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3GIP 3rd Generation . Internet Protocol (Org., IP, GPRS, WLAN, Mobile-Systems), "3G.IP"

3GPP Third Generation Partnerships Projects (Org.)

3PCC Third Party Call Control (SIP, RFC 3725)

AAA Authentication, Authorization and Accounting [= Triple A]

ADL Adventure Description Language

ADM Add-Drop-Multiplexer

ADMA Area Division Multiple Access (Mobile-Systems)

ADPE Automatic Data Processing Equipment (ADP)

ADR Advanced Digital Recording (Streamer, Philips, OnStream)

AEI Automatic Equipment Identification

AEL Asterisk Extension Language (VoIP)

AFFS Advanced Fringe Field Switching (LCD, IPS), "A-FFS"

AFIPS American Federation of Information Processing Societies (Org.)

AGI Asterisk Gateway Interface (VoIP)

AH [IP] Authentication Header (IPSEC, IPV6, RFC 1826, VPN)

AIM ATM / Ascend Inverse Multiplexing [protocol] (ATM)

AIMD Additive-Increase Multiplicative-Decrease (TCP)

AIP Association of Internet Professionals (Org., Internet)

AIP Associazione Informatici Professionisti (Org., Italien)

AIP ATM Interface Processor (ATM)

AIRTC [international symposium on] Artificial Intelligence in Real-Time Control (IFAC, IFIP, IMACS, Conference)

AJAX Asynchronous Javascript And XML (XML, XHTML, CSS, XSLT)

ALE Address Lifetime Expectation (Org., IETF, IP)

ALM Asynchronous Line Multiplexer

AMP Asymmetric MultiProcessor [system] (SMP)

AMS Asymmetric Multiprocessing System

APB Advanced Peripheral Bus (AMBA, ARM)

APIPA Automatic Private IP Addressing (MS, IP)

APWG Anti-Pishing Working Group (Org.)

AS Autonomous System (IP, Internet, RFC 1930)

ASE Active Storage Element (GigaB, IP-Router)

ASE Android Scripting Environment (Android)

ASIP Application Specific Instruction-set Processor (IC)

ASMA Administratively Scoped IP Multicast (RFC 2365, Multicast)

ASMO Advanced Storage Magneto Optical [disk] (Hitachi, Maxell, Matsushita, Fujitsu, Olympus, Philips, Sanyo, Sharp, Sony, LG Electronics)

ASMP ASymetric MultiProcessing [system]

ASMP ASymmetrisches MultiProzessor [system]

ASTRAL Alliance für Strategic Token Ring Advancement and Leadership (Hersteller)

ATA Analog Telephone Adaptor (VoIP)

ATDM Asynchronous Time Division Multiplexer (ATD)

ATDMA Asynchronous Time Division Multiple Access (ATD)

ATE ATM Terminating Equipment (SONET, ATM)

ATIP Absolute Time In Pregroove (CD)

AUTOSEVOCOM AUTOmated SEcure VOice COMmunications (Vorläufer, SVIP, Mil., USA)

AVDL Application Vulnerability Description Language (OASIS, XML)

AVPD Anchor Volume Descriptor Pointer (CD-R, UDF, ISO 9660)

BCDMA Broadband Code Division Multiple Access (Interdigital, SNI, Samsung), "B-CDMA"

BDF Bitmap Description / Display Format (Adobe, Fonts)

BDSL Boundary Scan Description Language (JTAG, VHDL, IEEE 1149.1-2001)

BEC Back-End-Chip (DVR)

BFD Binary File Descriptor (Unix)

BGP Border Gateway Protocol (RFC 1267/1771, IP)

BIB Bild in Bild (PIP, Video)

BIC Bus Interface Chip (DVR)

BIP Bit Interleaved Parity (SONET, ..., BIT)

BIPV Bit Interleaved Parity Violation (BIT)

BJT Bipolar Junction Transistor (IC)

BMC Baseboard Management Controller (IPMI)

BMOS Bipolar Metal Oxide Semiconductor (IC)

BNC Bayonet Nipple Connector (Slang)

BPIP Best Play for Imperfect Player (NEC)

BPSK Bi-Phase Shift Keying [modulation] (HiperLAN/2, , 802.11a)

BPV BiPolar Violation [error event] (DS1/E1, DS3/E3)

BRAIN Broadband Radio Access for IP-based Networks

BTE Broadband Terminal Equipment (B-ISDN), "B-TE"

CAC Cantilver Array Chip (IBM, HDD, MEMS)

CAIP Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns (Konferenz)

CAPE Computer Applications in Production and Engineering (Conference, IFIP)

CATNIP Common ArchiTecture for Next generation Internet Protocol (IPNG, RFC 1707)

CBC Cipher Block Chaining [mode] (DES, DESE, RC5, Verschlüsselung)

CBCMAC Cipher Block Chaining of Message Authentication Code (CBC, MAC, Verschlüsselung, WLAN), "CBC-MAC"

CBEMA Computer & Business Equipment Manufacturers Association (Org.)

CBT Core Based Tree [multicast protocol] (IP, RFC 1949/2189, ST, Multicast)

CDB Command Descriptor Block

CDMA Code Division Multiple Access (DFÜ, Mobile-Systems)

CELL CIP/Ethernet Library for Linux (Linux, Ethernet, CIP, PLC)

CEM Contract Equipment Manufacturer

CFB Cipher FeedBack [mode] (Verschlüsselung, DES)

CGEMM Complex single precision GEneral Matrix Multiply (GEMM, BLAS)

CHDL Computer Hardware Description Language (HDL)

CIDS Cabin Intercommunication Data System (Airbus, A380, TCP/IP)

CIFS Common Internet File System (TCP/IP)

CIP Carrier Identification Parameter

CIP Classical IP over ATM (IP, ATM, IETF)

CIP Common Industrial Protocol (ODVA)

CIP Common ISDN Profile (Bluetooth, CAPI, ISDN)

CIP Computer Integrated Processing

CIP Computer-Investitions-Programm

CIPA Camera & Imaging Products Association (Org.)

CIPA Children's Internet Protection Act (Internet, USA, COPA)

CL Conversion Layer (HiperLAN/2, UMTS)

CMAS Cambridge Multiple Access System (OS)

CMIP Common Management Information Protocol (OSI, ISO, DP 9506, X.700)



CMP Chip MultiProcessing (IBM, HP, Sun)

CMS Chip Multiprocessor System

COE Central Office Equipment

COFDM Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (Digital Audio, DAB)

COIPX Connection Orientated Internet Packet eXchange (Novell, Netware, IPX), "CO-IPX"

COPA Child Online Protection Act (Internet, USA, CIPA)

COS Clip On Socket (CPU)

CPCI Compact Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI), "cPCI"

CPE Customer Premises Equipment (ACS)

CPL Common Public License (IBM, IPL)

CPSI Configurable PostScript Interpreter

CRM Customer Relationship Management

CRML Customer Relationships Markup Language (xCRL, Vorläufer)

CS Chip Select (IC)

CS Controlled Slip [error event] (DS1/E1)

CSDC Code Segment Descriptor Cache [register] (CS, Intel, CPU)

CSEIA [conference on] Computer Support for Environmental Impact Assessment (IFIP, Conference)

CSIP Chipset Stable Image Program

CSIP Commercial Stable Image Platform (AMD)

CSLIP Compressed [headers] Serial Line Internet Protocol (SLIP, IP)

CSMA Carrier Sense Multiple Access

CSMACA Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Avoidance, "CSMA/CA"

CSMACD Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection (IEEE 802.3, Ethernet, CSMA/CD), "CSMA/CD"

CSMUX Circuit Switching MUltipleXer (FDDI), "CS-MUX"

CSP Chip Scale Package (IC)

CSS Cascading Style Sheets (HTML, XML, WWW, JavaScript)

CSS Controlled Slip Seconds (DS1/E1)

CT Chipcard Terminal (ICC, CT)

CT Chips & Technologies (Hersteller) "C&T"

CTAPI Chipcard Terminal Application Program Interface (ICC, CT, API), "CT-API"

CTS Cipher Text Stealing [mode] (Verschlüsselung)

DACAPO ??? [hardware description language] (HDL)

DAD Duplicate Address Detection (NDP, IPv6)

DAO Destination Address Omitted [flag] (CATNIP)

DBD DataBase Description (IBM, DB)

DBDMA Descriptor Based Direct Memory Access (Apple, DMA)

DCE Data Circuit terminating Equipment (X.25, CCITT, IBM, HP, DEC, Tandem, Sun)

DCE Data Communications Equipment

DCL Digital Command [scripting] Language (DEC, VMS)

DCM Dual Chip Modul

DCME Digital Circuit Multiplication Equipment

DCSDFS Dynamic Channel Selection/Dynamic Frequency Selection (HiperLAN/2, WLAN), "DCS/DFS"

DDL Document Description Language

DDNS Distributed Domain Naming Service (TCP/IP)

DEC Digital Equipment Corporation (Hersteller)

DECNET Digital Equipment Corporation NETwork (DEC)

DECUS Digital Equipment Computer Users Society (Org., DEC, User group)

DESCBC Data Encryption Standard/Cipher Block Chaining (DES), "DES/CBC"

DGEMM Double precision GEneral Matrix Multiply (GEMM, BLAS)

DGS Display GhostScript (GNU, GNUStep, PS)

DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (TCP/IP, IETF, RFC 2131)

DIP Density-Independent Pixel (DP, SIP, SP)

DIP Dial-up Internet Protocol (Linux)

DIP Dual In-line Package (IC, DRAM)

DIPM Device Initiated Power Management

DIRMU DIstributed and Reconfigurable MUltiprocessor (MP)

DMDD Distributed Multiplexing Distributed Demultiplexing

DMERT Duplex Multiple Environment, Real Time (OS, MERT)

DMI Digital Multiplexed Interface

DML Data Manipulation Language

DML Data Manipulation Logic

DMS Digital Multiplexed System

DMU Data Manipulation Unit

DOAP Description of a Project (XML)

DP Density-independent Pixel (DIP, SIP, SP)

DPL Descriptor Privilege Level (OS/2, NT)

DPS Display PostScript (NeXT, GUI, NextStep, DPS)

DPSE Display PostScript Engine (DPS, NextStep, OpenStep, Apple, Rhapsody)

DRIP Designated Relays Inquiry Protocol (SPAM)

DSC DECT Standard Cipher (DECT, Verschlüsselung)

DSD Direct Stream Digital (Sony, Philips, SACD)

DSDC Data Segment Descriptor Cache [register] (DS, Intel, CPU)

DSDT Differentiated System Description Table (ACPI)

DSE Data Switching Equipment (X.25, CCITT)

DSL Dialogue Scripting Language (DCE, UIL)

DSLAM Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer (DSL, ADSL)

DTAM Document Transfer, Access and Manipulation (CCITT, T.400, ODIF)

DTE Data Terminal Equipment (X.25, CCITT)

DTMS Document Transfer and Manipulation Services (CCITT, T.400)

DUNDI Distributed Universal Number DIscovery (VoiP), "DUNDi"

DVBNIP Digital Video Broadcasting - ? (DVB), "DVB-NIP"

DVDRW Digital Versatile Disk + ReWritable (PC-RW, DVD, Sony, Philips, HP, Mitsubishi, Ricoh, Yamaha), "DVD+RW"

DVMRP Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol (IP, Multicast)

DWDM Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing [protocol]

DWS Delphi Web Script (Delphi, Borland, WWW)

E4X Ecmascript for XML (ECMA, XML)

EAD Encoded Archival Description (SGML)

EADF Elliptical Aperture with Dynamic Focus

EAS Enterprise Agreement Subscription (MS, OSL)

ECB Event Control Block (IPX)

ECC Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem (Certicom, Verschlüsselung)

ECDH Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman (Verschlüsselung)

ECDSA Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (Verschlüsselung)

ECN Explicit Congestion Notification (IP, RFC 2481)

ECRM Electronic Customer Relationship Management (Internet), "eCRM"

ECS Enhanced Chip Set (Amiga, Commodore)

EDI Electronic Data Interchange (GOSIP)

EDMCC European Distributed Memory Computing Conference (GI, ITG, IFIP, Conference)

EEI Equipment to Equipment Interface

EEP EnOcean Equipment Profile

EIP Elastic IP (AWS, IP)

EIP Extended Instruction Pointer [register] (CPU, Intel, Assembler)

EIP Extended Internet Protocol (Internet, RFC 1385)

EMF Eclipse Modelling Framework (Eclipse)

EMP Excessive Multiple Posting (Usenet, ECP, Spam)

ENUM tElephone NUmber Mapping (VoiP)

EPIC Eclipse PERL Integration Project (Eclipse, PERL)

EPL Eclipse Public License (Eclipse)

EPSI Encapsulated PostScript Interchange

ERD Entity-Relationship Diagram

ERM Entity Relationship Model (DB)

ERS Error Report Suppression [flag] (CATNIP)

ESDC Extra Segment Descriptor Cache [register] (ES, Intel, CPU)

ESP [IP] Encapsulating Security Payload (IPSEC, IP, RFC 1825/1827/2406, VPN)

ESR Event Service Routine (IPX)

EXIF Exchangeable Image File Format (DCF, photo, CIPA)

FADT Fixed ACPI Description Table (ACPI)

FAMP Fast Amsterdam MultiProcessor

FCH Frame Control Channel (HiperLAN/2)

FCI Forward Cache Identifier (CATNIP)

FCIP Fibre Channel over Internet Protocol (SAN, FC, IP)

FCOS Flip Chip on Substrate

FCPGA Flip Chip Pin Grid Array (IC, CPU), "FC-PGA"

FCS First Customer Ship (IBM)

FDM Frequency Division Multiplexing (FDM)

FDMA Frequency Division Multiple Access (Mobile-Systems)

FDT Formal Description Technique

FDTDMA Frequency Division/Time Division Multiple Access (Mobile-Systems, GSM), "FD/TDMA"

FEAL Fast Data Encipherment Algorithm (DES, Verschlüsselung)

FEAST Fast Data Enciphering Algorithm (Verschlüsselung)

FID File Identifier Descriptor (UDF, CD-R)

FIP Facility Interface Processor

FIP Factory Instrumentation Protocol

FIP Fluorescent Indicator Panel

FIPA Foundation for Intelligent Physical Agents (Org., Agents)

FIPS Federal Information Processing Standard (NIST, USA)

FLEXIP FLEXible Internet Protocol (Novell, Netware), "FLeX/IP"

FLOWR For, Let, Order by, Where, Return [principle] (DB, XML)

FMA Fused Multiply Add [operation]

FMSB Flip Mount Super Back-plate (Scythe), F.M.S.B.

FRD Functional Requirements Description

FSIP Full Scale InPut (FSOP)

FSO [scripting runtime library] File System Objects (MS, WSH)

FSOP Full Scale OutPut (FSIP)

FTAM File Transfer, Access and Management (GOSIP, ISO 8571/8572)

GCCS Government Code and Cipher School (UK, Mil.), "GC&CS"

GCWS [ServerWorks] Grand Champion WorksStation [chipset], "GC-WS"

GDL Geometric Description Language

GDT Global Descriptor Table

GDTRC Global Descriptor Table Register Cache (GDT, Intel, CPU)

GEM Generalized Executive for realtime Multiprocessor applications (OS)

GEMM GEneral Matrix Multiply (BLAS)

GESIP GESellschaft für Informatik in der Pharmazie [e.v.] (Org.)

GIMP General / GNU Image Manipulation Program (Linux, Graphik, GNU)

GIPS Giga Instructions Per Second (CPU)

GMPLS Generalized MultiProtocol Label Switching

GOSIP Government Open Systems Interconnections Profile (USA, UK)

GPRS General Packet Radio Service / System (ETSI, GSM, TCP/IP, GPRS, Mobile-Systems)

GRDDL Gleaning Resource Descriptions from Dialects of Languages (W3C, XML, RDF)

GSLC GIAC Certified Security Leadership (GIAC)

GTDM Group Time Division Multiplexing [protocol]

HAVI Home Audio Video Interoperability (Org., Grundig, Hitachi, Matsushita, Philips, Sharp, Sony, Thomson, Toshiba)

HBT Hetero Bipolar Transistor (IBM, IC)

HDB3 High Density Bipolar 3

HDCD High Density Compact Disk (CD, Sony, Phillips)

HDL Hardware Description Language (ASIC)

HHVM HipHop Virtual Machine (Facebook)

HIPERLAN HIgh PErformance Radio Local Area Network (LAN, ETSI, EN 300 652)

HIPPI HIgh Performance Parallel Interface

HIPPI High Performance Peripheral Interface

HMUX Hybrid MUltipleXer (FDDI), "H-MUX"

HPLIP Hewlett Packard Linux Imaging and Printing (HP, Linux)

HTDM Hybrid Time Division Multiplexing [protocol]

IAPR International Association on Pattern Recognition (Org.)

IAX Inter Asterisk eXchange (VoIP, OSS)

ICAP Internet Calendar Access Protocol (TCP/IP, Lotus)

ICMB Intelligent Chassis Management Bus (IPMI)

ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol [version 4] (TCP/IP, RFC 792, Internet)

ICMPV6 Internet Control Message Protocol Version 6 (Internet, IPV6, RFC 1885) "ICMPv6"

ICP Intelligent Computer Peripherals (Hersteller)

IDA Interface for Distributed Automation (TCP/IP)

IDS Intrusion Detection System (IDS, IPS)

IDT Interrupt Descriptor Table

IDTRC Interrupt Descriptor Table Register Cache (IDT, CPU, Intel)

IEPA Individual Expert Participation Agreement (Sun)

IFCP Internet Fibre Channel Protocol (SAN, FC, IP), "iFCP"

IFIP International Federation for Information Processing (Org.)

IFMP Ipsilon Flow Management Protocol (IP)

IFP Instruction Fetch Pipeline (Motorola, CPU)

IGBT Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IC)

IGMP Internet Group Management / Multicast Protocol (RFC 1112/2236, IP, Multicast)

IGRP Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (IPX, Novell)

IIOP Internet Inter-ORB Protocol (CORBA, Internet, ONE, GIOP, TCP/IP)

IIP Interoperability Improvement Panel

IKE Internet Key Exchange [protocol] (IPSEC, IPV6)

IMEI International Mobile Equipment Identity (MS, GSM, Mobile-Systems)

IMS IP Multimedia Subsystem (PoC, IP)

INDC [international conference on] Information Networks and Data Communication (IFIP, Conference)

INSITS INternational Symposium on IT Standardization (Conference, IFIP, GI)

IP Information Provider

IP Instruction Pointer [register] (CPU, Intel, Assembler)

IP Intellectual Property

IP Intelligent Peripheral (IN)

IP Intelligent Peripheral

IP intercept Point

IP Internet Protocol [version 4] (RFC 791)

IP16 Integer and Pointer 16 [bit] (BIT)

IPA [Fraunhofer] Institut für Produktionstechnik und Automation (Org., Stuttgart)

IPA Information Processing promotion Agency (Org., MITI, Japan)

IPC Integrated Polymer Circuit (IC)

IPC Internet Privacy Coalition (Internet)

IPC InterProcess Communications [protocol]

IPCE InterProcess Communication Environment

IPCP [PPP] Internet Protocol Control Protocol (PPP, RFC 1332)

IPCR International Conference on Pattern Recognition (Conference, IAPR)

IPCS Interactive Problem Control System

IPD Intelligent Printer Data

IPDC Internet Protocol Device Control (MGCP)

IPDS IBM Personal Dictation System (IBM, Sprachverarbeitung)

IPDS Intelligent Printer Data Stream (IBM, CCS)

IPDU Internet Protocol Data Unit (PDU)

IPDVMRP IP Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol (RFC 1075, IP, Multicast) "IP-DVMRP"

IPE Integrated Programming Environment

IPES Improved Proposed Encryption Standard (IDEA, PES, Verschlüsselung)

IPFC Information Presentation Facility Compiler (IBM, OS/2)

IPFFS IPod Free File Sync, "iPFFS"

IPG International Programmers Guild (Org.)

IPG InterPacket Gap (IPX, IP )???

IPI Intelligent Peripheral Interface [protocol]

IPI Inter-Processor Interrupt (CPU, SMP)

IPL IBM Public License

IPL Initial Program Load

IPL Ionenstrahl-ProjektionsLithographie

IPM Impulses Per Minute

IPM InterPersonal Messaging

IPM Interruptions Per Minute

IPMB Intelligent Platform Management Bus (IPMI, BMC)

IPMI Intelligent Platform Management Interface (Intel, HP, DELL)

IPMS InterPersonal Messaging System

IPN Info Pool Network (ISP)

IPNG Internet Protocol Next Generation (IP, RFC 1550/1752) "IPng"

IPOC Interim Policy Oversight Committee (Internet, TLD)

IPP Intel Primitive Performance [library] (Intel)

IPP Internet Peering Point (Internet, IXP, ISP)

IPP Internet Presence Provider (Internet)

IPP Internet Printing Protocol (IBM, OS/400, RFC 2639/3196)

IPPM Internet Protocol Performance Metrics (IP)

IPS Inches Per Second

IPS Information Processing Standards

IPS InPlane Switching [technology] (LCD, Sony, Philips, NEC, Iiyama, Eizo, Dell, BenQ, Apple)

IPS Intrusion Protection System (IDS)

IPSE Integrated Programming Support Environment (CASE)

IPSEC Internet Protocol SECurity (Org., Internet, IETF, DES), "IPSec"

IPSJ Information Processing Society of Japan (Org., Japan)

IPSP Internet Protocol Security Protocol

IPSP IP Security Policy (IP, Internet, IPSec, RFC 3586)

IPTC International Press Telecommunications Council (Org.)

IPTD [microsoft] Internet Platform and Tools Division (MS)

IPTO Information Processing Techniques Office (ARPA)

IPTV Internet Protocol TeleVision (IP)

IPU Intelligent Processing Unit

IPU ISDN-datex-P-Umsetzer

IPV6 Internet Protocol Version 6 (IP, RFC 1883/1884) IPv6

IPVR Institut für Parallele und Verteilte Rechensysteme (Org., Uni Stuttgart)

IPW Incremental Packet Writing (CD-R)

IPX Internet Packet eXchange (Novell, Netware)

IPXCP [PPP] Internetwork Packet eXchange Control Protocol (PPP, RFC 1552)

IPXODI IPX Open Datalink Interface (Novell, Netware)

IPXSPX IPX / Sequenced Packet eXchange (Novell, Netware), "IPX/SPX"

IPXWAN Internet Packet eXchange over various WAN media (Novell, IPX, WAN, RFC 1634)

ISMA Internet Streaming Media Alliance (Org., Internet, Apple, Cisco, IBM, Philips, ...)

ISN Initial Segment / Sequence Number (TCP/IP)

ISP Integrated System Peripheral control (Wyse)

ISPC Internet Service Providers' Consortium (ISP, IPP, Org.) "ISP/C"

ITOT ISO Transport service on TCP/IP (ISO, TCP/IP, RFC 2126)

IUCV Inter-User Communications Vehicle (IBM, TCP/IP, API, VM/ESA, CP)

IXP Internet eXchange Point (Internet, IPP, ISP)

JASS Javascript-Accessable Style Sheets (HTML, WWW, JavaScript)

JASS Jumpstart Architecture and Security Scripts (Sun, Solaris)

JDT Java Development Tooling (Java, Eclipse)

JEM Java Eclipse Modeling Framework Model (Java, EMF, Eclipse, WTP)

JIPDEC Japan Information Processing DEvelopment Center (Org., Japan)

JIPS JANET Internet Protocol Service (JANET)

JSON JavaScript Object Notation (JavaScript, JSON)

JSPA Java Specification Participation Agreement (Java, JCP)

JSSA Japan Society for System Audits (Org., JIPDEC, Japan)

JTM Job Transfer and Manipulation (ISO 8831/32)

JUMP JUelich MultiProcessor (IBM)

KERMIT Kl-10 Error-free Reciprocal Micro Interconnect over Tty lines

KIPI KDE Image Plugin Interface (KDE)

KIPS Kilo Instructions Per Second

KLIPS Kernel IPSec (Linux, IPSEC)

KLIPS Kilo Logical Inferences Per Second (AI, KI, XPS)

KMDL Knowledge Modeling and Description Language

KMOS Kernel of a Multiprocess Operating System (OS)

KPDL Kyocera Page Description Language (Kyocera)

KQML Knowledge Query Manipulation Language (AI)

L2F Layer 2 Forwarding [protocol] (Shiva, Cisco, IP, IPX, LLC)

L2TP Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (PPP, VPN, IP, RFC 2661)

LDT Local Descriptor Table (CPU, Intel)

LDTR Load Descriptor Table Register (CPU, Intel, Assembler, IC)

LDTRC Local Descriptor Table Register Cache (LDT, Intel, CPU)

LIP Large Internet Packet

LIP Loop Initialization Primitive (SCSI)

LIPKEY Low Infrastructure Public KEY [meachanism], https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc2847

LIPS Logical Inferences Per Second (AI, KI, XPS)

LIS Logical IP Subnet (RFC 1577, ION)

LLMNR Link-Local Multicast Name Resolution (IP, TCP, UDP)

LPB [S3] Local Peripheral Bus

LTE Line Terminating Equipment (SONET)

MAC Membership Advisory Committee (ICANN)

MADT Multiple APIC Description Table (ACPI, APIC)

MAME Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator, "M.A.M.E."

MAPOS Multiple Access Protocol over SONET/SDH (SONET, SDH, RFC 2171)

MAPS Multiple Airflow Pass-through Structure (Scythe), M.A.P.S.

MCC Mitteldeutsches Communication Center (Leipzig)

MCM MultiChip Module (CPU)

MCP Multiple-Chip Product (Intel)

MCP Multiport / Multiprotocol Communication Processor

MCTS Multiple Console Time Sharing System (OS, CAD)

MCU Multipoint Controller Unit (VoiP)

MDI Multiple Document Interface (MS, Windows)

MDI Multiplex Device Interface

MERT Multiple Environment, Real Time (OS)

MFIP Multi-Function Interoperability Processor

MFT Multiprogramming with a Fixed number of Tasks (IBM, OS, OS/MFT, OS/MVT)

MGCP Media Gateway Control Protocol (VoIP, RFC 2705)

MHDL MIMIC Hardware Description Language

MHS Message Handling System (GOSIP, X.400, Novell, SPX, IPX)

MIC Multiple Interface Connection (Kyocera)

MID Multiple Interface Declaration (OLSR)

MIKEY Multimedia Internet KEYing (Verschlüsselung, VoIP)

MIMD Multiple Instruction [stream], Multiple Data [stream] (CPU)

MIME Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (RFC 2045/2046/2047/2048/2049, IETF)

MIMO Multiple Input, Multiple Output (WLAN)

MIMO Multiple Input, Multiple Output (Agere-Systems, WLAN, Bell)

MIP Main Information Packet (CD-MRW)

MIP Multimission Interactive Picture

MIP Multum In Parvo (3D, SAT)

MIPS Microprocessor without Interlocked Piped Stages

MIPS Million Instructions Per Second (CPU)

MISD Multiple Instruction [stream], Single Data [stream] (CPU)

MISO Multiple Input, Single Output (WLAN)

MLD Multicast Listener Discovery [protocol] (IPV6, Multicast, RFC 2710)

MLI Multiple Link Interface (ODI)

MLID Multiple Link Interface Driver (ODI, LAN)

MMCD MultiMedia Compact Disk (Sony, Philips, CD)

MMCDE MultiMedia Compact Disk - Erasable (Sony, Philips, CD), "MMCD-E"

MMOG Massive Multiplayer Online Games

MMORPG Massive Multiplayer Online RolePlaying Games

MNG Multiple-image Network Graphics [format]

MOBA Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (ARTS, RTS)

MOP Multiple Original Prints

MOS Multiprogramming Operating System (OS, NCR)

MOSA Microsoft Online Subscription Agreement (MS)

MOSP Microsoft Online Services Partnership (MSN)

MOSPF Multicast [extensions to ] Open Shortest Path First [routing] (IP, OSPF, RFC 1584)

MOU Memorandum Of Understanding (IPOC, TLD, Internet)

MP MultiProtocol

MPDA MultiPlatform DiskArray

MPEV Multiple Programming Executive/V (HP), "MPE/V"

MPEXL Multiple Programming Executive/XL (HP), "MPE/XL"

MPI Multiprocessor Interconnect Bus

MPOW Multiple Purpose Operator Workstation

MPPD Multi Purpose Peripheral Device

MPR MultiPoint Relay (OLSR)

MPS MultiPage Signal (Fax)

MPS MultiProcessor Specification (SMP, Intel)

MPT MultiPort Transceiver


MPX MultiProgramming eXecutive (OS)

MPX MultiProgramming eXecutive (IBM, OS, IBM 1800)

MQUIPS Million QUality Improvements Per Second

MRBC Multiple Resolution Bitmap Compiler (MS, Windows)

MRO Mandatory Router Option [flag] (CATNIP)

MRU Maximum Receive Unit [size] (SLIP, PPP)

MSCM Multiple Slots on Continuation Mechanism (DQDB)

MSL Maximum Segment Lifetime (TCP/IP)

MSN Multiple Subscriber Number (Euro-, ISDN)

MSNF Multiple Systems Networking Facility (IBM)

MSRL MicroSoft Reciprocal License (MS, Ms-PL), "Ms-RL"

MSTP Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (STP, VLAN, IEEE 802.1s)

MTI MIPS Technologies Inc. (Hersteller, SGI)

MTU Maximum Transmission Unit (SLIP, PPP, IP, PPPoE)

MULDEM MULtiplexer-DEMultiplexer

MULTICS MULTiplexed Information and Computing Service (OS, MIT, Bell)

MUMIMO Multi User Multiple Input Multiple Output (WLAN), "MU-MIMO"

MUSICAM Masking-pattern adapted Universal Subband Integrated Coding And Multiplexing (MPEG, Digital Audio)

MUX MUltipleXer

MVS Multiple Virtual Storage (IBM, OS, OS/MVS)

MVS Multiple Virtual System (OS)

MVSESA Multiple Virtual Storage/Extended System Architecture (IBM), "MVS/ESA"

MVSESASP Multiple Virtual Storage/Extended System Architecture System Product (IBM), "MVS/ESA SP"

MVSSP Multiple Virtual Storage/System Product, "MVS/SP"

MVSTSO Multiple Virtual Storage/Time Sharing Option (IBM), "MVS/TSO"

MVSXA Multiple Virtual Storage/eXtended Architecture, "MVS/XA"

MVT Multiprogramming with a Variable number of Tasks (IBM, OS/MVT, OS)

MWS Matsushita White Skipping (Fax)

NAPT Network Address and Protocol Translator (IP)

NARP Non-Broadcast Multiple Access Address Resolution Protocol (RFC 1735)

NAT [IP] Network Address Translator (RFC 1631, IP)

NAU Network Attachment Unit (GigaB, IP-Router)

NBMA Non-Broadcast Multiple Access (UNI, ATM)


NCDMA Narrowband - Code Division Multiple Access (DFÜ, Mobile-Systems, CDMA), "N-CDMA"

NCIP Novell Certified Internet Professional (Novell, WWW, CNA)

NCP Netware Core Protocol (Novell, IPX)

NCPE Netware Core Protocol Extension (NCP, Netware, IPX)

NCTE Network Channel-Terminating Equipment

NEBS Network Equipment Building System

NEC Nippon Electronic Corporation (Hersteller)

NETBLT NETwork BLock Transfer (IP)


NIAP National Information Assurance Partnership (Org., NIST, NSA)

NICAM Near-Instantaneously Companded Audio Multiplex (Audio)

NIPC National Infrastructure Protection Center (Org., USA)

NIPT [international symposium on] New Information Processing Technologies (Conference, MITI)

NLSP Netware Link Services Protocol (Novell, Netware, IPX)

NPES National Printing Equipment Association (Org., USA)

NPMS Named Pipes / Mail Slots (MS)

NRIP Novell Routing Information Protocol (Novell, Netware), "nRIP"

NSFIP NextStep Für IntelProzessoren, "NSfIP"

NSIS Nullsoft Scriptable Install System

NTCIP National Transportation Communications for ITS Protocol (IST)

NTE Network Terminal Equipment

NTT Nippon Telephone & Telegraph (Org., Japan)

NWIP NetWare Internet Protocol (Novell, Netware)

OCD Off-Chip-Driver [calibration]

ODL Object Description Language

OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer (ODM)

OEP Operand Execution Pipelines (Motorola, CPU)

OFDM Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (FDM, DVB-T, WIMAX)

OFDMA Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (WIMAX)

OIP Open Internet Platform (Caldera, Linux, SCO)

OLTM Optical Line Terminating Multiplexer, "O-LTM"

OR Originator / Recipient (X.400, MOTIS), "O/R"

OSA Open Scripting Architecture (Apple, OS/2)

OSD Open Software Description [manifest / standard] (MS, Marimba, XML, DU, DUP, MSIE)

OSL Open Subscription License

OSMFT Operating System / Multiprogramming with a Fixed number of Tasks (OS, IBM S/360), "OS/MFT"

OSMVS Operating System / Multiple Virtual Space (OS, IBM, S/370, OS/MVT, Nachfolger, OS/VS-2), "OS/MVS"

OSMVT Operating System / Multiprogramming with a Variable number of Tasks (OS, IBM, S/360, S/370), "OS/MVT"

OTP One Time Programmable [chip] (IC)

OWLDL Ontology Web Language Description Logic (OWL), "OWL DL"

PACT Partnership in Advanced Computing Technologies (Org. UK)

PAT Port and Address Translation (IOS, Cisco, LAN, IP)

PB Pipeline Burst [cache]

PBC Peripheral Bus Computer

PCI Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI)

PCIAS Peripheral Component Interconnect Advanced Switching (PCI, PCIe, ASI), "PCI AS"

PCIE Peripheral Component Interconnect Express, "PCIe"

PCIPM PCI Power Management [specification] (PCI), "PCI PM"

PCISIG Peripheral Component Interconnect - Special Interest Group (Org., PCI, SIG), "PCI-SIG"

PCIX Peripheral Component Interconnect - eXtended (PCI), "PCI-X"

PCOIP Personal Computer Over Internet Protocol (PC, IP), "PCoIP"

PCPC Personal Computers Peripheral Corporation (Hersteller)

PCSD Printer Control Sequence Description

PDE Plug-in Development Environment (Eclipse)

PDK Peripheral Developers Kit (MS)

PDL Page Description Language (Drucker)

PDP Peripheral Data Processing

PDSP Peripheral Data Storage Processor

PHBT Pseudomorphic Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor

PHIPS Professional High-Resolution Image Processing System (CA)

PIA Peripheral Interface Adapter

PING Packet InterNet Groper (ICMP, TCP/IP)

PIP Packet Interface Port

PIP Paper Impact Printing

PIP Peripheral Interchange Program

PIP Personal Information Processor

PIP Picture In Picture (Video)

PIP Plug-In Protocol (ZOC)

PIPS Parallel Information Processing System (GNU)

PIPS Pattern Information Processing Systems

PIRQ Peripheral Component Interconnect Interrupt ReQuest (PCI, IRQ)

PLCC Plastic Leaded [/ Leadless] Chip Carrier

PLIP Parallel Line Internet Protocol (IP), "PL/IP"

PM Peripheral Module

PM Port Multiplier (SATA)

PMAC Peripheral Module Access Controller

PMP Point to MultiPoint (UNI)

PMTU Path MTU Recovery (MTU, TCP/IP)

PMX Packet MultipleXer (MUX)


POEP Primary Operand Execution Pipeline (Motorola, CPU), "pOEP"

POWDER Protocol fOr Web DEscription Resources (Org, , WG, W3C, PICS)

POWER Power Optimization With Enhanced RISC [chip] (IBM, Apple, Motorola, RISC)

PPD Postscript Printer Definition (DTP)

PPI Programmable Peripheral Interface

PPTP Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (MS, Ascend, IP)

PPU Peripheral Processing Unit

PREPNET Pennsylvania Research and Economic Partnership NETwork (Netzwerk, USA), "PREPnet"

PRISM Parallel Reduced Instruction Set Multiprocessing

PS PostScript (Adobe, PDL, Drucker)

PSHDL Plain Simple Hardware Description Language

PSIPU PostScript - Intelligent Processing Unit (Canon, Adobe, CLC), "PS-IPU"

PTE Packet Transport Equipment

PTE Path Terminating Equipment (SONET)

PTMP Point to MultiPoint [communication]

PTMSC Point-To-Multipoint Service Center (GPRS, Mobile-Systems, Multicast), "PTM-SC"

PUC Peripheral Unit Controller

PVD Primary Volume Descriptor (CD, IS 9660)

PWG Printer Working Group (Org., IPP, Drucker)

QAM Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (HiperLAN/2, 802.11a)

QPSK Quadri Phase Shift Keying [modulation] (HiperLAN/2, , 802.11a)

QSA Qt Script for Applications

QUEST Quality Excellence for Suppliers of Telecommunication Leadership (Org.) "QuEST"

QUIP QUad In-line Package

QUIPS QUality Improvements Per Second

RAC Random Access Channel (HiperLAN/2)

RAP Rich Ajax Platform (RCP, Eclipse)

RC2 Rivest Cipher / Ron's Code 2 (Verschlüsselung)

RC4 Rivest Cipher / Ron's Code 4 (Verschlüsselung)

RC5 Rivest Cipher 5 (RFC 2040, Verschlüsselung)

RCP Rich Client Platform (Eclipse, Java)

RD Route Descriptor

RDD Replaceable Database Driver (Clipper, CA-VO, DB)

RDDL Resource Directory Description Language (XHTML, XML)

RDF Resource Description Framework (XML, IBM, Netscape, MS, ..., WWW)

RDFS Resource Description Framework Scheme (RDF)

RDQL Resource Description Query Language (RDF, HP, Java)

REM Remote Equipment Module

RFD Report Fragmentation Done [bit] (CATNIP, BIT)

RIP Raster Image Processor (DTP)

RIP Remote Imaging Protocol (BBS)

RIP Return Instruction Pointer (CPU, RAM)

RIP Routing Information Protocol (BSD, IGP, RFC 1721, IP)

RIPE Reseaux IP Européenne (EUnet)

RIPL Remote Initial Program Load (IBM)

RIPN Russian Institute for Public Networks (Org.)

RIPNG Routing Information Protocol Next Generation (RIP, IPV6, RFC 2080) "RIPng"

RIPS Raster Image Processing Systems corporation (Hersteller)

RISCOS RISC Operating System (MIPS, Acorn, OS), "RISC OS"


ROHS Restriction Of the use of certain Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronical equipment (Europa), "RoHS"

ROMP Research Office products division MultiProcessor (IBM, AIX)

RPDFP Remote Physical Device Finger Printing (NAT, IP)

RPE Remote Peripheral Equipment

RRIP Rock Ridge Interchange Protocol (CD, Unix)

RSDP Root System Description Pointer (ACPI)

RSDT Root System Description Table (ACPI)

RSFD Retrieve Subsequent File Descriptor (IBM, VM/ESA, CP)

RSFDNPR Retrieve Subsequent File Descriptor Not Previously Retrieved (IBM, VM/ESA, CP)

RSVP Resource reSerVation Protocol (IP, RFC 2205)

RTEMS Real-Time Executive for Multiprocessor Systems (RTOS)

RTMOS Real Time Multiprogramming Operating System (OS, GE)

RTMS Real Time Multiprogramming System (???)

RTSP Real Time Streaming Protocol (TV, WWW, UDP, TCP/IP, RDP, Multicast, VoIP, RFC 2326)

RTT Round-Trip Time

RTTM Round-Trip Time Measurements (TCP, Satellit)

RVPPIP Rendez-Vous Protocol / Presence Information Protocol (IM), "RVP/PIP"

RWCP Real World Computing Partnership (Org., Japan)

RWS Remote WinSock (Windows, TCP/IP)

S5 Simple Standards-based Slide Show System (XHTML, CSS, JavaScript)

SA Security Associations (IPSec)

SAD Security Association Database (SA, IPSec)

SALT Script Application Language for Telix

SAO Source Address Omitted [flag] (CATNIP)

SAP Service Advertising Protocol (Novell, Netware, IPX)

SAT Summed Area Table (3D, MIP)

SCC Serial Controller-Chip (IC)

SCCP Skinny Client Control Protocol (Cisco, VoIP, TCP)

SCDMA Synchronous Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA, Mobile-Systems)

SCUMM Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion

SDL Specification and Description Language (CCITT)

SDLGR Specification and Description Language / Graphical Representation, "SDL/GR"

SDMA Space Division Multiple Access

SDP Session Description Protocol (RFC 2327)

SDSMA Slotted Digital Sense Multiple Access (MODACOM), "S-DSMA"

SDT Service Description Table (DVB)

SECCOS SEcure Chip Card Operating System (OS)

SEE Systems Equipment Engineering

SEL System Event Log (IPMI)

SEMS SIP Express MediaServer (SIP, iptel)

SERM Structured Entity Relationship Model (DB, ERM)

SGEMM Single precision GEneral Matrix Multiply (GEMM, BLAS)

SIA Semiconductor Industry Association (Org., USA)

SIMD Single Instruction [stream], Multiple Data [stream] (CPU)

SIP Scale-Independent Pixel (SP, DIP, DP)

SIP SCSI-3 Interlocked Protocol (SAM)

SIP Session Initiation Protocol (IETF, VoIP, ENUM, RFC 2543)

SIP Simulated Input Processor

SIP SMDS Interface Protocol (SMDS)

SIP Strategische InformationsPlanung (IM)

SIP Symbolic Input Program

SIPC Simply Interactive Personal Computer

SIPO Serial In Parallel Out

SIPP Simple Internet Protocol Plus (IP, IPV6, RFC 1710, Internet)

SIPP SImple Polygone Processor (Unix)

SIPP Single Inline Package Pin (IC)

SIPRNET Secret IP Router NETwork (DISN, Mil.)

SIPS Session Initiation Protocol Secure (SIP, SSL, TCP)

SIPS Super InPlane Switching (LCD, IPS), "S-IPS"

SKIP Simple Key-management for Internet Protocols (Internet, Verschlüsselung, Sun)

SL4A Scripting Layer For Android (Android)

SLAAC Stateless Address AutoConfiguration (IP)

SLIP Serial Line Internet Protocol (Internet, RFC 1055) "SL/IP"

SLP Service Location Protocol (IP)

SMDL Standard Music Description Language (ISO, IEC, CD 10743)

SMFF Script Mathematical Formula Formatter

SMIME Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME, MS, Lotus, Qualcomm, RSA, Verschlüsselung), "S/MIME"

SML Shared Memory Link (TCP/IP)

SMP Symmetric MultiProcessor [system] (SMP, AMP)

SMP Symmetrisches MultiProzessor [system]

SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (RFC 821, TCP/IP)

SMUX SNMP MUltipleXing protocol (SNMP, MUX, RFC 1227)

SNAIP [advanced] Systems Network Architecture/Internet Protocol (SNA, IP, RFC 1538) "SNA/IP"

SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol (RFC 1157/1902, TCP/IP, IETF)

SNNS Stuttgart Neural Network Simulator (IPVR, NN)

SOC System-On-a-Chip

SOEP Secondary Operand Execution Pipeline (Motorola, CPU), "sOEP"

SOJ Small-Outline J-lead [chip] (IC, DRAM)

SP Scale-independent Pixel (SIP, DIP, DP)

SP Security Policies (IPSec)

SPD Security Policy Database (SP, IPSec)

SPD Software Product Description

SPDIF Sony/Philips - Digital Interface Format (Audio, Sony, Philips), "S/P-DIF"

SPDL Standard Page Description Language (ISO, IEC, IS 10180)

SPI Serial / Synchronous Peripheral Interface

SPI Stateful Packet Inspection (TCP/IP)

SPIT SPAM over Internet Telephony (SPAM, VoiP)

SPL Secondary Program Loader (IPL)

SPOOL Simultaneous Peripheral Operations OnLine

SPUCDL Serial Peripheral Unit Controller/Data Link, "SPUC/DL"

SQLDA Structured Query Language Descriptor Area (SQL)

SRN Source/Recipient Node (IBM)

SSDC Stack Segment Descriptor Cache [register] (SS, Intel, CPU)

SSE Structured Source Editing (Eclipse)

SSI Server Side Include [script] (HTTPD, CGI)

SST Simple SIPP Transition (Internet, SIPP)

STDM Synchronous Time Division Multiplexer

STE Section Terminating Equipment (SONET)

STE Secure Terminal Equipment

STE Standard Terminal Equipment

STUN Simple Traversal of UDP through NAT (SIP, UDP, NAT, VoIP)

SVD Supplementary Volume Descriptor (CD, IS 9660)

SVIP Secure Voice Improvement Program

SWT Standard Widget Toolkit (Eclipse, GUI, WTP)

TC Task Committee (IFIP)

TCA Taipei Computer Association (Org., Taiwan)

TCM Time Compression Multiplexer

TCO Total Cost of Ownership

TCOS Telesec Chipcard Operating System (OS)

TCPIP Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (RFC 793, IP) "TCP/IP"

TCRTP Tunneling multiplexed Compressed Real Time Protocol (RTP, RFC 4170)

TDB Track Descriptor Block (UDF, CD-R)

TDM Time Division Multiplexing

TDMA Time Division Multiple Access (Mobile-Systems)

TDMOIP Time Division - Multiplex Over Internet Protocol (IP, DSL) "TD-MoIP"

TDSCDMA Time Division Synchronous Code Division Multiple Access (Mobile-Systems, CDMA)

TE Terminal Equipment

TIDL Tool Integration Description Language (JCF)

TIE Terminal Interface Equipment

TIP Terminal Interface Processor (ARPANET)

TIP Transputer Image Processing

TIPC Texas Instruments Personal Computer (TI)

TIPC Transparent Inter Process Communication [protocol]

TIPHON Telecommunications and Internet Protocol Harmonization Over Networks (ETSI, WG)

TIPS Truevision Image Paint Software (TI)

TKIP Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (WEP, WLAN, WPA)

TL Telecommunication Leadership [standard] (QuEST)

TLC Triple Level Cell (Flash)

TMCC Time-Multiplexed Communication Channel

TMR Triple Modular Redundancy

TMS Time Multiplexed Switch

TMUX Transport MUltipleXing protocol (RFC 1692) "TMux"

TNVIP TelNet Visual Information Projection [protocol] (TELNET, VIP, RFC 1921)

TOE TCP/IP Offline Engine (TCP/IP, IC)

TOEM Technical Original Equipment Manufacturer

TOS Type Of Service (IP)

TPC Transmit Power Control (HiperLAN/2, WLAN)

TPDDI Twisted Pair Distributed Data Interface (FDDI, STP, Chipcom)

TRIP Telephony Routing over IP (IP, RFC 3219)

TRIPS Trade Related aspects of Intellectual Property rightS (GATT)

TSFE TypoScript Front End (TYPO3)

TSMP True Symmetric MultiProcessor

TSSDC Task State Segment Descriptor Cache (CPU)

TSTN Triple SuperTwisted Nematic (LCD)

TTL Time To Live (IP)

TWIP [one] TWentIeth of a Point [1 inch = 72 points] (DTP)

UCS Universal [multiple-octet] coded Character Set (ISO, IEC, DIS 10646, Unicode)

UDDI Universal Description, Discovery and Integration of business for the web (Org., WWW, XML)

UDPIP User Datagram Protocol / Internet Protocol (IP), "UDP/IP"

UDVM Universal Data Voice Multiplexer

UE User Equipment (Mobile-Systems, UMTS, GSM)

ULA Unique Local Address (IP, IETF)

UNICS UNiplexed Information and Computing Service (OS, MULTICS, Bell)

USRP Universal Software Radio Peripheral

UXSS Universal Cross-Site Scripting (WWW, XSS)

VBS Visual Basic Script (MS, BASIC, VB)

VEP Visual Editor Project (GUI, Java, Eclipse)

VGDA Volume Group Descriptor Area (AIX, LVM, IBM)

VHDL VHSIC Hardware Description Language (ASIC)

VIDL VIrus Description Language, "ViDL"

VIP Virtual Internet Protocol [address] (IP)

VIP Visual Information Projection [terminal] (Bull)

VIP VLB - ISA - PCI [board] (VLB, ISA, PCI)

VIPNET Voice Interactive Paging Network (Netzwerk, MAN) "VIP-Net"

VMP Virtual MultiPorting (POWER, CPU)

VOIP Voice Over IP (IP, Internet, CTI), "VoIP"

VOL Voice-Over-IP (IP, Internet)

VOWIP Voice Over Wireless Internet Protocol (LAN, IP), "VoWIP"

VPUML Visual Paradigm for UML (UML, Eclipse), "VP-UML"

VSM VideoSwitch Multiplexer

WCCE World Conference on Computers in Education (IFIP, Conference)

WCDMA Wideband Code Division Multiple Access (Mobile-Systems)

WCDMAFDD Wide-band Code Division Multiple Access - Frequency Division Duplex (UMTS, Mobile-Systems), "WCDMA-FDD"

WCDMATDD Wide-band Code Division Multiple Access - Time Division Duplex (UMTS, Mobile-Systems), "WCDMA-TDD"

WDM Wavelength Division Multiplexing [protocol]

WEEE Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment (Europa)

WFQ Weighted Fair Queueing (VoIP)

WIP Work In Progress (Slang)

WIPO World Intellectual Property Organization (Org.)

WIPS Web Interactions Per Second (TPC)

WIPSB Web Interactions Per Second Browsing (TPC, WIPS), "WIPSb"

WIPSO Web Interactions Per Second Ordering (TPC, WIPS), "WIPSo"

WLCSP Wafer-Level ChipScale Packaging

WLS White Line Skip (Fax)

WOPC Walking Optimal Power Calibration (BenQ, Philips, DVD)

WSDD Web Service Deployment Descriptor (WWW, XML)

WSDL Web Services Description Language (WWW, XML)

WSH Windows Scripting Host (MS, Windows, COM, WSH)

WTP Web Tool Platform (Eclipse, Java, WWW)

WWDM Wide Wave Division Multiplex

XCRL extensible Customer Relationships Language (OASIS, CIQ, CRML), "xCRL"

XIP eXecute In Place

XLFD X Logical Font Description (X-Windows)

XMS eXtended Multiprocessor operating System (OS)

XRIP eXtended ??? Routing Information Protocol (Novell, Netware)

XSD eXtra Space Design [monitor] (Philips)

XSDT eXtended System Description Table (ACPI)

XSHM Cross-Site History Manipulation (WWW)

XSS Cross-Site Scripting (WWW)

ZIIP [system] Z9 Integrated Information Processor (IBM, zSeries), "zIIP"

ZIP Zigzag Inline Package (VRAM)

ZIP Zone Information Protocol (AppleTalk)

ZIT interdisziplinäres forschungsZentrum für Informatik und Technik (Org., Uni Paderborn)

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