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100VG 100 Voice Grade [technology]

10GE 10 GigaBIT Ethernet (Ethernet, BIT)

1D2B 1 D-channel 2 B-channels (BRI, ISDN)

2B1D 2 B-channels 1 D-channel (BRI, ISDN)

2S2D Double Sided - Double Density (FDD)

3DC 3D Consortium (Org., Sanyo, Sharp, Sony, ...)

3DDDI 3D Device Dependent Interface (MS), "3D DDI"

3DRAM 3 Dimensional Random Access Memory (RAM)

3GIO Third Generation Input/Output (PCIe)

3GIP 3rd Generation . Internet Protocol (Org., IP, GPRS, WLAN, Mobile-Systems), "3G.IP"

3GL 3rd Generation Language

3GPP Third Generation Partnerships Projects (Org.)

3PCC Third Party Call Control (SIP, RFC 3725)

4GFC 4th Generation Fibre Channel (FC), "4G FC"

4GL 4th Generation Language

4GT 4 GB [RAM] Tuning (RAM, GB)

4MV 4 Motion Vector

5GL 5th Generation Language

7E1 7 [bits], Even [parity], 1 [stop bit] (MODEM, BIT)

80211HR 802.11 High Rate (IEEE, WLAN), "802.11/HR"

8B10B 8 bit / 10 bit [encoding] (IBM, FC, BIT), "8B/10B"

8N1 8 [bits], No [parity bit], 1 [stop bit] (MODEM, BIT)

8PSK 8 Phase Shift Keying (EDGE, Mobile-Systems)

8VSB 8-Vestigial Side Band, "8-VSB"

A2DP Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (Bluetooth)

A4C Authentication, Authorization, Accounting, Auditing and Charging

A4WP Alliance for Wireless Power (Org.)

AA Auto Answer (MODEM)

AAA Authentication, Authorization and Accounting [= Triple A]

AAAAA Anonym Association Against Acronym Abuse (DFÜ-Slang)

AAAI American Association for Artificial Intelligence (Org., AI, USA)

AAAS American Association for the Advancement of Science (Org., USA)

AAC Advanced Audio Coding (IIS, MPEG, AT&T, Dolby, Sony, ...)

AAC Authorization and Access Control (IETF)

AACLC Advanced Audio Coding - Low Complexity [profile] (AAC), "AAC-LC"

AACLTP Advanced Audio Coding - Long Term Production (AAC), "AAC-LTP"

AAD Authorized AutoCAD Dealer (AutoCAD, CAD)

AAD Azure Active Directory (MS)

AADN American Association of Domain Names (Org., USA, Internet)

AAE Allgemeine AnschaltErlaubnis (DTAG)

AAF Advanced Authoring Format (MS)

AAIM Association for Applied Interactive Multimedia (Org.)

AAIS Allied command europe ACCIS Implementation Strategy (ACCIS, NATO, Mil.)

AAL Ambient Assisted Living

AAL ATM Adaption Layer (ATM)

AAL Authentication Assurance Level (CC)

AAM Automatic Acoustic Management (ATA, HDD)

AAMOF As A Matter Of Fact (DFÜ-Slang, Usenet, IRC)

AAMSI American Association for Medical Systems Informatics (Org., USA)

AAP Address Allocation Protocol (Multicast)

AAP Applications Access Point

AAP Association of American Publishers (Org., USA)

AARP Appletalk Address Resolution Protocol (Apple, AppleTalk)

AASP ASCII Asynchronous Support Package (ASCII)

AAT Average Access Time

AATL Adobe Approved Trust List (Adobe)

AATP Authorized Academic Training Program (MS, MCSD)

AAUI Apple Attachment Unit Interface (Apple, AppleTalk)

AAWA Advanced Autonomous Waterborne Applications (Org.)

ABA American Bankers Association (Org., USA, Banking)

ABAP4 Advanced Business Application Programming/4 (SAP, R/3, 4GL), "ABAP/4"

ABATS Automatic Bit Access Test System (BIT)

ABBS Apple Bulletin Board System (Apple)

ABC Atanasoff-Berry-Computer

ABCD Altavista Business Card Directory (WWW)

ABEL Advanced Boolean Expression Language

ABEND ABnormal END (Netware)

ABI Adaptive Bit Inversion (SSD)

ABI Aktionsbündnis für Barrierefreie Informaionstechnik (Org., Deutschland)

ABI Application Binary Interface (POE)

ABIOS Advanced Basic Input Output System (IBM)

ABIST Automatic Built In Self Test (IBM)

ABM Asynchronous Balanced Mode

ABNF Augmented Backus-Naur Form (BNF, RFC 733/2234)

ABP Address Book Provider (Internet)

ABR Available Bit Rate (ATM, CBR, VBR, UBR, QOS, BIT)

ABS Albatron BIOS Security (BIOS)

ABS Apple Business Systems (Apple)

ABUI Association of Banyan Users International (Org., Banyan, VINES, User group, Vorläufer, ENA)

AC Access Concentrator (PPPoE, ADSL)

AC Access Control (Token Ring, ...)

AC Amiga Club (Org., User group, Amiga)

AC Area Code

AC Automatic Computer

AC3 [digital] Audio Compression - 3 (Dolby, DVD, Digital Audio), "AC-3"

AC97 Audio CODEC 97 (Intel, CODEC)

ACA Asynchronous Communications Adapter


ACAS Application Control Architecture Services (DEC)

ACAT Assistive Context-Aware Toolkit (Intel)

ACAU Automatic Calling and Answering Unit

ACC Adaptive Cruise Control (Auto)

ACC Area Communication Controller (MODACOM)

ACC Atari Competence Center

ACCIS Automated Command and Control Information System (Mil., USA)

ACCM Asynchronous Character Control Map (PPP)

ACCS Army Command and Control System (Mil., USA)

ACCU Association of C and C++ Users (Org., UK)

ACD Automated Call Distribution (CTI)

ACDC Alternating Current/Direct Current, "AC/DC"

ACDI Asynchronous Communications Device Interface (IBM, CM/2)

ACE Access Control Entry (AD, ACL)

ACE Actuator Control Electronics (Airbus, A380)

ACE Adobe Color Engine (Adobe)

ACE Advanced Computing Environment (Hersteller)

ACE ASCII Compatible Encoding (ASCII, Internet)

ACE Autonomous Computer Engine (WD)

ACES APEC Cooperation for Earthquake Simulation (Org., Australia, China, Japan, USA)

ACF Access Control Field

ACF Advanced Communications Function (IBM)

ACF Apple Communications Framework (Apple)

ACFC Address and Control Field Compression (PPP)

ACFNCP Advanced Communication Function / Network Control Program (IBM, ACF), "ACF/NCP"

ACFTCAM Advanced Communication Function / Telecommunications Access Method (IBM, ACF), "ACF/TCAM"

ACFVTAM Advanced Communication Function / Virtual Telecommunications Access Method (IBM, ACF), "ACF/VTAM"

ACH Association for Computers and the Humanities (Org., USA)

ACIA Associació Catalana d'Intelligència Artificial (Org., Spanien, AI)

ACIA Asynchronous Communications Interface Adapter

ACID Analysis Console for Intrusion Databases (IDS, CERT)

ACID ANSI Creators in Demand (ANSI), "ACiD"

ACID Atomicity - Consistency - Isolation - Durability (DB, TP)

ACIS American Committee for Interoperable Systems (Org., USA)

ACL [MS] Access Compatibility Layer (MS, DB)

ACL Access Control List (DCE, DFS, NDS, AD)

ACL Advanced CMOS Logic

ACL Agent Control Language (Agents)

ACL Association for Computational Linguistics (Org., USA)

ACL Asynchronous ConnectionLess (HCI, Bluetooth)

ACL Autodesk Campus License (Autodesk)

ACLF Access Control List Facility (DCE)

ACM Abstract Control Model (USB, MS, Windows)

ACM Address Complete Message (ATM)

ACM Association for Computing Machinery (Org., USA)

ACMC Australian CEFACT Management Committee (Australien, Org., CEFACT)

ACMDSD Architecture Centric Model Driven Software Development (MDSD), "AC-MDSD"

ACME A Company that Makes Everything (Slang)

ACMS Application Control Management System

ACNS Application and Content Networking System (Cisco)

ACO AMP Communications Outlet

ACOPS Automatic CPU Overheating Prevention System (GigaByte) "A-COPS"

ACOT Apple Classrooms Of Tomorrow (Apple)

ACP Active Configuration Profile (MODEM)

ACP Analog Content Protection (WPE)

ACP Auxillary Control Process

ACP Average CPU Power (CPU, TDP)

ACPA Audio Capture and Playback Adapter (IBM)

ACPC Apple Communications Protocol Card (Apple)

ACPI Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (Intel, MS, Toshiba, ACPI, OSPM, BIOS)

ACPICA Advanced Configuration and Power Interface - Component Architecture (ACPI, Intel), "ACPI-CA"

ACPT Automated Corporate Planning Tool

ACR Adobe Camera Raw

ACR Anonymous Call Rejection

ACR Artificial Content Recognition (Puresight, WWW, AI)

ACR Attenuation to Crosstalk Ratio (Kabel)

ACR Automatic Call Recording

ACRONYM Abbreviated Coded Rendition Of Name Yielding Meaning (Slang)

ACRONYM Abbreviation by CROping Names that Yield Meaning (Slang)

ACS Access Control System (DISA)

ACS Advanced Communications System

ACS Advanced Console Server (Cyclades)

ACS Alternate Character Set

ACS Architekten, Computer, Systeme (Messe)

ACS Asynchronous Communication Server

ACS Australian Computer Science

ACS Australian Computer Society (Org., Australien)

ACS Auto Configuration Server (ISP, DSL, CPE)

ACSAC Annual Computer Security Applications Conference

ACSE Association Control Service Element (OSI, ISO, DIS 8649)

ACSI Advanced/Atari Computer System Interface (Atari)

ACSMIB ATM Circuit Steering Management Information Base (ATM, MIB), "ACS-MIB"

ACSNET Academic Computing Services NETwork

ACSS Aural Cascading Style Sheets (CSS, HTML, WWW)

ACT Application Compatibility Toolkit (MS, Windows, Vista)

ACT Architecture Characterization Template (DISA)

ACTA America's Carriers Telecommunications Association (USA)

ACTEF ACcess TEchnologies Forum (Org.)

ACTP Adobe Certified Training Provider (Adobe)

ACTPU ACTivate Physical Unit (SNA)

ACTS Advanced Communications Technologies and Services (EU, ACTS)

ACU Automatic Calling Unit

ACU Automatic Client Update (Novell, Netware)

ACUTA Association of College and University Telecommunication Administrators (Org., USA)

ACUTE Airbus Cockpit Universal Thrust Emulator (Airbus, A380)

AD Active Directory (MS, Windows, AD, DS)

AD Analog-to-Digital (D/A), "A/D"

AD Authorized Distributor (DEC)

AD Autonomous Domain

ADA Automatic Data Acquisitions

ADAC Active Directory Administrative Center (AD)

ADAPSO Association of Data Processing Service Organisation (Org., USA)

ADAPT Architecture Design, Analysis, and Planning Tool

ADAS Advanced Dirver Assistance Systems

ADATP Allied DATa processing Publication (Mil., USA)

ADB A DeBugger (Unix)

ADB Android Debug Bridge (Android)

ADB Apple Desktop Bus (Apple)

ADBA Active Directory Based Activation (AD, KMS)

ADBS Advanced Data Broadcasting System (DirecPC)

ADC Adaptive Data Compression (MODEM)

ADC Analog to Digital Converter

ADC Apple Display Connector (Apple)

ADC Apple Distribution Center (Apple)

ADC Automatic Data Capture

ADCCP Advanced Data Communications Control Procedure (ANSI)

ADD Adapter Device Driver (OS/2)

ADD AGP Digital Display [adapter] (AGP)

ADDC Automatic Data Direction Control (RS-485)

ADDDC Automatic Direct Distance Dialing System

ADDS Active Directory Domain Services (AD), "AD DS"

ADE Application Development Environment

ADE Aufforderung zur DatenEingabe (BTX)

ADEPT Administrative Data Entry for Processing Transmission (Mil., USA)

ADES Automatic Digital Encoding System

ADEW Andrew Development Environment Workbench (ATK, Unix)

ADF Access control Decision Function (Mil., USA)

ADF Automatic Document Feeder

ADFS Active Directory Federation Services (AD)

ADFS Advanced Disc Filing System (RiscOS, FS)

ADG [RAID] Advanced Data Guarding (RAID, HP)

ADI Autocad Device Interface (CAD, AutoCAD)


ADIMM Asynchronous Dual Inline Memory Module (DIMM, IC, Leadtek)

ADIRU Air Data Inertial Reference Unit (Airbus, A380, Honeywell)

ADK Additional Decryption Key (PGP)

ADL [international conference on the] Advances in Digital Libraries (IEEE)

ADL Adventure Description Language

ADLC Asynchronous Data Link Control

ADLDS Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (MS), "AD LDS"

ADM Add-Drop-Multiplexer

ADMA Area Division Multiple Access (Mobile-Systems)

ADMD ADministration Management Domain (X.400)

ADMF ADMinistration Function (UMTS)

ADMS Access Device Messaging Specification (Banking, Visa)

ADMT Active Directory Migration Tool (MS, AD)

ADO ActiveX Data Objects (ASP, ODBC, MS, IIS)

ADODB ActiveX Data Objects DataBase [library] (ADO, PHP), "ADOdb"

ADONIS ADvanced On-Screen Information System, "AdonIS"

ADP Administrative Data Processing

ADP Advanced Data Processing

ADP Automatic Data Processing (ADP)

ADPCM Adaptive Delta Pulse Code Modulation

ADPE Automatic Data Processing Equipment (ADP)

ADPLO Automated Data Processing Liaison Office (ADP)

ADPS Automatic Data Processing System (ADP)

ADPT Automated Data Processing/Telecommunications (ADP), "ADP/T"

ADR Advanced Digital Recording (Streamer, Philips, OnStream)

ADR Automated Distance Regulation (Auto)

ADRT Adaptive Document Recognition Technology (OCR, Abbyy)

ADS Active Directory Services (MS)

ADS Advanced Digital System

ADS Application Development System

ADS Automated Deployment Service (MS, RIS)

ADS Automatic Distribution System

ADS Automatic Documenting System (LAN)

ADS Auxiliary Data System

ADSA Advanced Driver Software Architecture (C-Media, audio)

ADSI Active Directory Service Interface (MS, COM, AD)

ADSIA Allied Data Systems Interoperability Agency (Org., NATO, Mil.)

ADSL Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line [technology] (BELLCORE, AT&T, DSL, ADSL)

ADSL Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Loop [modulation]

ADSP Advanced Digital Signal Processor (DSP)

ADSP Appletalk Data Stream Protocol (Apple, AppleTalk)

ADSP Author Domain Signing Practices (DKIM, RFC 5617)

ADSR Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release [generator] (VCA, Audio)

ADSU ATM Data Service Unit (ATM)

ADT Abstract Data Type

ADT Access Developer's Toolkit (MS, DB, Windows)

ADT Android Developer Tools (Android)

ADT Application Data Type

ADT Application Development Tools (IBM, AS/400)

ADT Atlantic Daylight Time [-0300] (TZ, AST)

ADU Automatic Dialing Unit

ADUA Administrative Directory User Agent

ADV Automatisierte DatenVerarbeitung

ADV staatliche Akademie für DatenVerarbeitung (Org., Uni Böblingen)

ADVS Automatisiertes DatenVerarbeitungsSystem

ADX Automatic Data eXchange

AE Apple Events (Apple)

AE Application Entity / Environment / Execution / Engineering (APE)

AEA American Electronics Association (Org., USA)

AEA Asynchroner EmulationsAdapter (IBM)

AEB Analog Expansion Bus

AEC Advanced Error Correction (CD)

AECBF Acoustic Echo Cancellation / Beam Forming (Audio), "AEC/BF"

AEF Access control Enforcement Function

AEGIS Advanced Electronic Guidance and Instrumentation System

AEI Application Enabling Interface (IBM)

AEI Automatic Equipment Identification

AEIMP Apple Event Interprocess Messaging Protocol (Apple)

AEL Asterisk Extension Language (VoIP)

AEM Automatic Emulation Management (Brother)

AEOM Apple Events Object Model (Apple)

AEPIA Asociación Española Para la Inteligencia Artificial (Org., Spanien, AI)

AERO Authentic, Energetic, Reflective, Open (MS, Windows, Vista, GUI)

AES Advanced Encryption Standard (Verschlüsselung)

AES Application Environment Service / Specification (OSF)

AES Automatic Emulation Switching (Lexmark)

AESCCMP AES Counter mode CBC MAC Protocol (AES, CBC, MAC, Verschlüsselung, IEEE 802.11i, WLAN), "AES-CCMP"

AESEBU Auto Engineering Society/European Broadcasting Union (Digital Audio), "AES/EBU"

AESNI Advanced Encryption Standard - New Instructions (AES, Verschlüsselung), "AES-NI"

AETE Apple Event Terminology Extension (Apple)

AETIC Asociación de empresas de Electrónica, Tecnologías de la Información y teleComunicaciones de españa (Org., Spanien)

AEUT Apple Event User Terminology (Apple)

AF Anisotropic Filter

AF Auxiliary carry Flag (Assembler)

AFA All Flash Array

AFA Association Fournisseur d'Access et service internet (Org., ISP, Frankreich)

AFAIC As Far As I'm Concerned (DFÜ-Slang, Usenet, IRC)

AFAICR As Far As I Can Recall (DFÜ, Usenet, IRC)

AFAICT As Far As I Can Tell (DFÜ, Usenet, IRC)

AFAIK As Far As I Know (DFÜ-Slang, Usenet, IRC)

AFAIR As Far As I Recall / Remember (DFÜ-Slang, Usenet, IRC)

AFAMPE [u.s.] Air Force Automated Message Processing Exchange (Org., USA. Mil.)

AFC Alkaline Fuel Cell

AFC AntiFerromagnetically Coupled [technology] (IBM, HDD)

AFC Application Foundation Classes (MS, GUI, Java)

AFC Automatic Font Change

AFCET Association Francaise pour la Cybernetique Economique et Technique (Org., Frankreich)

AFD Automatic File Distribution

AFDX Avionics Full DupleX switched ethernet system (Airbus, A380, Ethernet)

AFE Apple File Exchange (Apple)


AFF Antigen File Filtering (Sybari)

AFFS Advanced Fringe Field Switching (LCD, IPS), "A-FFS"

AFH Adaptive Frequency Hopping (Bluetooth)

AFI Authority and Format Indicator (NSAP, IDP)

AFI Authority Frame Identifier

AFII Association for Font Information Interchange (Org., USA)

AFIN Air Force Information Network (Netzwerk, USA, Mil.)

AFIPS American Federation of Information Processing Societies (Org.)

AFIS AutomatisiertesFingerabdruck-InformationsSystem (INPOL)

AFK Away from Keyboard (DFÜ-Slang, Usenet, IRC)

AFM Atomic Force Microscopy [technology] (HDD, MEMS)

AFN Advanced Fiber Network

AFNET Air Force Network (Netzwerk, USA, Mil.)

AFP Advanced Function Presentation (IBM)

AFP Appletalk Filing Protocol (Apple, AppleTalk)

AFPA Advanced Function Printing Architecture (IBM)

AFPDS Advanced Function Printing Data Stream (IBM)

AFPL Aladdin Free Public License

AFPL Artifex Free Public License

AFR Annualized Failure Rate (Maxtor, HDD)

AFS Andrew File System (IBM, Unix)

AFT Authenticated Firewall Traversal (IETF)

AFTP Anonymous File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

AFUU Association Française des Utilisateurs d'Unix (Org., Frankreich, Unix)

AGA Advanced Graphics Adapter

AGAST Adventure Game Authoring SysTem

AGC Automatic Gain Control (Audio)

AGCH Access Grant CHannel (GSM, CCCH, Mobile-Systems)

AGE Adobe Graphics Engine (Adobe)

AGEP ArbeitsGemeinschaft Elektronisches Publizieren [e.v.] (Org., DTP), "AgEP"

AGESA AMD Generic Encapsulated Software Architecture (AMD)

AGF Arbeitsgemeinschaft der GroßForschungseinrichtungen [deutschlands] (Org.)

AGFMB ArbeitsGemeinschaft Freier MailBoxen (Org.)

AGI Asterisk Gateway Interface (VoIP)

AGNS AT&T Global Network Services (AT&T)

AGNULA A GNU/Linux Audio distribution (GNU, Linux, Europe)

AGOF ArbeitsGemeinschaft Online Forschung [e.V] (Org.)

AGP Advanced / Accelerated Graphics Port (Intel, MMX, AGP)

AGPL [GNU] Affero General Public License (GNU)

AGPS Advanced / Assisted Global Positioning System (GPS), "A-GPS"

AH [IP] Authentication Header (IPSEC, IPV6, RFC 1826, VPN)

AHA AVM Home Automation (API)

AHB Advanced High performance Bus (AMBA, ARM)

AHCI Advanced Host Controller Interface (SATA)

AHFG ATM-attached Host Functional Group (ATM, MPOA)

AHIMA American Health Information Management Association (Org., USA)

AHP Analytical Hierachy Process

AHPCRC Army High Performance Computing Research Center (Org., USA, HPC)

AI Adobe Illustrator (Adobe)

AI Artificial Intelligence

AIA Application Integration Architecture

AIAF Artificial Intelligence AutoFocus (AI, Canon)

AIB Add In (graphics) Board

AIBO Artificial Intelligence roBOt (Sony, AI)

AIC [SRI] Artificial Intelligence Center (SRI, AI)

AIC AIX windows Interface Composer (AIX, IBM)

AICA Associazione Italiana per l'Informatica ed il Calcolo Automatico (Org., Italien)

AID Application IDentifier (APDU)

AID Attention Interrupt Device [key] (IBM)

AID AUTODIN Interface Device (AUTODIN, Mil., USA)

AIDA Aktuelle Informationen in Deutsch zum Amiga (AC, Amiga)

AIDAT African Internet Development Action Team (Org., Internet)

AIDL Android Interface Definition Language (Android)

AIDS Automatic Installation and Diagnostic Service

AIFF Audio Interchange File Format

AIFS Arbitrary InterFrame Space (MAC, PCF, IFS, WLAN)

AIGLX Accelerated Indirect OpenGL extension for the X window system (GLX, X-Windows)

AII Active Input Interface (UNI, PMD, FDDI)

AIIA Associazione Italiana per l'Intelligenza Artificiale (Org., Italien, AI)

AIIM Association for Information and Image Management (Org., USA)

AIK Attestation Identity Key (TCPA)

AIM Advanced Invar Mask (Display, ViewSonic)

AIM Alternate Input Method (OS/2)

AIM AOL Instant Messenger [protocol] (AOL, IM)

AIM Apple, IBM, Motorola [consortium] (Apple, IBM, Motorola, Org.)

AIM Association of Imaging Manufacturers (Org.)

AIM ATM / Ascend Inverse Multiplexing [protocol] (ATM)

AIM Automatic Interface Management (Brother)

AIMD Additive-Increase Multiplicative-Decrease (TCP)

AIMS Apple Internet Mail Server (Apple)

AIMSRCF Advanced Information Manager/Shared Resource Control Facility (Fujitsu), "AIM/SRCF"

AIN Advanced Intelligent Network (IN)

AIN Auto Insert Notification (CD-R)

AIO Asynchronous Input/Output

AIP Association of Internet Professionals (Org., Internet)

AIP Associazione Informatici Professionisti (Org., Italien)

AIP ATM Interface Processor (ATM)

AIR Adobe Intergrated Runtime (Adobe)

AIR Automatic Image Refinement (Canon), "A.I.R."

AIRTC [international symposium on] Artificial Intelligence in Real-Time Control (IFAC, IFIP, IMACS, Conference)

AIS Account Information Security

AIS Alarm Indication Signal (UNI, ATM, OAM, DS3/E3)

AIS Application Information Service (MS, Windows, Vista)

AIS Applied Information Sciences (Hersteller)

AIS Applied Information Systems (Hersteller)

AIS Arbeitgeber-Informations-Service (WWW)

AIS Automated Information System

AIS Autonomous Intelligent System

AISB Association of Imaging Service Bureaus (Org.)

AISE Alarm Indication Signal-External (UNI, ATM), "AIS-E"

AISIG [south australian] Artificial Intelligence Special Interest Group (Org., Australien, AI)

AISM Asia International Symposium on Mechatronics (Konferenz)

AISP Association for Internet Service Providers (Org., USA, ISP)

AISP Association of Information Systems Professionals (Org., USA)

AISSO Automated Information Systems Security Officer (Mil., USA)

AIST Agency of Industrial Science and Technology (Org., Japan)

AIT Advanced Intelligent Tape (Sony, Streamer)

AIT Angewandte InformationsTechnik [verlags gmbh] (Hersteller)

AITEC [research institute for] Advanced Information TEChnology (Org., Japan)

AITO Association Internationale pour les Technologies Objets (Org.)

AIUI As I Understand It (DFÜ-Slang, Usenet, IRC)

AIW All In Wonder [graphic card] (ATI)

AIW APPN Implementers Workshop (Org., APPN)

AIX Advanced Interactive eXecutive (IBM, Unix, OS)

AIXESA Advanced Interactive eXecutive/Enterprise Systems Architecture (IBM, AIX), "AIX/ESA"

AJAX Asynchronous Javascript And XML (XML, XHTML, CSS, XSLT)

AJBS Association of Japanese Business Studies (Org., Japan)

AK Application Kit (NextStep, OpenStep, Apple, Rhapsody)

AKA Also Known As

AKI Arbeitsgemeinschaft der deutschen KI Institute (Org., KI)

AKI Authority Key Identifier (X509v3, RFC 3280)

AKID Authority Key IDentifier (X509v3, RFC 3280)

AKNN Arbeitskreis für Numerierung und Netzzusammenschaltung (Org.)

AKU Adaptation Kit Update (Android)

AL Artificial Life

AL Assembly Language

ALAC Apple Lossless Audio CODEC (Apple, CODEC, audio)

ALAN Audio Local Area Network (Audio), "A-LAN"

ALAP Appletalk Link Access Protocol (Apple, AppleTalk)

ALAP As Late As Possible (DFÜ-Slang, Usenet)

ALAS Asociación Latinoamericana de Seguridad (Org.)

ALC Adaptation Layer Controller (ATM)

ALC Arithmetic and Logic Circuits (IC)

ALC Automatic Level Control

ALDC Adaptive Lossless Data Compression (IBM)

ALE Address Lifetime Expectation (Org., IETF, IP)

ALE Application Link Enabling (R/3, SAP)

ALE Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts (Org., Linux, User group)

ALE Atomic Layer Epitaxy (IC)

ALEC Authorized Linux Education Center (Linux, Caldera)

ALF Accelerator Library and Framework (IBM)

ALG Application Level Gateway (Balabit)

ALGOL ALGOrithmic Language

ALIWEB Archie Like Indexing in the WEB (WWW)

ALK Automatisierte LiegenschaftsKarte (ALTIS)

ALLM Auto Low Latency Mode (HDMI)

ALM Application / Appware Loadable Module (Novell, Netware)

ALM Application Lifecycle Management

ALM Asynchronous Line Module

ALM Asynchronous Line Multiplexer

ALOE Apple Library for Object Embedding (Apple, OpenDoc)

ALP Access Linux Platform (Linux, PDA, Palm)

ALP Assembly Language Processor (IBM)

ALPA Association de Lutte contre la Piraterie Audiovisuelle (Org., Frankreich)

ALPC Advanced Local Procedure Call

ALPN Application-Layer Protocol Negotiation

ALR Advanced Logic Research, inc (Hersteller)

ALS Adjacent Link Station (IBM)

ALSA Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (Linux, Audio)

ALSI Associazione nazionale Laureati in Scienze dell'informazione e Informatica (Org., Italien)

ALTEL Association of Long-distance TELephone companies (Org., USA)

ALTERNIC ALTERnative Network Information Center (Internet, USA)

ALTPSM ALTernating Phase Shift Mask [lithography]

ALTS Association for Local Telecommunications Services (Org., USA)

ALU Arithmetic and Logic Unit (CPU)

AM Active Matrix (LCD)

AM Amplitude Modulation

AM Asynchronous Mode

AMA Automatic Message Accounting

AMACS AMA Collection System (AMA)

AMAP As Much As Possible (DFÜ, Usenet, IRC)

AMARC AMA Recording Center (AMA)

AMASE AMA Standard Entry (AMA)

AMAT AMA Transmitter (AMA)

AMATPS AMA TeleProcessing System (AMA)

AMB Advanced Memory Buffer (IC, RAM, FB-DIMM)

AMBA Advanced Microcontroller Bus Architecture (ARM, AMBA)

AMBAAXI Advanced Microcontroller Bus Architecture -Advanced eXtensible Interface (AMBA), "AMBA AXI"

AMC Adaptive Modulation and Coding (UMTS, HSDPA, Mobile-Systems)

AMCD Active Matrix Color Display (AMD, LCD)

AMCD Activity Monitoring Completion Detection

AMD Active Matrix Display (LCD)

AMD Advanced MicroDevices [inc.] (Hersteller)

AMD AutoMounterDAEMON (Macintosh, Apple)

AME Advanced Metal Evaporated [tape] (Seagate, Streamer, Sony)

AME Advanced Modeling Extension (AutoCAD)

AMEL Active Matrix Electro Luminescent (AMD, LCD)

AMF Action Message Format (Macromedia, Flash)

AMH Automated Material Handling

AMHS Automated Message Handling System (MHS)

AMI Alternate Mark Inversion [encoding] (ISDN, T1)

AMI Amazon Machine Image (AWS)

AMI American Megatrends Incorporation (Hersteller)

AMI ATM Management Interface (ForeRunner)

AMIA American Medical Informatics Association (Org., USA)

AMIA Australian Medical Informatics Association (Org., Australien)

AMIC Apple Memory-mapped I/O Controller (Apple)

AMIC Automotive Multimedia Interface Collaboration (USA, Org.), "AMI-C"

AMIGADE Amiga Digital Environment (Amiga), "AmigaDE"

AMIGOS Advanced Mobile Integration in General Operating Systems, http://www.diku.dk/research-groups/distlab/amigos

AMIS Adaptive Multimedia Information System (DAISY)

AMIS Audio Message Interface Standard

AML ACPI Machine Language (ACPI, ASL, BIOS)

AML Advanced Mobile Location

AMLCD Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display (AMD, LCD)

AMMA Advanced Memory Management Architecture

AMME Automated Multi-Media Exchange

AMNET Allgemeines Mailbox NETzwerk (BBS, Netzwerk)

AMOK A Modular Operating Kernel (OS, Cray)

AMOLED Active-Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode (LED)

AMOR Amusing Misuse of Resources (Linux, KDE)

AMOS Alpha Microsystems Operating System (OS)

AMP Accelerated Mobile Pages (Google)

AMP Airwave Management Platform (Linux)

AMP API Management Platform (API, Internet)

AMP Asymmetric MultiProcessor [system] (SMP)

AMPE Automated Message Processing Exchange

AMPS Advanced Mobile Phone Service (Mobile-Systems, Motorola)

AMPSK Amplitude Modulation with Phase Shift Keying, "AM/PSK"

AMR Adaptive Multi-Rate

AMR Audio MODEM Riser [slot] (Intel)

AMRWB Adaptive Multi-Rate WideBand, "AMR-WB"

AMS Advanced Monitor System (OS, DEC, PDP 9, PDP 15)

AMS American Mathematical Society (Org., USA)

AMS Analog/Mixed Signals (IC)

AMS Andrew Mail / Message System (Unix)

AMS Asymmetric Multiprocessing System


AMSDOS AMStrad Disk Operating System (Amstrad, OS), "AMS-DOS"

AMT Active Management Technology (Intel)

AMT Active Matrix Technology (AMD, LDC)

AMT Apple Media Toolkit (Apple)

AMTC Advanced Mask Technology Center (Org., EUVL, Infineon, AMD, ...)

AMTF Average Modulation Transfer Function

AMTFT Active Matrix Thin Film Transistor (AMD, LCD, TFT)

AMTPE Apple Media Tool Programming Environment (Apple), "AMT PE"

AMWG Architecture Methodology Working Group (Org., DISA)

AN Access Node

AN Alternating Network

ANAIS Architecture Not Allowed In Source (Linux, Debian, Slang)

ANAT Alternative Network Address Types

ANBU ANlagenBUchhaltung

ANC Active Noice Canceling (Audio)

ANCS AT&T Netware Connect Services (AT&T, Netware)

ANDF Architecture Neutral Distribution Format (OSF)

ANFSCD And Now For Something Completely Different (DFÜ-Slang, Usenet, IRC)

ANHR Access Node Hub Router (AN)

ANI Automatic Number Identification

ANI Automatische Netzwerk Installation

ANIEL Asociación Nacional de Industrias Electrónicas y de teLecomunicaciones (Org., Spanien, AETIC, Vorläufer)

ANMA Apple Network Managers Association (Org., Apple)

ANMP Account Network Management Program

ANMP Ad hoc Network Management Protocol

ANN Artificial Neural Networks (NN)

ANO Advanced Network Option (CA)

ANR Access Node Router

ANR Application Not Responding (Android)

ANS Advanced Network & Services Inc. (IBM, MCI. Merit, NFSnet)

ANS American National Standard (ANSI, ISO, USA)

ANSA Advanced Networked Systems Architecture (ISA)

ANSI American National Standard Institute (Org., USA)

ANSN Advertised Neighbor Sequence Number (OLSR)

ANSPAG Advanced Network System Performance and Application Group (RDN-CRC)

ANT Another Neat Tool (Java)

ANTC Advanced Networking Test Center (Org., USA, AMD, FDDI)

ANTLR ANother Tool for Language Recognition, "Antlr"

ANTS Advanced .NET Testing System (.NET, Red-Gate)

ANTS AT&T Novell Telephone Services (AT&T, Novell), "A/NTS"

ANUML Australian National University Meta Language, "ANU ML"

AO Arvutikasutaja Oskustunnistus (Org, Estonia)

AOA American Optometric Association (Org., USA)

AOAC Always On, Always Connected (NBS)

AOCD Advice Of Charge, During the call

AOCE Advice Of Charge, at the End of the call

AOCE Apple Open Collaboration Environment (Apple)

AOCS Attitude and Orbit Control System (ESA, Venus-Express)

AOD Advanced Optical Disc (HD-DVD, Vorläufer)

AODI Always On / Dynamic ISDN (ISDN, ACTEF), "AO/DI"

AOE Application Operating Environment (AT&T)

AOI Active Output Interface (UNI, PMD, FDDI)

AOL Alert On LAN (LAN, Intel, IBM, BIOS), "AoL"

AOL America OnLine (Netzwerk, AOL)

AON Active Optical Network

AOP Aspect Orientated Programming

AOS [LambdaRouter] All Optical Switch (Lucent, LambdaXtreme)

AOS Advanced Operating System (OS)

AOS Algebraic Operating System (IBM)

AOSP Android Open Source Project (Android)

AOSS Airstation One-touch Secure System (WLAN)

AOTC Australian Overseas Telecommunications Corporation (Org., Australien)

AOU Arithmetic Output Unit

AOW Asia and Oceania Workshop (OSI)

AP Access Point (WLAN)

AP Access Provider (ETSI, ETSI 201 671)

AP Application Processor

AP Auto Precharge (SDRAM)

AP Automatic Pagination

APA Adaptive Packet Assembly

APA All Points Addressable

APA Arithmetic Processing Accelerator

APACI APache AutoConf-style Interface (HTTP, Apache)

APAR Authorized Program Analysis Report (IBM)

APB Advanced Peripheral Bus (AMBA, ARM)

APC American Power Conversion (Hersteller, UPS)

APC ArbeitsPlatz Computer (SNI)

APC Association for Progressive Communications (Org., Netzwerk)

APCUG Association of Personal Computer User Groups (Org.)

APD Additional Product Documentation

APDA Apple Programmers and Developers Association (Org., Apple)

APDPR Advanced PDF Password Recovery (PDF)

APDU Application Protocol Data Unit (OSI, PDU, OSI/RM, APDU, ICC)

APE Adaptable Persistence Engine (ZOPE)

APE APplication Engineering

APEL A Portable EMACS Library (EMACS, GNU)

APEX Advanced Packet EXchange

APF Advanced Printer Function (IBM, ADT)

APFS APple File System (Apple, FS)

API Application Program Interface (API)

API Associação Portuguesa de Informática (Org., Portugal)

APIC Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller (Intel, PIC)

APIPA Automatic Private IP Addressing (MS, IP)

APIS Arbeitsdatei PIOS Innere Sicherheit (INPOL, PIOS)

APK Android PacKage (Android)

APL A Perspicuous Language / Alles Parallel Lösbar (APL, Slang)

APL A Programming Language (IBM)

APLSF A Programming Language with Shared Files (CMU, DEC)

APLSF A Programming Language with Shared Variables (IBM)

APLV Arbeitsdatei PIOS LandesVerrat (INPOL, PIOS)

APM Advanced Power Management

APM Application Programming Model (J2EE)

APM Automated Precision Manufacturing

APMS Automated Program Management information System

APN Access Point Name (GPRS, Mobile-Systems)

APNIC Asian Pacific Network Information Center (Org., Internet)

APO Advanced Planner and Optimizer (SAP, SCM)

APOC A Single Point Of Control (Sun, Linux)

APOK Arbeitsdatei PIOS Organisierte Kriminalität (INPOL, PIOS)

APOP Authenticated Post Office Protocol (Internet, POP, RFC 1734)

APP Accelerated Parallel Processing (AMD)

APP Application Portability Profile

APPC Advanced Peer-to-Peer Communications (IBM, SNA, LU 6.2)

APPC Advanced Program to Program Communication (IBM)

APPC Application Program to Program Converter (IBM)

APPCM Access Protection and Priority Control Mechanism (DQDB)

APPCP Advanced Program to Program Communications Protocol (APPC, IBM)

APPEL A P3P Preference Exchange Language (P3P)

APPI Advanced Peer to Peer Internetworking (Cisco)

APPN Advanced Peer to Peer Networking (IBM)

APPS Application Packaging Problems & Solutions (Cygwin)

APR Apache Portable Runtime (Apache)

APR Arbeitsdatei PIOS Rauschgift (INPOL, PIOS)

APS Active Pixel Sensor

APS Application Page Server

APS Application Service Provider (WAN)

APS Asynchronous Protocol Specification

APSE Ada Programming Support Environment

APSE Agfa Publishing Systems Environment (Agfa, DTP)

APSL Apple Public Source License (Apple)

APT Address Pass Through

APT Advanced Package Tool (Linux, Debian)

APT Advanced Persistent Threat

APT Advanced Photoscale Technology (Brother)

APT Automatically Programmed Tools

APTC Advanced Processor Temperature Control (Chaintech)

APTM Application Program to Transaction Manager (TP)

APU Accelerated Processing Unit (AMD, CPU, GPU)

APU Auxiliary Processing Unit

APVE [Parhelia] Audio, Photo, Video, Express (Matrox), "APVe"

APW Arbeitsdatei PIOS Waffen (INPOL, PIOS)

APWG Anti-Pishing Working Group (Org.)

AQM Active Queue Management

AR Administrative Request [message] (LFAP)

AR Aperture Ratio (DVD)

AR Augmented Reality

ARA Administrative Request Acknowledge [message] (LFAP)

ARA Affiliate Registration Authority (RA, PKI, ITU)

ARA Apple[talk] Remote Access (Apple, AppleTalk)

ARAG AntiReflection AntiGlare (ViewSonic)

ARAP Apple Remote Access Protocol (Apple, AppleTalk)

ARAT Always Running APIC Timer (Intel, APIC)

ARB Architecture Review Board (OpenGL, Hersteller, Org.)

ARC Advanced RISC Computing [architecture] (ACE, RISC)

ARC App Runtime for Chrome (Google)

ARCA Advanced RISC Computing Architecture (ACE, RISC)

ARCNET Attached Resource Computer NETwork (Datapoint), "ARCnet"

ARD Apple Remote Desktop (Apple, Macintosh)

ARE All Routes Explorer (ATM)

AREXX Amiga Restructured EXtended eXecutor [language] (Amiga, Commodore, REXX)

ARG Alternate Reality Game

ARIA Accessible Rich Internet Applications (W3C, WAI)

ARIN American Registry for Internet Numbers (Org., Internet, USA)

ARKD Abuse Resistant Key Distribution (Arcade)

ARL Access Rights List (Banyan, VINES)

ARLL Advanced Run-Length Limited [encoding]

ARM Adobe Reader and acrobat Manager (Adobe)

ARM Advanced RISC Machines (Hersteller, Acorn, Apple, VLSI, RISC)

ARM Annotated [c++] Reference Manual

ARM Application Response Measurement [working group]

ARM Asynchronous Response Mode

ARMA Association of Records Managers and Administrators, inc. (Org.)

ARMS Architecture for Reliable Managed Storage (Cheyenne)

ARMS Automation Resources Management System

ARNS Appletalk Remote Network Server (Apple, AppleTalk)

ARO Affiliate Registration Organization (RA, PKI, ITU)

AROE Allowed Restricted Operating Environment

AROM Alterable Read Only Memory (ROM)

ARP Address Resolution Protocol (Internet, RFC 826)

ARPA Advanced Research Projects Agency [veraltet/old term] (Org., USA, DARPA)

ARPANET Advanced Research Projects Agency NETwork (USA, Netzwerk)

ARPDP Association of Rehabilitation Programs in Data Processing (Org., USA)

ARPG Actionb Role Playing Game (RPG)

ARQ Automatic Re-transmission reQuest (MODEM)

ARQAPDU Associate ReQuest Application Protocol Data Unit (APDU)

ARRA Announced Retransmission Random Access (MAC)

ARS Action Request System

ARS Automatic Route Selection (PBX, LCR)

ART Adaptive Resonance Theory (NN)

ART Advanced Resolution Technology (Minolta)

ARTS Accelerated Ray-Tracing System (Raytracing)

ARTS Action Real-Time Strategy [game] (RTS)

ARTS Asynchronous Remote Takeover Server

ARTT Asynchronous Remote Takeover Terminal

AS [Red Hat Enterprise Linux] Advanced Server (RedHat, Linux, RHEL)

AS Advanced Server (MS, Windows, NT)

AS Authentication Service (DCE)

AS Autonomous System (IP, Internet, RFC 1930)

AS400 Application System/400 (IBM), "AS/400"

ASA Adaptive Security Appliance (Cisco)

ASA Advanced SCSI Architecture (SCSI)

ASA American Standards Association (Org., USA, ANSI, Vorläufer)

ASAP Advanced Streaming and Prediction

ASAP As Soon As Possible (DFÜ-Slang, Usenet, IRC)

ASAP Automatic Switching And Processing

ASB Advanced System Bus (AMBA, ARM)

ASBR Autonomous System Border / Boundary Router (AS)

ASC Accredited Standards Committee (Org., ANSI)

ASC Additional Sense Code

ASC American Society for Cybernetics (Org., USA)

ASC Authorized Support Center

ASC Automatic Contrast Selection (FAX)

ASCC Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator (IBM)

ASCI Accelerated Strategic Computing Initiative, http://www.llnl.gov/asci

ASCI Agent to Server Communication Interval (McAfee, ePolicy)

ASCII American Standard Code of Information Interchange

ASCSI Advanced Small Computer Systems Interface (SCSI)

ASD Architecture Summary Design

ASDR Application Security Desk Reference (OWASP)

ASDSP Application-Specific Digital Signal Processor

ASE Active Storage Element (GigaB, IP-Router)

ASE Aladdin Smartcard Environment (Fast, Aladdin)

ASE Amplified Spontaneous Emission (FO, EDFA)

ASE Android Scripting Environment (Android)

ASE Application Service Element (ATM)


ASEMH Army Standards Electronic Mail Host (Mil., USA)

ASES Application Software Entity Security

ASES Australian Solid Earth Simulator (ACES)

ASF Advanced Streaming Format (MS)

ASF Apache Software Foundation (Org., Apache)

ASH Almquist SHell (BSD, Unix, Shell), "ash"

ASHLI Advanced Shading Language Interface (ATI)

ASI Adapter Support Interface (IBM, LAN)

ASI Advanced Switching Interconnect

ASI Amorphous SIlicon drum (Kyocera), "aSI"

ASI Aquarius Systems International (Hersteller)

ASI Asynchronous SCSI Interface

ASI Automatic System Installation

ASIC Application Specific Integrated Circuit (IC, RL)

ASIM Arbeitskreis Simulation und Künstliche Intelligenz (Org., GI)

ASIO Audio Stream Input/Output

ASIP Application Specific Instruction-set Processor (IC)

ASIS American Society for Information Science (Org.)

ASISIG Advanced Switching Interconnect Special Interest Group (Org., SIG) "ASI SIG"

ASK Akademische Software Kooperation (Org., Karlsruhe)

ASK Alexa Skill Kit (Amazon)

ASK Amplitude Shift Keying

ASKSAM Access Stored Knowledge via Symbolic Access Method (DB), "askSam"

ASL ACPI Source Language (ACPI, AML)

ASL Adaptive Speed Levelling (US Robotics)

ASL Annotated Source Listing (Intel)

ASL Astaro Security Linux (Linux)

ASLR Address Space Layout Randomization

ASLT Advanced Solid Logic Technology (IC)

ASM Advanced Server Management (Acer)

ASM Association of Systems Management (Org.)

ASM Automatic Storage Management (DB, Oracle)

ASMA Administratively Scoped IP Multicast (RFC 2365, Multicast)

ASMA Asus System Monitoring Agent (Asus, ASWM)

ASMO Advanced Storage Magneto Optical [disk] (Hitachi, Maxell, Matsushita, Fujitsu, Olympus, Philips, Sanyo, Sharp, Sony, LG Electronics)

ASMONIA Angriffsanalyse und Schutzkonzepte für MObilfunkbasierte Netzinfrastrukturen unterstützt durch kooperativen InformationsAustausch

ASMP ASymetric MultiProcessing [system]

ASMP ASymmetrisches MultiProzessor [system]

ASN1 Abstract Syntax Notation One (OSI, ISO, IS 8824), "ASN.1"

ASNM AdvanceStack Network Management (HP)

ASO Address Supporting Organization (Internet)

ASP Abstract Service Primitive (OSI)

ASP Active Server Pages (HTTP, MS)

ASP Advanced Signal Processing / Processor

ASP Advanced Simple Profile

ASP Appletalk Session Protocol (Apple, AppleTalk)

ASP Application Service Provider / Providing (ISP, Internet)

ASP Association of Shareware Professionals (Org., USA)

ASP Authorized Service Provider (Sun)

ASPEC Advanced SPectre Entropy Coding (MPEG, Digital Audio)

ASPEN Automatic System for Performance Evaluation of the Network

ASPI Advanced SCSI Programming Interface (Adaptec, API, SCSI)

ASPIC Advanced SCSI Programmable Interrupt Controller (PIC, SCSI)

ASPIK Algebraic Specifications and Implementations ??? (ISDV)

ASPL3 Advanced Simple Profile @ Level 3 (MPEG, CIF), "ASP@L3"

ASPP Application Specific Programmable Product (ASIC, ASSP, FPGA, RL)

ASPS Advanced Signal Processing System

ASQ Automated Software Quality

ASQC American Society of Quality Control (Org., USA)

ASQF Arbeitskreis Software-Qualität Franken [e.V.] (Org., Deutschland)

ASR Automated System Recovery (MS, Windows, XP)

ASR Automatic Server Restart (HP)

ASR Automatic Speech Recognition

ASSERT ADEPT Subsystem for Scanning of Electronic Received Traffic (ADEPT, Mil., USA)

ASSIST Automated Special Security Information System Terminal (Mil., USA)

ASSP Application Specific Standard Product (RL)

ASSPA ASsociation Suisse pour l'Automatique (Org., Schweiz)

ASSR Agreed Set of Security Rules (Mil., USA)

ASSUME Association of Statistics Specialists Using Microsoft Excel (Org., User group)

AST Abstract Syntax Tree (GCC)

AST Atlantic Standard Time [-0400] (TZ, ADT)

ASTA Advanced Software Technology and Algorithms (HPCC)

ASTRAL Alliance für Strategic Token Ring Advancement and Leadership (Hersteller)

ASU Asynchron-Synchron Umsetzer

ASV Adobe SVG Viewer (Adobe, SVG)

ASV Advanced Super-View (LCD, Sharp, MVA)

ASVD Analog Simultaneous Voice and Data (MODEM)

ASWF Academy SoftWare Foundation (Org.)

ASWM Asus System Web-based Management (Asus, DMI, SNMP, ASMA)

AT Advanced Technology (IBM, PC)

ATA Advanced Technology Attachment (ATA, HDD)

ATA Analog Telephone Adaptor (VoIP)

ATAG Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines (WAI)

ATAP ARM Technology Access Program (ARM)

ATAPI Advanced Technology Attachment Packet Interface (ATA)

ATASPI Advanced Technology Attachment Software Programming Interface (ATA)

ATC Address Translation Cache (CPU)

ATC Address Translation Controller (ATM)

ATC Advanced Thermo Concept (Cooler-Master)

ATC Authorized Testing Center (MS)

ATC Automatic Transmission Control

ATCA Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture (Intel, PICMG)

ATCA Allied Tactical Communications Agency (Org., NATO, Mil.)

ATCP [PPP] AppleTalk Control Protocol (Apple, AppleTalk, PPP, NCP, RFC 1378)

ATD AntiTerrorDatei (INPOL)

ATD Asynchronous Time Division (ATM)

ATDM Asynchronous Time Division Multiplexer (ATD)

ATDMA Asynchronous Time Division Multiple Access (ATD)

ATDP ATtention Dial Pulse (MODEM)

ATDT ATtention Dial Tone (MODEM)

ATE Asynchronous Terminal Emulation (Banyan, VINES)

ATE ATM Terminating Equipment (SONET, ATM)

ATEC Authorized Training and Education Center (MS, MOCS, MCSD, ATEC)

ATES Advanced Techniques integration into Efficient scientific Software (ESPRIT, CASE)

ATF Automatic Track Finding (DDS)

ATH Absolute Threshold of Hearing (MP3)

ATH ATtention Hang up (MODEM)

ATI Advanced Telecomunications Institute (Org., USA)

ATI Asociación de Técnicos de Informática (Org., Spanien)

ATIP Absolute Time In Pregroove (CD)

ATIS Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (Org., USA)

ATK Andrew ToolKit (Unix)

ATKIS Amtliches Topographisch-Kartographisches InformationsSystem

ATL Activex Template Library (MS, ActiceX, MSVC)

ATL Adaptive Threshold Learning (Neuronale Netze)

ATLAS Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software (BLAS, API)

ATM Abstract Test Method (ISO 9646-1)

ATM Adobe Type Manager

ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM)

ATM At The Moment (DFÜ-Slang, Usenet, IRC)

ATM Automatic Teller Machine

ATMARP ATM Address Resolution Protocol (ATM, ARP)

ATMP Ascend Tunnel Management Protocol (Ascend, RFC 2107)

ATMS Assumption based Truth Maintenance System (AI)

ATN Augmented Transition Network


ATOMM Advanced super Thinlayer and high-Output Metal Media (Fuji)

ATP [Macromedia] Authorized Training Program (Macromedia)

ATP Advanced Technology Partner

ATP Appletalk Transaction Protocol (Apple)

ATP Application Transaction Program (IBM, APPC)

ATP Available To Promise (SCM)

ATP2 AppleTalk Phase 2 (Apple, AppleTalk)

ATPH Authorized Teamspeak Host Provider

ATPS AppleTalk Printing Services (AppleTalk, Apple)

ATR Advanced Telecommunications Research laboratory (Org., Japan)

ATR Answer To Reset

ATR Automatic Terminal Recognition

ATRAC Adaptive TRansform Acoustic Coding (Sony, Digital Audio, CODEC)

ATS Abstract Test Suite

ATS Adaptive Tape Speed (HP, Streamer, LTO)

ATS Administrative Terminal System

ATS Apple Terminal Services (Apple, AppleTalk)

ATSPI Assistive Technology - Service Provider Interface (GNOME), "AT-SPI"

ATSUI Apple Text Services for Unicode Imaging (Apple, Unicode)

ATT American Telephone and Telegraph, "AT&T" , http://www.att.com

ATUS A Toolkit for Usable Security (Uni Freiburg)

ATVEF Advanced TV Enhancement Forum (Org.)

ATX Advanced Technology eXtended [form factor]

AU Access Unit

AUAI Association for Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence (Org., AI)

AUC AUthentication Center (GSM, Mobile-Systems), "AuC"

AUDIT AUtomated Data Input Terminal

AUDIUS AUßenDIenstUnterstützungsSystem (CAS)

AUE Andrew User Environment (Unix)

AUGCE Autodesk User Group Central Europe (Org., User group)

AUGE Apple User Group Europe (Org., Apple, User group)

AUI Access Unit Interface

AUI Asociación de Usuarios de Internet (Internet, User group, Spanien, Org.)

AUI Attachment Unit Interface (Ethernet)

AUI Audible User Interface (UI)

AUIS Andrew User Interface System (Unix, UI)

AUP Acceptable Use Policy (NFSNet)

AUR Arch User Repository (Linux)

AURP Appletalk Update-based Routing Protocol (Apple, Appletalk, RFC 1504)

AUT Application Under Test

AUTODIN AUTOmatic DIgital Network (DMS, DISA)

AUTOKO AUTOmatisiertes KOrpsstammnetz (Bundeswehr)

AUTOSAR AUTomotive Open Systems Architecture [initiative] (Org.)

AUTOSEVOCOM AUTOmated SEcure VOice COMmunications (Vorläufer, SVIP, Mil., USA)

AUTOVON AUTOmatic VOice Network (Vorläufer, DSN, DISA)

AUU ATM User-to-User (ATM)

AUX Apple UniX (Apple, Unix), "A/UX"

AUX Auxiliary Power Unit (Airbus, A380)

AV Audio/Video, "A/V"

AV AudioVisual [macintosh] (Apple)

AVA Audio-Visual Authoring

AVAS teile-Auftragserfassungs-, Verwaltungs- und AbrufSystem (MBAG)

AVATAR Advanced Video Attribute Terminal Assembler and Recreator (BBS)

AVC Access Vector Cache

AVC Advanced Video Coding (VCEG, Video)

AVC Audio-Visual Connection

AVCD Audio-Visual Computer Display

AVD Advanced Video Disk [veraltet/old term] (China, EVD)

AVD Alternation Voice/Data

AVD Android Virtual Device (Android)

AVDL Application Vulnerability Description Language (OASIS, XML)

AVE AutoCAD Visualization Extension (AutoCAD)

AVERT Anti-Virus Emergency Response Team (McAfee)

AVGA Advanced Video Graphics Array (VGA)

AVI Audio Video Interleaved (MS)

AVIS AuftragsVerwaltungs- und InformationsSYstem (MBAG)

AVL Adelson, Veslkij and Laudis [tree]

AVM AudioVisuelles Marketing und computersysteme [gmbh] (Hersteller)

AVPD Anchor Volume Descriptor Pointer (CD-R, UDF, ISO 9660)

AVR Automatic Voice Recognition

AVR Automatic Voltage Regulation (USV)

AVRCP Audio Video Remote Control Profile (Bluuetooth)

AVS Address Verification System

AVS Adult Verification System (WWW)

AVS Alexa Voice Services (Amazon, AWS)

AVX Advanced Vector eXtensions (CPU, Intel)

AWA Access-Web-Apps (MS)

AWAC Audio Waveform Amplifier and Converter (Apple)

AWADO Automatischer Wechselschalter in der AnschlußDose

AWD Automatische Wähleinrichtung für Datenverbindungen

AWE Address Windowing Extensions (API, PAE)

AWE Autocad Windows Extension (AutoCAD)

AWG American Wire Gauge (Kabel)

AWK al Aho, peter Weinberger, brian Kernighan (Unix)

AWL AnWeisungsListe (DIN 19239)

AWOL Absent WithOut Leave (DFÜ, Usenet, IRC)

AWP Association of Web Professionals (Org., WWW)

AWS Amazon Web Services (XML, API, Amazon)

AWS Apple Workgroup Server (Appletalk, Apple)

AWT Abstract Window Toolkit (Java, Sun)

AWTAPI Abstract Windows Toolkit-Application Programmer Interface (AWT, API, Java)

AXE Application eXecution Environment

AXI Advanced eXtensible Interface (ARM, AMBA)

AXIS Apache eXtensible Interaction System (Apache, SOAP)

AYS Are You Sure (DFÜ-Slang, Usenet, IRC)

AZEB Australian/new Zealand EDIFACT Board (Org., EDIFACT), "AZ/EB"

B2B Business to Business

B2C Business to Customer

B2E Business to Employee

B8ZS Binary 8 Zero Suppression [encoding] (ISDN, T1)

BAARF Battle Against Any RAID Five (HDD, RAID)

BAAS Backend As A Service (MBAAS)

BAC Basic Air Control (RFID)

BACNET Building Automation and Control NETwork, "BACnet"

BACP Bandwidth Allocation Control Protocol (BAP, RFC 2125)

BAD Broken As Designed (Slang)

BADW Bayerische Akademie Der Wissenschaften (Org.)

BAGEL Bay Area GNU Enthusiasts League (GNU, Org., User group)

BAI Basic Access Interface (ISDN)

BALUN BALanced-UNbalanced [adapter] (Kabel), "Balun"

BAM Bidirectional Associative Memory (Neuronale Netze)

BAM Block-Availability-Map

BAM Bundesanstalt für Materialprüfung (Org., Berlin)

BAMP BSD, Apache, MySQL, PHP (BSD, Apache, PHP, DB)

BAP [PPP] Bandwidth Allocation Protocol (PPP, RFC 2125, BACP)

BAPC [PPP] Bandwidth Allocation Control Protocol (PPP, BAP, RFC 2125)

BAPCO Business Application Performance COrporation (Benchmark, Org., Compaq, Dell, HP, IBM, MS, Lotus, Intel, ...) "BAPCo"

BAPI Biometric Application Program Interface (API, MS, ...)

BAPI Business Application Programmer's Interface (SAP, R/3, API)

BAPT BundesAmt für Post und Telefon (Org.)

BAR Base Address Register (IC)

BARB Bluetooth Architecture Review Board (Org., Bluetooth)

BARRNET Bay Area Regional Research NETwork (Netzwerk), "BARRNet"

BART Basic Application RunTime (OS/2, IBM)

BARWAN Bay Area Research Wireless Access Network (Netzwerk, USA)

BAS Basic Activity Subset

BASE Basically Available, Soft state, Eventual consistency

BASH Bourne-Again SHell (Unix, Shell)

BASIC Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code

BASIN Bundesweites Alternatives Studentisches InformationsNetzwerk (WWW, Org.)

BAT Baby Advanced Technology [board] (AT)

BAT Basic Attention Token (Brave)

BAT Bouquet Association Table (DVB)

BAT Browser-based Application Toolkit (IBM, WWW)

BATV Bounce Address Tag Validation (SMTP)

BAYSIS BAY networks' Switched Internetworking Services, "BaySIS"

BB BridgeBoard (Amiga, Commodore)

BBA Big Brother Awards (DFÜ, Internet)

BBC Broadband Bearer Capability (B-ISDN)

BBIAB [I'll] Be Back In A Bit (DFÜ, Usenet, IRC)

BBIAM Be Back In A Minute (DFÜ-Slang, Usenet, IRC)

BBIAS Bye, Back In A Second (DFÜ-Slang, Usenet, IRC)

BBL Be Back Later (DFÜ-Slang, Usenet, IRC)

BBN Bolt, Beranek and Newman (Hersteller)

BBNS BroadBand Network Services

BBR Back Bone Ring

BBS Bulletin Board System (DFÜ)

BCAM Basic Communication Access Method

BCBDS Broadband Connectionless Data Bearer Service (B-ISDN)

BCC Base Communications-computer Center (Mil., USA)

BCC Blind Carbon Copy (DFÜ)

BCC Block Check Character

BCCH Broadcast Control CHannel (GSM, Mobile-Systems)

BCD Binary Coded Decimal

BCDBS Broadband Connectionless Data Bearer Service (ATM)

BCDIC Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code

BCDMA Broadband Code Division Multiple Access (Interdigital, SNI, Samsung), "B-CDMA"

BCF Base station Control Function (BS, BTS, GSM, Mobile-Systems)

BCI Batibus Club International (Org.)

BCI Brain Computer Interface

BCI ByteCode Interpreter (TrueType, OpenType)

BCM Basic Control Monitor (OS, Xerox, Xerox 530)

BCN Backbone Concentrator Node (Wellfleet)

BCOB Broadband Class of Bearer (B-ISDN)

BCP [Internet] Best Current Practice (Internet, RFC)

BCP [PPP] Bridging Control Protocol (PPP, RFC 1638)

BCP Basic Call Process (IN)

BCP Binary Communications Protocol

BCP Binary Control Protocol (Adobe, PS)

BCPL Basic / BBN Combined Programming Language (BBN)

BCRFS Bell System Reference Frequency Standard

BCS Banking Communication Standard (Banking)

BCS Basic Combined Subset

BCS Basic Control System (OS, HP, HP 2100)

BCS Binary Compatibility Standard (Motorola)

BCS Block Check Sequenz (GPRS, GSM, Mobile-Systems)

BCS British Computer Society (Org., UK)

BCSM Basic Call State Model (IN)

BCU Bus Controller Unit

BCV Business Continuance Volumes (EMC)

BD Blu-ray Disk (BD, Sony, Panasonic, TDK)


BDA Borland DAtabase (Borland, DB)

BDA BundesDatenAutobahn [e.v] (Org., ISP)

BDAM Basic Direct Access Method (DAM)

BDB Berkely DataBase (DB)

BDC Backup Domain Controller (MS, Windows, NT, PDC)

BDD Binary Decision Diagram

BDD Business Desktop Deployment (MS, Windows, Vista)

BDE BetriebsDatenErfassung

BDE Bit-lock Drive Encryption (MS, WPE)

BDE Borland Database Engine (Borland, Delphi, DB)

BDF Bitmap Description / Display Format (Adobe, Fonts)

BDJ Blu-ray Disc Java (BD, Java, J2ME), "BD-J"

BDK [java]Beans Development Kit (Java)

BDOS Basic Disk Operating System (CP/M)

BDPA Blu-ray Disk Pure Audio (Universal, BD, Audio)

BDPP Biometric Device Protection Profile (UK, CESG)

BDR Blu-ray Disk - Recordable (BD), "BD-R"

BDR Bus Device Request (SCSI)

BDRE Blu-ray Disk - REwritable (BD), "BD-RE"

BDROM Blu-ray Disk - Read Only Memory (BD), "BD-ROM"

BDSG BundesDatenSchutzGesetz (Deutschland)

BDSL Boundary Scan Description Language (JTAG, VHDL, IEEE 1149.1-2001)

BDTI Berkeley Design Technology, Inc. (Hersteller) "BDTi"

BEAST Browser Exploit Against SSL/TLS (SSL, TLS)

BEAT Best Enhanced Advanced Technology (Trident, AT)

BEB Binary Exponential Backoff (CSMA/CD, LIB)

BEC Back-End-Chip (DVR)

BECEEP BErlin Continuing Engineering Education Program, "BeCEEP"

BECN Backward Explicit Congestion Notification (ATM)

BED Bookmark Exploring Dabbler (VRML)

BEDO Burst EDO [DRAM] (EDO, RAM, DRAM, IC, Micron)

BEDODRAM Burst Extended Data Out DRAM (RAM, DRAM, IC), "BEDO-DRAM"

BEEP Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol (RFC 3080)

BEEV Bundesverband der Elektronik- und ElektroschrottVerwerter (Org.)

BEF Brightness Enhancement Foile (LCD)

BELLCORE BELL COmmunications REsearch (Org., USA) "Bellcore"

BEN BEstätigungsNummer (Banking)

BEOS Be Operating System (OS) "BeOS"

BER Basic Encoding Rules [for ASN.1] (ASN.1, OSI, ISO, IS 8825)

BER Bit Error Rate (BIT)

BEREC Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (Org., Europa)

BERKOM BERliner KOMmunikationssystem (Netzwerk)

BERT Bit Error Rate Test (BIT)

BES Block Ended by Symbol (IBM, Assembler)

BES Bursty Errored Seconds (DS1/E1)

BEST Borland Enhanced Support and Training (Borland)

BEST Business Executive System for Timesharing (OS, Qantel)

BEVU Bundesvereinigung mittelständischer Elektro- und elektronikgeräte entsorgungs- und VerwertungsUnternehmen (Org., Deutschland)

BEW Business Engineering Workbench (R/3, SAP)

BF Bus Fraction [pin] (Intel, Pentium, CPU)

BFD Binary File Descriptor (Unix)

BFDI Bundesbeauftragter Für den Datenschutz und die Informationsfreiheit (Deutschland), "BfDI"

BFGD Big Format Gaming Display

BFN Bye For Now (DFÜ-Slang, IRC, Usenet)

BFOC Bayonet Fiber Optic Connector

BFR Brominated Flame Retardant

BFS Be File System (BeOS, FS)

BFT Binary File Transfer (DFÜ)

BGA Ball Grid Array (IC, CPU)

BGI Borland Graphics Interface (Borland)

BGP Border Gateway Protocol (RFC 1267/1771, IP)

BGT Broadcast and Group Translators

BHCA Busy Hour Call Attempts

BHLI Broadband High Layer Information, "B-HLI"

BHN Bayerisches Hochschulnetz (Netzwerk)

BHO Browser Helper Objects (MS, IE)

BHT Branch History Table (CPU)

BI Breidbart-Index (Usenet, ECP, EMP)

BIAB Back In A Bit (DFÜ, Usenet, IRC)

BIB Bild in Bild (PIP, Video)

BIB Bus Interface Board

BIC Bank Identifier Code (Banking)

BIC Bit Independence Criterion (Verschlüsselung, BIT)

BIC Bus Interface Chip (DVR)

BICI Broadband InterCarrier Interface (B-ISDN), "B-ICI"

BID Bugtraq IDentification (Securityfocus)

BIDCO BIDirectional COmmunication Standard, BidCoS

BIDI BIDirectional

BIDS Borland International Data Structures (Borland)

BIF Benchmark Interchange Format (PLB)

BIF Built In Function (REXX)

BIG Bionet Intelligent Gateway (BioData)

BIGFON Breitbandiges Integriertes Glasfaser-Fernmelde-OrtsNetz

BIGSTAF Breitbandiges Integriertes GefechtsSTAndFernmeldenetz (Bundeswehr)

BIICS Business Integration - Information Conformance Statements (XML), "BI-ICS"

BIK Barrierefrei Informieren und Kommunizieren (Internet)

BIKA Barrierefreie Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologie für Alle (FIT)

BIKOS BüroInformations- und KOmmunikationsSysteme (Org., GI)

BIM Broadband Interface Module

BIMA British Interactive Multimedia Association (Org., UK)

BIND Berkeley Internet Name Domain [software] (Unix)

BIOS Basic Input Output System / Support (PC)

BIP Bit Interleaved Parity (SONET, ..., BIT)

BIPV Bit Interleaved Parity Violation (BIT)

BIRA Belgian Institute for Automatic Control (Org., Belgien)

BIS Business Information System

BISDN Broadband Integrated Services Digital Network (ATM), "B-ISDN"

BISP Business Information System Program

BISSI Broadband Inter-Switching System Interface (B-ISDN), "B-ISSI"

BIST Built-In Self Test (Power4, IBM)

BISUP Broadband ISDN User's Part (B-ISDN), "B-ISUP"

BISYNC Binary SYNchronous Communications (IBM)

BIT Basic Interconnection Test (ISO 9646-1)

BIT Binary digIT

BITNET Because It's Time NETwork (Netzwerk)

BITS Background Intelligent Transfer Service (MS, Windows)

BITV Barrierefreie InformationsTechnik Verordnung (Deutschland, WCAG)

BIU Bundesverband Interaktive Unterhaltungssoftware [e.V.] (Org., Deutschland)

BIU Bus Interface Unit

BIX Byte Information eXchange

BJT Bipolar Junction Transistor (IC)

BK Büro Kommunikation

BKS BenutzerKoordinatenSystem (CAD)

BL Blue Lightning [processor family] (Intel)

BLADE Basic Linear Algebra for Distributed Environments

BLAS Basic Linear Algebra Subroutines (Intel, API)

BLAST Bell Labs Layered Space Time

BLAST BLocked ASynchronous Transmission

BLE Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy (Bluetooth)

BLER BLock Error Rate (CD)

BLERA BLock Error Rate After [recording] (DVD), "BLERa"

BLERB BLock Error Rate Before [recording] (DVD), "BLERb"

BLLI Broadband Low Layer Information (BISDN), "B-LLI"

BLM Bayerische Landeszentrale für neue Medien (Org.)

BLMX Board-Level Multitasking eXecutive (OS)

BLOB Binary Large OBject

BLOROB BLOck based ROBot

BLSM Base Level System Modernization

BLT BLock Transfer

BLW Bus Locked Write (Intel, CPU)

BMBF BundesMinisterium für Bildung und Forschung (Org.)

BMBW BundesMinisterium für Bildung und Wissenschaft (Org.)

BMC Baseboard Management Controller (IPMI, BMC)

BMDP Bio-Medical Data Package

BMECAT Bundesverband Materialwirtschaft, Einkauf und Logistik CATalog data exchange format (XML) "BMEcat"

BMFT BundesMinisterium für Forschung und Technik (Org.)

BML Bean Markup Language (Java)

BML Business Management Layer (TMN)

BMOS Bipolar Metal Oxide Semiconductor (IC)

BMP Basic Multilingual Plane (UCS)

BMP Bean Managed Persistence (Java, EJB, CMP)

BMS Basic Mapping Support (CICS)

BMS Basic Monitor System (OS, DEC, PDP 9, PDP 15)

BMS Broadcast Message Server (PCTE)

BMT Biel Mean Time (TZ, Internet)

BMTA Backbone Message Transfer Agent (MTA)

BMUG Berkeley Macintosh User Group (Org., Apple, USA, User group)

BMWI BundesMinisterium für WIssenschaft und technologie (Org.)

BN Bridge Number

BNC Baby N Connector (Slang)

BNC Bayonet Neill Concelman [connector]

BNC Bayonet Nipple Connector (Slang)

BNC Bayonet Nut Coupling

BNC British National Connector

BNC British Naval Connector

BND BundesNachrichtenDienst

BNEP Bluetooth Network Encapsulation Protocol (Bluetooth)

BNF Backus-Naur Form (TTCN, ...)

BNG Broadband Network Gateway

BNP Broadband Network Premises

BNT Broadband Network Termination (B-ISDN), "B-NT"

BNU Basic Networking Utilities (AT&T)

BO Back Orifice (CDC)

BOA Basic Object Adapter

BOCA Borland Object Component Architecture (Borland)

BOCA Business Object Component Architecture (CORBA, OMG)

BOD Business Object Documents (OAG)

BOF Birds Of a Feather (Usenix)

BOFH Bastard Operator From Hell (DFÜ-Slang)

BOINC Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing

BOM Beginning of Message

BOM Byte Order Mark (Unicode)

BONDING Bandwidth ON Demand INteroperability Group (Org., Hersteller, AIM)

BOOTP BOOTstrap Protocol (RFC 951)

BOPS Billion Operations Per Second

BORE Break Once Run Everywhere

BORSCHT Battery, Overvoltage, Ringing, Signalling, Coding, Hybrid, Testing [functions] (PBX)

BOS Basic Operating System (AIX, IBM)

BOS Basic Overseer Server (AFS)

BOS Batch Operating System (OS, Honeywell)

BOS360 Basic Operating System / 360 (OS, S/360, IBM), "BOS/360"

BOS5 Business Operating Software /5 (OS), "BOS/5"

BOSH Bytestreams Over Synchronous HTTP (HTTP)

BOSS Basic OS Software for BASIC (OS, BASIC)

BOSS BSI OSS Security Suite (BSI, OSS)

BOSS Bus Owner/Supervisor/Selector (FireWire)

BOT Back On Topic (DFÜ-Slang, Usenet, IRC)

BOT Beginning Of Tape

BOT Broadcast Online TV

BOT Build, Operate and Transfer (Netzwerke)

BOT Bulk Only Transfer

BP Base Pointer [register] (CPU, Intel, Assembler)

BP;DR Behind Paywall; Didn't Read (DFÜ-Slang, Usenet, IRC)

BPB BIOS Parameter Block (BIOS, DOS, HDD, FDD)

BPC Broadcast Personal Computer (PC)

BPD BankParameterDaten (DDBAC)

BPDU Bridge Protocol Data Unit (PDU)

BPEL Business Process Execution Language

BPEL4WS Business Process Execution Language for Web Services (XML, XSD, SOAP, WSDL, OASIS)

BPF Berkeley Packet Filter (BSD, Unix)

BPI Bits Per Inch (HDD, BIT)

BPIP Best Play for Imperfect Player (NEC)

BPL Business Process Language

BPL Bytes Per Line

BPMN Business Process Modeling Notation

BPN Back-Propagation Net (NN)

BPOS Business Productivity Online Suite (MS)

BPP Bits Per Pixel (BIT)

BPP Bridge Port Pair

BPS Bits Per Second (MODEM, BIT)

BPSK Bi-Phase Shift Keying [modulation] (HiperLAN/2, , 802.11a)

BPSS Business Process Specification Schema (ebXML, XML)

BPU Branch Prediction Unit (CPU, MMX, Intel)

BPU Branch Processing Unit (CPU)

BPV BiPolar Violation [error event] (DS1/E1, DS3/E3)

BR Boundary Representation (CAD, CAM)

BRAIN Berlin Research Area Information Network (Netzwerk)

BRAIN Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (USA)

BRAIN Broadband Radio Access for IP-based Networks

BRAM Broadcast Recognition Access Method (MAC)

BRAN Broadband Radio Access Network (ETSI, WLAN)

BRAP Broadcast Recognition with Alternating Priorities (MAC)

BRAS Broadband Remote Acess Server (ISP, DSL)

BRB Be Right Back (DFÜ-Slang, Usenet, IRC)

BREW Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless (CDMA, Oualcomm)

BRF Benchmark Reporting Format (PLB)

BRI Basic Rate Interface (ISDN)

BRI Bridge Router Interface ??? (Banyan, VINES)

BRIEF Basic Reconfigurable Interactive Editing Facility

BRIL Bus Read Invalidate Line (Intel, CPU, BWIL)

BRIM Bridge/Router Interface Module

BRL Bus Read Line (Intel, CPU, BWL)

BRMS Backup Recovery and Media Services (IBM)

BRS Big Red Switch

BRT Browser Response Time (WWW)

BRTB Berlin Regional TestBed (WIN)

BS BackSpace

BS BackSpace one record (IBM, VM/ESA, CP)

BS Banded Signaling

BS Base Station (LA, GSM, Mobile-Systems)

BS BetriebsSystem

BS2000 BetriebsSystem 2000 (SNI, OS)

BSA Backbone Service Area

BSA Business Software Alliance (Org., Hersteller)

BSAM Basic Sequential Access Method (IBM, MVS, SAM)

BSC Balanced ScoreCard

BSC Base Station Controller (BS, BTS, GSM, GPRS, UMTS, Mobile-Systems)

BSC Binary Synchronous Coded

BSC Binary Synchronous Communications [protocol] (IBM)

BSCM Binary Synchronous Communications Module

BSD Berkeley System / Software Distribution (Hersteller, Unix, OS)

BSD Blind Spot Detection (Auto)

BSDI Berkeley Software Design Incorporated (Hersteller)

BSDL Berkeley/San Diego License

BSI Bentley Systems, Incorporated (Hersteller)

BSI British Standards Institute (Org., UK)

BSI Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (Org., Deutschland)

BSIC Base Station Identification Code (BS, BCCH, GSM, Mobile-Systems)

BSMTP Batched Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)

BSP BetriebsSystemProzessor (Windows, NT, SMP)

BSP Binary Space Partitioning [tree]

BSP Bug Squashing Party (Linux, Debian)

BSR BootStrap Router (PIM, RP, Multicast)

BSR Boundary-Scan-Register (JTAG, TAP, IC)

BSS Base Station System / Subsystem (GPRS, BSC, BTS)

BSS Basic Service Set (WLAN)

BSS Basic Synchronized Subset

BSS Block Started by Symbol (IBM, Assembler, Unix)

BSS Block Storage Segment

BSS Broadband Switching System

BSSMAP Base Station System Management Application Part (RR, BS, MTP, GSM, Mobile-Systems)

BST Bering Strait Time [-1100] (TZ)

BST Brazil Standard Time [-0300] (TZ)

BST British Summer Time [+0100] (TZ, UK)

BSVC Broadcast Switched Virtual Connections (ATM)

BT Baghdad Time [+0200] (TZ)

BT Bering Time [-1100] (TZ)

BT BlueTooth

BT British Telecom (Org.)

BT Burst Tolerance

BT Bus Terminator

BTAM Basic Tape Access Method (BS2000)

BTAM Basic Telecommunications Access Method (IBM)

BTB Branch Target Buffer (CPU)

BTC Biting The Carpet (DFÜ-Slang, Usenet)

BTC Block Turbo Codes (WIMAX, 802.16e)

BTDT Been There, Done That (Slang, Linux, Kernel)

BTE Broadband Terminal Equipment (B-ISDN), "B-TE"

BTH Base Transport Header (Infiniband)

BTI Branch Target Injection (CPU)

BTL Bell Telephone Laboratories

BTLB Block Translation Look-aside Buffer (CPU)

BTLE BlueTooth Low Energy (Bluetooth), "BT LE"

BTM Batch Time-sharing Monitor (OS)

BTM Benchmark Timing Methodology (PLB)

BTNS Better-Than-Nothing Security (IETF, WG)

BTO Build-To-Order


BTP Business Transaction Protocol (OASIS)

BTRFS BTRee Files System (Linux, FS), "btrfs"


BTS Base Transceiver Station entities (BCF, BS, GSM, GPRS, UMTS, Mobile-Systems)

BTS Branch Tree Store (Intel, CPU)

BTS Bug Tracking System

BTU Basic Transmission Unit (IBM, SNA)

BTW By The Way (DFÜ-Slang, Usenet, IRC)

BTX Balanced Technology eXtended [form factor] (AT, ATX)

BTX BildschirmTeXt (Netzwerk, Datex-J, DTAG), "Btx"

BTXVST BildschirmTeXt-VermittlungsSTelle (BTX), "Btx-VSt"

BUGLAS BUndesverband GLASfaseranschluss e.v. (Org.)

BUI Bus Interface Unit (DEC)

BUP Buffer Underrun Protection (DVD, CD)

BUS Broadcast and Unknown Server (ATM, LANE)

BV BildVerarbeitung

BVB Besondere VertragsBedingungen

BVB BundesVerband für Büro- und informationssysteme [e.v.] (Org.)

BVCP [PPP] Banyan VINES Control Protocol (RFC 1763, Banyan, VINES, PPP)

BVDW BundesVerband Digitale Wirtschaft [e.V.] (Org., Germany)

BVIT BundesVerband InformationsTechnologien [e.v.] (Org.)

BVSI Berufsverband de Selbstständigen in der Informatik [e.V.] (Org., Deutschland)

BW Business Warehouse (DWH)

BWAM Because We Are Mean (Slang, Cygwin)

BWBM Bandwidth Balancing Mechanism (DQDB)

BWCC Borland Windows Custom Controls (Borland, DLL)

BWF Broadcast Wave Format (DCI)

BWIL Bus Write Invalidate Line (Intel, CPU, BRIL)

BWL Bus Write Line (IIntel, CPU, BRL)

BYOD Bring Your Own Device

BZR BefehlsZählRegister (IC)

BZR Bit Zone Recording (ROD, BIT)

BZR BundesZentralRegister (IC)

BZT Bundesamt für Zulassungen in der Telekommunikation (Org., DTAG)

BZÜ Beleglose ZahlscheinÜberweisung (Banking)

C&C Command & Control [server]

C128 Commodore 128 [computer] (Commodore)

C2DM Cloud to Device Messaging (Google)

C2IS Command and Control Information Systems (Mil., USA)

C3I Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence (Mil., USA)

C3IIS Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence Information Systems (Mil., USA), "C3I/IS"

C4 Command, Control, Communications and Computers (Mil., USA)

C4I Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (Mil., USA)

C64 Commodore 64 [computer] (Commodore)

CA Carrier Aggregation

CA Cell Arrival (ATM)

CA Certification Authority (Verschlüsselung, PKI)

CA Channel Adapter (Infiniband)

CA Computer Animation

CA Computer Associates (Hersteller)

CAA Certification Authority Authorization (DNS, RFC 6844)

CAAD Computer Aided Architectural Design

CAAS Container As A Service, "CaaS"

CAB Contextual Action Bar (Android)

CABAC Context Based Adaptive Binary Arithmetic Coding (AVC)

CABC Content Adaptive Brightness Control (Dell)

CABS Carrier Access Billing System

CABS Computer Aided Business Simulation

CAC Cantilver Array Chip (IBM, HDD, MEMS)

CAC Channel Access Code (Bluetooth)

CAC Computer Aided Crime

CAC Connection Admission Control (UNI, ATM)

CACEAS Computer-Assisted Circuit Engineering and Allocating System

CACTIS Community Automated Counter-Terrorism Intelligence System (Mil., USA)

CAD Computer Aided Design (CIM)

CAD Computer Aided Dispatch / Drafting

CADE Computer Aided Document Engineering (Microstar)

CADR Client Authenticated DNS Request (DNS, Internet)

CADS Computer-Assisted Display System

CAE Client Application Enabler (IBM, DB)

CAE Common Application Environment (X/Open)

CAE Computer Aided Education

CAE Computer Aided Engineering (CIM)

CAI Computer Aided Inspection (CIM)

CAI Computer Aided Instruction

CAIDA Center for Applied Internet Data Analysis (Org.)

CAIP Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns (Konferenz)

CAIS Common APSE Interface Specification (APSE, API)

CAIT Center for the Application of Information Technology (Org., USA)

CAIT Central Academy of Information Technology (Org., MITI)

CAL Client Access License (Lotus, MS)

CAL Computer Aided Logistics

CAL Computer Assisted Learning

CAL Conversational Algebraic Language (JOSS)

CAL Cryptographic Autonomy License

CALEA Communications Assistance Law Enforcement Act (USA)

CALS Computer aided Acquisition and Logistics Support

CALS Continuous Acquisition and Life-cycle Support

CAM Common Access Method (SCSI)

CAM Computer Aided Manufacturing

CAM Conditional Access Modul (DVB, CI)

CAM Content Addressable Memory (Ethernet, Switch, IC)

CAMAC Computer Automated Measurement And Control

CAMEL Customized Applications for Mobile network Enhanced Logic (UMTS)

CAML Categorical Abstract Machine Language (INRIA), "Caml"

CAML Collaborative Application Markup Language (MS, XML)

CAMM Computer Assisted Material Management

CAMP Cygwin Apache MySQL PHP (Cygwin, Apache, SQL, PHP)

CAN Complete Area Networks (SNI)

CAN Controller Area Network [bus] (CAN)

CAO Client Activated Object (SAO)

CAO Computer Aided Office

CAO Control Area Operator (EMS)

CAP CAMEL Application Part (SS7, CAMEL)

CAP Carrierless Amplitude Phase [modulation] (ADSL, AT&T)

CAP Common Alerting Protocol (XML, OASIS)

CAP Communications-electronics Accommodation Program

CAP Component Approval Process

CAP Computer Aided Planning (CIM)

CAP Computer Aided Publishing

CAP Consistency, Availability, Partition tolerance

CAP Cross Account Protection (Google)

CAPE Computer Applications in Production and Engineering (Conference, IFIP)

CAPEC Common Attack Pattern Enumeration and Classification, http://capec.mitre.org/

CAPI Coherent Accelerator Processor Interface (NVidia)

CAPI Communication Application Program Interface (ISDN, API)

CAPI Cryptography Application Programming Interface (Verschlüsselung, API)

CAPP Computer Aided Process Planning

CAPPEAL Controlled Access Protection Profile / Evaluation Assurance Level, "CAPP/EAL"

CAPSL CAnnon Printing System Language (Canon), "CaPSL"

CAPT Cannon Advanced Printing Technology

CAPTCHA Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers from Humans Apart (AI)

CAPWAP Control and Provisioning of Wireless Access Points (WAP)

CAQ Computer Aided Quality [control]

CAR Central Access Routing (RND)

CAR Computer Aided Retrieval

CAR Computer Assisted Radiology

CAR Contents of the Address Register (IBM, ELISP, CDR)

CARCAS Computer Aided aRchiving and Change Accounting System

CARD Candidate Access Router Discovery (RFC 4066)

CARDS Central Archive for Reusable Defense Software (Mil., USA)

CARDVM Card Virtual Machine (Java, Sun), "CardVM"

CARE Computer Assistance Resource Exchange

CARLOS Computer Aided Real Language Orthographic System

CARP Common Address Redundancy Protocol (BSD)

CAS Code Access Security (VSTO, .NET, MS)

CAS Column Address Strobe (IC, DRAM)

CAS Communicating Applications Specification (FAX, Intel, DCA)

CAS Computer Aided Selling

CAS Computer Aided Styling

CAS Computer Algebra System

CAS Computerized Autodial System

CAS Content Addressed Storage (EMC)

CASE Common Application Service Element (ISO, OSI)

CASE Computer Aided Software Engineering

CASH Computer Aided Service Handling (Ashton-Tate), "C.A.S.H."

CASID Condition Access System IDentification (DVB, CAT)

CAST Carlisle Adams and Stafford Tavares (Verschlüsselung)

CAST Computer Aided Software Testing

CAT Cache Allocation Technology (Intel)

CAT Central Alaska Time [-1000] (TZ)

CAT Common Authentication Technology (IETF, RFC 1511)

CAT Computer Aided Technology (Messe)

CAT Computer Aided Telephony

CAT Computer Aided Testing

CAT Condition Access Table (DVB)

CATI Computer Aided / Assisted Telephone Interviewing

CATIA Computer Aided Three-Dimensional Interactive Application (CAD)

CATIS Computer-Assisted Tactical Information System (Mil., USA)

CATNIP Common ArchiTecture for Next generation Internet Protocol (IPNG, RFC 1707)

CATOSL Computer Associates - Trusted Open Source License (CA), "CA-TOSL"

CATS CodeWarrior Analysis Tools

CAUCE Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email (Org., Internet, Spam, UCE)

CAV Constant Angular Velocity (CD, HDD, MOD)

CAVE Cave for Automated Virtual Environment (VR)

CAVLC Context-Adaptive Variable Length Coding (AVC)

CAVO Computer Associates - Visual Objects (CA, DB), "CA-VO"

CBASIC Commercial Beginners All purpose Symbolic Instruction Code (BASIC)

CBB Current Branch for Business (MS, Windows)

CBC Cipher Block Chaining [mode] (DES, DESE, RC5, Verschlüsselung)

CBCMAC Cipher Block Chaining of Message Authentication Code (CBC, MAC, Verschlüsselung, WLAN), "CBC-MAC"

CBCP CallBack Control Protocol

CBCS Computer Based Conversation System (BBS)

CBDF Character Bitmap Distribution Format (Adobe)

CBDS Connectionless Broadband Data Service (Europa)

CBDTPA Consumer Broadband and Digital Television Promotion Act (USA, DRM)

CBE Certified Banyan Engineer (Banyan, VINES)

CBEFF Common Biometric Exchange Format Framework (NIST, ISO 19785)

CBEMA Computer & Business Equipment Manufacturers Association (Org.)

CBF Code Behind Form (MS, Access, DB)

CBGA Ceramic Ball and Grid Array (IC, CPU)

CBIOS Compatibility Basic Input Output System (IBM, BIOS)

CBMS Connectionless Broadband Data Service

CBQ Class Based Queueing

CBR Constant Bit Rate (ATM, VBR, ABR, UBR, QOS, BIT)

CBRAM Conductive Bridging Random Access Memory (RAM, IC)

CBS Certified Banyan Specialist (Banyan, VINES)

CBS Component Based Setup (MS, Windows)

CBSR Candidate BootStrap Router (PIM, BSR, Multicast), "C-BSR"

CBT Canon Buffer Transmission (Fax)

CBT Computer-Based Training

CBT Core Based Tree [multicast protocol] (IP, RFC 1949/2189, ST, Multicast)

CBT Cursor Backward Tabulation (CFT)

CBU Capacity BackUp (IBM, zSeries)

CBX Computerized Branch eXchange (PBX)

CC Carbon Copy

CC Common Criteria [for IT Security Evaluation] (CC)

CC Continuity Cell (ATM)

CC Country Code (MS-ISDN, GSM, Mobile-Systems)

CC Cross Connector

CCA Cisco Clean Access (Cisco)

CCA Clear Channel Assessment (WLAN)

CCAF Call Control Agent Function (IN)

CCAP Converged Cable Access Platform (DOCSIS)

CCC Cablelabs Client Configuration (DHCP)

CCC Catalyst Control Center (ATI, Windows)

CCC Chaos Computer Club (Org.)

CCC Computer Control Center

CCC Cube Connected Cycles (MP)

CCCA Campus Computer Communication Association (Org., USA)

CCCH Common Control CHannel (GSM, Mobile-Systems)

CCCI Center for Cyber Communities Initiative (Org., Japan)

CCD Charge Coupled Device

CCDCOE Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (Org., NATO)

CCE [visual basic] Control Creation Edition (VB, ActiveX, MS)

CCE Connection Control Entity

CCETT Centre Commun d'Etudes de Télédiffusion et Télécommunications (Org., Frankreich)

CCF Campus Computing Facilities (Org.)

CCF Capsulated Color Filter (NEC)

CCF Central Computer Facility

CCF Connection Control Function (IN)

CCF Controller Configuration Facility

CCFL Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (LCD)

CCFT Cold Cathode Fluorescent Tube (LCD, Display)

CCI Cache Coherent Interconnect

CCIA Computer & Communication Industry Association (Org.)

CCIRN Coordinating Committee of International Networks (Org.)

CCIS Common Channel Interoffice Signaling (AT&T)

CCITT Comité Consultatif International Télégraphique et Téléphonique (Org., ITU, Vorläufer)

CCL Cerberus Central Limited (Hersteller)

CCM Change and Configuration Management

CCM CORBA Component Model (CORBA)

CCM Counter with CBC-MAC (Verschlüsselung, CBC, MAC, RFC 3610)

CCMDB Change and Configuration Management DataBase (IBM, Tivoli)

CCMP Counter mode CBC MAC Protocol (CBC, MAC, Verschlüsselung, WLAN)

CCNC Common Channel Network Controller

CCNC Computer / Communications Network Center

CCNUMA Cache-Coherent Non Uniform Memory Access (SMP, NUMA), "cc-NUMA"

CCP [PPP] Compression Control Protocol (PPP, RFC 1962)

CCP Command Console Processor (CP/M)

CCP Communications Control Program (OS, IBM)

CCP Compact Communication Products (TPS)

CCPI Cavium Coherent Processor Interconnect

CCPP Composite Capability / Preference Profiles (W3C, RDF), "CC/PP"

CCR Commitment, Concurrency and Recovery (OSI)

CCR Current Cell Rate (ATM)

CCRA Common Criteria Recognition Arrangement (CC)

CCRMA Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (Org., Stanford, UK)

CCS [Conference on] Computer and Communications Security

CCS Cambridge Cybernetic Society (Org.)

CCS Cluster Configuration System (GFS)

CCS Coded Character Set (CCS, Unicode)

CCS Common Channel Signaling (IN)

CCS Common Command Set (SCSI)

CCS Common Communications Support (IBM, SAA)

CCS Communications-Computer Systems, "C-CS"

CCS Computerized Charging System

CCS Cyprus Computer Society (Org, Zypern)

CCS7 Common Channel signaling System 7 (IN, DTAG, CCITT)

CCSID Coded Character Set IDentification (IBM)

CCSY Cooperative Computing System Program (HP)

CCT China Coast Time [+0800] (TZ)

CCTA Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency (Org., UK, Vorläufer, OGC)

CCTLD Country Code Top Level Domain (Internet, ICANN), "ccTLD"

CCU Cache Control Unit (Wyse)

CCU Customer Control Unit

CCV C-bit Coding Violation [error event] (DS3/E3, BIT)

CCW COM Callable Wrapper (MS, COM, Java)

CCX CPU Core compleX (CPU)

CD Carrier Detect (MODEM, RS-232)

CD Change Directory (DOS, Unix, OS/2)

CD Committee Draft (ISO)

CD Compact Disk (CD)

CDA Combined dynamic Data Authentication (EMV, Verschlüsselung)

CDA Communications Decency Act (Internet, USA)

CDA Compound Document Architecture (DEC)


CDB Command Descriptor Block

CDBS Connectionless Data Bearer Service

CDBX Computerized Digital Branch eXchange (PBX)

CDC Communication Device Class (USB, MS, Windows, WMCDC)

CDC Connected Device Configuration (JVM)

CDC Control Data Corporation (Hersteller)

CDC Cult of the Dead Cow (Org.) "cDc"

CDD Compatibility Definition Document (Android)

CDD Component Design Document

CDDA Compact Disk - Digital Audio (CD, Digital Audio), "CD-DA"

CDDI Copper Distributed Data Interface (FDDI, UTP)

CDDL Common Development and Distribution License

CDE Certified Directory Engineer (Novell, Netware)

CDE Common Desktop Environment (Unix)

CDE Compact Disk - Erasable (CD), "CD-E"

CDE Cooperative Development Environment (Oracle)

CDEF Control DEfinition Functions (Apple, MDEF)

CDF Channel Definition Format (MS, Internet, XML)

CDF Compound Document Framework (IBM, OLE)

CDFS Compact Disk File System (CD, OS/2, IBM)

CDG Compact Disk + Graphics (CD), "CD+G"

CDI Compact Disk - Interactive (CD), "CD-I"

CDIF CASE Data Interchange Format (CASE)

CDK Control Development Toolkit (MS, VB)

CDL Controlled Digital Lending

CDM Compressed Data Mode

CDM Conceptional Data Model (DB, PDM, Powerdesigner)

CDM Content Decryption Module (Verschlüsselung)

CDMA Code Division Multiple Access (DFÜ, Mobile-Systems)

CDMIDI Compact Disk + Musical Instruments Digital Interface (CD, MIDI), "CD+MIDI"

CDMO Compact Disk - Magneto Optical (CD), "CD-MO"

CDMRW Compact Disk - Mount Rainier Washington (CD-RW, CD), "CD-MRW"

CDMS Command and Data Management System (ESA, Venus-Express)

CDMS Communication Driver Maintenance System (ISDN, HST)

CDMU Command and Data Management Unit (ESA, Venus-Express, CDMS)

CDN Content Delivery Network (Internet)

CDNC Chinese Domain Name Consortium (Org., Internet)

CDO Collaboration Data Objects (WSH, MS)

CDO Common Data Objects (MS, ASP)

CDP Chrome Debugging Protocol

CDPC Cellular Digital Packet Data

CDPD Cellular Digital Packet Data (Mobile-Systems)

CDPN Context Dependent Path Names (CDSL, NFS, GFS)

CDR Compact Disk - Recordable (CD), "CD-R"

CDR Contents of the Decrement Register (IBM, ELISP, CAR)

CDRA Character Data Representation Architecture

CDRAM Cached Dynamic Random Access Memory (RAM, DRAM, IC)

CDRM Cross Domain Resource Manager (VTAM, SSCP, IBM)

CDROM Compact Disk - Read Only Memory (CD, ROM), "CD-ROM"

CDROMXA Compact Disk - ROM / eXtended Architecture (CD, MPC, ROM), "CD-ROM/XA"

CDRW Compact Disk - ReWritable (CD), "CD-RW"

CDS Cell Directory Service (DCE)

CDS Class Data Sharing (Java)

CDS Current Directory Structure (BIOS. DOS)

CDSA Common Data Security Architecture (HP, Verschlüsselung)

CDSG Cultural Diversity Steering Group (ISSS)

CDSL Context Dependent Symbolic Links (CDPN, NFS, GFS)

CDSS Creative Decision Stimulation Systems (AI, DSS)

CDT Cambridge Display Technology (Hersteller)

CDT Cell Delay Tolerance (ATN)

CDT Central Daylight Time [-0500] (TZ, CST, USA)

CDT Compressed Domain Transcoder (DVD)

CDTV Commodore Dynamic Total Vision (Commodore)

CDV Cell Delay Variation (UNI, ATM, QOS)

CDVT Cell Delay Variation Tolerance (UNI, ATM, CDV)

CDWO Compact Disk - Write Once (CD), "CD-WO"

CE Communauté / Comuniqué Européenne (Europa)

CE Communications-Electronics, "C-E"

CE Compact Edition (MS, Windows)

CE Connection Endpoint (UNI)

CEA Capability-Exchange-Answer (CER, Diameter)

CEARCH Cisco Educational ARCHive (Cisco, WWW)

CEBIT welt CEntrum Büro Information Telekommunikation (Messe) "CeBIT"

CEC Consumer Electronics Control [protocol] (HDMI)

CECI CICS Enhanced Command Interpreter (IBM, CICS)

CECMG Central Europe Computer Measurement Group (Org., Europa), "cecmg"

CEDA CICS Enhanced resource Definition online Application (CICS, IBM)

CEDF CICS Execution Diagnostic Facility (CICS, IBM)

CEDR [Microsoft Windows] Compact Edition Driver Repository (MS, Windows, CE)

CEE [Linux] Consumer Electronics Edition (MontaVista, Linux, PDA)

CEE Converged Enhanced Ethernet

CEECEB Central and Eastern European Countries EDIFACT Board (Org., EDIFACT), "CEEC/EB"

CEFACT CEntre for Facilitation of procedures and practices in Administration, Commerce and Transport

CEG Continuous Edge Graphics (Grafik, IC)

CEI Connection Endpoint Identifier (UNI)

CEIP Customer Experience Improvement Program (MS)

CELL CIP/Ethernet Library for Linux (Linux, Ethernet, CIP, PLC)

CELP Card Edge Low Profile [socket]

CELP Code Excited Linear Prediction

CEM Common [IT Security] Evaluation Methodology (CC)

CEM Contract Equipment Manufacturer

CEMT CICS Enhanced Master Terminal transaction (CICS, IBM)

CEN Comité Européen de Normalisation (Org., Europa, Brüssel)

CENELEC Comité Européen de Normalisation ÉLECtrotechnique (Org., CEN, Europa)

CENTR Council of European National Top level Domain Registries (Org., TLD)

CEPAC CMOS-Ein-Platinen-Allzweck-Computer (IC, CMOS, C'T)

CEPD Comité Européen de la Protection des Données (Org.)

CEPIS Council of European Professional Informatics Societies (Org., Europa)

CEPT Conference of European Postal and Telecommunications administrations (Org., CCITT, Conference, Europa)

CER Capability-Exchange-Request (CEA, Diameter)

CER Cell Error Ratio (ATM)

CERFNET California Educational and Research Federation NETwork (Netzwerk), "CERFNet"

CERN Conseil Européenne pour la Recherche Nucleaire (Org., Europa, Genf)

CERT Computer Emergency Response Team (DARPA, CMU, Internet)

CES C-bit Errored Seconds (DS3/E3, BIT)

CES Character Encoding Scheme (CSS, Unicode)

CES Circuit Emulation Service

CES Consumer Electronics Show (Messe, USA, CTA)

CESAR Central Employment Search And Retrieval (WWW)

CESG Communications-Electronics Security Group (Org., UK, GCHQ)

CET Central European Time [+0100] (TZ, MET)

CET Centro de Estudes de Telecomunições (Org., Portugal)

CF Carry Flag (Assembler)

CF Compact Flash [card]

CF Compact Framework (MS, .NET, PocketPC)

CFA Center for Architecture (Org., JIEO, DISA)

CFA Code Fields Address (Forth)

CFAA Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (USA)

CFB Cipher FeedBack [mode] (Verschlüsselung, DES)

CFC ColdFusion Component (WWW, HTTPD)

CFD Call For Discussion (Internet)

CFD Computational Fluid Dynamics [applications]

CFE Center for Engineering (Org., JIEO, DISA)

CFF Compact Font Format (Adobe)

CFI CAD Framework Initiative (Org., CAD)

CFM Clock From Master (CTM, Rambus)

CFM Code Fragment Manager (Apple)

CFM ConFiguration Management (FDDI, SMT)

CFMC Committee to Fight Microsoft Corporation (Org., MS)

CFML Cold Fusion Markup Language

CFP Call For Papers

CFP Computers, Freedom & Privacy [conference]

CFP Contention Free Period (PCF, MAC)

CFQ Complete Fair Queueing (Linux)

CFS Center for Standards (Org., JIEO, DISA)

CFS Cryptographic FileSystem (Linux, Verschlüsselung)

CFT Call For Testers

CFT Cusor Forward Tabulation (CBT)

CFV Call For Vote (Internet, Usenet), "CfV"

CFWS Comments / Folding White Space (RFC 1822)

CG C for Graphics (Nvidia, MS), "Cg"

CGA Colour Graphics Adapter

CGA Graphics Communications Association (Org.)

CGARI Graphics Communications Association Research Institute (Org., CGA)

CGATS Committee for Graphics Arts Technologies Standards (Org., ANSI)

CGDC Computer (???) Game Developers' Conference

CGE Carrier Grade Edition (Linux, MontaVista, CGL)

CGEMM Complex single precision GEneral Matrix Multiply (GEMM, BLAS)

CGH Computer Generated Holography

CGI Common Gateway Interface (WWW)

CGI Computer Generated Imagery

CGI Computer Graphics Interface

CGI Computer Graphics International (Konferenz)

CGL Carrier Grade Linux (Linux, OSDL)

CGM Computer Graphics Metafile (ISO 8632)

CGMS Copy Generation Management System (CD)

CGMSA Content Generation Management System - Analog (WPE), "CGMS-A"

CGRM Computer Graphics Reference Model (ISO, IEC, ISO/IEC 11072)

CGS Continuous Grain Silicon [technology] (Sharp, LCD)

CGVDI Computer Graphic Virtual Device Interface, "CG-VDI"

CHAID CHisquard Automatic Interaction Detector / Detection (SPSS)

CHAP [PPP] Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol (PPP, RFC 1334/1994)

CHCP CHange Code Page (DOS)

CHDL Computer Hardware Description Language (HDL)

CHES Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems [conference]

CHEST Computers in Higher Education Software Team (Org., UK)

CHILL CCITT HIgh Level programming Language (CCITT)

CHPE Compiled Hybrid Portable Executable

CHRP Common Hardware Reference Platform (AIM)

CHS Cylinder Head Sectors (HDD, BIOS)

CHSM C Hardware Specific Module (NEST, MLID, Novell)

CHV Card Holder Value [aka PIN] (ICC, PIN)

CI Check In (RCS)

CI Coded Information

CI Common Interface (DVB)

CI Component Interface (DMI)

CI Configuration Item (CM)

CI Congestion Indicator

CIA CAN In Automation (Org., CAN) "CiA"

CIAC Computer Incident Advisory Capability (Org., LLNL, Internet)

CIB Collective Intelligent Brick (IBM, HDD)

CIB Computer Integrated Business

CIC Carrier Identification Code

CIC Certified IT Consultant (BVSI)

CIC Coordination and Information Center (CSNET)

CICA Center of Innovative Computer Applications (Org.)

CICS Customer Information Control System (IBM, CICS, Z/OS, OS/390, VSE/ESA)

CICSESA Customer Information Control System/Enterprise Systems Architecture (IBM, CICS), "CICS/ESA"

CICSTS Customer Information Control System / Transaction Server (IBM, VSE/ESA), "CICS/TS"

CICSVS Customer Information Control System / Virtual Storage (IBM, CICS), "CICS/VS"

CID Configuration - Installation - Distribution (IBM)

CIDF Common Intrusion Detection Framework (CIDF, IDS)

CIDR Classless Internet Domain Routing [protocol] (RFC 1519)

CIDS Cabin Intercommunication Data System (Airbus, A380, TCP/IP)

CIE Commission Internationale de l'Éclairage (Org.)

CIF Common Intermediate Format [352x288] (Video)

CIFS Common Internet File System (TCP/IP)

CIIRC China Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center (China, Org.)

CIL Common Intermediation Language (CLI)

CIL Computer Integration Laboratories (Org., Apple, IBM, Novell, Sun, ...)

CILABS Component Integration LABoratorieS (Org., , OpenDoc, Apple, IBM, Adobe, ...), CILabs

CIM Cisco Interactive Mentor (Cisco)

CIM Common Information Model (DMTF, XML, DMI, SAN, WBEM)

CIM Computer Integrated Manufacturing

CIMOM CIM Object Model (CIM, WBEM)

CIMOS CIncinnati Milacron Operating System (OS), "CiMOS"

CIO Cisco Information Online (Cisco, WWW)

CIP Carrier Identification Parameter

CIP Classical IP over ATM (IP, ATM, IETF)

CIP Common Industrial Protocol (ODVA)

CIP Common ISDN Profile (Bluetooth, CAPI, ISDN)

CIP Computer Integrated Processing

CIP Computer-Investitions-Programm

CIPA Camera & Imaging Products Association (Org.)

CIPA Children's Internet Protection Act (Internet, USA, COPA)

CIQ Customer Information Quality (OASIS, TC)

CIR Committed Information Rate (ATM)

CIRAS (Conference on] Computational Intelligence, Robotics and Autonomous Systems )

CIRC Cross Interleaved Reed-solomon Code (CD)

CIRCAMP Cospol Internet Related Child Abusive Material Project (Org.)

CIRCIT Centre for International Research on Communication and Information Technology (Org., Australien)

CIS Card Information Structure / Space (PCMCIA)

CIS Command Information System (Mil., USA)

CIS Compuserve Information Systems (Netzwerk)

CIS Contact Image Sensor

CISA Certified Information Systems Auditor (ISACA)

CISA Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (Org.)

CISC Complex Instruction Set Computer (CPU)

CISE Computer and Information Science Directorate (Org., NSF)

CISKA [3D] Campus-InformationsSystem KArlsruhe (Uni Karlsruhe, VRML)

CISM Certified Information Security Manager (ISACA)

CISO Certified Information Security Officer (ISTA)

CISPR Comité International Special des Perturbations Radioelectriques (Org.)

CISRAM Cybernetics & Intelligent Systems - Robotics, Automation & Mechatronics (IEEE, conference) "CIS-RAM"

CISRT Chinese Internet Security Response Team (Org., China)

CISS Center for Information Systems Security (Org., JIEO, DISA, Mil., USA)

CISS Confirmation Interactive Site Server [technology]

CISSP Certified Information Systems Security Professional (ISC2)

CIT Center for Information Technology (Org., USA)

CIT Computer Integrated Telephony

CIT Computer Intergrated Tooling

CITED Copyright In Transmitted Electronic Documents (ESPRIT)

CIU Core Interface Unit (Power4, IBM, IC)

CIU Customer Initiated Upgrade (IBM, zSeries)

CIU Customer-Initiated Upgrade [switch] ??? (IBM)

CIVIC Cyclone Integrated Video Interfaces Controller (Apple)

CIX Commercial Internet eXchange (ISP)

CJK Chinese - Japanese - Korean [encoding]

CKOA Cygwin Keeper of Acronyms (Cygwin, OLOCA)

CKRM Class-based Kernel Resource Manager / Management

CL Column Address Strobe Latency (CAS, IC)

CL ConnectionLess (CO)

CL Control Language (IBM, OS/400)

CL Conversion Layer (HiperLAN/2, UMTS)

CLASS Centralized Local Area Selective Signaling

CLASS Custom Local Area Signaling Service

CLDC Connected Limited Device Configuration (KVM, CDC, Java, JSR-139)

CLDR Common Locale Data Repository (Android)

CLE Certified Linux Engineer (Novell, Linux)

CLE Certified Lotus Engineer (Lotus)

CLEC Competitive Local Exchange Carrier

CLI Call Level Interface (DB, SAG, X/Open, Oracle, Informix, MS, ...)

CLI Class LIbrary (CLI)

CLI CLear Interrupt (Assembler)

CLI Clearly Less Intimidating (Slang, Cygwin)

CLI Command Line Interpreter / Interface (OS)

CLI Common Language Infrastructure (MS, .NET, ECMA, CLI)

CLIC Chemnitzer LInux Cluster (Linux, Chemnitz), "CLiC"

CLIC Computer Liability Insurance Coverage

CLID Calling Line IDentification

CLIM Common LISP Interface Manager (CLOS, LISP)

CLIW Configurable Long Instruction Word (IC, CPU)

CLL ConnectionLess Layer (UNI, NNI, ATM)

CLNAP Connectionless Network Access Protocol (UNI, NNI, ATM)

CLNP ConnectionLess Network Protocol (OSI, ISO 8473)

CLNS ConnectionLess Network Service

CLOS Common LISP Object System (LISP)

CLP Cell Loss Priority (UNI, ATM, CLR)

CLP Cumulative Licensing Program (Adobe)

CLR Cell Loss Ratio (UNI, ATM, QOS)

CLR Common Language Runtime (MS, CLI, .NET)

CLS Card Loading Signal

CLS Common Language Specification (OOP, CLR, MS, .NET, CLS)

CLSF ConnectionLess Service Function

CLSID CLasS IDentifier (COM)

CLTP ConnectionLess Transport Protocol (OSI)

CLUG Chemnitzer Linux User Group (Chemnitz, User group, Linux)

CLUT Color LookUp Table (VGA)

CLV Constant Linear Velocity (CD, MOD)

CLX Cascade Lake Xeon (Intel, CPU)

CLX Class Library for cross platform (Delphi, Windows, Linux)

CLXAP Cascade Lake Xeon - Advanced Performance (Intel, CPU), "CLX-AP"

CM Compatibility Mode (PARISC, NM)

CM Configuration Management

CM Configuration Manager (BIOS, PNP)

CM Connection Management (RR, MM, GSM, Mobile-Systems)

CM CyanogenMod (Android)

CM2 Communication Manager /2 (IBM), "CM/2"

CM5 Connection Machine 5 (TMC)

CMAS Cambridge Multiple Access System (OS)

CMC Common Messaging Calls [interface] (XAPIA)

CMC Complement Carry Flag (Assembler)

CMC Computer Mediated Communications [studies centre] (Org., USA)

CMDS Cambridge Model Distributed System (OS)

CME Component Management Entity

CME Core Managed Environment (Phoenix, MBR), "cME"

CMGA Community of Massive Gaming Agents (Internet, Deutschland, DTAG)

CMGS Cyan Magenta Gelb Schwarz (Farbsystem, DTP)

CMI Coded Mark Inversion

CMI Connection Manager Interface (IBM, SNA)

CMIA China Medical Informatics Association (Org., China)

CMIIW Correct Me If I'm Wrong (DFÜ-Slang, Usenet, IRC)

CMIP Common Management Information Protocol (OSI, ISO, DP 9506, X.700)

CMIS Common Management Information Service (OSI)

CMISE Common Management Information Service Element (CMIS)

CMM Color Management Method (DTP, ICM)

CMMI Capability Maturity Model Integration

CMMU Cache/Memory Management Unit

CMO Chi Mei Optoelectronic (Hersteller)


CMOS Complementary-symmetry Metal-Oxide Semiconductor (IC)


CMP Chip MultiProcessing (IBM, HP, Sun)

CMP Container-Managed Persistence (Java, EJB, BMP)

CMP Cooperative Marketing Partner (DEC)

CMR Cell Misinsertion Rate (ATM)

CMS [Cambridge] / Conversational Monitor System (IBM, OS, VM, VME, VM/ESA, Z/VM)

CMS Chip Multiprocessor System

CMS Code Management System (DEC, CM)

CMS Color Management System

CMS Content Management Software / System

CMS Cryptographic Message Syntax (Verschlüsselung, RFC 2630)

CMSS ???

CMT Connection ManagemenT (FDDI)

CMTC Critical Machine-Type Communication (MTC, 3GPP), "C-MTC"

CMTS Cable MODEM Termination System (DOCSIS, MODEM)

CMU Carnegie-Mellon-University (Org.)

CMX Communications Manager uniX (Unix)

CMY Cyan Magenta Yellow (Farbsystem, DTP)

CMYK Cyan Magenta Yellow blacK (Farbsystem, DTP)

CN Communications Network

CN Congestion Notification (IEE 802.1Qau, DCB)

CN Connection Management (Mobile-Systems)

CN Coordination Message (ISO 9646-3, TTCN)

CN Copy Network

CN Corporate Network

CNA Certified Novell Administrator (Novell, Netware)

CNA Communication Network Architecture (SEL)

CNA Communications Network Application

CNA CVE Numbering Authorities (CVE)

CNBC Center for Neural Basis of Cognition (Org., CMU, AI)

CNC Communications Network Control

CNC Computerized Numerical Control

CND Caldera Network Desktop (Linux)

CND Caller Number Delivery (MODEM)

CNE Certified Netware Engineer (Novell, Netware)

CNE Corporate Network Edition (eBlaster)

CNEPA Certified Netware Engineers Professional Association (Org., Netware)

CNET Centre Nationale d'Études des Télécommunications (Org., Frankreich)

CNI Certified Netware Instructor (Novell, Netware)

CNI Coalition for Networked Information (Org.)

CNI Common Network Interface

CNIDIR Coalition for Networked Information DIRectories (Internet)

CNIL Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés (Org., Frankreich)

CNM Communications Network Management

CNM Customer Network Management

CNMA Communications Network for Manufacturing Applications

CNMS Cylink Network Management System

CNN Convolutional Neural Network

CNNIC China interNet Network Information Center (Org., Internet, China)

CNP Corporate Network Products (TPS)

CNPS Computer Noise Prevention System

CNR Communications and Network Riser

CNRCVUUCP Compressed News ReCeive Via UUCP

CNS Certified Novell Salesperson (Novell, Netware)

CNS Complimentary Network Service

CNS Compuserve Network Services (CIS)

CNTFET Carbon Nano-Tube Field Effect Transistor

CO Check Out (RCS)

CO Connection Oriented (CL)

COA Certificate of Authenticity (MS, Windows, XP)

COACH Component based Open source ArCHitecture for distributed systems (CORBA)

COAS Caldera Open Administration System (Linux)

COAST Cache On A STick (Intel)

COAST Computer Operations, Audit and Security Technology (Org.)

COBOL COmmon Business Orientated Language

COBRA COmmunication technology: Basic Research and Applications (Org., Niederlande)

COBRA COmmunication technology: Basic Research and Applications

COBWEB COntent-Based image retrieval on the WEB (WWW, ESPRIT)

COCA Cost Of Cracking Adjustment (Verschlüsselung)

COCOT Customer Owned Coin Operated Telephone

COD Capacity On Demand (IBM, zSeries), "CoD"

COD Connection Oriented Data

CODASYSL Conference On DAta Systems Languages (Konferenz)

CODCF Central Office Data Connecting Facility

CODE Client/server Open Development Environment (Powersoft)

CODE Collabora Online Development Edition

CODE COlor Depth Enhancement (ATI)

CODEC COder - DECoder

COE Central Office Equipment

COE Common Operating Environment [certification] (DISA, Mil.)

COEES COE Engineering System (COE)

COFDM Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (Digital Audio, DAB)

COFEE Computer Online Forensic Evidence Extractor (MS)

COFF Common Object File Format (Unix)

COICA Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act

COIPX Connection Orientated Internet Packet eXchange (Novell, Netware, IPX), "CO-IPX"

COL Caldera Open Linux (Caldera, Linux)

COLD Computer Output on LaserDisk

COLIBRI COprozessor für LISP auf der Basis von RISC (RISC)

COLLADA COLLAborative Design Activity (XML, 3D)

COM Component Object Model (OLE, OLE2, OCX, ActiveX, MS)

COM Computer Output on Microfilm

COM Continuation of Message

COMA Cache Only Memory Architecture (SMP)

COMAL COMmon Algorithmic Language

COMDEX COMputer Dealer's EXposition (Messe)

COMIC COnversational Multimodal Interaction with Computers [project] (Europe)

COMPARTS COMputergestütztes PARtner-TeilebestandsSystem (MBAG)

COMPTIA COMPuting Technology Industry Association (Org.)

COMTECH COMputer TECHnologies (Messe)

CONCERT Communications for North Carolina Education, Research and Technology (Netzwerk)

CONCISE COSINE Network's Central Information Service for Europe (COSINE, Netzwerk)

CONLAN CONsensus LANguage (HDL)

CONS Connection Oriented Networking Service

CONTAC Central Office NeTwork ACcess

COOL COBOL Object Orientated Language (OOP, COBOL)

COOP Concurrent Object Orientated Programming (OOP)

COP Character-Oriented Protocol

COPA Child Online Protection Act (Internet, USA, CIPA)

COPP Certified Output Protection Protocol (MS, RSA, WPE)

COPPA Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (Internet)

COPS Common Open Policy Service protocol (RFC 2748)

COPS Computer Oracle and Password System (Unix)

COPSPR Common Open Policy Service for Policy Provisioning (COPS, RFC 3084) "COPS-PR"

CORAN Communication ORiented Application aNalysis

CORBA Common Object Request Broker Architecture (OMG)

CORD Central Office Re-architected as a Datacenter (ONF)

CORDIS COmmunity Research and Development Information Service (Europa)

CORS Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (HTML)

COS Card Operating System (OS, ICC)

COS Cassette Operating System (OS)

COS Class of Service

COS Clip On Socket (CPU)

COS Commercial Operating System (OS, DEC, PDP 11)

COS Concurrent Operating System (OS, UNIVAC 9200, UNIVAC 9300)

COS Corporation for Open Systems (Org., OSI, User group)

COS Cray Operating System (OS, Cray)

COSA COmputerunterstützte SAchbearbeitung

COSA COmputing in der Sozialen Arbeit (Org, Köln)

COSE Common Open Software Environment (HP, Sun, IBM, SCO, USL, Univel)

COSINE Cooperation for OSI Networking in Europe (Org.)

COSMOS COmputer System for Mainframe OperationS

COSS Common Object Services Specification

COST COpenhagen SGML Tool (SGML), "CoST"

COT Central Office Terminal

COTP Connection-Oriented Transport Protocol (OSI, ISO 8073)

COTS Commercial Off The Shelf (CC)

COTS Connection-Oriented Transport [layer] Service

COW Character Orientated Windows (MS, SAA, UI)

COW Chrome Object Wrapper (Mozilla)

COW Copy On Write

CP Connection Processor

CP Contention Period (DCF, MAC)

CP Control Point (IBM, SNA)

CP Control Program (IBM, OS, VM/ESA, VM)

CP Coordination Point (ISO 9646-3, TTCN)

CPA Collaboration Partner Agreement (CPPA, ebXML)

CPA Collaboration Protocol Agreements (ebXML)

CPAN Comprehensive PERL Archive Network (PERL)

CPC Central Processing Complex

CPC Cost Per Copy

CPCI Compact Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI), "cPCI"

CPCM Content Protection Copyright Management (DVB, CPTWG)

CPCS Common Part Convergence Sublayer (ATM)

CPDP Cellular Digital Packet Data

CPE Common Platform Enumeration (URI, NIST)

CPE Continuing Professional Education

CPE Customer Premises Equipment (ACS)

CPF Control Program Facility (OS, IBM, S/38)

CPGA Ceramic Pin Grid Array (IC, CPU)

CPH Cost Per Hour

CPI Characters Per Inch

CPI Common Part Indicator (ATM)

CPI Common Programming Interface (IBM, SAA)

CPI Computer Private branch exchange Interface

CPI Cost Per Instruction

CPIC Common Programming Interface for Communications (IBM, SAA, API), "CPI/C"

CPIO CoPy In/Out (Unix)

CPIRR Common Programming Interface Resource Recovery (IBM, SAA)

CPL Combined Programming Language (DEC, PL/1)

CPL Common Public License (IBM, IPL)

CPL Control Panel Applet (MS, Windows, XP)

CPL Conversational Programming Language (DEC)

CPLB Cache Protection Lookaside Buffer (Blackfin)

CPLD Complex Programmable Logic Device (PLD, IC, RL)

CPM Communication Processor Module (Motorola)

CPM Control Program for Microcomputers (OS, DR), "CP/M"

CPM Cost Per Minute

CPM Critical Path Method

CPMS Central Point Management Services (Central Point)

CPN Calling Party Number

CPN Compuserve Packet Network (Netzwerk)

CPN Customer Premises Network

CPNET Control Program / NETwork (CP/M, OS), "CP/NET"

CPNOS Control Program / ??? (CP/NET, CP/M, OS), "CP/NOS"

CPODA Contention Priority Orientated Demand Assignment (MAC, PODA)

CPOL Code Project Open License

CPP Collaboration Partner Profile (CPPA, ebXML)

CPP Collaboration Protocol Profiles (ebXML)

CPPA Collaboration Partner Profile and Agreement (ebXML, XML)

CPPM Content Protection for Pre-recorded Media (CPRM)

CPPS Card / Paper tape Programming System (OS, IBM)

CPR CPU Parameter Recall (Asus), "C.P.R."

CPRM Content Protection for Recordable Media (CPPM)

CPS Central Processing System

CPS Characters Per Second

CPS Cyber-Physical System

CPSI Configurable PostScript Interpreter

CPSR Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (Org., USA)

CPTA China Power Technology Alliance (Org.)

CPTWG Copyright Protection Technical Working Group (DVB, WG)

CPU Central Processing Unit

CPUID Central Processing Unit IDentifier (CPU)

CPW Cross-Platform Windowing [library] (OpenGL)

CQD Carbon Quantum Dots

CQL Cassandra Query Language

CR Carriage Return (ASCII)

CR Challenge-Response (SPAM)

CRAFT Cray Research Adaptive FORTRAN (Cray, MPP, FORTRAN)


CRAM Card Random Access Memory (RAM, IC)

CRAN Comprehensive R Archive Network, https://cran.r-project.org/

CRAS Cable Repair Administrative System

CRC Cyclic Redundancy Check[sum]

CRCG [Fraunhofer] Center for Research in Computer Graphics (Org., USA)

CRCG Common Routing Connection Group

CRD Color Rendering Dictionary (PS)

CREN Corporation for Research and Educational Networking (Netzwerk)

CRESTA Collaborative Research into Exascale Systemware, Tools and Applications (Europa)

CRET Color - Resolution Enhancement Technology (HP), "C-REt"

CRFVC Connection Related Function Virtual Channel (UPC, UNI), "CRF

CRFVP Connection Related Function Virtual Path (UPC, UNI), "CRF

CRI Container Runtime Interface

CRI Cray Research, Inc. (Hersteller)

CRIME Compression Ratio Info-leak Made Easy (HTTPS)

CRIMM Continuity Rambus Inline Memory Module (RIMM, IC, Rambus)

CRIN Centre de Recherche en Informatique de Nancy (Org., Frankreich)

CRISC Complex-Reduced Instruction Set Computer

CRISP Complex-Reduced Instruction Set Processor

CRISP Cross Registry Internet Service Protocol (Internet, RFC 3707)

CRJE Conversational Remote Job Entry (RJE)

CRL Certificate Revocation List (Verschlüsselung)

CRL Compile-time Reconfigurable Logic (RL)

CRLF Carriage Return - Line Feed (ASCII, DOS)

CRM Customer Relationship Management

CRML Customer Relationships Markup Language (xCRL, Vorläufer)

CRP Candidate Rendezvous Point (PIM, RP, Multicast), "C-RP"

CRP Common Reference Platform (PowerPC)

CRPC Center for Research on Parallel Computation (STC)

CRS Cell Relay Service (UNI, ATM)

CRS CMOS Reload Switch (CMOS, Gigabyte), "C.R.S."

CRT Cathode Ray Tube

CRT Computer Technology Research [corporation] (Anbieter)

CRTC Cathode Ray Tube Controller (EGA, VGA, MCGA)

CRTM Core Root of Trust for Management (TCPA)

CRUD Create, Read, Update, Delete

CS Carrier Selection

CS Chip Select (IC)

CS Client/Server, "C/S"

CS Code Segment [register] (CPU, Intel, Assembler)

CS Coding Scheme (GPRS, Mobile-Systems)

CS Computer Science

CS Controlled Slip [error event] (DS1/E1)

CS Convergence Sublayer (ATM)

CS1 Capability Set 1 (IN), "CS-1"

CS2 Capability Set 2 (IN)

CSA Callpath Service Architecture (IBM, CTI)

CSA Client Service Agent

CSA Communication Streaming Architecture (Intel, MCH, DNB)

CSA Configuration Status Accounting

CSAIL Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Labs (MIT)

CSAPI Common Speller Application Program Interface (API)

CSC Computer Sciences Corporation (Anbieter)

CSC Consumer Software Customization

CSCC Concurrent SuperComputing Consortium (Org.)

CSCD Caldera Systems Curriculum Developers (Caldera)

CSCSI Canadian Society for the Computational Studies of Intelligence (Org., Kanada, AI)

CSCW Computer Supported Cooperative Work

CSD Certified Scrum Developer (Scrum)

CSD Control flow Specification Diagram (CASE)

CSD Corrective Service Diskettes (IBM)

CSD Customer Specific Dictionaries

CSDC Circuit Switched Digital Capability

CSDC Code Segment Descriptor Cache [register] (CS, Intel, CPU)

CSE Client-Server Environment

CSEIA [conference on] Computer Support for Environmental Impact Assessment (IFIP, Conference)

CSEL Cable SELect (EIDE, HD)

CSELT Centro Studi E Laboratori Telecomunicazioni [s.p.a.] (Org., Italien)

CSEM Centre Suisse d'Electronique et de Microtecnique (Org., Schweiz)

CSES C-bit Severely Errored Seconds (DS3/E3, BIT)

CSFB Circuit Switched FallBack (LTE, UMTS, GSM)

CSG Constructive Solid Geometry (CAD, CAM)

CSGO Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, "CS:GO"

CSH C SHell (Unix, BSD, Shell)

CSH Complementary Software House (DEC)

CSI Code Sequence Identification [technology] (Lavasoft, Ad-Aware)

CSI Common Secure Interoperability (CORBA)

CSI Common System Interface (Intel, Xeon)

CSI CompuServe Incorporated (ISP)

CSI Convergence Sublayer Indication (ATM)

CSIC Customer Specific Integrated Circuit (IC, RL)

CSID Caller Station IDentification (Fax)

CSIDS Central command/Southern command Integrated Data System (Mil., USA)

CSII Center for Systems Interoperability and Integration (Org., ???)

CSIP Chipset Stable Image Program

CSIP Commercial Stable Image Platform (AMD)

CSIRO Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (Org., UK)

CSIRT Computer Security Incident Response Team

CSIS Central Schengen Information Systen (SIS, EU, Strasbourg)

CSKI Ceská Spolecnost pro Kybernetiku a Informatiku (Org., Tschechien)

CSL Callable Services Library (IBM, VM/ESA, CMS)

CSL Computer SoLutions [software gmbh] (Händler)

CSLIP Compressed [headers] Serial Line Internet Protocol (SLIP, IP)

CSM Certified Scrum Master (Scrum)

CSM Cluster System Management (IBM)

CSM Compatibility Support Module (UEFI)

CSMA Carrier Sense Multiple Access

CSMACA Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Avoidance, "CSMA/CA"

CSMACD Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection (IEEE 802.3, Ethernet, CSMA/CD), "CSMA/CD"

CSMS C Specific Media Support (NEST, MLID, Novell)

CSMUX Circuit Switching MUltipleXer (FDDI), "CS-MUX"

CSN Card Select Number (PNP)

CSNET Computer + Science NETwork (USA, Netzwerk, BITNET)

CSP Centro Supercacolo Piemonte (Org., Italien, HPC)

CSP Chip Scale Package (IC)

CSP Cloud Service Provider

CSP Communicating Sequential Processes

CSP Content Security Policy (WWW)

CSP Cross System Product (IBM)

CSPDN Circuit Switched Public Data Network (IN)

CSPDU Convergence Sublayer Protocol Data Unit (ATM, PDU), "CS PDU"

CSPO Certified Scrum Product Owner (Scrum)

CSPP Computer Systems Policy Project [group] (Org., USA. Hersteller)

CSR Cell misSequenced Ratio (ATM)

CSR Cell Switch Router (Toshiba)

CSR Certificate Signing Request (SSL)

CSRAM Clock Synchronous Random Access Memory (RAM, IC)

CSRC Computing Science Research Center (Org., Berkeley, BSD)

CSRF Cross Site Request Forgery (WWW, Internet)

CSRG Computer Systems Research Group (Org., Unix, BSD)

CSS Cascading Style Sheets (HTML, XML, WWW, JavaScript)

CSS Computer Sub System

CSS Content Scrambling System (DVD, Matsushita, IBM)

CSS Controlled Slip Seconds (DS1/E1)

CSS Customer Switching System

CST Central Standard Time [-0600] (TZ, CDT, USA)

CSTA Computer Supported Telecommunications Applications (ECMA, CTI)

CSTB Computer Science and Technology Board (Org., NRC)

CSTC Computer Security Technology Center (Org., CIAC)

CSTO Computing Systems Technology Office (Org., ARPA)

CSTR Centre for Speech Technology Research

CSTS Computer Supported Telecommunications Standard

CSU Channel Service Unit (ATM)

CSUNET California State University NETwork (Netzwerk, USA)

CSV Client SMTP Validation (SMTP, SPAM)

CSV Comma Separated Values

CT [magazin für] Computer Technik, "c't" , http://www.heise.de/

CT Certificate Transparency

CT Chipcard Terminal (ICC, CT)

CT Chips & Technologies (Hersteller) "C&T"

CT Clackamas Technology (Intel, Pentium, CPU)

CTA Consumer Technology Association (Org.)

CTAN Comprehensive Tex Archive Network (TeX, FTP) pause

CTAPI Chipcard Terminal Application Program Interface (ICC, CT, API), "CT-API"

CTB Communication ToolBox (Apple)

CTC Convolutional Turbo Coding (WIMAX, 802.16e)

CTCA Channel To Channel Adapter (IBM, System/370)

CTCP Client To Client Protocol (IRC)

CTCPEC Canadian Trusted Computer Product Evaluation Criteria (Canada)

CTD Cell Transfer Delay (UNI, ATM, QOS)

CTDW Cygwin Technical Documentation Writer (Cygwin)

CTE Compliance Test and Evaluation, "CT & E"

CTEA Copyright Term Extension Act (USA, DRM)

CTEC Certified Technical Education Center (MS)

CTERM Command TERMinal (DEC)

CTI Computer Telephony Integration

CTM Clock To Master (CFM, Rambus)

CTM Close To Metal (AMD, 3D)

CTM Communication Trunk of Medium range (Mil., Deutschland)

CTOS Cassette Tape Operating System (OS, Datapoint)

CTP Community Technology Preview

CTP Cordless Telephony Profile (Bluetooth)

CTR [columbia university] Center for Telecommunications Research (Org., USA)

CTR Common Technical Regulations (Europa)


CTS Cipher Text Stealing [mode] (Verschlüsselung)

CTS Clear To Send (MODEM, RS-232)

CTS Common Type System (OOP, CLR, MS, .NET, CLS)

CTS Compatibility Test Suite (Sun, J2EE)

CTS Conformance Testing Service (OSTC)

CTS Cut-Through-Switch (FC, PMC-Sierra)

CTSM C Topology Specific Module (NEST, MLID, Novell)

CTSS Compatible Time Sharing System (Unix, Vorläufer, OS, MIT)

CTSS Cray TimeSharing System (OS, Cray, LLNL)

CTT Cartridge Tape Transport

CTT Character Translation Table

CTTC Cartridge Tape Transport Controller

CTV Cell Tolerance Variation (ATM)

CTY Console teleTYpe

CU Call Up (Unix)

CU see you (DFÜ-Slang, Usenet, IRC)

CUA Common User Application

CUCUG Champaign-Urbana Computer Users Group (Org., User group)

CUD Color Universal Design (Eizo, LCD)

CUDA Compute Unified Device Architecture (Nvidia, 3D)

CUE Corsair Utility Engine

CUI Character User Interface (UI)

CUI Common User Interface (AMS, UI)

CUL Computer Und Lernen (Org.)

CUL see you Later (DFÜ-Slang, Usenet, IRC)

CUP Competitive UPgrade (MS)

CUPS Common Unix Printing System (Unix, Drucker)

CUSI Configurable Unified Search Interface (WWW)

CUSP Commonly Used System Program (DEC)

CUT Control Unit Terminal

CUU ComputerUnterstützte Unterweisung

CVD Chemical Vapor Deposition

CVE Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures, http://cve.mitre.org

CVF Compressed Volume File (DOS)

CVIA Computer Virus Industry Association (Org., USA)

CVN CounterVandalism Network (Wikia, VSTF)

CVS Computer Vision Syndrome

CVS Concurrent Versions System (Unix)

CVSD Continuous Variable Delta Modulation (DFÜ)

CVSELP Codex Vector Sum Excited Linear Prediction [algorithm] (Motorola, VOFR)

CVSS Common Vulnerability Scoring System (NIAC)

CVW MITRE Collaborative Virtual Workspace license

CWE Common Weakness Enumeration, http://cwe.mitre.org/

CWI Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica (Org., Niederlande)

CWIS Campus Wide Information System

CWM ClockworkMod Recovery (Android)

CWMI Common Warehousing Metadata Interchange (DB, DWH)

CWP Current Workspace Pointer (SPARC, CPU)

CWT Character Width Table

CXFS Clustered eXtended File System (SGI, RAID, XFS)

CXI Common X-windows Interface (Unix)

CXML Commerce eXtensible Markup Language (XML) "cXML"

CXTP ConteXt Transfer Protocol (RFC 4067)

CYBOX CYBer Observable eXpression, "CybOX", http://cybox.mitre.org/

CYMK Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, blacK (Farbsystem)

D2B Domestic Digital Bus

D2D2T Disk To Disk To Tape (Streamer, LTO)

D3D Direct3D (DirectX, MS)

D3DRM Direct3D Retained Mode (DirectX, MS)

DA Data Area (CD-MRW, SA)

DA Destination [MAC] Address (SNA, Token Ring, ATM, FDDI, ...)

DA Digital-to-Analog (D/A), "D/A"

DA11 DatenAustauschphase 11 [allgemeine bauabrechnung] (GAEB)

DA81 DatenAustauschphase 81 [leistungsverzeichnis] (GAEB)

DA82 DatenAustauschphase 82 [kostenanschlag] (GAEB)

DA83 DatenAustauschphase 83 [angebotsanforderung] (GAEB)

DA84 DatenAustauschphase 84 [angebotsabgabe] (GAEB)

DA85 DatenAustauschphase 85 [nebenangebot] (GAEB)

DA86 DatenAustauschphase 86 [zuschlag/auftragserteilung] (GAEB)

DAA Device Access Architecture (Vireo)

DAA Digest Access Authentication (HTTP, RFC 2617)

DAAL Data Analytic Acceleration Library (Intel)

DAAP Digital Audio Access Protocol (DMAP, Apple)

DAAS Desktop As A Service, "DaaS"

DAB Digital Audio Broadcasting, http://www.worlddab.org

DAC Digital to Analog Converter

DAC Direct Attached Copper

DAC Discretionary Access Control (Unix, Linux, MAC)

DAC Dual Address Cycle (PCI)

DAC Dual Attached Concentrator (FDDI)

DACAPO ??? [hardware description language] (HDL)

DACL Discretionary Access Control List (ACL)

DACNOS Distributed Academic Computing Network Operating System (OS, HECTOR)

DACS Digital Access Control System (ISDN, DES, Verschlüsselung)

DACS Distributed Access Control System (Apache)

DACT DAta Compression Technology

DAD Desktop Application Director (WordPerfect)

DAD Duplicate Address Detection (NDP, IPv6)

DADF Duplex Automatic Document Feeder

DADIU Danske Akademi for Digital Interaktiv Underholdning (Org., Dänemark)

DAE Digital Audio Extraction (CD, Audio)

DAEMON Disk And Execution MONitor (Unix)

DAF Distributed Application Framework (CCITT)

DAG DatenAnschaltGerät

DAG Directed Acyclic Graph (NVSG)

DAI ??? (Sun)

DAI Device Application Interface (Novell, Netware, SMS)

DAI Distributed Artificial Intelligence (AI)

DAIDALOS Designing Advanced network Interfaces for the Delivery and Administration of Location independent, Optimized personal Services (Europa)

DAIN Depth-Aware video frame Interpolation (AI)

DAINET Deutsches AgrarInformationsNETz (WWW, Org.)

DAIS Database Access and Integration Services (GGF, WG, grid, OGSA)

DAIS Distributed Application Integration System (ORB)

DAISGR Database Access and Integration Service Group Registry (DAIS, grid)

DAISY Digital Accessible Information System, http://www.daisy.org

DAL Data Access Language (Apple)

DALI Distributed Artificial LIfe (AI), "DALi"

DAM Debian Account Manager (Linux, Debian)

DAM Digital Asset Management

DAM Direct Access Method / Mode (DAM, SAM)

DAM Distributed Abstract Machine

DAM Draft AMendment (ISO)

DAMLOIL DARPA Agent Markup Language and Ontology Inference Layer (DARPA, RDF, KM) "DAML+OIL"

DAMQAM Dynamically Adaptive Multicarrier Quadrature Amplitude Modulation

DANA De.Admin.News.Announce (Usenet), "D.A.N.A."

DANE DNS-based Authentication of Named Entities (DNS, DNSSEC, Verschlüsselung)

DANTE Delivery of Advanced Network Technology to Europe (Org., Europa)

DANTE Deutschsprachige ANwendervereinigung TEx [e.v.] (TeX, User group, Org.)

DAO Data Access Objects (DB)

DAO Destination Address Omitted [flag] (CATNIP)

DAO Disk At Once (CD-R, SAO)

DAP Data Access Page (MS, Access)

DAP Data Access Protocol (DEC, DNA)

DAP Developer Access Platform

DAP Developers Assistance Program (IBM)

DAP Directory Access Protocol (X.500, DS)

DAP Directory Application Protocol (IN)

DAP Document Application Profile (JTC1, ODIF, ODA)

DAPE Distributed Application Programming Environment (ORB)

DAPHNE Document Application Processing in a Heterogeneous Network Environment

DAPIE Developer API Extensions (IBM, OS/2, API)

DARI Database Application Remote Interface (IBM, DB)

DARMP Defense Automation Resources Management Program (Mil., USA)

DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Org., USA)

DARSIMCO DARtmouth SINplified COde, "Darsimco"

DART Dynamic Advertising Reporting & Targeting [technology] (WWW, Doubleclick)

DAS Database Access Service (MS, MOM)

DAS Direct Attached Storage

DAS Directory Assistance Service [protocol] (RFC 1202)

DAS Disk Array Subsystem (Unix, HP-UX)

DAS Dual Attached Station (FDDI)

DAS Dual Attachment Station (FDDI, Schneider & Koch)

DAS Dynamic Allocation Scheme [protocol]

DASD Direct Access Storage Device

DASH Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (HTTP, MPEG)

DASI Dial Access Signaling Interface

DASK Dansk Aritmetisk Sekvens Kalkulator

DASP Disk Anti Shock Protection (Acer)

DASP Drive Active, Slave Present (IDE)

DASS Digital Access Signaling System

DASS Distributed Authentication Security Service (RFC 1507)

DAT Digital Audio Tape (Digital Audio)

DATEV DATEnVerarbeitungszentrale der steuerberatenden Berufe (Org., Nürnberg)


DATEXJ DATa EXchange - Jedermann (DTAG), "DATEX-J"

DATEXL DATa EXchange - Leitungsvermittlung

DATEXM DATa EXchange - Multimegabit (DTAG, SMDS, BIT), "DATEX-M"

DATEXP DATa EXchange - Packetized / Packetvermittlung (DTAG, X.25), "DATEX-P"

DAU Digital Annealing Unit (Fujitsu, ASIC)

DAU Dümmster Anzunehmender User (DFÜ-Slang, Usenet, IRC)

DAV [WWW] Distributed Authoring Versioning (WWW, HTTP)

DAV Digital Audio Video (Apple, Digital Audio)

DAVIC Digital Audio Visual Interoperatibility Council (Org., Digital Audio)

DAVID Digital Audio Video Interactive Decoder (Digital Audio)

DAVIS DAimler-Benz Vertragspartner-InformationsSystem (MBAG)

DAW Digital Audio Workstation

DAWAK DAta WArehousing and Knowledge discovery

DAWN Defense Attache Worldwide Network (Netzwerk, Mil.)

DAX Data Analysis eXpressions

DAX Developer API eXtension (OS/2, IBM, API)

DAZ Denormals Are Zero (FTZ)

DB DataBase

DB2 DataBase 2 (IBM, DB)

DB2CS DataBase 2 Client/Server (IBM, DB2, DB), "DB2 C/S"

DB2SDK DataBase 2 Software Development Toolkit (DB2, IBM, DB), "DB2 SDK"

DBA DataBase Administrator (DB)

DBA Drei Buchstaben Akronym

DBAC DataBase Administration Center (DB)

DBAS DataBase Administration System (DB)

DBC Design By Contract

DBC Device Bay Controller

DBCS Double-Byte Character Set

DBD DataBase Description (IBM, DB)

DBDMA Descriptor Based Direct Memory Access (Apple, DMA)

DBEF Dual Brightness Enhancement Foile (LCD)

DBI DataBase Interface (DB)

DBL DataBase Language (DB)

DBLO Dual Beam Landing Optimizer

DBLT Dynamic Back Link Technology (WWW)

DBM DataBase Manager (DB)

DBME DataBase Management Environment (DB)

DBMS DataBase Management System (DB)

DBOS Disk/Drum Based Operating System (OS)

DBP DataBase Publishing (DB)

DBP Delay Bandwidth Product

DBP Digital Business Platform

DBRAD Data Base Relational Application Directory (DB)

DBRM Data Base Request Module (DB)

DBS Demand-Based Switching (Intel, Xeon)

DBS Deutscher Bildungs-Server (DFN, WWW)

DBS Dual Band Simultaneous (WLAN)

DBS Duplex Bus Selector

DBSC Dynamic Beam Spot Control (Eizo)

DBTG Data Base Task Group (CODASYL, DB)

DBVS DatenBankVerwaltungsSystem (DB)

DC Data Cartridge

DC Data-to-Clock [jitter] (DVD)

DC Device Context

DC Dublin Core [meta data], http://purl.org/DC

DCA Data Center Automation

DCA Defense Communications Agency (Org., USA, Mil., Vorläufer, DISA)

DCA Digital Communication Associates

DCA Digital Controlled Amplifier (VCA)

DCA Distributed Communication Architecture (Sperry Univac)

DCA Document Center Architecture

DCA Document Content Architecture (IBM, CCS)

DCA2 Dynamic Cache Architecture [level] 2

DCAF Distributed Console Access Facility

DCAP Data link switching Client Access Protocol (DLSW, RFC 2114)

DCB Data Center Bridging (FCoE, QoS)

DCB Data Control Block

DCB Disk Coprocessor Board (Novell, SCSI, HBA)

DCBX Data Center Bridging eXchange (LLDP, DCB)

DCC Data Communications Computer

DCC Data Country Code (ATM)

DCC Desktop Control Center (Intel)

DCC Digital Content Creation

DCC Direct Client to Client (IRC)

DCC Display Combination Code

DCC DOS Command Center

DCCA Dependable Computing for Critical Applications (Konferenz)

DCCA Distributed Component Computing Architecture (Star, C/S)

DCCH Dedicated Control CHannel (GSM, Mobile-Systems)

DCCP Datagram Congestion Control Protocol

DCCS DisContiguous Shared Segments

DCD Data Carrier Detect (MODEM, RS-232)

DCDB Domain Control DataBase (