (Research Systems)

IDLE International Date Line, East [+1200] (TZ)

IDLW International Date Line, West [-1200] (TZ)

IDMR Inter-Domain Multicast Routing (IETF, WG, Multicast)

IDMT [Fraunhofer] Institut für Digitale MedienTechnologie (Org.)

IDS Information Delivery System

IDS Inter Data Systems [gmbh] (Hersteller)

IDS Internal Directory System

IDS Intrusion Detection System (IDS, IPS)

IDSS Interoperability Decision Support System

IDT Integrated Device Technology (Hersteller)

IDTRC Interrupt Descriptor Table Register Cache (IDT, CPU, Intel)

IEAAIE [international conference on] Industrial and Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Expert systems (Conference, ISAI, ..., AI), "IEA/AIE"

IEE Institute of Electrical Engineers (Org., UK)

IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (Org., USA)

IEEECS Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers - Computer Society (Org., IEEE) "IEEE-CS"

IEEJ Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan (Org., Japan)

IEICE Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (Org., Japan)

IEMSI Interactive Electronic Mail Standard Identification

IERAT Instruction cache Effective to Real Address Translation [table] (Power4, IBM, CPU, ERAT)

IES Integrated Engineering Station (Toshiba, TOSMAP-DS)

IESE [Fraunhofer] Institut für Experimentelles Software Engineering (Org.)

IESG Internet Engineering Steering Group (IETF)

IETS Interim European Telecommunications Standards (GSM, Mobile-Systems)

IFAC International Federation for Automatic Control (Org., Österreich)

IFAD Institute of Applied Computer Science (Org., Dänemark)

IFAR Instruction Fetch Address Register (Power4, IBM, CPU)

IFC Industry Foundation Classes (CAD)

IFP Instruction Fetch Pipeline (Motorola, CPU)

IFROSS Institut für Rechtsfragen der Freien und Open Source Software (Org., OSS, Deutschland) "ifrOSS"

IFS Installable File System (OS/2, DOS)

IFS Intelligent Fax System (Ricoh)

IFS Internet File System (Oracle, DB, Internet)

IGBT Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IC)

IGC Institute for Global Communications (USA)

IGD [Fraunhofer] Institut für Graphische Datenverarbeitung (Org., Darmstadt)

IGMP Internet Group Management / Multicast Protocol (RFC 1112/2236, IP, Multicast)

IGOSS Industry/Government Open System Specification

IIA Information Industry Association (Org.)

IIASA International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (Org., Österreich)

IICM Institute for Information processing and Computer supported new Media (Org., Östereich)

IIF Incoming InterFace (PIM, OIF, Multicast)

IIIS International Institute of Informatics and Systemics (Org., USA)

IIS [Fraunhofer] Institut für Integrierte Schaltungen (Org.)

IIS Intelligence Information System (Mil.)

IITF Information Infrastructure Task Force (Org., USA)

IIUC If I Understand Correctly (DFÜ-Slang, Usenet, IRC)

IKT Informations- und Kommunikationstechnik

IL Instruction List

ILP Instruction Level Parallelism (CPU)

ILS Intelligente LernSysteme

ILT [Linux] Instructor Led Training (Linux, Caldera)

IM Instant Messaging (IM)

IMAPI Image Mastering Applications Programming Interface (API)

IMEI International Mobile Equipment Identity (MS, GSM, Mobile-Systems)

IMMD Institut für Mathematische Maschinen und Datenverarbeitung (Org., Uni Erlangen)

IMNSHO In My Not So Humble / Honest Opinion (DFÜ-Slang, Usenet, IRC)

IMPP Instant Messaging and Presence Protocol (IETF, IM)

IMR Interrupt Mask Register (IC)

IMS [Fraunhofer] Institut für Mikroelektronische Schaltungen und systeme (Org., Dresden)

IMS Information Management System (IBM)

IMS Integrated Management System

IMS Integrated Measurement Systems [inc] (Hersteller)

IMS Intelligent Manufacturing System (MITI)

IMS International Meta Systems (Hersteller)

IMS Internet Multimedia Subsystem (Internet, 3GPP)

IMS IP Multimedia Subsystem (PoC, IP)

IMSESA Information Management System/Enterprise Systems Architecture (IBM), "IMS/ESA"

IMSI International Mobile Subscriber Identity (MM, GSM, Mobile-Systems)

IMSO Integrated Micro Systems Operation (Intel)

IMSVS Information Management System/Virtual Storage, "IMS/VS"

IMT2000 International Mobile Telecommunications [at] 2000 [Mhz] (Mobile-Systems), "IMT-2000"

INCITS International Committee for Information Technology Standards (Org., USA)

INGRES INteractive Graphic REtrieval System

INMS Integrated Network Management System

INPOL INformationssystem der POLizei

INRIA Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et Automatique (Org., Frankreich)

INSITS INternational Symposium on IT Standardization (Conference, IFIP, GI)

INST INformation Standards and technology Standardization

INTEL INtegriertes TEileLogistiksystem (MBAG)

IOC Input/Output Cluster (Cray, I/O)

IOCCC International Obfuscated C Code Contest

IOCS Input Output Control System (OS, IBM 7090)

IOS Internetworking Operating System (Cisco, OS)

IOS InterOrganizational Systems

IOTE Initial Operational Test and Evaluation, "IOT & E"

IOTTMCO Intuitively Obvious To The Most Casual Observer (DFÜ-Slang, Usenet, IRC)

IP Instruction Pointer [register] (CPU, Intel, Assembler)

IPA [Fraunhofer] Institut für Produktionstechnik und Automation (Org., Stuttgart)

IPCS Interactive Problem Control System

IPDS IBM Personal Dictation System (IBM, Sprachverarbeitung)

IPDS Intelligent Printer Data Stream (IBM, CCS)

IPDVMRP IP Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol (RFC 1075, IP, Multicast) "IP-DVMRP"

IPES Improved Proposed Encryption Standard (IDEA, PES, Verschlüsselung)

IPL Ionenstrahl-ProjektionsLithographie

IPMS InterPersonal Messaging System

IPS Information Processing Standards

IPS Intrusion Protection System (IDS)

IPVR Institut für Parallele und Verteilte Rechensysteme (Org., Uni Stuttgart)

IR Internet Registry

IRCS Institute for Research in Cognitive Science (Org., Uni Pennsylvania, USA)

IRDA InfraRed Data Association (Org., Hersteller, IRDA) "IrDA"

IRDS Information Resource Dictionary System (ANSI, ISO, IM)

IRF Integer Register File (DEC, Alpha, CPU)

IRIS Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Systems (Org., Canada)

IRIS Internet Registry Information Service (XML, Internet)

IRL Industrial Robot Language (HLL)

IRP I/O Request Packet (I/O)

IRQ Interrupt ReQuest

IRR Interrupt Request Register (IC)

IRSG Internet Research Steering Group (Org., Internet)

IS Intermediate System (ATM)

IS International Standard (ISO)

ISA Industry Standard Architecture (PC)

ISA Instruction Set Architecture (CPU)

ISA Instrumentation, Systems, and Automation society (Org.)

ISA Integrated Systems Architecture (ESPRIT, ANSA)

ISACA Information Systems Audit and Control Association (Org.)

ISADS International Symposium on Autonomous Decentralized Systems (IEEE-CS, Conference)

ISAGAT Industry Standard Architecture - Guaranteed Access Time (ISA, DMA, PCI)

ISBN International Standard Book Number

ISC2 International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (Org.)

ISCSI Internet Small Computer Systems Interface (SCSI, SAN, IETF, RFC 3720/3721/3722) "iSCSI"

ISDNUP ISDN User Part (ISDN, GSM, Mobile-Systems), "ISDN-UP"

ISE Instant Secure Erase (Seagate)

ISEE Information System Engineering Environment (Westmount, CASE)

ISEE Integrated Software Engineering Environment [reference model] (NIST, ECMA, CASE)

ISI [Fraunhofer] Institut für Systemtechnik und Innovationsforschung (Org.)

ISI Information Sciences Institute (Org., USA)

ISIS Industrial Signature Interoperability Specification (Verschlüsselung)

ISIS Integrated Systems and Information Services (OS, Intel)

ISIS Intermediate System to Intermediate System [protocol / routing] (OSI, RFC 1195) "IS-IS"

ISIT [Fraunhofer] Institut für SiliziumTechnologie (Org., Itzehoe), "ISiT"

ISM Industrial, Science, Medical [ = 2,4 GHz ] (WLAN)

ISM InterSystems M (MUMPS, InterSytems)

ISMA Internet Streaming Media Alliance (Org., Internet, Apple, Cisco, IBM, Philips, ...)

ISMS Inventory Sampling Measurememt System (CC)

ISN Information Systems Network

ISN Integrated Systems Network

ISNS Internet Storage Name Service (RFC 4171) "iSNS"

ISO International Standards Organisation [International Organization for Standardization] (Org.)

ISP Integrated System Peripheral control (Wyse)

ISP Interactive String Processor (BS2000)

ISP International Standardized Profiles (ISO)

ISPA Internet Service Provider Austria (Org., ISP)

ISPF Interactive System Productivity Facility (IBM)

ISPN International Standard Program Number

ISPS Instruction Set Processor Specifications (HDL)

ISQI International Software Quality Institute (Org.) "iSQI"

ISQL Interactive Structured Query Language

ISR Interrupt Service Register (IC)

ISR Interrupt Service Request

ISRC International Standard Recording Code

ISS Internet Security Systems (Hersteller)

ISSCC International Solid State Circuits Conference (Konferenz)

ISSE Internet Streaming SIMD Extension (Intel, Pentium, Katmai, SIMD)

ISSN International Standard Serial Number

ISSS Information Society Standardization System (CEN, Org.)

ISST [Fraunhofer] Institut für Software- und SystemTechnik (Org., Dortmund)

IST Immerse System Technology (VR)

IST Indian Standard Time [+0530] (TZ)

IST Initial System Test

IST Intelligent Transportation System

ISTA International Security Tuition Association (Org.)

ISTM It Seems To Me (DFÜ, Usenet, IRC)

ISTO Information Science and Technology Office (Org., DARPA)

ISTQB International Software Testing Qualification Board (iSQI)

ISTR I Seem To Recall / Remember (DFÜ, Usenet, IRC)

ITAF International Teletext Art Festival

ITCM Instruction Tightly Coupled Memory (IC)

ITE InformationsTechnische Einrichtungen

ITG InformationsTechnische Gesellschaft (Org., VDE)

ITIL Information Technology Infrastructure Library (CCTA, OGC)

ITLB Instruction Translation Look-aside Buffer (CPU)

ITMS Immediate check Truth Maintenance System (AI)

ITMS ITunes Music Store (WWW), "iTMS"

ITRON Industrial TRON (TRON, OS)

ITS Incompatible Time-sharing System (DEC)

ITSDN Integrated Tactical/Strategic Data Network (Mil., USA, Netzwerk)

ITSPO Information Technology Standards Program Office (Org., USA)

ITTM Institut Telekomunikasi dan Teknologi Maklumat (Org., Malaysia)

ITUSA Information Technology Users Standards Association (Org., USA)

ITUT ITU Telecommunications [standards group] (Org., Nachfolger, CCITT) "ITU-T"

ITUTSS International Telecommunications Union Telecommunication Standards Sector (ITU)

IUK Informations- und Kommunikationstechnik, "IuK"

IUKDG Informations- Und KommunikationsDiensteGesetz (DFÜ, Deutschland)

IUT Implementation Under Test

IUTSUT Implementation Under Test - System Under Test, "IUT-SUT"

IVS IBM Verkabelungs-System

IVS Interactive Visualization Systems

IWA International Webmasters Association (Org., WWW)

IWBS Institut für WissensBasierte Systeme (Org., IBM)

IWS Intelligent Work-Station

IZM [Fraunhofer] Institut für Zuverlässigkeit und Mikrointegration (Org., Berlin)

J2SE Java 2 Standard Edition (Java, Sun)

JAPH Just Another PERL Hacker (PERL)

JASS Javascript-Accessable Style Sheets (HTML, WWW, JavaScript)

JASS Jumpstart Architecture and Security Scripts (Sun, Solaris)

JAVAOS Java Operating System (Java), "JavaOS"

JAXR Java API for XML Registries (Java, XML, API), "JAX-R"

JBOD Just a Bunch Of Disks (HDD)

JCALS Joint Computer-Aided Logistics System (CAL)

JDBC Java standard DataBase Connectivity (DB, Java, Sun, Borland, ODBC, API)

JDS2 Java Desktop System 2 (Sun, Linux, Java)

JEIDA Japan Electronics Industry Development Association (Org., Japan)

JEITA Japan Electronics and Information Technology industries Association (Org. Japan)

JELD Java Event List Daemon (Java)

JEMS Jboss Enterprise Middleware System

JES Java Enterprise System (Sun, Java)

JES Job Entry Subsystem (IBM)

JESS Java Expert System Shell (Java, Shell)

JFET Junction Field Effect Transistor (IC, FET)

JFFS Journaling Flash File System (FS, Flash)

JFS Journaled File System (IBM, HP)

JFS Journalized File System

JICST Japan Information Center of Science and Technology (Org., Japan)

JIG Jabber Interest Group (Jabber)

JIS Japanese Institute of Standards (Org., Japan)

JISC Japanese Industrial Standards Committee (Org., Japan)

JIT Just In Time [compiler]

JK Just Kidding (DFÜ, Usenet, IRC)

JLCA Java Language Conversion Assistant (MS, Java, .NET)

JMSC Japanese MIDI Standard Committee (Org., Japan)

JMSWG Joint Multi-TADIL Standards Working Group (Org., Mil., TADIL)

JND Just Noticeable Difference (Video)


JOTS Joint Operational Tactical System (Mil.)

JPA Java Persistence API (Java, API, JEE, EJB)

JPLDIS Jet Propulsion Laboratory Display Information System

JSA Japanese Standards Association (Org., Japan)

JSA Juristische StandardAntwort (DFÜ-Slang, Usenet)

JSAN Joint Staff Automation of the Nineties (Mil.)

JSD Jackson System Development (JSP)

JSP Jackson Structured Programming (JSD)

JSR Java Specification Request (Java, JCP)

JSSA Japan Society for System Audits (Org., JIPDEC, Japan)

JST Japan Standard Time [+0900] (TZ)

JSTL JSP Standard Tag Library (Java, JSP, WSDP)

JTAG Joint Test Action Group (Org., IC)

JTMS Justification based Truth Maintenance System (AI)

JTSSG Joint Telecommunications Standards Steering Group (Mil.)

JTWI Java Technology for Wireless Industry (Java, JSR-185)

JURIS JURistisches InformationsSystem

JVIDS Joint Visually Integrated Display System (Mil.)

JWICS Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System (Mil.)

JWS Java Web Start (Java, IBM)

KARL KAiserslautern Register transfer Language [version II/III] (HDL)

KARL KArlsruhe Register transfer Language [version I] (HDL)

KBS Knowledge-Based System

KCC Knowledge Consistency Checker (AD)

KCMS Kodak Color Management System (Kodak, DTP)

KDC Key Distribution Center (Verschlüsselung)

KDE K Destop Environment (Linux, KDE, GUI)

KES Key Escrow System (Verschlüsselung)

KI Künstliche Intelligenz

KIPS Kilo Instructions Per Second

KISS Keep It Simple, Stupid (DFÜ-Slang, Usenet, IRC)

KMDF Kernel-Mode Driver Framework (UMDF, MS, Windows, Vista)

KMOS Kernel of a Multiprocess Operating System (OS)

KMS Knowledge Management Systeme

KNI Katmai New Instructions (Intel, ISSE, Vorläufer)

KNN Künstliche Neuronale Netze (Neuronale Netze)

KOLIBRI KOpal LIBrary for Retrieval and Ingest (KOPAL), "koLibRi"

KOS Kent On-Line System (OS)

KPCMS Kodak Precision Color Management System (Kodak, DTP)

KPOP Kerberized Post Office Protocol (POP3)

KR [brian] Kernighan & [dennis] Ritchie [c standard], "K&R"

KSA Kalman Saffran Associates (Hersteller)

KSA KommunikationsStrukturAnalyse (OA, TUB)

KSH Key Strokes per Hour

KSIG Khronos Special Interest Group

KSLNRC Knowledge Systems Laboratory of the National Research Council (Org., Canada, AI)

KSOS Kernelized Secure Operating System (OS)

KSPM KeyStrokes Per Minute

LA [MPEG] Licensing Administration (MPEG)

LA Location Area (MSC, GSM, Mobile-Systems)

LAC Location Area Code (Mobile-Systems)

LACNIC Latin American and Caribbean Internet Addresses Registry (Org., Internet)

LAPP Linux, Apache, PostgreSQL, PHP (Linux, Apache, PHP, DB, SQL)

LASER Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation

LAVAS LAger- und VersandAbwicklungsSystem (MBAG)

LAVC Local Area VAX Cluster (VAX, DEC)

LAW Local Authority Workstation

LBCAST Lateral Buried Charge Accumulator and Sensing Transistor array (Nikon, photo)

LBM Local Bus Master

LBR Last Branch Recording (Intel, CPU, IC)

LBS Location Based Service (Mobile-Systems)

LCA [Sair] Linux [and GNU] Certified Administrator (Linux, GNU, Unix)

LCD Liquid-Crystal Display (LCD)

LCD LISP Code Directory (EMACS)

LCOS Liquid Crystal On Silicon (LCD)

LCR Least Cost Routing

LCS Linux Compatibility Standard (Linux)

LCS Liquid Crystal Shutter

LCSS Liquid Crystal Stereoscopic Shutter [display]

LCT Last Compliance Time (GCRA)

LD LAN Destination (ATM)

LDDM Longhorn Display Driver Model (MS, Windows, Vista)

LDP Label Distribution Protocol (IETF, RFC 3036, MPLS)

LDR Light Detect Resistor

LDTR Load Descriptor Table Register (CPU, Intel, Assembler, IC)

LDTRC Local Descriptor Table Register Cache (LDT, Intel, CPU)

LEAS LATA Equal Access System

LER Last Exception Record (MSR, Intel, CPU)

LFCC Linux Federation for Commercial Customers (Linux)

LFS Log-Structured File System (FS)

LFS Loopback File System

LFSR Linear Feedback Shift Register (IC)

LFU Least Frequently Used

LGX Linux/GNU/X [distribution] (Yggdrasil, Linux, GNU)

LIDO LInux cluster DOrtmund, "LiDO"

LIFD Last In First Drop

LIFE Logistics Interface For manufacturing Environment

LIFO Last In First Out

LIM Lotus - Intel - Microsoft (Hersteller)

LIMS Lawful Interception Management System (Utimaco)

LIPKEY Low Infrastructure Public KEY [meachanism], https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc2847

LIR Local Internet Registry (Internet)

LISA Linux Installation & System Administration (Linux, LST)

LISA Localization Industry Standards Association (Org.)

LISP LISt Processor (LISP)

LISUAF [thüringer] LandesInformationsSystem Umwelt, Agrar und Forst (UIS), "LIS-UAF"

LIW Long Instruction Word (CPU)

LKI Labor für Künstliche Intelligenz (Org., KI, Hamburg)

LLMNR Link-Local Multicast Name Resolution (IP, TCP, UDP)

LMDS Local Multi-point Distribution System

LMS Library Maintenance System (BS2000)

LOCIS Library Of Congress Information System (Internet)

LOLITA Language for the On-Line Investigation and Transformation of Abstractions

LOOPS LISP Object Oriented Programming System (Xerox, OOP, LISP)

LOS Local Operating System

LOV List Of Values (DB, Oracle, Java)

LOVIS LagerOrtVerwaltungs- und InformationsSystem (MBAG)

LPI Linux Professional Institute (Linux, Org.)

LPR Line Printer Remote / Request (Drucker)

LPR Low Priority Request (VUMA)

LR Location Register (LA, GSM, Mobile-Systems)

LRBni Larrabee New Instructions (Intel)

LRS Line Repeater Station

LRU Least Recently Used

LSA Link State Advertisement (OSPF)

LSASS Local Security Authority Subsystem Service (MS, Windows)

LSB Least Significant Bit (BIT)

LSB Linux Standard Base (Linux, FSG)

LSO Linux Standards Organization (Org., Linux)

LSR Leaf Setup Request

LST Linux Support Team [distribution] (Linux)

LSU Load/Store Unit (Power4, IBM, CPU)

LT Lower Tester (ISO 9646-1)

LTE Long Term Evolution (Mobile-Systems)

LTO Linear Tape Open (Streamer, IBM, HP, Seagate)

LTPSTFT Low Temperature PolySilicon Thin Film Transistor (TFT, LCD)

LTSS Lawrence TimeSharing System (OS, LLNL)

LUA Least-priviledged User Account [veraltet/old term] (MS, Windows, Vista, UAP)

LVTTL Low Voltage Transistor Transistor Level (IC)

LWC Last Working Configuration (ESCD, PNP, BIOS)

LZS Lempel-Ziv-Stac [compression]

LZSDCP [PPP] Lempel-Ziv-Stac - Data Compression Protocol (PPP, RFC 1967) "LZS-DCP"

MACOS MACintosh Operating System (Apple, OS), "MacOS"

MACS Manufacturing Application Control System (SNI)

MACS MODEM Access Control System (MODEM, DES, Verschlüsselung), "M.A.C.S."

MAD Memory Address Driver strength (BIOS)

MAD Militärischer AbschirmDienst (Mil., Org.)

MADCAP Multicast Address Dynamic Client Allocation Protocol (RFC 2730, Multicast)

MAP Mobile Application Part (MSC, GSM, Mobile-Systems, SS7)

MAPASE Mobile Application Part - Application Service Elements (MAP, MSC, GSM, Mobile-Systems), "MAP-ASE"

MAPP Mac, Apache, PostgreSQL, PHP (Mac, Apache, PHP, DB, SQL)

MAPS Microsoft Active Protection System (MS, MSE)

MAPS Multiple Airflow Pass-through Structure (Scythe), M.A.P.S.

MAR Microprogram Address Register (IC)

MAS Multi Agent Systems (AI)

MAS90 Mittelstands-Anwendungs-System 90 (IBM)

MASC Multicast Address-Set Claim [protocol] (RFC 2909, Multicast)

MASE Message Administration Service Element

MASS Message Authentication Signature Standards (MTA, SPAM, WG)

MAU Multistation Access Unit (Token Ring, Hub)

MAUS Münsters Apple User Service (BBS, Netzwerk) "M.A.U.S."

MBCMS Mercedes-Benz-Computer-Mikrofilm-System (MBAG), "MB-CMS"

MBR Master Boot Record

MBS Maximum Burst Size

MBUS Module BUS [standard] (Sun, SPARC), "MBus"

MC2UC MultiCast 2 UniCast (WLAN)

MCAV Modified Constant Angular Velocity

MCC Manchester Code Converter

MCC Manchester Computing Centre (Linux)

MCC Mobile Country Code (Mobile-Systems)

MCERT Mittelstand Computer Emergency Response Team (Deutschland)

MCL Media Communication Lab (Org., Uni Boston, USA)

MCNE Master Certified Netware Engineer (Novell, Netware)

MCNS Multimedia Cable Network System (Org.)

MCP Master Control Program (OS)

MCPAS Master Control Program/Advanced System, "MCP/AS"

MCPS Microsoft Certified Product Specialist (MS, ATEC)

MCS Material Control System

MCS Message Conversion System

MCS Modulation and Coding Scheme (EGPRS, Mobile-Systems)

MCS MultiCast Server

MCS Multichannel Communications System (Mac)

MCS Multivender Customer Services (DEC)

MCSE Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MS, ATEC)

MCSMP Message Conversion System Message Processor (MCS)

MCSS Mitac Computer Security System (Mitac)

MCTS Multiple Console Time Sharing System (OS, CAD)

MCU Master Control Unit (Nokia, OS)

MCVA Modified Constant Angular Velocity (Optical Disk)

MD2 Message Digest [algorithm] 2 (RFC 1115/1319)

MD4 Message Digest [algorithm] 4 (RFC 1320)

MD5 Message Digest [algorithm] 5 (RFC 1321)

MDA Medicated Digest Authentication (HTTP)

MDA Mobile Digital Assistant (T-Mobile, PDA)

MDBMS Multidimensional DataBase Management System (DBMS, DB)

MDBS Micro Data Base System (DB)

MDC Message conversion system Directory Component (MCS)

MDI Mobile Data Initiative (Org., GSM, Mobile-Systems)

MDL Microstation Development Language (CAD)

MDM Master Data Management

MDS Manufacturing Design System

MDS Microsoft Deployment Solution (MS, Windows, Vista)

MDT Message Distribution Terminal

MDT Mountain Daylight Time [-0600] (TZ, MST, USA)

MEI Matsushita Electronics Incorporated (Hersteller, Japan)

MEMS Micro-ElectroMechanical System

MERS Most Economic Route Selection

MES Manufacturing Execution System

MES Menü-EntwicklungsSystem (Sinix, SNI)

MESCH Multi-WAIS Engine for Searching Commercial Hosts (WAIS, WWW)

MESFET MEtal Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor (IC, FET)

MESN Media Event Status Notification

MET Middle European Time [+0100] (TZ, CET, METDST, MEZ)

METDST Middle European Time Daylight Saving Time [+0200] (TZ, MET, MEZ)

MFAST Mwave Folded Array Signal Transform [DSP] (IBM, DSP)

MFG Mit Freundlichen Grüßen [= best wishes]

MFKS MultiFunktionales KonferenzSystem

MFS Macintosh File System (Apple)


MFT Master File Table (NTFS)

MH Mobile Host (MHP)

MHP [columbia] Mobile Host Protocol

MHS Message Handling System (GOSIP, X.400, Novell, SPX, IPX)

MIC Memory in Cassette (Seagate, EEPROM, Streamer, AIT)

MIDI Musical Instruments Digital Interface (MIDI)

MILOS Maschinelle Indizierung auf Linguistischer Grundlage für OPAC Systeme (OPAC)

MILSTAR Military Strategic TActical Relay (Mil., USA)

MILSTD Military STandarD (Mil., USA), "MIL-STD"

MIMD Multiple Instruction [stream], Multiple Data [stream] (CPU)

MIMO Multiple Input, Multiple Output (Agere-Systems, WLAN, Bell)

MIN Multistage Interconnection Networks

MINISTREL Models for INformatIon STorage and REtrievaL (OA, BIS, ESPRIT)

MIPS Microprocessor without Interlocked Piped Stages

MIPS Million Instructions Per Second (CPU)

MIR Micro-Instruction Register (IC)

MIS Management Information System

MIS Micro Instruction Sequencer (Intel, CPU)

MIS Mounting Interface Standard (VESA)

MISD Multiple Instruction [stream], Single Data [stream] (CPU)

MISRA Motor Industry Software Reliability Association (UK)

MISS Mecklenburg Internet Service System (ISP)

MISSI Multilevel Information System Security Initiative (Org.)

MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Org., USA)

MKS Mortice Kern Systems (Hersteller)

ML Mail List

MLA Mail List Agent

MLD Multicast Listener Discovery [protocol] (IPV6, Multicast, RFC 2710)

MLIA [symposium on] Machine Learning in Information Access (AAAI, AI, conference)

MLM Mailing List Manager [software]

MLR Multi-channel Linear Recording [technology] (Tandberg, Streamer)

MLS MultiLevel Secure [operating systems / platforms] (SELinux)

MLT Master Lower Tester (ISO 9646-3, TTCN)

MM Mobile Management (RR, CM, GSM, Mobile-Systems)

MMDS Multi-channel, Multi-point Distribution System

MMF Make Money Fast (Usenet, ECP, EMP)

MMFS Manufacturing Message Format Standard (MAP)

MMHS Military Message Handling System (Mil., MHS)

MMRSG Mobile Multi-hop Relay Study Group (IEEE), "MMR SG"

MMS Manufacturing Message Specifications / Standard (MAP, EIA, RS-511, ISO, DIS 9506)

MMS Module Making System (VMS)

MMS Multimedia Messaging Service (Mobile-Systems)

MNC Mobiles Network Codes (Mobile-Systems)

MOES Molekulare Optisch-Elektrische Schaltungsträger

MOLI Microsoft OnLine Institute (MS)

MOLO Mobile Other Licensed Operator (Mobile-Systems, MVNO)

MOS Master Operating System (OS, Varian)

MOS Minimum Operating System (OS, UNIVAC 9200, UNIVAC 9300)

MOS Multiprogramming Operating System (OS, NCR)

MOSES Major Open Systems Environment Standards

MOSFET Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor (IC, FET)

MOSIX Multicomputer Operating System for UnIX (Unix, Cluster, MOSIX)

MOSPF Multicast [extensions to ] Open Shortest Path First [routing] (IP, OSPF, RFC 1584)

MOSRO MObiles-Sicherheits-ROboter-System

MOST Media Orientated Systems Transport

MOST Mobile Open Systems Technologies (UK, Uni Lancaster)

MOT Means of Test

MOTIS Message-Orientated Text Interchange System (ISO 10021, JTC1)

MOU Memorandum Of Understanding (IPOC, TLD, Internet)

MOUS Microsoft Office User Specialist (MS, Windows)

MPEGTS Moving Picture Expert Group - Transport Stream (MPEG, TS), MPEG-TS

MPI Message Passing Interface (SMP, Cluster)

MPIF Message Passing Interface Forum (Hersteller)

MPOW Multiple Purpose Operator Workstation

MPP Message Posting Protocol (RFC 1204)

MPR Mät- och Provningsrådet [National Board for Measurement and Testing] (Org., Schweden, SWEDAC)

MPSX Mathematical Programming System eXtended (IBM)

MPT Ministery of Post and Telecommunications (Org., Japan)

MPT1327 [British] Ministry of Post and Telecommunications [standard] 1327

MR Magneto - Resistive (HDD)

MRAM Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory (IC, RAM)

MRB Method Request Broker (OMG)

MRIB Multicast RPF Routing Information Base (RPF, Multicast, PIM, MSDP)

MRS Media Recognition System (DAT)

MRU Most Recently Used

MRX MagnetoResistive eXtended [technology] (HDD)

MS Memory Stick

MS Message Store

MS MicroSoft (Hersteller, MS)

MS Mobile Station (GSM, Mobile-Systems)

MSB Most Significant Bit (BIT)

MSC Microprocessor Standardization Committee (Oerg., IEEE)

MSC Mobile services Switching Center (PLMN, GSM, GPRS, Mobile-Systems)

MSCP Mass Storage Control Protocol

MSCS MicroSoft Cluster Server [Wolfpack] (MS, Cluster)

MSD Most Significant Digit

MSDN Macintosh Software Distribution Network (FidoNet, Apple)

MSDOS MicroSoft Disk Operating System (MS, OS, PC)

MSDP Multicast Source Discovery Protocol (Internet, PIM-SM, Multicast, RFC 3618)

MSEN Media Status Event Notification

MSI MicroSoft Installer (MS, WIndows)

MSI Micro-Star International (Hersteller, Taiwan)

MSISDN Mobile Station ISDN Number (PLMN, GSM, Mobile-Systems), "MS-ISDN"

MSL Master Security Lock (Mobile-Systems)

MSNF Multiple Systems Networking Facility (IBM)

MSOS Mass storage Operating System (OS, CDC)

MSP Multitasking System Program (OS, Hemenway)

MSP7 Modular System Program /7 (OS, IBM), "MSP/7"

MSR Machine Specific Register (IC)

MSR Meß-, Steuer- und Regelungssysteme

MSR Model Specific Register (Intel, Pentium, IC)

MSRN Mobile Station Roaming Number (MM, HLR, MS-ISDN, GSM, Mobile-Systems)

MSS MIMOLA Software System (MIMOLA)

MSS Mobile Synchronisation Services (Mobile-Systems)

MST Mountain Standard Time [-0700] (TZ, MDT, USA)

MSTP Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (STP, VLAN, IEEE 802.1s)

MSTSC MicroSoft Terminal Services Client (MS)

MSW Machine Status Word

MT Machine [assisted] Translation

MT Mannesmann Tally [gmbh] (Hersteller)

MT Mobile Termination (GSM, Mobile-Systems)

MTC Master Test Component (ISO 9646-3, TTCN)

MTDS Magnetic Tape Operating System (OS)

MTI MIPS Technologies Inc. (Hersteller, SGI)

MTOS Magnetic Tape Operating System (OS, Datapoint)

MTP Message Transfer Part (ISDN, GSM, Mobile-Systems, SS7)

MTRJ Mechanical Transfer Registered Jack

MTRR Memory Type Range Register (CPU, Pentium Pro, IC)

MTS Magnetic Tape System (OS, HP, HP 2100)

MTS Message Transfer System (MHS)

MTS Michigan Terminal System (OS)

MTT MailTrusT (Verschlüsselung)

MTTFF Mean Time To First Failure

MUBIS MUltimediales BüroInformationsSystem (OA, BIS, TU Braunschweig), "MuBIS"c

MUMPS Massachusetts general hospital Utility Multi-Programming System

MUMPS Multi-User Multi-Programming System ??? (OS, DEC)

MUT Master Upper Tester (ISO 9646-3, TTCN)

MUTOS MultiUser-/multitasking Operating System (DDR, OS)

MVCC MultiVersion Concurrency Control [system] (PostgeSQL, DB)

MVI Motion Video Instructions (DEC, CPU, Alpha)

MVNO Mobile Virtual Network Operator (Mobile-Systems, MOLO)

MVP Most Valuable Professional [bonus program] (MS)

MVS Multiple Virtual Storage (IBM, OS, OS/MVS)

MVS Multiple Virtual System (OS)

MVSESA Multiple Virtual Storage/Extended System Architecture (IBM), "MVS/ESA"

MVSESASP Multiple Virtual Storage/Extended System Architecture System Product (IBM), "MVS/ESA SP"

MVSSP Multiple Virtual Storage/System Product, "MVS/SP"

MVSTSO Multiple Virtual Storage/Time Sharing Option (IBM), "MVS/TSO"

MVSXA Multiple Virtual Storage/eXtended Architecture, "MVS/XA"

MWC Mobile World Congress (Mobile Systems, conference)

MWS Management WorkStation

MZAP Multicast-scope Zone Announcement Protocol (RFC 2776, Multicast)

NAARS National Automated Accounting Research System (USA)

NAB National Association of Broadcasters (Org., USA)

NABTS North American Broadcast Teletext Standard (USA)

NAC Network Administration Center

NACS Network Access Control System (Netware, DES, Verschlüsselung)

NACSIS National Academic Center for Science Information Systems (Org., USA)

NAI Netzwerk Arbeitswelt Informatik (Hersteller)

NALIS Nevada Academic Libraries Information System

NAP Network Access Protection (MS, Windows, Vista)

NARP Non-Broadcast Multiple Access Address Resolution Protocol (RFC 1735)

NAS Network Attached Storage (NFS, CIFS, HDD)

NAUN Nearest Active Upstream Neighbour (MAC)

NBDD NetBIOS Datagram Distribution [server] (NETBIOS)

NBIS Network Based Information Systems, "NBiS"

NBMA Non-Broadcast Multiple Access (UNI, ATM)

NBN National Broadband Network (Australien)

NBS National Bureau of Standards (Org., Vorläufer, NIST)

NCD Network Computing Devices (Hersteller)

NCDMA Narrowband - Code Division Multiple Access (DFÜ, Mobile-Systems, CDMA), "N-CDMA"

NCIJT National Cyber Investigative Joint Taskforce (FBI)

NCITS National Committee for Information Technology Standards (Org., USA)

NCOS Network Computer Operating System (OS, Oracle, Internet)

NCOS Non-Concurrent Operating System (OS, UNIVAC 9200, UNIVAC 9300)

NCR National Cash Registers (Hersteller, AT&T)

NCS National Communications System (USA)

NCS Network Computing System (HP, Apollo)

NCS Network Control System

NCSL National Computer Systems Laboratory (NIST, Org., USA)

NCSL National Conference of Standards Laboratories (Org., USA)

NCSNDR Network Computing System Network Data Representation (HP, Apollo), "NCS NDR"

NCSS Non Commentary Sources Statements (LOC)

NCSS Number Crunching Statistical System

NCSTRL Networked Computer Science Technical Reference Library (WWW)

NDAS Network Direct Attached Storage (HDD)

NDBMS Network DataBase Management System (DB)

NDBS Non-standard DataBase System (DB)

NDC National Destination Code (MS-ISDN, GSM, Mobile-Systems)

NDI Network Distributed ISDN [for windows NT] (AVM, ISDN, Windows, NT)

NDMS Netware Distributed Management Services (Novell, Netware)

NDR Non-Destructive Read

NDRO Non-Destructive ReadOut

NDS Network Data System

NDT Non-Destructive Testing

NEAT Novell Easy Administration Tool (Novell, Netware)

NEBS Network Equipment Building System

NEC Nippon Electronic Corporation (Hersteller)

NEDO New Energy and industrial technology Development Organization (Org., Japan)

NEFS Network Extensible File System, "NeFS"

NES Nintendo Entertainment System

NEST Netware Embedded Systems Technology (Novell, Netware)

NETBIOS NETwork Basic Input Output System (IBM, RFC 1001/1002) "NetBIOS"

NETPARS NETwork Performing Analysis Reporting System

NETSS National Electronic Telecommunication Surveillance System (USA)

NEWS Netware Early Warning System (Novell, Netware)

NEWS Networked Extensible Windowing System (Sun), "NeWS"

NFA Non-determistic Finite-state Automation

NFAIS National Federation of Abstracting and Information Services (Org., USA)

NFC Normalization Form C (ompostion)

NFS Network File System (Sun, Unix, RFC 1094/1813/3010)

NGPP Next Generation Print Path [veraltet/old term] (MS, Windows, Vista, XPS)

NGS Non-Government Standard (USA)

NGSB Non-Government Standards Body

NI Normenausschuss Informationstechnik (Din, Org.)

NI Normenausschuß Informationsverarbeitungssysteme [1987-1995] (DIN, Vorläufer, NI)

NIAC National Infrastructure Advisory Council (Org., USA)

NIAHGB Normenausschuss Informationstechnik - Ad-Hoc Gruppe Biometrie (NI, DIN), "NI-AHGB"

NIAP National Information Assurance Partnership (Org., NIST, NSA)

NICAM Near-Instantaneously Companded Audio Multiplex (Audio)

NICOLAS Network Information Center On-Line Aid System

NID Network ID (ID, Mobile-Systems)

NIDOS NIxdorf Disk Operating System (OS, SNI)

NIDX Network Intrusion Detection eXpert system (BELLCORE, XPS)

NIHCL National Institute of Health [c++] Class Library (PD)

NII National Information Infrastructure [program] (USA, Org.)

NIIT National Information Infrastructure Testbed (ISH, USA)

NILFS New Implementation of a Log-structured File System (FS)

NIMT National Institute for Management Technology (Org., Irland)

NIPC National Infrastructure Protection Center (Org., USA)

NIR Network Information Registry / Retrieval

NIS Network Information System (Unix)

NISCC National Infrastructure Security Coordination Centre (Org., Großbritannien)

NISI Network Information Services Infrastructure

NISO National Information Standards Organization (Org., USA)

NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology (Org., USA)

NISYP Network Information System / Yellow Pages, "NIS/yp"

NLS Native Language System (OSF)

NLS oNLine System

NMCS National Military Command System (Mil., USA)

NMS Network Management Station / System (Novell, Netware)

NMS Network Monitoring Station

NMSU New Mexico State University (Org.)

NMT Nordic Mobile Telephone (Mobile-Systems)

NOCS Network Operations Center System

NOS Network Operating System

NOTIS Network Operator Trouble Information System

NOW Network Of Workstations (Cluster)

NPAC Northeast Parallel Architectures Center (Org., USA, HPC)

NPSS NASA Packet Switch System (NASA)

NQS Network Queuing System

NRS Name Registration System

NRT Non-Requesting Terminal

NS National Standard

NSAI National Standards Authority of Ireland (Org., Irland)

NSBD Not-So-Bad Distribution (Bell)

NSC National SemiConductor (Hersteller)

NSC Network Storage Corporation

NSCA National institute for Supercomputing Applications

NSF Norges StandardiseringsForbund (Org., Norwegen)

NSF Notes Storage Facility (Lotus)

NSFIP NextStep Für IntelProzessoren, "NSfIP"

NSI Network Store Interface (MS, Windows)

NSIS National Schengen Information System (SIS, EU)

NSIS Next Steps In Signaling (RFC 4080)

NSIS Nullsoft Scriptable Install System

NSS Namespace Specific String (URN)

NSS Network Server System (Airbus, A380)

NSS Network Storage Solutions (Hersteller)

NSS Nodal Switching Subsystem (NSFNET)

NSS Novell Storage System (Novell, Netware)

NSSA Not So Stubby Area (OSPF, RFC 1587)

NST Network Security Toolkit, http://www.networksecurity.org

NST Newfoundland Standard Time (TZ)

NST North Sumatra Time [+0630] (TZ)

NSTAN NebenSTellenANlagen (DTAG, CBX), "NStAn"

NSTC National Science and Technology Council (Org., USA)

NSTL National Software Testing Lab (Org., USA)

NSTS National Secure Telephone System

NSTX Name Server Tunnel Exchange [protocol]

NTCIP National Transportation Communications for ITS Protocol (IST)

NTFS [windows] New Technology File System

NTIA National Telecommunications and Information Administration / Agency (Org., USA)

NTS Network Test System

NTS New Typesetting System (TeX, DANTE)

NTSC National Television Standards Committee (Org., USA)

NUISSH Natur- und UmweltInformationsSystem Schleswig-Holstein (UIS), "NUIS-SH"

NUTEK [National Board for Industrial and Technical Development] (Org., Schweden)

NVD National Vulnerability Database (NIST, USA)

NVDM2 NetView Distribution Manager /2 (OS/2, IBM), "NVDM/2"

NVMFS Non-Volatile Memory File System (SanDisk)

NVMHCI Non-Volatile Memory Host Controller Interface

NVS NachrichtenVermittlungsSystem (INPOL)

NWCS Netware Workstation Compatible Service (Netware, Windows, NT)

NWNET NorthWestern states NETwork (Netzwerk, USA), "NWNet"

NYSERNET New York State Education and Research NETwork (Netzwerk, USA), "NYSERNet"

NZUSUGI New Zealand Unix System User Group, Inc. (Org., Unix, User group)

OACIS Oregon Advanced Computing InStitute (Org.)

OAGIS Open Applications Group Interoperability Standard

OAIS Open Archival Information System (ISO 14721)

OAM Operations, Administration and Management [cell] (ATM)

OAS Office Automation System

OASF Office Automation System Facilities (OA)

OASIS Online Application System Interactive Software

OASIS Open And Secure Information Systems (Eureka)

OASIS Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (Org.)

OASYS Office Automation SYStem

OAW Optically Assisted Winchester (HDD, Seagate)

OBDR One Button Disaster Recovery (HP, Streamer)

OBS Online Book Store (Internet, WWW)

OBST OBject management system of STONE (STONE)

OC12 Optical Carrier level 12 [622,08 Mbps] (SONET, STM-4), "OC-12"

OC18 Optical Carrier level 18 [933,12 Mbps] (SONET, STM-6), "OC-18"

OC24 Optical Carrier level 24 [1244,16 Mbps] (SONET, STM-8), "OC-24"

OC3 Optical Carrier level 3 [155,52 Mbps] (SONET, STM-1), "OC-3"

OC36 Optical Carrier level 36 [1866,24 Mbps] (SONET, STM-12), "OC-36"

OC48 Optical Carrier level 48 [2488,32 Mbps] (SONET, STM-16), "OC-48"

OC768 Optical Carrier level 768 [39813,12 Mbps] (SONET, STM-256), "OC-768"

OC9 Optical Carrier level 9 [466,56 Mbps] (SONET, STM-3), "OC-9"

OC96 Optical Carrier level 96 [4976,64 Mbps] (SONET, STM-32), "OC-96"

OCAML Objective Categorical Abstract Machine Language, "OCaml"

OCF Open Clustering Framework

OCFS Oracle Cluster File System (Oracle, DB)

OCG Östereichische Computer Gesellschaft (Org., Österreich)

OCL Object Constraint Language (DB, OO, UML, CASE)

OCS Object Compatibility Standard (Motorola)

OCS Open Cabling System

OCSP Online Certificate Status [revocation] Protocol (Verschlüsselung)

ODBMS Object orientated Database Management System (DBMS, DB)

ODC Optical Disc Corporation (Hersteller)

ODD Operator Distance-Dialing

ODIN Optimale Datenmodelle und algorithmen für Ingenieur- und Naturwissenschaften [auf hochleistungsrechnern] (Uni Karlsruhe, SNI)

ODISS Optical Digital Image Storage System

ODP Open Distributed Processing (ISO)

ODS Office Dialog System (OA)

ODS Optical Data Systems [inc.] (Hersteller)

ODS Overhead Data Stream

OEB Open eBook [standard] (MS, NuvoMedia, ...)

OECOS Organizational Engineering for Communications and Organizational Systems (SNI, OA)

OFET Organic Field Effect Transistor

OFFIS Oldenburg Forschungsinstitut Für Informatikwerkzeuge und -Systeme (Org., Uni Oldenburg)

OFS Object File System

OGM Ogg Media Streams (DivX, Video)

OGSI Open Grid Service Infrastructure (OGSA, GGF, WG, grid)

OHCI Open Host Controller Interface (USB, Compaq, OPTI, Apple, UHCI)

OIF Outgoing InterFace (PIM, IIF, Multicast)

OLIS Oxford Library Information System

OLOCA Official List of Cygwin Acronyms (Cygwin)

OLPS OnLine Programming System

OLS Online Library System

OLSR Optimized Link State Routing (MANET, OLSR, RFC 3626)

OLTEP OnLine Test Executive Program

OMA Open Mobile Alliance (Org., Mobile-Systems)

OMA Outlock Mobile Access (Mobile-Systems, PDA, WAP)

OMAP Operations, Maintenance and Administration Part (SS7)

OMC Operation and Maintenance Center (PLMN, GSM, Mobile-Systems)

OMISTN Optical Mode Interface SuperTwisted Nematic (LCD), "OMI-STN"

OMS Object Management System

OMS Onboard Maintenance System (Airbus, A380)

OMS Open Music System (MIDI, Opcode Systems)

OMT Object Management Technique (Westmount, CASE)

ONAC Operations Network Administration Center

ONMS Open-Network Management System

ONS Object Numbering System (EPC)

OOA Object Orientated [system] Analysis (OOP)

OODBMS Object Orientated Database Management System (DBMS, DB)

OOPS Object-Oriented Programming System (OOP)

OOPSLA [conference on] Object Orientated Programming Systems, Languages and Applications (ACM, OOP, Conference)

OOPSTAD Object Orientated Programming for SmallTalk Application Development association (Org., OOP)

OOS Object-Oriented Systems

OOSA Object Orientated System Analysis (OOP)

OP Original Poster (DFÜ-Slang, Usenet)

OPC OpenGL Performance Characterization [project group] (OpenGL, Org.)

OPENHCI Open Host Controller Interface (USB), "OpenHCI"

OPERA Open PLC European Research Alliance (Org., PLC, Europe)

OPK OEM Pre-installation Kit (MS, Windows, OEM)

OPSEC Open Platform for Secure Enterprise Connectivity (Org., Hersteller, IDS)

ORAIS Opportunities and Risks of Artificial Intelligent Systems (Conference, GI)

ORB Object Request Broker (OMA, OMG, CORBA, ORB)

ORDBMS Object Relational Database Management System (DBMS, DB)

ORT Ongoing Reliability Test

OS Operating System

OS2 Operating System /2 (IBM, OS), "OS/2"

OS200 Operating System 200 (Honeywell), "OS/200"

OS2000 Operating System 2000 (Honeywell), "OS/2000"

OS3 Oregon State Open Shop Operating System (OS, CDC 3300), "OS-3"

OS32MT Operating System /32 - Multitasking Time (OS, Interdata), "OS/32-MT"

OS32ST Operating System /32 - Serial Time (OS, Interdata), "OS/32-ST"

OS360 Operating System /360 (IBM, OS), "OS/360"

OS4 Operating System /4 (OS, UNIVAC 9700), "OS/4"

OS400 Operating System /400 (IBM, OS), "OS/400"

OS7 Operating System /7 (OS, UNIVAC 9700), "OS/7"

OS700 Operating System /700 (OS, Honeywell), "OS/700"

OS8 Operating System /8 (OS, DEC, PDP 8), "OS/8"

OS9 Operating System - 9 (Microware, OS), "OS-9"

OSA Object System Adaptor (SOM)

OSA Office Systems Administrator (OA)

OSAC Operator Services Assistance Center

OSAIA Open Source And Industry Alliance (Org.)

OSAK Open Systems Application Kernel

OSAR Optical Storage and Retrieval

OSCA Only Specifically Cygwin-list Acronyms (OLOCA, Cygwin)

OSCRL Operating System Command Response Language

OSD Object-based Storage Device

OSD Open Software Description [manifest / standard] (MS, Marimba, XML, DU, DUP, MSIE)

OSDS Operating System for Distributed Switching

OSE Open Software / System Environment

OSEIA Open System Environment profile for Imminent Acquisitions (OSE), "OSE/IA"

OSF Operations System Function (IN)

OSF1 Open Software Foundation [system] /1 (OSF, OS, DEC), "OSF/1"

OSG Open Systems Group (Org.)

OSI Open Systems Interconnection (ISO 9646-1)

OSICS OSI Communication Systems (OSI)

OSIRM Open Systems Interconnection/Reference Model (ISO), "OSI/RM"

OSM Operating system Service Module (I2O)

OSM Optical Storage Manager (ARMS)

OSME Open Systems Message Exchange

OSMFT Operating System / Multiprogramming with a Fixed number of Tasks (OS, IBM S/360), "OS/MFT"

OSMVS Operating System / Multiple Virtual Space (OS, IBM, S/370, OS/MVT, Nachfolger, OS/VS-2), "OS/MVS"

OSMVT Operating System / Multiprogramming with a Variable number of Tasks (OS, IBM, S/360, S/370), "OS/MVT"

OSN Office System Node (IBM, DIA, OA)

OSN Open Systems Network

OSO OverScan Operation (VXA, Streamer)

OSP Optical Storage Processor

OSP OrganisationStrukturPlan

OSPCP Operating System / Primary Control Program (IBM, OS, OS/360, Vorläufer), "OS/PCP"

OSPF Open Shortest Path First [protocol / routing] (Internet, IGP, RFC 1583)

OSPM Operating System directed [configuration and] Power Management

OSQL Object-Structured Query Language (DB, SQL, OODBMS)

OSRT Operating System / Real Time (OS, Destek Group), "OS/RT"

OSS Open Sound System (Linux, Audio)

OSS Operator Service System

OSSVS Operating System / Single Virtual Space (OS, IBM, S/370, OS/VS2), "OS/SVS"

OST Open System Toolkit (Apollo)

OSTA Optical Storage Technology Association (Org.)

OSTC Open System Test Consortium (Org., OSTC)

OSTP Office of Science and Technology Policy (Org., USA)

OSVS1 Operating System / Virtual System - 1 (OS, IBM, S/370), "OS/VS-1"

OSVS2 Operating System / Virtual System - 2 (OS, IBM, S/370), "OS/VS-2"

OSWS Operating System Work Station

OTES Outside Thermal Exhaust System (Abit)

OTS Office TeleSystem (OA)

OVST OrtsVermittlungsSTelle (DTAG)

PACS Picture Archiving and Communications Systems

PACS Public-Access Computing Systems

PADS Programmer's Advanced Debugging System

PAL Processor Abstraction Layer

PALCD Plasma Addressable Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)

PAML Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists (Internet, BBS)

PANDORA Preserving and Accessing Networked Documentary Resources of Australia, http://www.nla.gov.au/pandora/ldmv2.html

PANIX Public Access internet/uNIX [system] (Unix, Internet, Netzwerk)

PAR Project Authorization Request (IEEE)

PARISC Precision Architecture, Reduced Instruction Set Computing (RISC, HP), "PA-RISC"

PAS2 Personal Application System /2 (IBM, DB2/2), "PAS/2"

PASC Portable Application Standards Committee (Org., IEEE)

PAWS Protection Against Wrapped Sequence space (TCP, Satellit)

PB Pipeline Burst [cache]

PBS Portable Batch System (Unix)

PCH Paging CHannel (GSM, CCCH, Mobile-Systems)

PCIA Personal Communications Industry Association (Org., USA, SMS)

PCISIG Peripheral Component Interconnect - Special Interest Group (Org., PCI, SIG), "PCI-SIG"

PCMCIA People Can't Memorize Computer Industries Acronyms (Slang)

PCMS Project & Configuration Management System

PCN Public Communications Network (Mobile-Systems)

PCNFS Personal Computer Network File System

PCNOS Personal Computer / Network Operating System (OS, MS-DOS, CP/M), "PC/NOS"

PCPC Personal Computers Peripheral Corporation (Hersteller)

PCR Platform Configuration Register (TPM)

PCR Processor Configuration Register (Motorola, CPU)

PCS Personal Communication System (Sony, Panasonic, Motorola)

PCS Programmable Communications Subsystem

PCS Punched Card System (PC)

PCSA Personal Computing Systems Architecture [= Pathworks] (DEC, NOS)

PCSI Pacific Communication Sciences, Inc. (Hersteller)

PCT Probe Control Table (FFST/2)

PCTS POSIX Compliance Test Suite (POSIX)

PD Plug & Display [standard] (LCD, VESA), "P&D"

PDA Personal Digital Assistant

PDB Professional Disk for Broadcast (Sony, BD)

PDC PROLOG Development Center (Hersteller, Dänemark, PROLOG)

PDES Product Data / Definition Exchange Standards (USA, STEP, CIM)

PDN Programmer's Distribution Network (Fido)

PDN Public Data Network (Mobile-Systems)

PDO Portable Distributed Objects (NeXT)